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Found 824 results

  1. I decided to do database for my bio IA, but I'm having quite a bit of trouble trying to find the data I want. I'm trying to find the incidence of Down Syndrome by country, as either a percentage or number of cases. All I found was data from 2004 that was actually extrapolated, so no help at all I'd really rather not search up each individual country, so I would appreciate it so much if people had some suggestions
  2. I need a topic for Math SL IA. I know I want to d something with growth and decay, but I do not know what I should use as an idea or some type of interesting case study/ experiment. Please help!!
  3. Hey guys. Please do this. its due urgently. im like 4 weeks behind. thank you!!!!!
  4. Hi this is my first time writing the discussion. Our teacher asked us to come up with a topic and I'm really interested in Mobius strip. If i'm in math sl, would it be too hard? If it is possible for me, what kind of investigation be appropriate?
  5. I am pretty sure I bombed my Math SL exam in May. I asked my coordinator and was told that if I wanted to retake, I could do so in November. I think this is great because I'll be able to do better and study more. However I don't want to do this if I am required to re-do an IA. Does anyone know if I would have do re-do an IA to retake an exam? Also, does higher score count?
  6. Hello! I have to decide on a math exploration topic but I'm not sure what I should do. I'm very confident in the binomial theorem, arithmetic and geometric sequences so doing something concerning this would be great. I know the rules are very strict for what others are allowed to say, but do you have any suggestions on things that are possible to investigate in these topics? Also do you have general tips and tricks that could help me with the math exploration? Thank you so much!!!
  7. I need some help looking for some Ib Biology SL IA topics... To be honest i don't know where to start from so I just wanted to ask you for some suggestions about how should i start or what should i start looking for. I just need some suggestions or ideas so I can start looking up some ideas and formulate my questions
  8. So I ended up getting a really bad mark on my chemistry design lab that brought my mark down by almost 20% (from an 84 to a 65). However, I feel like I didn't do as bad as my teacher graded it. I got a 7/24, but I had done the graphs and the research properly. I have all the components asked in the rubric. The question is, would my IA mark affect my overall IB mark? If so, can I have my lab being regraded by another teacher?
  9. Hello, I'm doing my chemistry IA on paper chromatography of different colours of leaves. I really would appreciate a sample IA about chromatography that I can get the structure from. can you please share with me anything that might help? Thank you very much.
  10. hey can you please recommend Math SL IA topics
  11. I really need to find a graphing/statistics program to use in my IA. Any suggestions?
  12. Hey guys! I want to do my Chemistry IA on water purification and which is the most effective tablet, what could my independent variable be??
  13. Hi do you guys know if we can use survey as a qualitative tool for BM HL IA?
  14. Do I have to show the full working on the simple calculations in a math IA? I understood from the marksceeme that I had to do it on the further proceces, but I feel it was a bit unclear on the simple calculations
  15. I´m almost done with my IA for math studies and I´ve got for Tables with 82 rows each. I put them in the appendix since they take up a lot of space. My math teacher says it´s fine that way but I´m still not sure and scared that the examiner will ignore all my data because they exceed the page count. My project is roughly 10 pages and another 7 for the tables. Thanks for your time.
  16. 17 downloads

    Chemistry IA 2016 Analysis criteria
  17. Hello, I'm basing my IA on bifilar pendulums and require the formula of the time period of a bifilar pendulum and simple pendulum. When I researched online, different sources claim different things. One formula I obtained was T = 2pi*(L/g)^0.5 (2 times pi times square root of L/g), where L = length of the pendulum and g = gravity. Is this formula applicable for both simple and bifilar pendulums? If not, what is the formula for each kind of pendulum? Thanks in advance for the help!
  18. For my IA I am planning to analyse one primary source in "identification and evaluation of sources" section. I'm now confused with definition of the primary source. The source I want to use is a work based on letters of person at the time and has many citations in it. I understand that its Technically a secondary source but maybe I can just quote the person and use it as primary source in my analysis. To sum up, can you take primary sources, quoted letter in my case, out of secondary ones and analyse it as a primary source in OPVL
  19. I am wondering how the IA's will affect the final IB grade. Let's say I have an accumulated 4 on my Econ IA. However, I get a 5 on my External Assessments (all 3)! What will be my Final grade? Will it be a 5 or a 4? I know the IA is 20% and the external Assesment is 80%. I was told that whatever I get on my External Assesment, will be final grade. The IA helps if the candidate is at the very end of a boundary. I have been getting different pieces of information. I am not sure how the IA works. Everyone keeps saying its "Only 20%", and the External Assessments are far more important. Can someone please help me!!!!
  20. Hi! which do you think I should explore? May Days Barcelona, homage to catelonia, in 1937 Why did USA/UK/others turn blind eye to german & Italian foreign intervention any advice? Thanks
  21. Heyy. Just wondering if theres any restrictions on testing the effect of caffeine on heart rate?? (Idk if there is a drug use policy in the IB??) Thanks
  22. I am in desperate need of help. I have my IA proposal question due soon and I have a difficult time wording my topic. It has to be argumentative which is my struggle. My topic is the Bonus Army during 1932. It was when Veterans of WWI wanted their bonus and Hoover wouldn't give it to them. Instead he sent the army which killed and injured many of them with Tear Gas and Guns. If anyone has any idea please don't hesitate to comment!!
  23. Trying to choose a good IA Question for IB History SL. My IA is about the Vietnam war...Potential Questions I came up with are: MLK and how he impacted the Vietnam War: The consequence of/Impact of: Entering Vietnam war MLK’s speech College demonstrations: On many college campuses these demonstrations took the form of student strikes, teach-in sessions, and peace rallies. Vietnam war economically on African Americans/White Americans. Opposition to the war from Citizens on the role the US in the Vietnam war Multiple Perspectives: MLK, College Demonstrations, and Gov’t How did the anti-war protest affect foreign policy during the Vietnam war? How did the black anti-war protest affect race relations inside the military? What role did MLK have decreasing discrimination inside the military? What was the consequence of racial discrimination on black veterans? How did hate groups affect the success of anti-war movements? ______________________ Tips, suggestions. Any question that looks good from above???
  24. Ok, I'm trying out a few different topics but i need to know if I could get a good paper out of discussing/investigating the origin of Hitler's hate for the Jews. I know there are many different takes on this but do any of you think it'd be okay? If not, any suggestions? I'm trying to go more on the path of the Holocaust.
  25. Hello! I just wanted quick help with my IA question, I have two ideas and I am unsure about both of them. I'm writing it on the French Revolution btw. To what extent did the execution of King Louis XVI cause/influence the reign of terror? Or To what extent did Maximilian Robespierre influence the French Revolution? I think the second one is too broad and the first one is too narrow, but I am certainly open to ideas!