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  1. RandomPeersoon

    Literature SL Essay 1500 words

    What is the word limit? I read it is from 1200 to 1500 words, but do we get 10%? As in, if I write 1530 do I lose marks?
  2. RandomPeersoon

    Math exploration help

    You need some personal involvement. There is a section you should devote to explaining why you chose this topic and you have to relate it to yourself. For example, if you choose to write about projectile movement, you could say it's because you love football and it will help you better understand with how much strength you should kick the ball when playing a match. If you choose to look at cooling curves you can say it is because chemistry is your favourite subject.
  3. RandomPeersoon

    Please have a look at - need help soon

    Your middle name probably doesn't matter much. On my MYP certificate I only have my first and last name, not my middle name and the MYP is a part of the IB.
  4. RandomPeersoon

    TOK presentation

    I can try to help
  5. RandomPeersoon

    Which part of CAS does this count?

    FUNNY BUNNY! Muahahahah le found you Tutoring your buddy is definitely service.
  6. RandomPeersoon

    Book Suggestions - Essays

    Thank you In that case, could anybody tell me what books they've been reading for IB English Literature (either SL or HL)? I'm thinking of trying Frankenstein but am not sure what I should look out for in terms of themes or anything that I could analyse.
  7. RandomPeersoon

    Preparation for HL English

    I was having the same problem. Thank you
  8. RandomPeersoon

    A website for Math

    Thank you for sharing this Although personally I think I'll be sticking to textbook questions so that I follow the syllabus.
  9. RandomPeersoon

    A question on a research question

    Perhaps you could try a city you don't know much about rather than keeping it local. Try a city of another country or in another continent.
  10. RandomPeersoon

    Would this count for CAS?

    Classic audiobooks, meaning books that were published before 1923 so that they are now free and of public domain. This way, I would not be infringing any copyright regulations.
  11. Hello everybody Recently I discovered this website where you can listen to audiobooks: http://librivox.org/ They are looking for volunteers to read classics. Do you think it could count as a CAS activity? If so, for which category? Sure, it wouldn't be easy to find a supervisor who would read with me and stuff but I could always show them the final product so that they could see I worked on it. Wouldn't that be evidence enough? Thank you in advance.
  12. RandomPeersoon

    Free Rice

    Thank you I'll see about local soup kitchens, although here they're not very common.
  13. RandomPeersoon

    Book Suggestions - Essays

    Hello Over the summer I'd like to practice my essay writing skills so that when I start school in September I haven't completely lost the hang of it. Do any of you have any ideas of books I could read and essay questions I could try answering? I've been reading Jodi Picoult for fun. Maybe anything related to her? Thanks.
  14. RandomPeersoon

    Need some advice concerning my extended essay biology

    Depending upon how complicated your mouthwash essay would be, you might still have time to perform it, even outside of school. Talk to your supervisor and tell ask her as kindly as you can if you'd be able to use your own results and change your essay if you managed to obtain results from a new experiment. Maybe even go above your supervisor and speak to somebody in a higher position. Do you have an IB coordinator? Or perhaps your tutor/class teacher? It really is best if you have your own results.
  15. RandomPeersoon

    ACT Prep

    Perhaps you could ask teachers at your school for help with that. Personally, I find that practice leads to perfection. So with maths, truly the only thing to do is to keep practicing. Haese and Harris books are quite good and they're the ones we use. With science, keep writing everything down many times so that you do not forget anything.

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