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Found 174 results

  1. Hi, is there a specific structure/layout to be followed when writing the a HL biology IA. My teacher says to put the titles as the IA is marked (like titled sections of Personal engagement, exploration, evaluation...etc) but i feel that this is not the correct or general way to do it. Also, would they mark you down for structuring it that way, as it takes away from the general structure of a lab report? thanks in advance.
  2. Hi, i am wondering how specific or detailed the procedure of the experiment for an extended essay in a group 4 (ie. Chemistry and biology) has to be, do we need to include steps and materials we used and outline specifically our variables. And if so, in the body or appendix? Thank you!!!
  3. I'm thinking about doing the IB Extended Essay (EE) on the History of Science, what do you think ??? Specific issues that might be a good idea? Thank you in advance.
  4. I'm thinking about doing the IB Extended Essay on the History of Science, what do you think ??? Specific issues that might be a good idea? Thank you in advance.
  5. Help! My chem ee topic is as follows: esterification of a ester? What all methods can i include....tips...samples......procedure........methodology...etc. TYSM
  6. I'm studying in an International School in SE Asia and I'm doing the IB diploma. I did the SAT with a score of 1280/1600 although I'm doing it again soon so it might increase. I am predicted to likely get the following IB grades: HL Math - 5 HL Physics - high 6 HL Computer Science - high 6 (possible chance to get a 7) In total, about 36-38 IB points. My CGPA is around 3.87 on 4.33 scale. With these grades, is it possible to get into the University of Waterloo's David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science as an International student? Thanks!
  7. I'm a biology HL student and my IA is on the effect of temperature on lactase activity. I finished my experiment successfully and I have started writing the actual IA, but I am concerned about the research question. My research question is the following: How does exposing lactase to different temperatures affect its activity as a catalyst of lactose breakdown in regular whole milk, measured by change in glucose concentration? I feel like it is very long, but my teacher disagrees and wants me to add more information in it, like the temperature range, the exact kind of milk (fat % included), and the device I used to measure glucose concentration (I used a blood glucose Glucometer). What should I do? I know people will say to trust my teacher, but nobody at my school trusts him and he's not the best Biology teacher. Please help.
  8. Hello! During summer vacation, I am planning on writing a research paper about stem cells, what they are. It isn't going to be extremely complicated, but I'm interested in the topic and I'm planning on doing it. Will this benefit my college application? Thank you
  9. Hi, For my Physics IA I will be determining how the initial velocity affects the range of a catapult, however to do this I need to change the angle and I was wondering how do you measure the angle of release. Is it from the bar to the arm? from the arm to the ground? or something else, any help is appreciated. thanks,
  10. Hey guys! I need help for my Computer Science Internal Assessment (dossier). I am planning to make an educational game for the primary school students. My end-user will be 3rd grade English teacher. I wanna make it in the Scratch (not sure, could be in Java as well). So I am not sure about the type of the game so that I can get a good mark. What criterions should I follow? Also my friend wants to create an educational website, like Myimath and what do you think about that? And what about the difficulty level of the game? May you please clarify those issues?
  11. Hey. I want to study Computer Science in university, as a result, I chose Computer Science and Maths HL (also Physics HL as my third HL). Many people say that CS HL has some very tough concepts and is harder than Maths HL? Is this true, in your opinion? Also, is does taking Maths HL really make your university application more competitive if you apply for CS courses? Thanks! I would really like some comments from people who are currently taking or took IB CS HL.
  12. Hello! I am a senior in IB and am taking my exams in a month. I feel very confidant in all of my IB classes except for Sports Exercise Health Science. Because it is a relatively new course, there are few resources available for studying. Does anyone have a study guide for this course or know where I could find one? Thank you!
  13. Hello everyone who is experienced in IB!!!! I need help. I am currently in grade 10 and choosing my IB subjects, I want to take two science higher level courses and was wondering what is another HL course that could probably help me get an IB diploma. I am also not doing as well as I expected in English I currently have a score ranging from B+ to A- , and our English course is mostly based on analysis of poems and short stories. We had two diary entries that I really enjoyed writing and I really want to score high in English and was wondering whether Lang and lit might be easier than lit. I am also really interested in Psychology but most people tell me that if I do psychology instead of business and management HL it might make me struggle because of the amount of work included. Here is the list of my courses, currently: (I really don't want to struggle because I am taking Bio and Chem HL) Biology HL Chemistry HL Bus&Mgt HL Farsi SL English SL Math SL Can someone please help me!! I plan on majoring in biochemistry in the future and I really want to get into a good university like UCLA. I was wondering if the subjects I chose could probably help me land myself there? Please Help me and someone tell me if what I am taking is too rigorous!!
  14. Hello everyone! Does anyone have any information or notes on the computer science 2016 case study? I need information especially on demands made by the various processes and algorithms available. I chose the following to write about matte, mo-cap, diamond square algorithm, anthropomorphism. Thank you, Caroline Adams
  15. Hey! I'm going to be starting the Pre-I.B French Immersion (grade 9) program this upcoming September, and I been trying to get a head start. I'm going to be doing a lot of reviewing and studying to help me prepare for pre-I.B! I was wondering if any of you can recall what you all learnt in grade 9 pre-I.B (english, science, french, math, etc...). I've tried researching the curriculum online, but I never get great results! Thank you so much! I really appreciate all your responses! - Girl Online
  16. URGENT, Guys, can anyone tell me the word count for ESS IA, or how much can be the appropriate word count for it??
  17. Hi guys, I am starting to revise and I'm looking for past papers to practice. As SEHS is a relatively new subject I can't find any past papers or anything to help me... Do you guys know where can I find past papers?? Thank you!!
  18. Which is a better subject to do in IB? I am already doing Chem and Bio, so I have a lot of science on my plate but I don't mind doing another (even though its technically not one). I've heard that Psych has A LOT of essays but I've never done business management before in my life. I know its subjective but are they both enjoyable subjects? Is one easier? (not a big factor bit nice to know). If you did/do both and could only do one which one would u choose? thank you very much for any information you can share
  19. Hi guys, I'm starting my first year on IB and I've decide to study Computer Science SL in spite of not having a teacher who is IB prepared so I'm going to be on my own :'(. Here is the only place where I can ask my doubts: 1. Where can I find the updated syllabus/guide for the upcoming 2 years? 2. I've been reading forums and older guides and I don't know whether or not the case study is only for HL, if it isn't, is it the same for both? 3. Which are the recommended books (from IB or personnal experience) for SL 2015,2016. Thanks in advance for your support and collaboration. PS: Sry if any of my questions is answered on any other thread here, I must have overlooked it :8.
  20. This is the moment when I'm regretting taking two sciences... IAs are killing me. My chem IA just sucks (really, if I get 12 points I'll be happy), and my physics one turned out to be way more complicated than what I had thought. Anybody else feel like complaining about all the IA workload (instead of, you know, actually working on the IAs) ?
  21. Hi, I'm in DP1 and our EE was launched today. However, we got contradicting information; one of our science teacher has said that we don't have to do an experiment (work in the lab) when our Extended Essay is related to a science topic, just that we are allowed to. During the launch however, we were told by another teacher that when your Extended Essay is related to a science topic, you must do a lab-work. I was wondering if one of you has any concluding answer to this, since I assume that it should be pretty much the same for every IB-school, but I might be wrong, in which case my excuses since this topic won't be of any help for anyone in that case. Regards,
  22. Hey Guys ! can you please give me few steps to choose topic . so that i can select my topic soon. Help me guys ! Thanks xx
  23. Does anyone have the computer science syllabus for 2016? Thanks
  24. Hey, guys! I just wanted to know whether for our computer IA, since I'll be developing a website, is it allowed for me to make the design in wordpress, or at least use some of wordpress's plugins such as an image slider? Do's and don'ts for making a website? I'm pretty nice to the javascript and database part of the developement - Help?
  25. I got 35 points in total in the IB program. Here are the classes I took and my grade in it: Math HL - 5 Physics HL - 5 Computer Science HL - 7 English Lang and Lit SL - 5 Language AB Initio - 7 Economics SL - 6 I'm set on studying Computer Science at a fairly good university in the US. My cumulative high school GPA is around 3.7 Given my GPA and IB scores, what would be a fairly reputable university to study Computer Science (United States only please) Thanks!
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