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Found 172 results

  1. Hello! I'm doing my TOK presentation in a month with the KI: ''How can reason be used to justify religious beliefs''? I was wondering if the general debate, between science and religion (atheists coming to believers and asking them to prove this or that) an RLS? Thanks in advance, ibsurviving.
  2. 21 downloads

    Hi everybody, My SEHS teacer had made the checklist for IA from the SEHS book, just in a modified and clearer version. I hope you find it useful.
  3. Hi, I'm thinking of doing evolution vs. creationism as my topic for my TOK presentation. Anyone have any suggestions as to possible knowledge issues to explore? Whats the best knowledge issue you could explore in this topic. What KI would you pick on this topic? I am well versed in the real life events and news stories surrounding this issue so that won't be a problem. Please don't reply if you don't have any KIs in your answer. Thank you
  4. Hey there, I just simply wanted to ask you, if you could give me some feedback So, I plan on doing Physics HL and Chemistry SL next year. I am kind of noncommittal whether to take Physics or Chemistry HL. I actually dont know why I tend to Physics. Could you maybe just give me your opinion (stating if, and how you stand in relation with these subjects) on the amount of work, the "easiness" of getting a 7. Thanks P.S.: I know that Physics HL is supposed to be more difficult. I dont know what I want to study at University (but definitely something science-,math- or economics/business related)
  5. I'm having trouble deciding between HL Chemistry and HL Physics. I would imagine that I would find physics more interesting, but I'm not the best math student. To be honest, I don't even totally understand the difference between the two. Which one would require more critical thinking? (I'd like to major in philosophy, if that matters).
  6. Hi Everyone, I'm currently writing up a DCP/CE IA for Chemistry where we have to calculate the rate of reaction and I had a quick question in regards to the evaluation. There's no theoretical value for the experiment, which means that when I'm writing up my evaluation I'm not sure how to describe the impact of my limitations/weaknesses on the experiment e.g. if they impacted on accuracy,reliability or validity. I don't think I should use the term accuracy because that refers to how close your experimentally calculated value is close to the theoretical value (and we don't have one of those). Does that mean I discuss how the errors I have identified impacted on reliability and validity? I'm a little bit confused about which of the 3 things to talk about . I would really appreciate if someone could give me some advice on this! Thank you !
  7. So I've hit a roadblock with my title,1500 words in. The title is "The drive towards a Theory of Everything more compatible with Paul Feyerabend’s theory of science as an anarchistic enterprise than with Karl Popper’s theory of science as a hypothetico-deductive method." The problem is that there simply is not enough accessible information on the history of a theory of everything and how we have come to it, so I have decided to scrap it. However I'd like to keep the philosophy of science area. Any idea please?
  8. Hi Everyone, I have an IA at the moment (about the rate of reaction for the reaction between sodium thiosulfate and hydrochloric acid) and I'm trying to write up the evaluation. However in the evaluation our teacher said we need to identify whether the weaknesses we identify are systematic or random errors and I'm really confused because I'm not 100% sure about what exactly systematic and random errors are. Here's a simplified list of the weaknesses I've identified for my particular prac and I was wondering if somebody could please just let me know if I have correctly identified the errors as either systematic or random : - Difficult to add the reactants together and start the stopwatch simultaneously (random) - The cross which was positioned under the conical flask, was not in the same position for each trial (no idea what type of error this is) - The conical flask which contained the mixture of reactants was not mixed an equal amount of times in each trial for each different concentration (systematic) - Reliability of experiment needs to be improved (systematic) - Difficult to determine the exact moment the sulfur precipitate obscured the cross marked on the piece of paper (random) Thank you, I would greatly appreciate some help !
  9. Do you really have to be doubling in sciences to study in the UK? The only science course I'm taking is Environmental SS and I don't even think that counts to begin with. I've tried changing courses but my counselor says it's too late and would mess up my current schedule ):
  10. Hello, I have an idea for my tok presentation topic, but I dont know how to make it a knowledge issue and/or a tok-ish question. Here's a quote I have about an article i read called 'space versus time': "The route to a truly powerful theory of reality passes through an intimate understanding of space and time" Any ideas on how to make it a tok topic? And how to present it? Thanks
  11. Hi there:) I chose Chinese Lit SL, Maths SL, Econ SL and English B HL, Chem HL and Bio HL, but I'm struggling in Maths SL... I want to go to chemistry field in HK universities and I'm good at chem, but is it OK to switch it to Maths studies? Will it affect my admission to universities? I can definitely get a 7 in maths studies, I mean. Thank you in advance:)
  12. I am currently forecasting for my classes next year, and I am having difficulty deciding whether or not I should I take IB Chemistry SL, due to fear of it being incredibly difficult. From upperclassmen, I have heard stories of grueling study hours and extremely rigorous exams. To place this fear into perspective, I would consider myself to be a scientifically/mathematically inclined student. I will also be taking either IB Math SL or HL. Thoughts? Opinions?
  13. Hi guys These are my current IB courses: Physics HL Lang/Lit HL Business & Management HL Chemistry SL French B SL Math SL What should I do with my life? My parents are asking me to study medicing, but I'm assuming that I need to take Bio for that? school just started so i can still change my courses with ease. SHould I change Chem to Bio? I am not changing Physics because I really like it. And also, should I change my French to Spanish ab initio so it won't pull me down? (I HATE FRENCH) Any other tips and tricks to help me survive IB? THANKS GUYS! I appreciate any help or comments
  14. I am now vacillating between Biology SL and Environmental Systems & Societies SL! I don't think if I'll be doing anything medical related like becoming a doctor or a pharmacist, so I don't know if I should take Biology. I just find it interesting and I'd feel weird not learning it in highschool. What exactly do you learn in ESS?
  15. I'm really struggling to write my BIo EE. I've read some advice telling me to structure it in a similar way to a regular bio IA but some criteria, such as explaining why you chose the subject, is so hard to put in without my essay falling out of structure. Does anyone have advice as to how to order and structure my essay? Thank you!
  16. Hi guys, does anyone have any tips on getting an A in my bio EE? I'm doing it on bacterial growth inhibition. Which graphs/data processing do you recommend i use? Can I include photos of my experiment in the essay? Do you think i should basically do an "extended" bio IA? Any advice is very appreciated ))
  17. Hey IBs, This isn't exactly new news, people have been talking about the possibilities of immortality for thousands of years (anyone found that fountain of youth yet?!?!) and its been thoroughly researched in our modern times as well. Here is an article about a team headed by a Russian business tycoon who believe in the next 20 years, humans will be able to be immortal, and after that they will be able to exists as a conscious being on the internet o_0 So what are your thoughts on the ethical implications of people being able to live nearly indefinitely, who will be able to get this service? How many people will take up permanent residence and not make room for incoming generations, does immortality defeat the purpose of life, and so on! here is the link to the article: http://news.yahoo.com/russian-tycoon-wants-move-mind-machine-220242522.html
  18. Despite having very little media coverage a relatively large demonstration called "March against Monsanto" occurred across the world in 50 countries with protests against monsanto in many cities both large and small. Do you think Monsanto and its work in genetic modification are problematic, dangerous or are perfectly justifiable and in fact beneficial?
  19. To what extent can scientist be held morally responsible for the consequences of their inventions and discoveries? i need your help finding sub knowledge issues being linked to areas and ways of knowing.
  20. Hey, I'm a current IB1 student and about to go into my last half term of the current school year (meaning I have about 7 weeks before summer and then i'm into IB2!) I have taken SL Physics as my Group 4 subject, however, I'm finding it really difficult and boring. I do not need Science for my chosen University degree (English Literature) hence why i am taking the subject at SL. However, i'm seriously considering switching to SL Biology as I have heard it is much easier, and i'm unsure what I should do. I don't know whether to stick at Physics, and have it cause me a great deal of stress, as well as the fact that i'll (at best) only come out with a 5, or whether I should switch to Biology as I do find it more interesting, and like i said before, I've heard it's easier. On the one hand, it would mean having to catch up on all the work I've missed in Biology, as well as the fact that I've missed the Biologists recent field trip. So, does the fact i've missed the trip mean I can't switch? But on the other, i'm worried that i'll stick to Physics and it will come to May next year, and I'll be freaking out, and most likely only come out with a lower mark. What do you think I should do? Is it too late to switch? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  21. Hi, my name is Eden (as from my user name ) i'm currently in the 10th grade and going to IB the coming year. My classes I chose so far is English A LIt - HL Math - HL Chem - HL ITGS - HL Mandarin - SL Biology - SL A little background about me, I'm what you usually call an average student. "A" averages in classes that matter (example, Math, Sciences, etc.) and like trolling in classes that doesn't usually matter (aka. electives) ... public school . My academic classes this year would be English 10 Chem 11 Biology 11 Physics 11 Psychology 12 Mandarin 10 Social Studies 10 and a lot of electives. *Before IB starts, i'll finish Math 12 in summer school. My average on these classes would be around 90. Would my next year IB courses be too difficult compared to the fact that some of my current courses are only 1-2 years ahead? I am a very hardworking individual, basically meaning i'm willing (and currently doing) to study all day if it means i'll get my work done and done well. I am interested in pursuing a science, mainly chemistry or biology, major. I love to learn, so a lot of work wouldn't harm me too much "hopefully". Bottom line is, should I go with 4 HL's, challenge myself and learn more OR go with 3 HL's and possibly get a better mark? Thank You guys so much for reading and responding ! :D Btw, Im like really tired and sleepy atm so I apologize in advance for any mistakes I made. Thanks!!!
  22. We're about to do our first practice presentation in TOK, and I came up with this example and wanted to hear your opinions on it. Is it relevant enough? Specific enough? Supportive of my knowledge issue enough? This is my knowledge issue: To what extent does the continuous evolution of scientific knowledge suggest that at any one point in time it is insufficient? •Water is boiled when heated.•A pot full of water is set to low heat without a lid. Will take a long time•Put the pot of water on medium heat with a lid half on, water will take less time to boil.•Put the pot of water on high heat with the lid completely covering the pot, water will boil quickest. •By continually improving the scenario, does that mean that boiling the water on low/medium heat is ‘insufficient’ information because it takes the longest time?•If something can be continually improved, wouldn't all scientific knowledge be inaccurate at some point in time? Thank you!
  23. Hello all! So we all just got the official dates for exams and if I'm correct, the bio HL paper 1&2 are may 13th? And then the day after paper 3 Honestly, like many people were probably forced to do, I've only taken biology because I did not want to take chemistry or physics. In my 11th grade I did SL (that's how we did it at our school) and then I was forced to take HL this year because my new school doesn't offer SL. I got 5's and 6's in the SL exams but all I've gotten this year is 4's I guess part of my problem is that I tend to study like a day or two before the exams and it really doesn't work for me..I know I know, don't nag me hehe. I really really want to get a good grade on the final IB exam and I'm quite worried I will get a 4 or worse yet, not pass! There's so much stuff to study from that I don't even know how to begin, it's quite frustrating. For those of you that have already taken the biology HL exams from past years or those who are mourning with me right now (haha), please give me some good advice? Thanks! EDIT: I just realized I posted this as a lab report, I'm sorry! :/
  24. Dax


    Hi there, I was looking for some Uni's that could suit me and till now, I've hit a dead end! Could you suggest Uni's that you think are really good at Undergraduate in Computer Science and why? The only thing is the language of choice be English! And if you could tell if they offer international student scholarships then that would be great as well. Just describe why you feel that Uni is something to look forward to. Thanks
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