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  1. Post a copy of your essay?
  2. I don't think this applies to the UK, especially for competitive universities like Warwick and St. Andrews my friend got a conditional for LSE for 38points and they gave him a 2point leeway. Oh wow They must really liked him One of my seniors got 43 points but didn't get a 7 in HL Maths and was rejected
  3. New to syllabus Stats (i.e. standard deviation and variance, GDC use) Normal/binomial distribution Integration by subtitution I thought the May 2013 Economics Paper 3 was pretty easy (it's the first paper 3 to be tested since the syllabus change) But the grade boundaries were also pretty high if I recall correctly I think they'll probably test the new stuff and there might be a question in Paper 2 on using the GDC to solve a stat question
  4. hahaha i feel the same way i have a graduation ceremony on the 26th but idk it feels pointless to celebrate when you haven't gotten your results/know if you've gotten into your firm choice
  5. I finish on the 15th and plan to binge-watch as many shows as possible
  6. To what extent can Hatshepsut be considered a great female leader in her rule of Egypt in x time period? To what extent did Hatshepsut furthered women's right in Egypt in x time period?
  7. Could just be a biased teacher? idk Without telling me your KI and the content of your presentation (and the other group's presentation), it's kinda hard to judge what went wrong with yours
  8. “One day the great European war will come out of some damned foolish thing in the Balkans”- Otto von Bismark 1888 General May Serbs were in the Austro-Hungarian Empire rather than Serbia and they wanted unite all the Slavic people of the Balkans (Montenegro, Albania, into a Greater Serbia. The unification of Germany in 1871 had demonstrated the merits of a unified country. However, to form a unified country, it required them to annex parts of the AHE and the Ottoman Empire (both which was already crumbling and the lost of key areas would further threaten it's security) The Slavs were allied with Russia (they shared a common heritage and Russia had been twice humiliated by the AHE, once in Bosnia and another time in Albania where Russia backed downed after it was threatened by Austria), therefore when AHE declared war on Serbia (after the assassination of the archduke), Russia also declared war to help Serbia. (Note: Russia was allied to France) The situation in the Balkan did not cause the war rather it made the possibility of war extremely likely after the Archduke (heir to the Ah Empire) was assassinated by a Serbian nationalist. The Balkan Wars 1911 - Italy tries to seize Tripoli away from the Ottoman Empire. Serbia seizes this opportunity to profit and forms the Balkan League (Bulgaria, Greece and Montenegro). They are successful Detail of the Second Balkan War Serbia had promised Bulgaria most of Macedonia. But after the war, Serbia and Greece revealed their plan to keep part of the promised territory. This act prompted the tsar of Bulgaria to invade his allies. The Second Balkan War broke out in 1913 when Bulgaria attacked its erstwhile allies in the First Balkan War, Serbia and Greece. Serbia and Greece was defeated after AHE intervention Importance of the War The sum total of this 10 confusing months of the war (the second one) was a AHE determined to stop pan-slavic claims, an emboldened Serbia determined to further pan-Slavic nationalist scheme and a twice humiliated Russia (mentioned above) determined to reassert her authority.
  9. I thought name dropping referred to name dropping historians as part of your historiography not the name of ministers and the like Would anyone know if using a person's last name would be enough for the test? I'm doing China for Paper 3 and some of them have really common last names like Li and Zhang etc.
  10. i think it's kinda late to learn a new option? Wouldn't you be better off sticking to Option C since you already did it in class (i'm assuming you were paying attention)? If not, Option G on Ecology is pretty easy - there's 3 subunits and some of it is linked to Chapter 5
  11. imo, statistics (i.e. the pearson coefficient) may be on section B of paper 2 this year since it's a new topic if you have the green IB maths textbook from Oxford, chapter 17 is dedicated to calculator use and if's quite easy to learn how to use GDC to solve the stats question
  12. you can use swear words i'm doing glengarry glen ross and it's full of swearwords i also said "****" during my IOC since that was one of the quotes in my poem
  13. my school has 3 weeks of study leave (i.e. free week) before the exam
  14. The grade boundaries last year were 17/25 for the IA to get a 6 12/25 to get a 5 13/40 on paper 2 to get a 4 18/60 on paper 3 to get a 4 60/150 = 40% You needed 43% last year to get a Level 4 In response to your question --> It is possible to get a 6 on IA, 5 on paper 1, 4 on paper 2 and 3 on paper 3, and still pass but you need to score slightly higher than 13/40 and 18/60 for paper 2 and paper 3 respectively.
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