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Found 726 results

  1. agoodman

    Med schools in English, Europe

    I am looking for a university to go to in 2018. I am planning to go to med school once I finish the IB. However, I cannot afford to go to an expensive university in the UK or America. Does anyone know any places where I could go to university to do medicine in english at relatively low cost. Thank you.
  2. Anmtan

    Citations in Abstract?

    If I have any relevant information that I paraphrased from a source, do I need to cite it iif I have used it in my abstract? What if it is info that I have included in my intro
  3. This is IB English A Lang&Lit Syllbus for First Examination 2015.
  4. IB English A Lang&Lit Syllbus (First Examination 2015) View File This is IB English A Lang&Lit Syllbus for First Examination 2015. Submitter kidodo2018 Submitted 07/03/2017 Category IB Syllabus & Data Booklets  
  5. Hello! I am very interested in F. Scott Fitzgerald and his depiction of the jazz age through his different books. I've read The Great Gatsby & This Side of Paradise. I'm beginning to read The Beautiful & The Damned. Basically, I'm trying to figure out a way to tie all three books into a question. Ideally it would be all three but I can settle for just two books tied together. I know that many say that he has depicted himself within these books & that he has a very specific way of how he perceives and describes women within his novels. Please help me by leading me into the right direction with any advice you can provide me!!
  6. Hi, so I'm choosing my HLs in a couple of weeks and I'm stuck between whether I should do French B HL or English A Lit HL ?? So far I'm doing very well in French B SL, and pretty good in English HL. If I did french B HL I would really want a 7, and English HL I would be aiming for a 7 too, but a 6 would still be great! If you have any advice from personal experience on what's easier/more doable it would be so appreciated! The other two subjects I'm probably going to end up doing HL are economics and bio, but if for some reason any of those two are a mistake please also let me know!
  7. CSYoon

    Course Selection

    Hello, I have finished Grade 10 and will embark upon my IBDP journey starting this August. Quite a few people seemed to be concerned with the difficulty of my course selection. I have chosen the subjects below: Mathematics HL Physics HL English Language and Literature (A2) HL Chemistry SL Business and Management SL Chinese B SL I want to pursue Computer Science in university, hence is why I think Math HL is a must, and I also think that Physics HL would be useful. I am very fluent in Chinese and B SL would not be a problem. What concerns me is Math HL and Physics HL; I enjoy Math and Physics a lot, but I am not necessarily 'good' at Physics. Could anyone give advice on my choices? Help would be appreciated
  8. Hey all! So I have to hand in a draft of my written assignment for English A SL in the coming week. Our teacher can only give us feedback this once and there after we are on our own. I understand that it counts for 25% of the grade which is a lot so I don't want to compromise on this. I was looking at the assessment criteria and it is as follows: A: Reflective statement (3 marks)B: Knowledge and understanding (6 marks)C: Appreciation of writer's choices (6 marks)D : Organization and development (5 marks)E: Language (5 marks) I don't really get C: Appreciation of writer's choices. How do I show this in my essay. In the body I have basically three main paragraphs that prove the thesis statement. It is about a play so most of the content is just evidence through dialogue and behavior of the main character. How do I incorporate say the significance of this and this metaphor if it does not lead to achieving the goal of proving my thesis? And what if the play doesn't have that much in terms of writer's choices? What exactly is writer's choices? Also can someone outline what to write in the conclusion? I read somewhere here that you sum up your main points explain the significance of the final product and also come up with something new. Also if anyone has any tips generally with the WA or just essays in English it would be a great help to list them here, I haven't had much practise in school for essays and I don't feel very confident considering it is to be externally assessed. Thanks! Haseeb
  9. Hi guys! In September I am going to enter the IB programme. One of the subjects I dread the most is English A HL. I am not an English native (I am Polish), therefore I would like to ask for any advice on how I can prepare for the programme over the summer. An exam I have recently taken assessed my English level as C1. I will be grateful for your opinion and advice. Take care
  10. Hi all, My school just started the EE process a month or so ago, and I'm doing a Lit Category 1 EE. I have done a proposal and finalised a working RQ and text which has been approved by my supervisor, but am slightly at a loss as to how to timeline my EE process so I don't end up doing everything last minute (that's NOT the way to an A lol) For context, my final EE DRAFT (not final EE) submission to my school is roughly in end Jan 2018. After discussions with my supervisor, I have to get a working DETAILED outline out by the end of the June holidays (not a US student so we have a June & Nov/Dec holiday system here), and I'm aiming for a first draft to be finished sometime around mid Aug 2017. I generally consider myself a decently planned/organised student but I'm somewhat at a loss on how to plan this project since it's literally the longest thing I've ever written. So far I only have a mindmap of ideas but it's far from detailed and nowhere close to a conclusively flowing argument I'm also not exactly sure how to go about exhuming the text (Ursula Le Guin's 'The Left Hand of Darkness' - I'm examining gender) during the coming 1-month period. Should I try and formulate 3-5 claims and use that to focus my analysis? Should I do a character-based approach for the two main characters and an additional map for the societies Le Guin presents (which are also a way she explores gender); and use that to formulate claims? How does one even self-analyse an entire book (even if it's a decently short one)? All the book-based literary analysis I've done so far has been guided and I'm honestly not quite sure how to go about this. So my two questions are as follows: (1) How do I go about planning a detailed timeline for this? (2) How can I approach analysis so I can plan my outline? Thank you in advance for any advice + sorry for the long read!
  11. Hi! I am currently planning my RQ for my EE in Lang & Lit. I want to write an essay on something along the lines of "the use of humour/satire in The Simpson's & Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream". However, I am confused on how I should frame my research question as what I have right now seems very vague. Are there any specific topics I could explore more in depth that are common both of these works? As well, is this a suffiecent topic? P.S. I am pretty sure this would be a Category 3 Essay - and the guidelines states that the essay should have "textual analysis" and have reference to a "cultural context". I am not sure to what this would mean..
  12. Hi! I am currently planning my RQ for my EE in Lang & Lit. I want to write an essay on something along the lines of "the use of humour/satire in The Simpson's & Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream". However, I am confused on how I should frame my research question as what I have right now seems very vague. Are there any specific topics I could explore more in depth that are common both of these works? P.S. I am pretty sure this would be a Category 3 Essay - and the guidelines states that the essay should have "textual analysis" and have reference to a "cultural context". I am not sure to what this would mean..
  13. Hey guys! First time here on ibsurvival, hope all of you are doing well It's time for me to chose my subjects for IBDP, so I was going through the choices and I stumbled upon English A: Language and English A: Language and Literature. I was just wondering the difference between the two of them, the advantages and disadvantages, and the features of HL and SL in both Language, and Language + Literature respectively! Thank you in advance! ali.asif
  14. Hey, Does anyone know how to revise for paper 2 english?
  15. Hey, does anyone have any English LAL paper 2 samples? Both SL or HL will work, but I'd prefer SL. My teacher hasn't given us any samples, so I'm not really knowing how to write one with confidence. Thank you.
  16. Hello All, As the May 2017 exams are coming up I have a question regarding English Literature A at Standard Level. I wonder whether it is worth writing about 3 texts in the paper 2 essay or whether 2 texts are sufficient in order to achieve a high mark.
  17. For english A1 in extended essay, for the book, do you know any good ideas? Thanks for your time.
  18. English Syllabus (Language and Literature) View File English syllabus 2016. Submitter SC2Player Submitted 03/18/2017 Category Language and Literature  
  19. Hi guys, What do you think is a better EE subject choice for law? Unfortunately, I didn't take history in IB. That's why the options are either English B or Economics... I am interested in both of the subjects for sure. Economics might be a harder one for me to do tho. If I choose economics, I will talk about the effect of Brexit on the Spanish economy; and if I choose English, I will talk about the perception of law/justice in one play... What do you think might be more useful to do? Do EE subjects matter at all?
  20. Hello, I need some help to help develop my Research Question. I am doing my EE on English A with the themes that integrate between George Orwell's 1984 and Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451. I do have a RQ but my supervisor and I both feel that it could be better focused towards my point. Due to both novels being a dystopian future with the monetizing of information of the people. They are both published shortly after World War II. However they both have different views as there is the socialist and communist views in both novels and the experiences of World War II affecting the literature. However this information is something i would rather leave for support to my EE instead of focusing on it. Current RQ; In what ways do the themes of George Orwell's 1984 and Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 overlap. Any advice, criticism or greeting is welcome.
  21. Hello all, I'm in the process of selecting my IB courses for the next 2 years. I'll be completing the full IB at an established IB school so I have quite a few options. I'm interested in studying law or a social science at a UK university such as Oxford, or King's College. I think I have narrowed down my IB choices to the following: English A Literature HL History HL Economics/Business Management HL ESS SL (I know this is a 'soft' subject but I'm not a great science student!) Math SL Spanish A Literature/French A Lang&Lit SL What do you think about this subject combo? Do you think it's too hard, too easy? Also, do you think it's good for UK entrance and for the courses I'm interested in? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you
  22. I want to study law in University and I am conflicted whether to do my EE in english or History?? Which one is more scoring and easier? Any tips for either?
  23. LaurenBayn

    HL geo vs HL english

    Hi, I am picking my IB subjects in less than 2 weeks and I am at a dilemma. I want to pursue an engineering degree and I am set on taking physics and chem HL. The problem however is I don't know what my 3rd hl will be. I am stuck between geography and english. Which one is harder and which one would be more useful for an engineering degree?
  24. I have to start doing my IOP and I get to choose from "Hamlet" by Shakespeare, "1984" by George Orwell and "Frankenstein" by Mary Shelly. I chose "Hamlet" and I was thinking about doing my topic on Horatio. The topic would be about what I think the sequel to "Hamlet" would be and what would happen in it. I want to make my presentation really interesting so any suggestions? Also, is my topic a valid one for the IOP?

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