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Found 174 results

  1. Hi, I would really appreciate some clarification on whether or not I executed the correct process for the following question: Ethyne, C2H2, reacts with oxygen according to 2C2H2+5O2=4CO2+2H2O. What volume of oxygen, in dm3, reacts with 0.40 dm3 of C2H2? Initially, I recognized the ratio of ethyne to oxygen to be 2:5. Then, I cross multiplied 2/5=0.40/x. I received the answer as 1 dm3. Is this correct?
  2. Hi everyone, I am trying to revise for my test Monday and I am in need of a little help. Could one please explain the full process of receiving the answer to the following question? It would be GREATLY appreciated
  3. Hi everyone, I would really appreciate some help in solving the following question. I did the process but I wanted to ensure that I achieved the correct answer. Thank you Two aqueous solutions, one containing 5.3 g of sodium carbonate and the other 7.0 g of calcium chloride, are mixed together. A precipitation reaction occurs: Na2CO3+CaCl2=2NaCl+CaCO3 Determine the limiting reagent and the mass, in g, of precipitate formed (theoretical yield).
  4. If you could please help explain the process of how to solve this question, that would be greatly appreciated 1. Butane lighters work by the release and combustion of pressurized butane. 2C4H10+13O2=8CO2+10H2O Determine the limiting reagent in the following reaction. a) 20 molecules of C4H10 and 100 molecules of O2.
  5. Hi everyone, if anyone could please explain how to calculate the magnification of a scale bar that would be highly appreciated. For instance, if you are given a scale bar represented by a 2 micrometre value, and when I measured the scale bar itself it came to 1.8 cm, and the answer is X 8500, how would would actually achieve that answer? Thanks!
  6. If someone could please help me with the following question, that would be great You don't necessarily need to tell me the answer, if you could just explain the process it would be very helpful. Thanks! Silicon tetrafluoride (SiF4) is produced from the reaction of silicon dioxide (SiO2) and hydrofluoric acid (HF) with water as the other product. Write the chemical equation for the above reaction (I already did this, and I got SiO2+4HF=SiF4+2H2O). Please tell me if this is wrong). What mass of silicon tetrafluoride can be produce from 15.00 g of silicon dioxide in 15.00 g of hydrofluoric acid?
  7. If someone could please help me answer this question, that would be great. I am really just trying to learn and understand this process. 1. Acetylsalicylic acid, also known as aspirin, C9H8O4, is synthesized by reacting salicylic acid, C7H6O3, with acetic anhydride, C4H6O3. C7H6O3+C4H6O3=C9H8O4+C2H4O2. a) Calculate the theoretical yield, in g, of aspirin when 3.0 g of salicylic acid is reacted with 4.0 g of acetic anhydride.
  8. Hey you guys! So, I am an IB student (well, duh) who is very much interested in science. I hate the fact that most people think science as a geeky subject and that it has no real life applications. They believe that it is of no use in their future. This bugs me a lot. Because, if you look past the crazy equations, calculus, formulas etc., you'd see that it is super simple and that it has so many fascinating lessons it has to offer. So, what I thought of was to teach science without math or anything that would freak the normal person out. I don't wanna make videos. Just take a normal science concept and put it in a way that people would love it, understand it, and learn and carry it throughout their lives. Take entropy, for example. It's the process where the reactions in chemistry react in such a way that they become more disorderly. Well, this would probably get a sigh from the "cool" kids. But, when you say that every time you clean your room, it keeps going back to being unorganised because the universe wants it so, it stays in their heads. I would say that this is a picture that I say on a page on Facebook. No credits to me. But, that's the basic idea. Take a science concept and make it fun so others remember and learn life lessons from them, even. (I guess it applies to some concepts) So, I am looking for fellow IB students who can design websites so we can put up a site. Also, anyone else willing to contribute to the motion is welcome with open arms. I mean, I literally have nobody else working with me. Also, this is a long-term project. I just learnt that every IB student requires at least one long term project. But, you don't necessarily have to be an IB student. Anyone who appreciates this idea can sure help. You can mail me at [email protected] if you're interested. Or leave a comment below with your mail IDs so I can contact you. Looking forward to work with y'all, Kalidos
  9. Which one should I take? Essentially I just want to take the one that's easier and that will give me higher marks. However, that being said, I prefer Exercise Science over Music, and would only take Music if it had a much lighter workload and easier to get better marks. For music, I know the basics like intervals and triads, and can play my instrument fairly decently. However, I have no idea how to compose or listen to a piece and analyze it. I have no knowledge on musical history. The course content seems to delve deeply into this stuff though, and that scares me. I feel like whereas Exercise Science will just be about memorizing a lot of information, Music will require a lot of innate ability and it will amount to the same amount of work - even without as much memorization, things like composing a piece seem extremely tedious. And I'm taking IB Biology, so that should help me with Exercise Science, right? Everything I've stated above are my personal assumptions, so I'd be really thankful if you could inform me based on your personal experiences which one is easier.
  10. Hey guys and girls, I need your opinion on whether or not becoming a doctor is worth it.. I want to become a doctor, I am genuinely interested in medicine/sciences, but I don`t know if I want to spend 10+ years (the best years of my life) in school. The other alternative to becoming a doctor is Petroleum Engineering or something Business related, (I would get an MBA). But the problem with this is I am not really interested in any of those 2 fields, I just like being able to live abroad easily, the pay and the short education, so I would like the benefits, but not the actual work. (I think atleast) Also, I want to become an internist or emergency room physician (both have 3 years residency, I think(?), maybe 4) My questions are: -What motivates you to study till you are 30+ years old? -If I were to get admitted to undergrad medicine at an Australian uni (only 6 years, compared to 4 yrs undergrad, 4 yrs grad in the US) I would probably be able to persevere and become a doctor. But how big are my chances as an international student? What IB score would I need? -Even if I did become a doctor, is it worth it? I know the working hours can be long, especially for surgeons, but even a internist/EM physician has to work at least 50hrs/week, while an engineer usually works only 40 hrs/week. Do young doctors have to work longer than old doctors? I know residents and interns have to work upwards of 80 hrs a week but as soon as you finish your residency, do you get normal 50hr weeks? Or do you have to work your way up to more manageable hours? -Should I consider working part time, money certainly would not be a problem? Or would I only end up with ****ty jobs if I worked part-time? -Is med school really as difficult as people make it out to be? How is it compared to engineering, business (i`ve heard business is an easy major), computer science or other sciences like chemistry or biology? Thanks if you take your time to answer this
  11. Hello, I am taking my IB this Nov 2014. I take Chemistry and Biology HLs. And my school is submitting the IAs this week. BUT the IA scores are not very good. I have a few 5s and most are 4s and some 3s. There was a rumour that if you don't do well in the IA section, you will lose your 7. Is it true?
  12. Hi! Since my school started the ib program this year, no one really knows anything, and I'm therefore really unsecure about many things concerning my ee. I started with a really bad title choice, so my new title now would be "How could quantum computing change electronic security?" What do you think about it, is it narrowed down enough? Is it doable? I thought first i would introduce quantum computers a little bit, just to prove that it has great computational powers, than talk about how these computers could break the rsa encryption method and also introduce other methods cryptographers are working on. I've heard that doing my ee in computer science is like opening the gates of hell, so I'm a little paniced now! I hope I was clear enough, and thank you for your help!
  13. I'm doing an EE in Biology and I finished it before summer break, but now looking at the results there is no correlation... My topic is how the volume of sound in the environment can affect reaction time, and past experiments I found online have shown to have found correlations – which means it is there and there is the science to back up a correlation. It's just that I can't show this correlation... What should I do now? Since correlations are expected, do I go ahead with the conclusion writing no correlation, or justify the lack of correlation as a result of external variables not being controlled well enough? This is so stressful...
  14. I'm interested in hearing your crazy stories about the Group 4 Project. Did you have a group member who bailed? Uncooperative team? What you did? Anything goes really. My Group 4 experience was pretty stressful for me. I'm in HL Bio and the rest of my group consisted of 2 SL Bio kids and one Chem kid (so not much variety and NO PHYSICS because we were the last group formed). So I was essentially forced to do the physics part of it since no one else had a decent confidence in it. The chem kid is a huge creep and did hardly any work and turned it his part on the last possible day -__- We couldn't of a good topic so we did the aerodynamic comparison of birds and bats which was boring as hell. Overall it was disjointed, but we graded each other lightly.
  15. Hello guys, I'm going into IB1 in September and I'm not sure which science to take. I don't plan to go into Science at University, so I'll just study one as an SL course. Should I take Bio or Chem? I'm pretty good at memorising, but my other IB courses will be hard so I'd rather have the easier Science course that's less work. This year I took a grade 10 course that had a section for bio, chem and physics and I did really well in all of them (97%), so I'm thinking about chosing Chem because it's more logical than Bio. Is chem harder than bio from your experience? Thanks!! Luisa
  16. Hi guys. Here's my sitch. Even before I began the IBDP, I had already decided that I was not going to do anything science-related in college. I made this decision because I identified my strengths in commerce subjects such as Business and Global Perspectives during Year 10 and Year 11 of IGCSEs. So, when it came to deciding my IB subjects, choosing Environmental Systems and Societies (ESS) as my only Group 4 subject was a no-brainer. (My subject choices are English HL, Math HL, Business HL, Mandarin Ab Initio, Music SL and ESS SL fyi) After being in this class for a year, I came to really enjoy the subject and became more interested in pursuing some form of environmental study in college. So, now that I'm unofficially in my second year of IB, it's time I started thinking of places I want to apply in the States and have some idea of what majors I'm interested in. While researching and being 'introspective' as IB likes to make us be, my parents raised a really good point. They suggested that I enrol in a course of some sort of pre-professional study. Their justification was that I will have technical qualifications and that I can be my own employer out of college. Although this may seem like a "my parents forced me" situation, I really do agree with them. So, the possible choices of majors that I am interested in applying for are sustainable architecture, city/regional planning and engineering. However, as ESS is such a liberal-arts based course, I somehow feel that I do not have as much depth of knowledge as students who took Physics or Biology (what i'm trying to say is that these subjects are full experimental science compared to ESS which is an application of science). Do you think that taking just Environmental Systems and Societies might render me "unprepared" to take on heavy courses such as engineering or architecture? P.S. Anyone else who might be pursuing city/regional planning? Can I have your thoughts about why you decided to pursue this course and if you have any idea of your career options after graduating? I'm from Malaysia and my mother, in particular, really discourages me from doing so because it's still such a niche area in our developing country.
  17. Im doing biology HL, however, we are very late in the progress. My teacher is not an ib teacher, yet, teaches us SL first then we will move on to the HL. Do I self study HL alongside the SL so that I can do well in the exams? If so, any recommended resources or study tips. Thank you IB family.
  18. Hello, I was wondering if I really have a chance studying physics in a good university (especially with a scholarship) if I am taking the following subjects. Please do note that my school only offers these subjects so I have no other option to choose from, which is very frustrating and the main reason why I doubt universities such as Oxford could consider me for a scholarship, assuming I actually get in. Language and Literature (Spanish) HL English A HL History HL Chemistry SL Mathematical Studies SL Economics SL Most, if not all, require IB students to take Physics HL and Mathematics HL and obviously my school doesn't offer me those subjects, not even Math SL. Therefore, do you believe I have any sort of chance? If so, which subjects of the ones I am taking should I worry the most (getting a good grade and so on)? Even though my school does not offer Physics as an IB subject, I do take it as a requirement of my school's national programme, however it is vague and not even close of covering topics covered in IB Physics. I graduate in May 2015 and I am pretty sure I should start soon doing all my applications and processes. Also, which good universities do you recommend for studying Physics on the UK? Thank you very much for the help. If you'd like to know as extra information regarding my academic performance to answer all my doubts, I think it should be good you know I have an average of 9.9 out of 10 (national system grading) in Physics (national programme) and a global average of all subjects I take of 9.4 out of 10. Again, thank you.
  19. Hello, I recently got an offer of admission from McGill to the faculty of arts. I wanted to apply to Faculty of Arts and Science, but since they required two from science subjects as a requirement, I could not apply there. (I take art as my 6th subject) I was wondering if it is still possible to take some science programs (for example biology) as a minor even if I attend faculty of arts? Also I read that it is possible to earn a Bachelor of arts and science still belonging to the faculty of arts, but is this true? Thank you for your help in advance:)
  20. Hi! I have to write a TOK essay with the following title: For some people science is the supreme form of all knowledge. Is this view reasonable or does it involve a misunderstanding of science or of knowledge?I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about how I could plan/ structure this? I have a few ideas but I'm open for a bit of advice Thanks IB slave x
  21. I was thinking about doing my TOK Presentation on genetics, under the broader knowledge question "Can science go too far?" However, I'm kind of lost when it comes to how I should present this topic. I was hoping for some advice on how to specifically address this topic in the context of TOK. Also, I was wondering what others think the best medium for this presentation might be (Powerpoint, video, etc.) Any words of wisdom or guidance is much appreciated!
  22. Hi, these days I've been getting ready to write my EE on computer science. I was thinking of doing something related to the Kinect for Xbox 360 and how it could be used for a security system. However, since my supervisor is not good enough (He never got a student with an A EE) and he's the only one available, he accepted the topic I suggested, which I thought was kinda wrong. My topic is: "Using the Kinect for Windows SDK for the development of a security system that works in any luminic condition using the Kinect for Xbox 360" I was thinking of changing the topic so I could explain better what I'm going to do, but I need some help with that. Other ways for the topic I've been thinking are "Up to what extent can the Kinect for Xbox 360 be used in the development of a security system?". I've been also thinking about how I could organize it, so I also wanted to ask if it could be right to choose three characteristics of the Kinect as arguments in favor of the development and maybe some other characteristics against the development. Also, should I show the code of the program I do for the system or just only what it does? I'll appreciate it a lot if you helped me, thanks.
  23. I'm preparing to enroll for classes next year, and I've decided to complete the IB Diploma. I know what I want to take, but I'd like a few opinions as to whether or not it's too much. Junior Year: Mathematics SL Biology HL Chemistry HL English HL History of the Americas HL German IV Theory of Knowledge (offered before school) AP Physics B Senior Year: Same, but with IB German V instead of German IV and AP Physics C instead of B I definitely plan on majoring in at least one science in college (would consider double majoring), and I genuinely enjoy all of the subjects listed above. A little background; I'm in top 2% of my class and, despite taking all advanced courses for the first two years of high school, have not been genuinely challenged by any of my classes. I'm definitely willing to put forth the extra effort, but I need to know just how challenging this would be. I would appreciate feedback from anyone with IB experience!
  24. I'm trying to decide what science to take in the IB diploma program. It'd probably make the most sense to take ESS (Environmental Systems and Studies) or Biology, since I'm not good at math, but I don't find those subjects very interesting and, from what I hear, they're very content-based (involve lots of memorization and such). I'm going to take HL English, Art and History, which are also heavy with content, so I don't want to be too overwhelmed with having to memorize stuff. I think Chemistry is really interesting but, like I said, I suck at math. It's not that I don't like math, I'm just not a mathematically-inclined person.. at all, unfortunately. So, how much math is involved in Chemistry SL? Would I be better off taking Biology or ESS? Any advice you could give me on this would be very much appreciated.
  25. Hi everyone, I'm a soon to be junior studying at a high school in the US, and we need to choose courses for next year. My school offers the IB program, and I have decided upon all my subjects except for the science course. For the junior level, chemistry SL and environmental studies SL are the usual two courses offered, and just this year they are offering a 3rd new course called sports, exercise and health science SL. They have not told us much of anything about the environmental and the new health course. Would anyone who has taken them before be able to explain the differences? I had heard some people thought environmental was a joke... Does anyone know if the new sports health course is worth taking? Also, I am currently in a chemistry class, and not really sure I would want to do another year of chemistry in IB... Thank you for your input!
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