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Found 728 results

  1. I had two ideas in mind for my Math HL IA 1) I was thinking about doing it on non Euclidian geometry. I couldn't find a specific topic but I was thinking about proving that the Earth is round using spherical geometry but I am not exactly sure how to do it. 2) I was thinking about the Mandelbrot set. Maybe showing how it was bound by 2, but that would be repeating something that has already been discovered and proved many times before. If you have any suggestions on how I might find a specific topic it would really be helpful.
  2. I'm starting to write my SL internal assessment but don't know how to structure it or what to base it on, I know I want to write about trigonometry and how it can be related to photography but don't know how to do this...
  3. Hello everyone! For my math HL IA, im planning to do a topic related to Basketball. Recently, there was a trade between the teams, Cavaliers and Boston Celtics. By comparing the traded player's stats such as points per game or Field goal%, I will be investigating if this trade is a significant trade in the perspective of Cavaliers. For this topic, i'm planning on using standard deviation and statistics. Do you think this is enough for my math IA? or should I incorporate other math to it
  4. Hello! So I have been brainstorming about what kind of experiment I could do for my biology IA for a couple of months now, and yesterday I had an eureka moment and figured out that I could do it about yeast. We brew a national Russian drink (kvass) at home and it hit me that we actually use yeast for that (I just never thought about it before). Since it's a biological process I could write an investigation about it, and the fact that yeast fermentation is something that my family deals with quite often and that it produces one of the most beloved drinks in my country, would make the investigation more personal and get me a better grade. So now I know that I want to do it about yeast fermentation, but I am having a big problem figuring out what to actually investigate. A thing I thought about was perhaps finding the optimum sugar concentration for fermentation, but it seems to me that it is a topic that has been overdone and is a bit too simplistic. So I wonder: is there anything else about yeast/yeast fermentation that is worthy of investigation and that doesn't require some advanced lab technique to carry out? Are there any other factors that I could manipulate that will influence the rate of fermentation, or the quality of the fermented drink, or the ethanol content, or the activity of the yeast? Some of the other factors (IVs) that I have thought about: Effect of different vitamins (Vitamin E, vitamin B, etc etc) on yeast activity. It sounds like the most interesting one out of everything else, but I am unsure about how long time it will take me to see any results (I don't want this experiment to be too long) Effect of pH on yeast activity Effect of temperature Effect of different types of sugars on yeast activity (glucose, fructose, sucrose?) Effect of oxygen availability on the rate yeast fermentation (this seems like an interesting one, but not sure how I could manipulate the oxygen supply) I found this on a website: "The presence of oxygen at normal atmospheric concentrations will inhibit any fermentation process. At very low concentrations, however, oxygen can actually increase the yield of ethanol. This is sometimes referred to as themicroaerobic effect. As the level of oxygen is increased beyond this point, byproducts such as glycerol and acetic acid (vinegar) are produced by the yeast in addition to ethanol, and the yield and purity of the ethanol are reduced. As I mentioned before, fermentation will stop altogether once oxygen concentrations become too high. This is sometimes referred to as the Pasteur effect." This seems like the other most interesting thing to investigate out of all the things I have mentioned above, and I don't think that I have seen that many IAs being done on this. But again, I have no idea how I can vary the level of oxygen, so if anybody has any idea I would be really happy Effect of ethanol concentrations on yeast activity So yeah, these are all the ideas that I have so far. Any other ideas, comments on my existing ideas, or pointers towards relevant research or interesting areas would be greatly, greatly appreciated. Sorry for the long post by the way!
  5. Im currently thinking about doing the bombing of Hiroshima but I think that it is too common so im trying to think of a new topic
  6. I currently have an idea for my chemistry IA, but I can't find any previous lab work done on this specific topic. My topic is: What are the effects of the rate of reaction of sodium bicarbonate when combined with different pH levels of acids OR To what extent is the amount of CO2 collected from a sodium bicarbonate reaction affected when combined with different pH levels of acidity. Which topic should I pick or should I just scrap what I have and find another experiment.
  7. So this is my first time to do this, like conducting my own research and I am still not sure of this critical thinking side of the IB program because previously I did the IGCSE which based more on like writing and following instruction. Right now my first drafts are almost due and I desperately need an IA topic. If this helps, I am interested in taking veterinary science in University so! PLEASE HELP! Any help is really helpful right now!!
  8. Does anyone have good ideas for the biology IA?
  9. I am currently developing my IA topic and research question, and I would love feedback on my topic in terms of appropriateness and fitting criteria. I am currently taking IB History of the Americas HL. My topic is the Smog of Donora 1948 in the United States and its effects on American and global environmental policy. My research question is: To what extent did The Smog of Donora 1948 lead to clean air acts in the United States and further environmental policy globally? Any feedback is appreciated!!
  10. My friend and i are doing our IOP and we are finding it hard to make it creative, or how to intrigue the audience we are looking for more unique was rather than jokes, powerpoints/prezis, etc
  11. Are there any word limit for the extract we use for our economics IA? is it alright if the extract I am using is pretty long? The IA examples I got had really short extracts.
  12. Can I choose one of the topics that have been already done for my IA?. I will do all myself so I will get different results.
  13. Hey guys, so I am doing my Chemistry IA on enthalpy changes of alcohol.. and so I was like half done my experiment (collected data) when I came across an IA topic researching exactly what I am researching, like my introduction, background info are different but our methodology to carry out the experiment is the same and data processing method is the same.... I was wondering is it okay to carry on? I still have my own original data, original background information, original introduction...its just our method to carry out the experiment and the way to find out the calculations is the same....... shall I carry on with my IA? please do let me know if you have any input on this, thanks.
  14. Hello all, I take chemistry HL and I need a topic for my chemistry IA new syllabus. I have suggested two ideas for my supervisor but he said they are not good. He said that the expire meant should deal with a broad topic and have qualitative data( the one with calculations) he emphasized on the point of the experiment having calculations. And he said it should relate in someway to daily life, it's good to do about food, water , cosmetics, detergins.... Any suggestions for topics???? The two topics he refused and said we're not good are: 1. The effect of temperature on the acidity of lemons 2. Something dealing with zinc half life
  15. biology

    Hello! IB victims! I need some ideas or suggestions with my Biology IA! First of all, I wanted my IA to do with Enzyme and the percentage concentration of Alcohol(Any kinds of Alcohol drinks, I guess....) and yes! I also went online and did some digging myself but the thing is I need direction! with the topic! ANY suggestions or ideas would be very helpful! hope you have a great day wherever you are!
  16. Hey guys, I'm really struggling to narrow down my topic for my bio IA. The deadline to start testing is coming quickly and I have no idea. I know I want to do something with energy drinks but that's about it. Any suggestions?
  17. So I have this idea for my chemistry IA that I'm not sure of. I want to compare and contrast the effect of the different ratio between baking soda and acid vs. the amount of baking powder on the height the cake after baking. Baking powder is a mixture of baking soda and another acid that reacts when mixed with wet ingredient; it is used to make a cake "fluffy." I want to see if baking soda + acid will have the same effect as baking powder and how different amount of it will affect how much the cake rises. Possible variables: Independent- the ratio between baking soda and an acid + amount of baking powder (the total mass of baking powder and acid will be constant, and the mass of baking powder will change) Dependent- The height of the cake after baking Control: size of the mold, the amount of ingredients for the cake (flour, water, oil, etc.), baking temperature & time, amount of batter before baking, type of acid, type of baking powder, type of baking soda. The problem with this idea is that there are too many variables that can influence the result of the experiment. For example, how it is mixed, placement in the oven, spread of the batter etc. Will this be a good topic to do? Is there any way for me to control these variables? Or change some aspect of it to make it more controllable?
  18. I am starting to do my Economics Internal assessment. I take Economics standard level. My batch is the first batch taking the economics IB exam! Any tips for a good Internal assessment? Which sections do you think I should do? What topics should I focus on? What do you think the checker would be looking for in my IA?
  19. Hello, I'm in the process of choosing my IA question, I do biology standard level and was wondering if this topic fits in the syllabus for sl: What is the effect of soil moisture on the length of ribwort plantain leaves? Thank you
  20. I'm thinking of doing my IA something along the lines of the effects of pesticides on the growth / metabolic processes of algae, I haven't really decided yet. But I'm concerned that this topic already has extensive research, or that it has already been done numerous times before, and I didn't just want to do an IA changing the concentrations of pesticide on algae. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas or tips as to how I could make it more original or interesting? Perhaps changing the type or brand of pesticide, something like that? Any help would be appreciated, thanks! This is pretty urgent since I need to start working on it, please help!
  21. Hi! So I just learned how to extract DNA from strawberries in bio (HL) and thought it might be interesting to find a way to use it in another experiment (or possible IA). Does anyone have any suggestions for IA topics or just for any ways to apply DNA extraction for use in something else? (just for fun ) If possible I'd like to stay away from something like "which food gives the most DNA" (booooring). I also found a DIY gel electrophoresis thing but I'd have to buy a lot of potentially expensive supplies... (although I imagine that's probably kinda inevitable for most of these kinds of experiments?) Thank you!
  22. Hey so I want to do my math IA on fourrier transforms and just create an example on how they can be used to clean a picture. Is that too advanced for a HL student??
  23. I have to do my IA over the summer, and I have approximately a little less than a month to finish it. I have no clue what to do it on, any help? I know I have to choose something I'm interested in, but I don't know how to connect math to the few things I like. ex. reading, television, video games, food, death, candy, science. I really don't know what to do and would greatly appreciate any help/advice.
  24. Hey people! I'm only in the first year of IB, but our History teacher is making us do our IAs at the end of this term, so that it'll be one less IA next year. But, I can't seem to find any sample IAs that are for the new syllabus and my teacher only gave us old ones too... Does anyone know where I could find one? The content doesn't really matter, I just don't have a clue how to format it, like visually so it would be nice to see what one looks like. Thanks for the help
  25. Hello, everyone, I decided to make a simulation for physics IA and it is about Stefan Boltzmann law and I will find out Stefan's constant. I checked a lot of IA from the internet and found out that almost everyone is picking a simulation and doing their experiment from the simulation that they've found from the internet. Now I talked to my teacher (by the way she was the one who told me to do this topic) and she said that I have to create a simulation by myself. I have some knowledge about programming but creating such a simulation like that would take a lot of time and it also involves some advanced mathematic so is there any possible way for me to convince my teacher so that i can do just like how others did. Any help will be appreciated