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Found 637 results

  1. Hi I am doing my Theory of Knowledge Presentation soon and I've thought of a topic so I hope you guys could comment your thoughts on it, be it good or bad, I'm open-minded about it. My real life situation would be about a theory suggested by Stephen Hawking about "Human aggression will someday be responsible in destroying human civilization" which I will connect to another real life situation of the Cold War where the US and Soviet Union were fighting due to the establishment of nuclear weapon that may wipe out the world. My knowledge question would be something like "How can be determine that people are angry?" and further develop it to "How can emotions be justified accurately?" I hope you guys could help me add to my knowledge question.
  2. hey all, I started writing my TOK essay and I completed about like 1100 words and one of my friend read and said me that you'r not allowed to write in first person form. For the real the real life example I gave my personal experience, so I must use the word 'I'. so my doubt here is - Can I write in first person form for explaining my real life example in a formal way? Thanks, HARI
  3. 9 downloads

    A summary of some TOK terms and notes regarding the rationalism VS. Imperialism debate
  4. Version 1.0


    A brief summary of a TOK Ethics test. This the summary from the ib TOK book.
  5. I've decided on doing the IB Diploma Programme, and at my school the IB program is fairly new (I think they switched from AP to IB in 2010). Since it is fairly new that means we don't have a large variety of courses to choose from. After high school I want to go into science for my undergrad then go to pharmacy or medical school. Although I am 95% sure I'm going to be following this route, I could also go into engineering. The courses I'm planning on taking are: English Lit HL (school only offers HL) French B SL Psychology HL or History HL (school only offers HL group 3's. I just want to do the easier one. Any suggestions?) Math SL (school only offers SL) the science courses are messed up. the combination I'm leaning towards is Chemistry HL and Sports, Exercise, and Health Sciences SL the science courses my school has are: Bio HL Chemistry HL and SL Physics SL (really hard apparently) Sports, Exercise, and Health Sciences SL I need help deciding my group 3 and group 4. Any suggestions will help But I need help fast! Applications are due soon
  6. Hey Everyone! I just have a simple question (hopefully)... What are the grade boundaries for TOK for the new syllabus? Both for the presentation and for the essay? Also, I got a 7 out of 10 in my first attempt at the TOK presentation (had it on a Friday and my prelims from Monday to Thursday so it held no priority therefore I invested no time ). I was wondering, should I do a second attempt (our school allows a "practice" but if you do well then they don't make you do it again)? I am aiming to get my 3 points for TOK and EE because I want a good score by the end of this, BUT I am not sure if I can completely put my faith in getting an A for my EE... So basically what I am asking is for the grade boundaries, and if anyone thinks I can still get an A in TOK having only gotten 7 in my presentation, or do you think I should resit and invest more time in the presentation? Thank you
  7. Hello IBers, Do you guys think that this is a good TOK presentation?: How does technology affect the way we acquire knowledge? I was thinking about Memory, Emotion for WOK, and mathematics for AOK. I haven't actually thought of any real life situations. But is this a good topic? and is the KI good? Thank You Soo much in advance.
  8. What I'm trying to ask is pretty obvious from the title, but I still want to know. I'm doing the DP next year and I want to know how much math is involved in Chemistry HL. I'm decent at math, this year I'm getting 80% in math so far. I have two options for next year, I can do Chemistry HL and SEHS SL or Biology HL and Chemistry SL. I want to do something in the medical field in the future and I just need some advice. So how much math is involved
  9. Heyy, My TOK presentation is about how Video games influence players to repeat violent acts in the games in real life. My KQ is 'To what extent can modern media negatively influence human behaviour?' but the overall TOK teacher said "She would have to make sure the presentation was about how we choose what to believe. But I am not sure how closely the RLS is related to that, unless the video game counts as 'media'?? Perhaps the focus can be more around the use of imagination and memory if you were going to use his suggested KQ." and now i dont know what to do or how to change my KQ. Please help!!! Thanks!
  10. Do you guys think this is a good research question To what extent does the manifestation of consent from all parties partaking in a common activity and the proof of its legality shape our opinion about said activity? In my presentation i want to talk about how do we know if girls (and guys) in pornography are always consenting to perform degrading sexual act and also is this consent enough. Thank you
  11. Hi, So I'm working on my tok essay, and I decided to write about title 5: To what extent do the concepts that we use shape the conclusions that we reach? So, I've got some ideas on what to write about, but I would like to see different perspectives and what different people think of the questions so I would really appreciate if you could tell me your view on this topic and even help me with some examples. My main points are that in religion people believe one thing and based on this believe they act in a specific way, and I supported this with a RLS. on the other hand I argued that there are a lot of more factor influencing the final conclusion that we get, again supported with some examples. I also talk about the AOK of natural science and how we use experimental science and various scientific theories to reach to conclusions, but also how people use the same theory but analyze it in different ways (could be related to personal knowledge and shared knowledge) that it brings them to different conclusions. What do you guys think? any suggestions? any examples to support my arguments? please feel free to comment anything even if it's not a positive comment, all help is appreciated! Thankyou
  12. beth17127

    Funny Thoughts

    Hey, I just had a ToK session, talking about the first oral presentation. I just thought I would start a conversation with something (kinda) funny that I thought about. You see, We are a small school, three IB students total. We stay back an extra week or two for more tutes and stuff, and that is when we will be presenting our oral's to the other teachers in the college. I'm doing mine on lying, and to get down to the knowledge question I can go on loads of tangents to come to my 'general' knowledge question. This is the part I'm looking forward to the most - confusing the hell out of all the teachers, they get given a marking sheet too, (our teachers little joke). We literally discussed with our teacher, "if we confuse them really badly, yet sound really intelligent, our marks from them will probably be awesome, simly because they won't want to say they don't understand, or that it doesn't make any sense, especially if it makes sense to us. So yeah, this is a bit long winded, but I guess I can say that we do get to have a bit of fun in ToK. Tell me what you think, and something sort of funny/ironic/plain ol' stupid of your own. Stay Strong IB'ers.
  13. hi guys, I am really confused as there are different information about this everywhere. On the EE and TOK matrix where it says Failing condition, does that mean we wont be getting our diploma? Or We still get the diploma if we have more than 28 points? I am submitting my EE soon and really stressed about it.
  14. Hi guys! Im currently working on my TOK Final Presentation and I need your immediate cooperation. I´m a Mexican IB student and we are asked to interview people about what they think when they see this photo: Can you please guys answer the following questions: 1) Personal Information: Name, Gender, Age, Nationality 2) What do you think about the photo? 3) What do you think it means? 4) Who would wear this bracelet? 5) Would people in your country wear it? Why or why not? Please guys, help me answering this quick survey and help this kid get a good grade in TOK Thank you so much! Greetings from Mexico
  15. Hi, “In gaining knowledge, each area of knowledge uses a network of ways of knowing.†Discuss this statement with reference to two areas of knowledge. What do you guys think about title 1? By reading the question I understand that it's asking you to explain the idea of how the WOK's link together to help you understand the knowledge in the AOK. I am finding it difficult to find arguments that oppose this idea and disagree on it.. do you have any idea, perspectives, opinions, whatever.... any help is appreciated!!
  16. I want to do my TOK presentation on the butterfly effect but I'm not sure if it's good enough for IB. The butterfly effect is pretty much the whole reason why we know the things we know and so I could definitely fit in all of the ways of knowing and some areas of knowledge into my presentation. However, I'm stuck on the whole "real life situation" thing. Because the butterfly effect is literally involved in every real life situation, I don't really have a super specific example to point to, if that makes sense. Or does that work to my advantage? Could I just come up with a realistic short story? I thought of this topic because I've played a bunch of video games that use the butterfly effect into its storyline. One choice that the player makes can completely change the game's ending. I don't know, do you think it's a safe topic to do?
  17. lm9


    I have chosen to write my TOK essay related to the following question: â–ª To what extent do the concepts that we use shape the conclusions that we reach? Could you give me some examples of real life situations? Thanks
  18. Hi guys! I've read the Tok guide and I got a question, There are two kinds of knowledge, personal knowledge and shared knowledge, so are the feelings part of personal knowledge? The guide is here: https://ibpublishing.ibo.org/exist/rest/app/tsm.xql?doc=d_0_tok_gui_1304_1_s∂=2&chapter=1 Its in spanish. Thanks!
  19. Hello everyone, I have just finished my TOK presentation but do not know if I did it correctly or at least somewhat in the correct direction. Could I send someone my presentation and you give me some feedback on it? I would really appreciate this as I am quite worried about this presentation. Regards,
  20. HEY GUYS! I just chose my TOK essay topic which is '"The knower's perspective is essential in the pursuit of knowledge." To what extent do you agree with this statement?'. As I outlined my essey, I've decided to write about factors such as cognition, experiance, culture and quest for knowledge itself. Do you have any other ideas what should be mentioned in such essay? Maybe some helpful exmaples? btw. I totally do agree with this statemnt, yet my chaotic mind doesn't let me support it in approperiately logical way Peace yo!
  21. Hi. I am currently working on my TOK essay. I chose the first title, "In gaining knowledge, each area of knowledge uses a network of ways of knowing.†Discuss this statement with reference to two areas of knowledge." I am not sure about the phrase "gaining knowledge". Does it mean personal knowledge or universal knowledge? Can I talk about both?
  22. I'm planning on dropping IB due to the amount of stress I have, not only that, I have a hard time focusing on my homework and ofc not procrastination. Anyhow, I have though about this, discussed it with my counselor a bit, and my mom. They both think it's a great idea to drop the program since I will do much better in my grades. I'm not going to drop the whole thing, I will still take some IB courses. I asked my counselor if it is alright that I take TOK and she said yes. Now my problem is that for my school, they decided to make the EE due this year. I have not finished it, and I'm not sure if I should finish it since I am dropping the program. I recently heard about the matrix of the EE and the TOK, will I not get the point in TOK if I do not finish the EE? And does it affect anything else, such as not getting credits for TOK?/ and why do the points matter?
  23. hello all, i started working on my TOK essay, since my teacher wants a first draft in 10 days (october 15). now i wrote an introduction, but i want some one to proof read it and tell me what needs improvement in it, since my TOK teacher refused to do that and hes not that good or that reliable anyways (hes new) im doing the first prescribed topic. “In gaining knowledge, each area of knowledge uses a network of ways of knowing.†Discuss this statement with reference to two areas of knowledge.“In gaining knowledge, each area of knowledge uses a network of ways of knowing.†Discuss this statement with reference to two areas of knowledge. my areas of knowledge are art and history, and my ways of knowing are emotion and sense perception if any one can help, please direct message me on here. thanks
  24. My KQ is: To what extent is capital punishment on convicts justified? For some reason it doesn't sound so appealing to me, please help me improve it!
  25. My KQ is: To what extent is capital punishment on convicts justified? For some reason it doesn't sound so appealing to me, please help me improve it!
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