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Found 643 results

  1. Hey guys. I need help in creating secondary knowledge questions. My knowledge question is "To what extent does ethics play a role in the justice system?". How would I create knowledge questions? Hope you guys can help me?
  2. Hi! I'm a second year IB student and my TOK presentation is in barely a month. I did already do my practice run and my teachers liked it but right now, they're not very encouraging and helpful and my teacher is too scary to try ask questions to ANYWAY! So my TOK presentation topic is "What role do logic and emotions play in the creation of attraction to others?" and it's a pretty cool topic and I have a lot to say but I've got an issue. All I am saying for my first AOK (Psychology) is from one site only, it has really good points and examples and I paraphrased everything but the ideas are basically the same. What should I do? Should I research for other examples? Do I need more than a certain amount of sites? Will I be penalised for plagiarism if I only use that site's ideas? I probably will... PLEASE HELP ME!!
  3. Hello Everybody, I'm struggling in coming up with a claim for my TOK presentation and so thought I could reach out for some help after hours of wordsmithing similar ideas. Could somebody please provide me with their opinion on the tentative claim I have. RLS - Recent Artificial Intelligence has similar thought processes and reasoning to that of a human and so critical thinking is done by the AI. KQ - To what extent does the lack of information encourage critical thinking? Claim 1 : With the presence of limited knowledge, one's curiosity will be challenged thus encourage critical thinking to a greater extent. Thanks,
  4. I'm in the middle of planning for my TOK presentation How is this as a potential Question: To what extent is knowledge gained through the natural sciences infallible The real life situation from which this was derived is the series of Korean air crashes in the late 90's specifically the crash in Guam. I was thinking that because of factors such as a lack of sleep in the pilots, the fact that the copilot and pilot were new to working with each other, and that autopilot had been switched off (all considered human errors, relating to the human sciences), it didn't matter how solid the theory behind flying planes is (natural science and knowledge gained through it), the fact that there were human errors made the crashes happen. I'm wondering whether a) this is a good question and b) if an onlooker can understand the question without knowing my background research, and c) what assumptions would I make while making the presentation. Thanks!
  5. I want to write a TOK presentation question about Human Error. I had something along the lines of: To what extent can human errors negate the theoretical backing of the natural sciences. My RLS was the Jeju-Daegu air korea plane crash - where the crew were negligent and forgot to read all 12 steps of the safety procedure plan - resulting in a crew miscommunication leading to the crash. What are some other questions related to human error? Is the scope of my TOK presentation a realistic one?
  6. Hi! My class is starting the TOK presentations next week and my topic is assisted suicide. I'm gonna be focusing on how religions affect the ethics of euthanasia. My teacher suggested that I focus on how the different religions came to their own conclusions regarding this. Basically he said that often times students only describe the stances of said religions, not the process behind those stances. Any ideas on how to approach this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Hello all! So I am beginning my TOK Presentation and I am a bit confused with what to do with my question. My RLS is the Top-Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point and my personal experience in 8th grade riding it. Although a parent somehow persuaded me to get on the ride, I was extremely fearful to the point that I would not look or talk to anyone. Logically, I could have used inductive reasoning to come to the conclusion that I would not get hurt on this ride: no one had ever fallen off, the worst accident was metal flying into a few people's faces which happened only once, and other than that, the most frequent accident was people rolling backwards on the ride. Additionally, I could have had faith in the assumption that the physics of the ride had been tested thoroughly, and thus I was protected. However, I experienced a lack of faith in this reasoning and thus began to fear for my life. After the ride, however, I had so much fun that I realized there was nothing to worry about. A lack of faith had brought me to an incorrect conclusion that I would somehow get hurt. With acrophobia being an extremely common fear among individuals in the world, it seems there is a disconnect in our logic of the safety of rides versus how far we believe in this logic. Without faith, then, this reasoning does not exist, and we are brought to different conclusions. Thus, my knowledge question is this: "To what extent do we need faith to develop our reasoning in the natural sciences?" My teacher said that this was an okay question, but I am still confused on how to go about a question which focuses on a specific area of knowledge. I do not want this presentation to end up being a scientific presentation on what physics or chemistry or biology is and the details of the science, or what not. I do not have clear perspectives yet, but my idea for the first one is that "Without faith, our reasoning is distorted and we are brought to incorrect conclusions." How do I analyze a knowledge question on a specific area of knowledge without it getting too narrow? Thank you for all your help!
  8. So, I started making my TKPPD and TOK presentation a few weeks ago. My original KQ was "To what extent is it right to exploit the knowledge of human science?" About a week ago, I was told that using right(which relates to ethics) is not a good idea as ethics is very questionable, it is more of an opinion rather than a second order question. My TOK presentation focuses on magic, in this KQ it was hypnosis. I have given a lot of other KQs but it wasn't good enough. I need input on what my KQ can be. Please help, this is urgent. I'm in my second year of IB and everything is piling up, I am getting more and more overwhelmed. I am supposed to finalize everything by tomorrow Your feedback would highly be appreciated, Thanks in advance guys
  9. Hi guys, I'm writing a TOK oral atm (we're doing practice ones at our school) and my group's topic is can we define universal beauty for women, (the physical appearance of women - our kq may need some rephrasing). In my group I am primarily focusing on beauty throughout history, and in different cultures. I was just wondering how many subsidiary/secondary questions I should bring up in my section (which is roughly 7 mins). some ones i was thinking of are - has our notion of beauty always been the same - why might different cultures define beauty differently - is the media responsible for modelling our perception of beauty today Also open to any advice and suggestions!! thanks so much xxx
  10. So I decided that for my extended essay, I was gonna culture bacteria (e.coli) and check the effect of the pH and the correlation between the pH level and the growth of the bacteria. However, instead of using the quadrant method to spread the bacteria over the plate I just made a continuous pattern as seen in the pic. Can somebody help me count the colonies to check how the pH affected the growth? Thanks, plenty.
  11. Hello there! I'm currently struggling with the tok essay , i chose the 5th prescribed tittle 'the best explanation is the simplest explanation' .since it is necessary for the maximum grade to have ''a sustained focus on knowledge questions connected to the prescribed title—developed with investigation of different perspectives and linked effectively to areas of knowledge and/or ways of knowing.'' this is not clear enough since i read reports about the tok essay that said many students didnt use knowledge questions properly , plus we dont have anyone that can help us with tok in the highschool ,if you know how to use them in the essay could you explain them please?
  12. Hey all, I was hoping someone could enlighten me regarding the correct way of structuring a ToK presentation. So my real life situation is a theft where the victim blames the misfortune on black magic (superstition) My KQ is: How reliable are faith(superstition) and emotion as sources of knowledge/ways of knowing. I was wondering if this is too generic? Also I am in a group of three so I guessed it would be good to have a broad perspective. Basically it goes like this: Why is faith 'bad' (believing without evidence, dogmatism) Why is emotion 'bad' (obscures judgement, confirmation bias) Why is reason better (scientific evidence, logical) Counter arguments: Why is faith 'good' Why is emotion 'good' Why is faith 'bad' Is this a correct approach ? Also I am thinking of including some videos and maybe interactive elements to keep the audience awake. Regards, Haseeb
  13. Hey, While viewing my IBO coursework it says that there was an unexpected server response like so. Does anyone know why is it happening?
  14. So my TOK Presentation is this week and I've been working on it over the weekend but when I asked my teacher if what I've got so far was ok, he told me to change the focus slightly so that it would be more ToK. I don't want to be disrespecting his authority and experience but I suppose I don't really know how to make something more ToK. My RLS: US 2016 Presidential Elections - focus on difference in voters' perspectives on who would be the 'right' decision My current KQ: Can you ever know if a knowledge claim is wrong before making conclusions? Here's my structure so far: Introduce the RLS + KQ Define when a knowledge claim is wrong Illustrate conclusion-making as [purpose -> knowledge -> conclusion] Introduce the historical debate of the wave/particle nature of light before accepting the dual nature. How there were two theories and how ultimately both were accepted after evaluating using inductive reasoning, imagination and shared memory. Claim: Should incorporate knowledge from various sources to be objective. Introduce how "history is written by the victors" and discuss how different perspectives may lead to different versions of history, even when the same WOKs of inductive reasoning, imagination and memory are used to interpret the same evidence. the evaluation of primary sources in constructing history e.g. . how do they then choose what to include and what not to include? Counterclaim: Should maintain different knowledge claims from different perspectives to be objective. Mini-conclusion: the extent of objectiveness achieved is different in NatSci and History because of how each WOK is utilised Reintroduce the original RLS. Ask which should be more important, overall uniformity and harmony in perspective, or representation of various perspectives? Explain if there can be a 'right' and a 'wrong'. should the ethical value in each decision be considered when making a decision? Extension: connect the consequences of each conclusion within the AOK of ethics by evaluating the correctness/ethical value of decisions made within the different theories of ethics -Kants deontology [clinton voters cuz they feel morally obligated to protecting the communities that trump scapegoats] and utilitarianism [trump voters cuz they want their jobs] - which will cause differences in which other WOKs - namely, emotion, reason and faith - is prioritised to determine what’s right/wrong. Mention other RLS where this knowledge question is relevant. E.g. evaluating which university to apply to. [note to self: ...I need another academic rls , probably.] I dunno. How do I make it more ToK? It seemed like the problem was because when I was telling my teacher about it I said 'decision-making' instead of conclusion-making and he said that it's likely that I've already got a strong opinion on the matter cuz of how controversial this election cycle was. Also I'm doing it myself so I've only got 10min to work in. Is this too much?
  15. Hi friends I need to redo my TOK as I didn't do so well on my previous one. Any ideas? Anything is fine other than the topic of ethics
  16. Group 2 Hint: MATH, LANGUAGE -- How do numbers rule our thinking and our lives? This intriguing article highlights research on the language of numbers showing that one of our species’ key characteristics is tremendous linguistic and cognitive diversity. https://theconversation.com/anumeric-people-what-happens-when-a-language-has-no-words-for-numbers-75828. Can anyone help me form a good Knowledge question of the given information above, for my TOK presentation?
  17. Hello everyone I am quite confused as to how the ib grades you for tok.. do they get an average of the essay and the presentation or ....what? I got a 10 for my presentation but according to my teacher's comments i think I'll only be able to score a 3 or 4 on the essay, so is this a C? Thank you!
  18. Our TOK teacher told us that we need to explore at-least 2 KQs in an essay. So how do you get multiple KQs so that you do not deviate from the prescribed topic. I was thinking of having a central KQ ,and then also having a supporting KQ about personal and shared knowledge. However, how can I include personal and shared KQ for any topic? And if not, how can I have another KQ?
  19. Do the real-life situations need to actually be part of reality? I'm thinking about using counterintuitive concepts such as the Monty Hall problem or the Banach-Tarski paradox. Would these be OK as real-life situations, or are they too abstract?
  20. I've been working on my knowledge question for my tok presentation, but I'm still uncertain on whether or not this would be suitable as a KQ. My topic is on GMOs, it's about the Cavendish Banana going extinct and how scientists are trying to find ways to maintain them. My KQ is: To what extent should ethical implications be considered in experiments that are carried throughout the natural sciences? Can someone give me feedback on this? Is there any way I can improve it? Or is it good enough to be a KQ? thanks!!!!!!!
  21. Hi, Does anyone know if the additional points are guaranteed? What grades do i need to score in TOK and EE to obtain the 2 points? And my predicted grades have told me that I have those 2 points, but is that guaranteed?
  22. Hello, When does the IB start grading stuff that you've submitted to IBIS, like the Extended Essay, TOK, IB Visual Arts material, and your English Written Assignment? etc. Does this happen before the exams are over? Like, are they marking everything now? In addition, if you, let's say get caught plagiarising on any of the above, do you get contacted? Or do you just fail your diploma? I'm pretty sure they contact you before your diploma is out to justify. Correct? Regards
  23. Hi everyone I really need help on this question!!!! I have a tok question on Chemistry. "to what extent is chemistry a separate language? what are the main differences between the language of chemistry and your mother tongue?" what's your opinion on this??? Thanksss!!:)
  24. Are there any disadvantages if I do my TOK presentation with two other students? So, in total we would be three. I heard that it is harder to get good marks if we do it in a group of three. Is this true? Why?
  25. How many WOKs and AOKs should you include in the TOK presentation?
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