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Found 2,489 results

  1. How old can data for IA be? Is 2015 acceptable? I can't find it in criteria.
  2. I am calculating for the vitamin C concentration of different fruits and using the formula = Molar mass of vitamin c x concentration of DCPIP x volume of DCPIP used. I am confused on how to search for the uncertainty value. Can someone please help me???? Thank you very much!
  3. please someone answer me so i can decide whether or not i should spend 30 dollars investing in this website, is it worth it? is it a good website? or am i being scammed?
  4. Hello, I need some help trying to think of some Japanese history that relates to World War 1, World War 2, or The Cold War. I was thinking of writing about the internment of the Japanese but I think that it would be too much on the psychological/moral aspect rather than history, (My question was "To what extent was the Japanese internment a violation of human rights?") If you have any ideas on what would interest me, let me know. Thank you so, so much!
  5. Hi, For my Chemistry IA, I want to compare the activation energy of the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide catalayzed by potassium iodide (KI) versus the activation energy of the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide catalyzed by a solution of catalase enzyme, to determine which one is the more efficient catalyst (i.e. the one that yields a lower activation energy for the reaction). For both catalyzed reactions, I'm going to measure the volume of oxygen gas evolved per second using a gas syringe, at 5 different temperatures (30°C, 35°C, 40°C, 45°C and 50°C). Then, I'm going to create an Arrhenius plot for each catalyzed reaction, and determine the activation energy from the plot. There are a few things that I'm confused about: 1. How do I determine the appropriate concentrations and volumes for each chemical? 2. How do I calculate the rate constant based on the data I collect? (In order to create the Arrhenius plot, I would need to plot ln(rate constant) on the y-axis and 1/Temperature on the x-axis). Alternatively, I found an article that says that I can simply plot ln(initial rate) over 1/Temperature. (https://eic.rsc.org/feature/investigating-activation-energies/2020172.article) This article says the following: The variation of reaction rate with temperature is given by the Arrhenius equation, which in its integrated form is: k = Ae-Ea /RT where A is a constant, the frequency factor, Ea is the activation energy, R is the universal gas constant (8.314 J mol-1K-1), and T is the absolute temperature. Since initial rate = ck, the initial rate can be found by: initial rate = cAe-Ea /RT Taking logarithms: ln (initial rate) = lncA - Ea/RT or log (initial rate) = logcA - Ea/2.303RT Thus, we can plot log (initial rate) against 1/T to obtain a straight line. The slope is multiplied by -2.303R to get Ea. The rates can be expressed in volume of oxygen per second or in arbitrary units because the slope of the straight line will not be affected. Would this work as well? I figure it would be easier to plot ln(initial rate), because then I wouldn't need to calculate the values for the rate constant at each temperature.
  6. Hello, I have lack of time to be able to conduct an experiment my own in a lab for my Biology IA. I have no idea about how to write a Database for the Internal Assessment in Biology and would truly appreciate it if someone could explain to me how to write it. The structure? What do I must include when writing a Database in this case? Examples? I
  7. Hi! So, I have been thinking of possible Maths IA topics for quite a while and have just decided to do it on Vectors (because I'm relatively better at it?). I have heard that quite a few game developers utilise vectors during the game development process, and so it would be in my greatest interest to base my IA on vectors in video games. However, I'm not quite sure on how to go about writing this. I have a basic outline of the structure of my IA (start with 2D then advance to 3D), but I'm starting to worry that it may not be as good as a topic as I hoped it would be. Could someone tell me if this is a feasible topic? What should I do to maybe add more depth to this investigation? Thank you!
  8. Does anyone have an idea for a Mathematics SL IA that I could use? I've been brainstorming for a almost a week right now and my deadline for topic is tomorrow. Please give suggestions if possible. Thx!
  9. Hello, I have to conduct an experiment for my Biology IA and I was thinking it should be about Caffeine. I am a Caffeine intolerant and I would want to make some experiment of "how to reset caffeine tolerance" and to see if its possible. Perhaps I could measure my heart/ pulse rate for 3-4 days and see if there is any difference. Now I really need to now if this idea would work for the Biology IA and I would really appreciate if any of you could suggest how I should write the research question for this experiment in this case. Now first of all, can I do this if I have human consent form ( for myself or for other humans)? Or is there a problem with using this on humans? The thing is I have to conduct this experiment on my own, so please if you have any other suggestions or ideas that I could possible do without the help of an actual Lab, I would truly be thankful for it. (research questions about any topic in human physiology maybe? ) I am an SL Biology student by the way.
  10. Hi all, So the topic I've chosen for my IA is "what is the relationship between the prevalence of migraine in specific countries and the barometric air pressure of that country?" The wording is pretty bad, but its a rough version, so i'm working on it. However, I cant find any ACTUAL data on the prevalence of migraines according to country, because all of them are kinda extrapolated, so they're not really accurate. Can I just use that? Or is that risky? Also, While there is information on barometric pressure, I dont know how to use the data. Should i just calculate the average pressure in each country? I really wanted to do this topic, and my teacher said its really good, but there isn't any point in doing it if its not going end up a good. I have other ideas, but this one I find really interesting. Any help is greatly appreciated, i'm really stressing out with this IA, and biology is one of the subjects I want to get a strong 7 on. Thanks
  11. Hi, I'm starting to write my extended essay and internal assessment for history. My chosen subject for my extended essay is history. I've decided on two questions, but I'm not sure if I should switch them. Also, I didn't really like my extended essay question because I believe that the argument would be unclear and un-focused, could anyone please guide me in the right direction. Thank you. Extended Essay To what extent did McCarthyism alter the political climate of the United States during the Second Red Scare in the 1950s? Internal Assessment Evaluate the extent to which the United States played a role in the 1973 Chilean Coup d’etat over Salvador Allende. Any advice would be helpful!!
  12. Hi everyone! Does anyone know the official IB deadlines for submission of IA's and Extended Essay?
  13. Aquí está mi evaluación interna de historia HL. Obtuvo 21 puntos de 25.
  14. Muestra de Evaluación Interna de Historia HL View File Aquí está mi evaluación interna de historia HL. Obtuvo 21 puntos de 25. Submitter Natalia Hess Submitted 03/06/2018 Category Sample Internal Assessments  
  15. Hey guys, can someone please let me know the format of the front page and the other content pages of Business Management HL IA? If possible, please show me an example of the BM IA format. Thank you!
  16. Hi everyone. I am working with string-coupled pendulums, as I am dealing with the relationship of two pendulum, I am becoming increasingly frustrated that that I have not been able to linearize anything - they are sin/cos graphs and it's just so frustrating. Why are we required to produce linear graphs? Why can't I just compare the theoretical equation for the displacement of a pendulum, with the equation obtained from graphing my results? I could compare multiple aspects to get indicators of systematic errors, random errors are just the spread from the sine wave, and as for uncertainties, I can use trigonometric identities. I am so so frustrated. DO WE NEED LINEAR GRAPHS and will I lose marks from not producing one?
  17. Currently, my teacher has approved of my IA idea to investigate factors that affect the lift of a model airplane / helicopter. I can change any variable of my choice. However, as I looked into the topic I realised that I could not think of an appropriate method of testing. My original plan was to place the mode onto a scale ; for a helicopter to hover, the force exerted by the rotor blade on the air must be equal to the weight of the helicopter. (Newton's Third Law). However, in order to do that I have to spin the rotors and I'm not sure how I would approach a proper method to do so consistently. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  18. Does the SWOT analysis count in the word count? Let me know plz
  19. My topic is: To what extent was humanitarian intervention used to justify imperialist ambitions by the united states during the Spanish-American War? What part of it would I have to tweak? Is it too broad, or too narrow? I have a lot of research done on the Spanish-American War. I'm afriad that what I sit down and write it my question wil bring me issues or my research and sources will not help me at all. I'm just really nervous that there is still some tweaking to be done with my question, but I don't know what part of it to tweak. Any ideas?
  20. For my chemistry experiment, I decided to find the effect of temperature on the equilibrium constant of the reaction between Fe(NO3)2-and AgNO2- using KSCN to Titrate the equilibrium mixture. My concern is will this method give me sufficient results for the aim of my investigation? Also, I haven't found any applications for this reaction. Please let me know if there are any. thanks
  21. Hi, I started doing my chemistry IA on the effect of temperature on buffering capacity. I added a pH 7 buffer to distilled water and titrated it with NaOH. I then measured the amount of NaOH taken to increase the pH of the water by a unit of 1. I tried this for temperatures between 5 and 80 degrees but there was no significant difference between the data obtained. This there any notable fault in my methodology? I have to finish gathering data for my IA within one week. Since I was going to discuss the effect of temperature on the equilibria of the buffer solution, I am in the process of finding another IA experiment in the same subject area. If you have any suitable ideas or any improvements for my previous method, please let me know. Thank you
  22. Hey everyone, Not sure exactly where this goes, so I'm just posting it here I recently had a situation where the Internal Deadline was reached for my IA, which I only had a draft completed. My teacher, shared on the document, was willing and ready to submit it as my final. In the even of not finishing my work, is my teacher allowed to just send my draft as my final without my consent? Or do they need to ask me first (maybe in the form of some form that I sign "yes, submit this")? Thank you.
  23. I am tasked with writing a math IA for Math Studies, but I have no idea what to write on. Our teacher is heavily leaning on the class to either write about a topic that uses Chi Squared testing or Linear Regression as our higher math process, but I don't know what to choose. I've always been bad with coming up with writing topics, but this one has me totally lost. What are some good topics to write on?
  24. Hey! I am writing my first article for IA from Microeconomics. I know that I have to focus on this particular unit (not brining up other topic from our syllabus). I am not sure whether what I want to describe is clearly a micro-case. It's an article about imposition of minimum wage in Ontario, the potential effect of which would be job losses. As the topic is a microeconomic one, I'm not sure whether the solution that I aim to propose is (unemployment is a part of MACROeconomy in the syllabus). I was thinking about offering subsidies to firms to increase the production and therefore, the demand for workers? But I'm not sure. Thanks for your opinions
  25. Can someone please grade my IA for me and give feedback. My conclusion is very weak and I feel like my explanations are mediocre. Reply if you are willing to help and I will share a link

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