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Found 594 results

  1. In this document, you can find all the necessary information to help make your PPD amazing!
  2. To what extent does knowledge of an historical event affect our behavior? is this a good KQ? Need help with coming up with claims and counter-claims using reason and emotion as AOK
  3. So, I am willing to make my TOK presentation about young football players from poor countries that are persuaded by big leagues to join them. I feel like I lack the ideas, so far I have this : *ethics : clubs use the fact that the players are poor, so they will be tempted to earn the big money promised to them ; clubs often don't include the fact that not all the players become stars thus rich ; as soon as clubs realise that the player won't be a star, they often lose interest, become less caring etc. (quote - The kids disappear into the anonymity of the nether regions rarely to be heard of again, right now some of these boys are just being traded like horsemeat.) *reason of club : the players from poor countries are easier to sign due to smaller interest than for English stars, they will initially agree to play for a smaller wage due to the fact that even what seems like a small money in Europe (the same applies to the local club - they might sell the next superstar for peanuts, this is a reason why many academies have losses - they spend money in player training but get a small return), might be incredible amount of money for them, it is argued that players are treated, as mentioned before, like horsemeat, because the attitude is rather business-like, the players are trained, then at the first chance sold to even bigger club for the biggest possible profit ; difference with local player - if the player fails to live up to expectations, club won't be blamed for ruining a local potential talent *reason of player : they think it can't really get worse than in their native countries, they go to big leagues due to poverty and willingness to fund their family, which is pretty often not well financed *belief : player has to believe that exactly he will the one emerging as a star, has to have belief in authority - scout/manager ; club has to have belief in the player since it has spent resources in scouting process, paperwork etc. *language : I don't believe there are no language barriers between the, let's say, Italian scout and the African talent ; the scout/manager has to have language skills in order to be able to persuade the player to leave everything in the native country and join the club Different opinions about sales of player: a) player is a slave, he gets sold from one club to another, tempted by money b) a poor player, who would otherwise struggle to make both ends meet, gets a chance to earn big money and is in a way saved Different opinions about the system of transfers: a) One could argue the system is flawed if a club can spend several years investing time and money into a player, only to have another club come in and offer that player a contract with them, when the club who has developed the player are not allowed to offer a deal themselves. b) If one day you have a son and raise him for fifteen years but then your neighbour comes knocking on your door and asks your son if he wants to come and live with him instead, and your son wants to go because this neighbour has a house twice the size of yours, drives a Mercedes (and another one in the garage) and will give him £50 a week pocket money, are you going to let him go? Yes! c) there is a flaw that allows players younger than 18 make such decisions
  4. So I'm still really confused about what exactly we have to do during TOK presentations and how we have to structure it, but one idea that I had was to explore different painting as my real life situation, or that one thing that happened where the two boys put a pair of glasses on the ground of an art gallery and everyone thought it was a piece of art. On e of the ideas I had to do for my KQ was: “To what extent do sense perception and emotion influence the value of art?" If this question good enough to explore to get a high grade? I have some stuff I could take about with it, but it doesn't sound as fancy as some of the ones I've been seeing online as really good. Any help is appreciated!! :)))
  5. Hi everyone! I would highly appreciate it if anyone would like to share their previously done TOK presentations from last year or later. This is the first year that my teacher is teaching TOK and our class kind of needs some presentation videos to see the proper way to present. We've currently seen around 4 videos and none of the presentations were from last year so they're all using the old format. Any recordings of any TOK presentations would really be helpful for our class to learn about making an A grade TOK presentation. I do hope to receive some good presentation videos that my class could see and learn from. Thank you in advance for anyone who sends a link to their presentation. - K
  6. Hey everyone! So for my upcomming IOP in 2 weeks, I am planning to do one on Wide Sargasso Sea. So far I managed to form a thesis of "The author Jean Rhys presents the theme of Alienation through exclusion of the characters in the novel based on race, wealth and status, appearance and shared cultural symbols and values." I chose this thesis primarily after going through interrelationships between the characters of the novel. Primarily, these factors in my thesis are brought through: poverty, appearance (creole). Alienation that leads to destructive acts in the novel - Anette marries mr mason driven by exclusion in society which leads to the loss of her son, home and sanity Daniel Cosway alienated from society obsessed to avenge his step father hurting antoinette's relationship through letters Antoinette is alienated from her own self by madness and her own husband chnages her name (identity affected). Overall, are there any pointers I should work on and I am open to any suggestions for a good hook and better way to incorporate my thesis with my evidence Thanks
  7. Hi everyone I need some help for my TOK presentation and wondering if you could provide some advice. My knowledge questions is How can we know the relationship between Intuition and Genius? My RLS is Einstein's General Theory of Relativity Basically I'm trying to talk about Einsteins claim that intuition is more important than reasoning. Any ideas for claims and counterclaims and what WOKS and TOKS I could use. Thanks once again.
  8. I'm doing my TOK presentation on Trump's decision to make Jerusalem the capital of Israel. I have a couple of KQ's but I'm not sure they entirely relate to the RLS, or if they incorporate every aspect I'm going to be talking about. One of them is: In what ways does authoritative decision affect values and beliefs of groups? Would this be fine? Do yu have any other suggestions?
  9. Hey guys, I'm just confused about something and would like to ask you for advice: How broad does the knowledge question(the main one) in the tok presentation have to be? The two tok teachers in my school have different opinions and I'm really puzzled. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi everyone! I'm Kathleen and I was wondering if anyone that has already done their exams has any TOK presentations with the TKPPD and score and comments that their teacher and the moderator gave. I am helping my teacher try to find more examples of TOK presentations closer to 2017 since the video that IB has are both from the same school and are from 2012. If anyone would like to share their files with me. I will send you my email. If you wish to keep your name anonymous, you can send it without your name in the TKPPD. I hope to hear from someone soon
  11. Hey guys, I'm reviewing my presentation against the assessment rubric and stumbled upon this. "the knowledge question is effectively explored in the context of the RLS" does this mean that I have to refer back to my RLS, after making every claim, or something else?? Any answers would be appreciated.
  12. Quick question, Should I aim to make my TOK Presi Entertaining for the examiner, "TED Talks" style, or should I keep it formal, and not waste time on those little parts. Thanks!
  13. Hello Everybody, I'm struggling in coming up with a claim for my TOK presentation and so thought I could reach out for some help after hours of wordsmithing similar ideas. Could somebody please provide me with their opinion on the tentative claim I have. RLS - Recent Artificial Intelligence has similar thought processes and reasoning to that of a human and so critical thinking is done by the AI. KQ - To what extent does the lack of information encourage critical thinking? Claim 1 : With the presence of limited knowledge, one's curiosity will be challenged thus encourage critical thinking to a greater extent. Thanks,
  14. Working on my presentation topic and I'm interested in working within art. I'd like to discuss the function of language and art within poetry, but when I brought it up to my teacher, he seemed iffy about whether literature falls under art as an AOK. In class, we discussed art mostly in context of visuals -- paintings, sculptures, dance, etc., so I'm just honestly not sure if lit counts. What topic our presentations fall under dictates the week that we present in my class, so I'd prefer to know sooner rather than later what direction I'm going in here. Thanks!
  15. I'm in the middle of planning for my TOK presentation How is this as a potential Question: To what extent is knowledge gained through the natural sciences infallible The real life situation from which this was derived is the series of Korean air crashes in the late 90's specifically the crash in Guam. I was thinking that because of factors such as a lack of sleep in the pilots, the fact that the copilot and pilot were new to working with each other, and that autopilot had been switched off (all considered human errors, relating to the human sciences), it didn't matter how solid the theory behind flying planes is (natural science and knowledge gained through it), the fact that there were human errors made the crashes happen. I'm wondering whether a) this is a good question and b) if an onlooker can understand the question without knowing my background research, and c) what assumptions would I make while making the presentation. Thanks!
  16. Hi! My class is starting the TOK presentations next week and my topic is assisted suicide. I'm gonna be focusing on how religions affect the ethics of euthanasia. My teacher suggested that I focus on how the different religions came to their own conclusions regarding this. Basically he said that often times students only describe the stances of said religions, not the process behind those stances. Any ideas on how to approach this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  17. I need help developing a question. My RLS is the ban of transgender individuals to serve for the US military. Please help me with a question
  18. Hello all! So I am beginning my TOK Presentation and I am a bit confused with what to do with my question. My RLS is the Top-Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point and my personal experience in 8th grade riding it. Although a parent somehow persuaded me to get on the ride, I was extremely fearful to the point that I would not look or talk to anyone. Logically, I could have used inductive reasoning to come to the conclusion that I would not get hurt on this ride: no one had ever fallen off, the worst accident was metal flying into a few people's faces which happened only once, and other than that, the most frequent accident was people rolling backwards on the ride. Additionally, I could have had faith in the assumption that the physics of the ride had been tested thoroughly, and thus I was protected. However, I experienced a lack of faith in this reasoning and thus began to fear for my life. After the ride, however, I had so much fun that I realized there was nothing to worry about. A lack of faith had brought me to an incorrect conclusion that I would somehow get hurt. With acrophobia being an extremely common fear among individuals in the world, it seems there is a disconnect in our logic of the safety of rides versus how far we believe in this logic. Without faith, then, this reasoning does not exist, and we are brought to different conclusions. Thus, my knowledge question is this: "To what extent do we need faith to develop our reasoning in the natural sciences?" My teacher said that this was an okay question, but I am still confused on how to go about a question which focuses on a specific area of knowledge. I do not want this presentation to end up being a scientific presentation on what physics or chemistry or biology is and the details of the science, or what not. I do not have clear perspectives yet, but my idea for the first one is that "Without faith, our reasoning is distorted and we are brought to incorrect conclusions." How do I analyze a knowledge question on a specific area of knowledge without it getting too narrow? Thank you for all your help!
  19. I am currently an IB2 student who is going to write TOK at the end of this year. I have no idea about how to write TOK in Chinese
  20. My IOP is next week and I don't know what to do. I wanted to do drawings showing the dynamic development of Marguerite, but I don't know how to present it. Like how do I open the presentation? and how do I close it? Please help.
  21. So my TOK Presentation is this week and I've been working on it over the weekend but when I asked my teacher if what I've got so far was ok, he told me to change the focus slightly so that it would be more ToK. I don't want to be disrespecting his authority and experience but I suppose I don't really know how to make something more ToK. My RLS: US 2016 Presidential Elections - focus on difference in voters' perspectives on who would be the 'right' decision My current KQ: Can you ever know if a knowledge claim is wrong before making conclusions? Here's my structure so far: Introduce the RLS + KQ Define when a knowledge claim is wrong Illustrate conclusion-making as [purpose -> knowledge -> conclusion] Introduce the historical debate of the wave/particle nature of light before accepting the dual nature. How there were two theories and how ultimately both were accepted after evaluating using inductive reasoning, imagination and shared memory. Claim: Should incorporate knowledge from various sources to be objective. Introduce how "history is written by the victors" and discuss how different perspectives may lead to different versions of history, even when the same WOKs of inductive reasoning, imagination and memory are used to interpret the same evidence. the evaluation of primary sources in constructing history e.g. . how do they then choose what to include and what not to include? Counterclaim: Should maintain different knowledge claims from different perspectives to be objective. Mini-conclusion: the extent of objectiveness achieved is different in NatSci and History because of how each WOK is utilised Reintroduce the original RLS. Ask which should be more important, overall uniformity and harmony in perspective, or representation of various perspectives? Explain if there can be a 'right' and a 'wrong'. should the ethical value in each decision be considered when making a decision? Extension: connect the consequences of each conclusion within the AOK of ethics by evaluating the correctness/ethical value of decisions made within the different theories of ethics -Kants deontology [clinton voters cuz they feel morally obligated to protecting the communities that trump scapegoats] and utilitarianism [trump voters cuz they want their jobs] - which will cause differences in which other WOKs - namely, emotion, reason and faith - is prioritised to determine what’s right/wrong. Mention other RLS where this knowledge question is relevant. E.g. evaluating which university to apply to. [note to self: ...I need another academic rls , probably.] I dunno. How do I make it more ToK? It seemed like the problem was because when I was telling my teacher about it I said 'decision-making' instead of conclusion-making and he said that it's likely that I've already got a strong opinion on the matter cuz of how controversial this election cycle was. Also I'm doing it myself so I've only got 10min to work in. Is this too much?
  22. Hi friends I need to redo my TOK as I didn't do so well on my previous one. Any ideas? Anything is fine other than the topic of ethics
  23. Are there any disadvantages if I do my TOK presentation with two other students? So, in total we would be three. I heard that it is harder to get good marks if we do it in a group of three. Is this true? Why?
  24. How many WOKs and AOKs should you include in the TOK presentation?
  25. i want to do someting about the charleston shooting for my tok presentation but i am having trouble coming up with a knoeledge qestion and relating it to ways/area of knowledge. i want to discuss something about the facct that he was mentally ill and how he still had a gun warrant, but i dont know what else to do from here. can someone help me out with expanding on this presentation? thanks!!

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