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  1. littleone

    Figurative Language

    I've gotta get me one of those!! Does IB survival have one put up? I got some off wikibooks. But honestly they aren't enough. SOY!
  2. littleone

    What was your IOP topic?

    Mine was quick and eassssyyyyyy. An analysis of 'kites' as a symbol in the kite runner. I did it all a night before the presentation day Procrastinator extraordinaire, moi. That was the first all-nighter I had ever pulled.
  3. littleone

    Men 'outperformed' at university

    I'd beg to differ. Most of the guys i know are slow. True, women generally are more hard working(though i wish i was. *sigh*), but that's because most of them know what their priorities are. I think that makes a big difference. Also, more women are being encouraged, and gender bias is reducing due to awareness, giving women a better chance to excel. Well this just leaves one thing to say. 'I told you so'
  4. littleone

    Are IB math exams generally getting easier?

    I've heard that all the exams around the world in general were made easier because of recession, so that more people are encouraged to go to college (university fees, etc. etc.) But that doesn't make much sense.
  5. littleone

    Ban the person above you

    Banned for using an emoticon in your post!
  6. littleone

    How tall are you?

    AHHHHH stop DOING THIS!! YOu're KILLING MY EGOOOO ...... I'm 5' 4''. not fair. NOT FAIR! .... well, the name says it all. *points*
  7. littleone

    Test went bad? What do you do?

    Well, i studied the whole weekend for a year end physics test. Everything we've done till now. ... And it went horrible. All i could do was laugh at how horribly i did. But i know for a fact that i'm going to feel like crap tomorrow. So my question to you guys is, how do YOU deal with it when a test goes badly?
  8. littleone

    I hate my school :(

    yes. Hating our schools. Don't we all? Well my school is horrible. No one knows anything, and i hardly think any of the teachers teaching the IB are actually IB qualified. I know my math teacher isn't, neither is my English teacher, nor my psychology teacher (though she's good. Well, atleast i think she is)and my art teacher isn't either. My physics teacher is my only saving grace. ...... On top of that, the administration is flimsy and everyone is lazy and everything is so... disorganised.
  9. littleone

    What does your username mean?

    Oh oh oh Me ME PICK ME!!! ... my name, well... means little. one. PERSON I'M LITTLE!!! Well, actually... 5' 4'' isn't that little, but I feel small all the same. o_o
  10. littleone

    Hard to get accepted

    hahaha, no test. I did have to take a test in another school while applying for the IB there. It was sort of standard assessment like. Reasoning, simple math, 'complete-the-figure-to-look-like-something-else' and a few reasons why you want to do the IB. I got in, but decided i'm doing my A levels in england, so declined. But things changed so i decided to stay, and the other school just admitted me, without assessment. The one i'm in now. .... Eesh. Not a good thing.
  11. littleone

    Current World Issues

    Age is not an Issue, atleast i don't think it is. My sister and I share a very big interest in theatre, music and basically the whole performing arts category. And since India is very much deprived of certain things like musicals and other such events, we decided to start and amateur theatre company along with a few friends about the same age as us (we staged our first production last year in august, which was an adaptation of the broadway musical of the Lion King. IT WAS A BIG HIT!!) , aged between 16 and 18. I was the youngest. The proceeds were all given to an NGO which helped develop welfare and education for the tribal people of Andhra Pradesh (south India)(My uncle was posted as an officer for Tribal Welfare, and hence helps us out with the official stuff and regulations). Our second was in december where we did a series of comical plays all in rhyming pros followed by a performance of a medley of songs from different musicals. Again, all the money collected was given to the development of a school for children with special needs. Our next project is scheduled for August, 2009. The play is going to be On Alexander the Great, and his early life, ie, the making of the great! This time, the money is going towards an NGO organisation of young doctors who provide medical facilities and care to children and Mothers in rural parts of our state (again, Andhra Pradesh). Ofcourse, the obstacles we face are collecting money from stingy sponsors, bitchy counterparts, and lazy participants, but in the end, the feeling is so satisfying. What you’ve done. That you’ve made a difference, or atleast have TRIED to make a difference, no matter how small that difference is. Atleast I’ve put my thought into action, and with that, I know i’m not just sitting there and talking about it, i’m actually going out there and doing something about it, in what ever way i can. We all have pangs of worthlessness, and helplessness. But the important thing is to turn that feeling into something fruitful, and make it your driving force to make a difference. For me, living in a country like India, people and issues that need importance, are nowhere near in short supply. So i have no problem motivating myself to do something. Look on the internet, join clubs and organisations in and outside school. Maybe you can start a club yourself, like people above me have suggested. Like i said before, the most important thing is to turn your thoughts into action. Think about your special talents, and see if you can somehow use that to do something! ... wow i talk alot.
  12. littleone

    Genius vs. Hard Work

    Well, i read an article in the IB world magazine recently (i think it was recent, at least. Or... wait, is that even the name of the magazine? ) Anyhoo, the article basically clarified the usual 'stereotypes' associated with an IBDP. One of the things covered was that the IB was for exceptionally intelligent and talented individuals. The article said this is not the case, and that the IB is basically structured to test not only a person's intellect but also their planning, and time management skills. I.E, hard work. As far as IB goes, you don't need to be the class's topper to reach a 40, just loads and loads of effort, and QUALITY work. not quantity. Ofcourse, you DO need to be a little above average to do well in the IB. But then again, I myself am guilty of being one of those who hardly ever work, or put in that little effort in the last minute, and still manage to scrape a 5 at the least where as people in my class who do regular work get scores below me. Some do.. Not all. but i do know for a fact (atleast i'd like to think) that if i did work hard i would do much much much better. Perhaps even 7s all throughout. But it's easier said than done, huh. But then, it's also a question of the person's working style. Lets say, someone as lazy as me, will work the way he/she works and get the grades they deserve for that much of work. Ofcourse, a smarter person, with the same amount of work put in, could probably do better. And a person with a lesser ability to grasp would probably have to work much longer hours to get the same grade. So it completely depends on the individual. Also, Geniuses... when they build on their already freakish-ly outstanding brains, turn out the world's greatest scientists/mathematicians/etc. One cannot expect someone like me to become as great as well, newton, or einstein, or Gauss, no matter how much hard work i put in. Or maybe i can, if i could live a few hundred years, and spent every single minute of every single day practicing math, or researching! So again, it depends completely on the person, and their capacity and working styles. You cannot judge a person's ability by the amount of work they put in. As far as i'm concerned, ability cannot be measured. IQ tests are inaccurate! (and no, i didn't score badly in one, and hence am still bitter about it. ) So when it comes to Genius Vs. Hard work, i think it entirely depends on the situation. When it comes to discovering a cure for cancer, i'd say genius. When it comes to scoring 7s in IB IAs, i'd say hardworker. And that's my 2 penny's worth.
  13. littleone

    Intelligent TV Shows?

    O.O Never heard of the Big Bang theory?! Aaaaahh!! Well you should. , it's well funny! Oh oh oh Heroes and House! Bones and CSI (miami's my favourite), SCRUBS! .... How come no one mentioned scrubs..... ?
  14. littleone

    HL Textbooks

    Yeah we use the Haese and Harris Publications textbook too, and yeah... I find it substandard aswell. For a while, i thought that IB math was way overated. IBID text book you say. Does it have a more specific name?.. like, the specifics . Could i buy it off the internet? .. Coz my school doesn't really seem like they care much about our grade. *mutters to self* And i feel so ill-informed about EVERYTHING!
  15. littleone

    Interview: Who are you?

    1. What is your real name? It's long. K. Vichitra Yamini Chandra. Yep, you can stick to Vichi, or Vi, or Vicki, or.. whatever. 2. Where are you from? Hyderabad, India 3. How did you find out about IB Survival? All hail google! .... and a "friend" 4. What made you register on IB Survival? I like messages boards... and i'm doing an IBDP! So, yeah. thats good enough, right? 5. When did you (approximately) register here? It says i registered on teh 2nd of December 2008, but as far as i remember, i was ill and in bed. Hmmm... maybe i did both. 6. What is your favourite IB subject? PHYSICS! ... and Visual Art, when i'm inspired. 7. When are you graduating? 2010 8. What are your plans for university? I have NO AH-dea. Physics and math? earth science? Astrophysics? ... Art? .... All?! Shyeah, i wish. (or not) 9. What are your free-time hobbies? Doodling, Playing the piano, strumming my guitar. Oh, singing, yes... Hmm BOOKS! and the tv. Music music and more music. Oh, and food . Yes, i eat when i'm bored. You got a problem with that? huh?! 10. If you could change one thing on IB Survival, what would it be? Nothing, for now. I haven't been (actively) on it for long enough to be judgemental! Oh look at me going all self-righteous again. Yep. that should do it!

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