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Found 822 results

  1. Hello, I'm in the process of choosing my IA question, I do biology standard level and was wondering if this topic fits in the syllabus for sl: What is the effect of soil moisture on the length of ribwort plantain leaves? Thank you
  2. I'm thinking of doing my IA something along the lines of the effects of pesticides on the growth / metabolic processes of algae, I haven't really decided yet. But I'm concerned that this topic already has extensive research, or that it has already been done numerous times before, and I didn't just want to do an IA changing the concentrations of pesticide on algae. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas or tips as to how I could make it more original or interesting? Perhaps changing the type or brand of pesticide, something like that? Any help would be appreciated, thanks! This is pretty urgent since I need to start working on it, please help!
  3. Hi! So I just learned how to extract DNA from strawberries in bio (HL) and thought it might be interesting to find a way to use it in another experiment (or possible IA). Does anyone have any suggestions for IA topics or just for any ways to apply DNA extraction for use in something else? (just for fun ) If possible I'd like to stay away from something like "which food gives the most DNA" (booooring). I also found a DIY gel electrophoresis thing but I'd have to buy a lot of potentially expensive supplies... (although I imagine that's probably kinda inevitable for most of these kinds of experiments?) Thank you!
  4. Hey so I want to do my math IA on fourrier transforms and just create an example on how they can be used to clean a picture. Is that too advanced for a HL student??
  5. I have to do my IA over the summer, and I have approximately a little less than a month to finish it. I have no clue what to do it on, any help? I know I have to choose something I'm interested in, but I don't know how to connect math to the few things I like. ex. reading, television, video games, food, death, candy, science. I really don't know what to do and would greatly appreciate any help/advice.
  6. Hey people! I'm only in the first year of IB, but our History teacher is making us do our IAs at the end of this term, so that it'll be one less IA next year. But, I can't seem to find any sample IAs that are for the new syllabus and my teacher only gave us old ones too... Does anyone know where I could find one? The content doesn't really matter, I just don't have a clue how to format it, like visually so it would be nice to see what one looks like. Thanks for the help
  7. Hello, everyone, I decided to make a simulation for physics IA and it is about Stefan Boltzmann law and I will find out Stefan's constant. I checked a lot of IA from the internet and found out that almost everyone is picking a simulation and doing their experiment from the simulation that they've found from the internet. Now I talked to my teacher (by the way she was the one who told me to do this topic) and she said that I have to create a simulation by myself. I have some knowledge about programming but creating such a simulation like that would take a lot of time and it also involves some advanced mathematic so is there any possible way for me to convince my teacher so that i can do just like how others did. Any help will be appreciated
  8. Hey! I need to get a research question and I am interested to become a Veterinarian and I want to do an IA connected to it, however, I am confused on the topic I can do for my biology IA.
  9. I am doing my Math studies IA on the relationship between two variables and I have a moderate positive correlation, but after I did my chi-square test my chi-square value was smaller than my critical value, where I have to reject the alternative hypothesis which concludes that the variables are independent of each other. Is this possible or am I wrong?
  10. In my biology IA, I am using a statistical test called the one way ANOVA test. However, this test is overwhelmingly complicated that it would take ages for me to do all the calculations and showing them in the form of tables. Being in Y12 now I simply don't have that much time to dedicate hours into writing 8 pages of statistical calculations. So my question is can I use an online calculator? Can I simply reference the website in the report and say "due to the complexity of this test an online calculator was used." ? Will it influence my "personal engagement" criteria? Thank you very much!
  11. I have been seriously having issues trying to pick a topic for my Math IA and I have no idea where to start, my teacher told me to do it on something I am interested in.. so I chose swimming and i would like to do statistics but I have no idea what kinds of things I can do, can anyone help me know how to narrow it down to something more specific?
  12. I am posting this because I really need your assistance and I would really appreciate if you could help me out (lately I've been getting no responses), I recently got my draft for my IA back with an estimated grade of 16 out of 20 and the comment that in order to improve my grade I should include more mathematics. In my essay I investigate the stability of different scenarios as well as model possible strategies. i also create my own scenario and solve it. I anybody aware of functions I can explore or similar topics with 'more mathematics'. I want to reiterate that I would really appreciate any suggestions and would encourage people to contact me if they need help chem EE or any question relating to my HL courses. (Chem, Bio, Spa)
  13. Hey guys! I've been trying to work out a Maths IA and I have the idea of creating a dice/coin game and using binomial probability. But I can't seem to think of a game that would allow me to end with a good Internal Assessment. If anyone has any ideas of inspiration, I'd really appreciate it! Thanks
  14. Hi! Am i allowed to use websites such as NPR for my economics commentary? What kind of sources can we not use?
  15. Hi guys! I'm currently writing my IA about the extent to which the Boxer Rebellion could be attributed to the fall of the Qing Dynasty, and I'm struggling to find secondary sources which talk about the historical implications of the Boxer Rebellion. Most books which I've come across only seem to discuss the military tactics and strategies used by the Western powers. Do you guys know of any resources which could lead me in the right direction? Thanks!
  16. ess

    Hi, everyone. I have some struggles with my ESS IA. I decided to look at the water quality of the lake. I got physicochemical measurements such as DO, Suspended substances, PH, BOD-5, ammonia, and nitrite. My context is to see how this water quality may affect the lake ecosystem. What do you think are the most important indicators? What formulas or evaluations can I use?
  17. Hi, So basically for my IA, I'd like to do something to do with glow sticks and the kinetics of it and based on the website below it says I can plot ln(light intensity) vs. 1/T. Could anyone point me in the right direction in terms of this/verify that this is correct? I've never heard that you can plot ln(light intensity) vs. 1/T and I've been unable to find any other experiments that do this? Any help would be appreciated, thank you!
  18. Does anyone have any advice on how to write scientifically for the IAs as I am been told that my language is too informal? Thanks!
  19. Hi, So for my processed data section for my IA, I have to do the chi square statistical test. What I don't understand is how am I supposed to get the expected value. For my IA, I collected data for the population of a species living in two different areas and hypothesis is that one area will have more than the other. So is my expected value supposed to just be a random value I make up? Thanks in advance!
  20. Hello, For my physics IA, I"m investigating how the time period of a bifilar pendulum changes with length of the pendulum and linear mass density of the thread. Is this too simple a topic for HL? Plus, I feel that linear mass density and the length of the pendulum are too related to be separated into two variables. I also don't get a very strong correlation for linear mass density and time period (even for a cubic curve, the R2 - correlation coefficient - was only 0.927). Any help will be appreciated and thanks in advance!
  21. I can't find any article that shows/has a direct policy change. I showed my teacher 8 articles which were rejected for reasons like not fitting the time period, no clear policy, a policy not being implemented yet and a few more similar reasons. Can anyone help me find an article that shows a clear macroeconomic policy change? Thanks
  22. Hi Everyone, For my Maths IA do you think that looking at some of the different predictive models explored used in tennis (e.g. O'Malley etc.) & applying them to past tournaments would be a feasible IA topic. I would then compare them based on accuracy and ease of use? Thanks in advance
  23. G'day tigers. I've run into a bit of a massive pickle basically. For my Chemistry IA, I reckon I've bitten of significantly more than I'm able to comfortably or even uncomfortably chew. The only thing I knew going into the Chem IA was that if I did a titration based prac I was probably going to commit seppuku, or hold my face over a bunsen burner, and so with that in mind I decided to investigate "The effect percentage composition of tin has on the electrical conductivity of lead based solder' which sounds nice and pretentious for the bigwigs. The problem that I've run into dearest fellow IB masochists, is that, after melting down and casting a whole bunch of different %Tin and Lead alloys , I've now discovered that given that I've casted them into small 5g round ingots, their electrical resistance is negligible when I try and test them with a multimeter, even just the straight lead and straight tin test the same. The only possible solution I can think of is maybe drawing them into some kind of wire? But I've got both no idea or means to do that, or concrete knowledge of if it would even help As such, I'm left with about 7 different samples of different percentage tin and lead alloys, and no independent variable. Is there anyway you genius friends can think of salvaging this train-wreck of an IA? Or possibly a different more sensitive tool to test their conductivity that I've missed (besides 3 digit multimeter)? I'm incredibly sorry if I've come across flippant, I assure you it's just a sign of panic.
  24. hey, so I recently started brainstorming on what I can do for my chemistry IA. I am doing HL chemistry and I am going into the final year of IB. I have somewhat of a basis on what I want to do. I want to do titration, having the acid be hydrochloric acid and using various basic solutions. For the basic solutions, I want to create solutions from some antacids and compare how each antacid works by seeing how much of each is needed for the pH of the acid to reach and maintain a neutral pH. I'm not sure if this is going to work because this idea is still in the works. Any ideas or tips on how I can improve??
  25. Hey fellas, As you saw the title, I need urgent help with my Physics IA. My central topic is holography and the specific one is understanding light as an electromagnetic wave. So, in that order of ideas, I'm working with holograms made with the reflection of a laser through a splitter beam (Below you can see an image that shows the experimental set-up) Im. 1 I did this set-up and collected all the data and stuff but now, I don't know what to do with this data. In a first instance, I wanted to create my own hologram. But considering that I'm not doing anything special, it's not a 24-points investigation. What do you guys think I shall do? I've considered two options: 1- Continue with my project but making a different experimental set-up or, 2- Proving or calculating a certain thing (for example, I don't know, calculating/proving the speed of light) Thank you so much!