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Found 641 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    My TOK essay on accuracy vs simplicity, got an A grade for this....think it provides a good insight into how to incorporate knowledge issues, claims and counter-claims as well as real world examples to answer quite an open-ended question. Hope this helps anyone doing theirs although obviously plagiarism will be found out by the IB so don't do that. TOK ESSAY final.docx
  2. My A grade TOK essay 2016 May 'In Knowledge there is always a trade off between accuracy and simplicity'.. View File My TOK essay on accuracy vs simplicity, got an A grade for this....think it provides a good insight into how to incorporate knowledge issues, claims and counter-claims as well as real world examples to answer quite an open-ended question. Hope this helps anyone doing theirs although obviously plagiarism will be found out by the IB so don't do that. TOK ESSAY final.docx Submitter Tom Kurian Submitted 08/10/2016 Category Sample TOK essays  
  3. Version 1.0.0


    To what extent do the concepts that we use shape the conclusions that we reach? Got a B, predicted an A, kinda sad. but I love this essay. Worked really hard on this. Hope it helps.
  4. Tok essay: To what extent do the concepts that we use shape the conclusions that we reach? View File To what extent do the concepts that we use shape the conclusions that we reach? Got a B, predicted an A, kinda sad. but I love this essay. Worked really hard on this. Hope it helps. Submitter Justin Torbjørn Submitted 08/06/2016 Category Sample TOK essays  
  5. hello i am currently working on my TOK topic ...and its finalisation...i have chosen the topic ethics and invention ...and how ethics play a major role in invention in today's world. i am concerned if this topic can be exploited and if it would make a good TOK topic. can you plss give your suggestion and thoughts. thx
  6. Hello! So I am a little nervous with the IB results coming up. One of my concerns is whether or not my TOK is plagiarized in the way that I didn't cite general knowledge claims. Examples include: -"it explained how DNA contains our identity encrypted in detail with variations of complex chemicals" It referring to a book, being told as a personal experience -"art appreciation in ancient Rome was very distinct to that of Native Americans as different qualities defined the value of artistic material" -"it is not only morally accepted, but also part of everyday life to subordinate women from men in other places like Saudi Arabia" (I know this sounds very wrong but I wrote this essay last minute) -"I have also realized that even though ethical knowledge in Western Europe and in Eastern Asia were developed almost independently, both cultures have reached the same conclusion that murder and theft are ethically wrong" None of these claims are cited as my teacher said that general knowledge claims are fine to not be cited, however, my teacher is not really an IB teacher and he also did not explain well what he meant by general knowledge claims (pretty broad to just mention eh?) My question is, since most of you guys went to real IB schools (not like mine lol) what do you know about this? am I ok? And if the IB says its plagiarized what happens? I did not use any sources to write the essay, no websites to help me with these claims because they only need common sense and general knowledge, all of it was my own knowledge and according to TurnItIn the entire essay had a similarity of 1%. The entire essay is in my own words, not even quotes!
  7. Hey my teacher just told me that you should never ever stay up at night and that it's crazy. Do you guys agree? Because sometimes I stay up all night but I don't really think I'm crazy. Also if you do believe staying up all night is crazy are here any situations which justify staying up all night? Thanks, BongSoldier OUT.
  8. hi everyone I don't understand how to formulate an open question for my EE. my tok teacher did not spend much time on that, as the whole class is confused. can anyone give me some tips or guidelines for an open question?? it would mean a lot to me! thank you so much! Madison
  9. Hey everyone! The title is basically my question, but I'm going to expand because I think that isn't enough information. I'm a grade 10 student in BC, Canada. My school doesn't have MYP because it's a fairly new IB school, so I'm doing the regular BC education curriculum. Ever since high school started (grade 8) I've been getting decent grades; my grade 8 and 9 averages are both 86%+. However we just got our report cards for term 1 and my average dropped to 84.7%. I know why my average is so low; it's because the transition from grade 9 to 10 was kind of brutal. This is because I got all the teachers who are known all around school for being the hardest. I know what I need to do to improve, but I'm not sure if I should enter the IB Diploma Programme for next year. My reasoning for this is that I now know how to succeed in the regular curriculum. After high school I'm going to work towards medical/pharmacy school, and in Canada medicine and pharmacy are both graduate studies. That means I need to get a 4 years bachelors degree beforehand. I was just wondering if it will be worth it to do IB because I think I could get my grades in grade 11/12 high enough for science programs. I have 3 options: I could take the IB Diploma Programme, I could do Partial IB (previously called IB Certificate), or I could stick to the regular BC curriculum for grade 11 and 12. I just need to know what to do. The subjects for partial IB would be: English HL Biology HL Chemistry HL I am taking these three at HL because science and English are my strengths. I would also be taking physics, math, French, and social studies, but they would be in the regular curriculum. If I went into the IB Diploma Programme I would take: English HL History HL or Psychology HL Biology HL or Chemistry HL French B SL Chemistry SL or Sports Exercise, and Health Sciences SL Math SL I would be doing regular curriculum physics also, but I would be taking physics in summer school. I cant take both Chemistry and Biology at HL if I do the DP, sadly my school doesn't offer History at SL. I just need some advice, should I do the IBDP, Partial IB, or stick to the regular curriculum?
  10. Hello everyone! I'm currently working on my TOK presentation (only the mock one though) and I have decided on a RLS, an article about how christians view homosexuality and why it's wrong according to the bible. I have a hard time coming up with a claim and counterclaim but my KQ is How does religious knowledge systems affect our ethical views? Do you guys have any ideas on what my claim and counterclaim could be? I was thinking of something like "The higher power that a person believes in affects the persons ethical view and will tell her what is right or wrong in every situation" as my claim, but I''m not sure. The presentation is in 13 days... So I'd appreciate all the help I can get!
  11. Hello guys, I have to prepare a theory of knowledge presentation and i have an RLS which is the ban on burqas in France and other religious symbols and also the hijab day incident and science po university which was criticized, but i just can't seem to come up with a good enough knowledge question so can anyone help me out? A knowledge question related to the RLS above. I was thinking about something to do with racism but i just need an idea. Thanks in advance
  12. HI y'all I would appreciate some pointers on the Theory of Knowledge presentation. I don't really understand how you can formulate a second order knowledge question from a real-life situation or even what a second order knowledge question is. I believe a knowledge question is just a question about knowledge so would a second order knowledge question be a question about a question about knowledge? Very confused. Any help would be much appreciated and accepted. Thanks, Crash «MemeReviewer» Bandicoot
  13. Please help me write a ToK presentation question. I was planning on talking about capital punishment and how emotions drive our decisions over laws. My idea was "How do emotions influence the creation of laws" But I know that "creation of laws" is too specific. My teacher said the rule of thumb is that you shouldn't be able to tell what the topic is based on the question. I can't think of anything.
  14. I have decided to do my TOK Oral Presentation on Animal Agriculture, or more specifically, Animal Agriculture and Ethics. My knowledge question is: To what extent can we morally justify negative features of our society, such as animal agriculture, after testing it against our ethics and ways of knowledge, including emotions and intuition? However, my teacher is unhappy with my real life situation. She says that I can't use an article about the horrible conditions of factory farms as a real life situation, because it's general, and factual. It needs to be about something that someone has done, or a specific event. I need to find a real life situation in which someone challenges this system, or finds an alternative. I really can't find such an article though. Someone, please help
  15. Hello everyone, I'm currently a sophomore investigating the difference between the IB Diploma and AP courses and my started the IB Diploma this past year. I live in a urban area and there has been a lot of hype towards the IB at my school and considering it's new there is a lot of pros and cons towards the programme. Pros: - The UC's (University of California) award 30 units if the candidate gets a 30 out of 45 in the program's exams - Good preparation of college apparently - More rigorous than AP - Develops critical thinking skills - Saves money on tuition Cons: - Workload is high - Very time consuming - Apparently it's viewed the same as AP - GPA might drop I mean there are some 'junior' friends that went the AP route and all of a sudden told me not to do it because friends will be separated and then I have to sacrifice a lot of things. Well I found out most of my friends are gonna do the program. But I'm not doing it because of friends, I want to research before I make a decision and clearly that is my situation at this point. But however as I analyze it, the exams are way impacted and are FRQ-based like AP. I want to major in Political Science and TOK might help in terms of the logic and philosophical values but I'm also hearing that you might be behind in college but apparently prepares you for that college experience. I went to the sophomore slump phase this year and it was a really agonizing matter to go through. But however I want to find answers if it's right for me: Here is what my school offers (and we have a block schedule: 4 periods this day, 4 periods that day) Group 1 – Studies in language and literature IB English HL1 + IB English HL2 (senior year) Group 2 – Language acquisition IB Spanish HL or SL 1 > IB Spanish HL or SL 2 Group 3 – Individuals and societies AP Psychology (junior year) -> IB Psychology HL 2 Group 4 – Sciences AP Chemistry -> IB Chemistry SL AP Physics -> IB Physics SL Group 5 – Mathematics Algebra 2 -> IB Math Studies Pre-Calculus -> IB Math SL AP Stats -> IB Math SL AP Calc -> IB Math SL (new for the class of 2018 at our school) Group 6 – The arts IB Visual Arts HL1 -> IB Visual Arts HL2 What I signed up for: AP US History AP English Algebra 2 Tutorial Chemistry Constitutional Law Philosophy Leadership Clearly, that's the route I'm going at this point but I'm considering it and see if it's worth it. I heard they offer tutoring after school and such. But honestly, what do you think?
  16. Dear IB Survival, I'd like to do a TOK presentation about the Torture at Abu Ghraib and I'm trying to find an overall knowledge claim to fit with it. I want to focus on who is to blame, where does the responsibility lie when no one said anything? It's based on the bystander effect and the human sciences in general. I have no clue how to structure this as a knowledge claim... please help
  17. I have my tok presentation in 2-3 days and I am still unsure of the structure I should be using and if my KQ is even a good KQ?? My KQ is: To what extent does culture influence beauty ideals? My real life situation is the Kayan people of Myanmar who wear rings around their necks. This is what some others have recommended for structure: 1. real life situation 2. derive KQ 3. AOKS 4. perspectives 5. biases 6. WOKS 7. JOKS 8. subsidiary questions 9. reflection I am confused about what I apply my AOKS, WOKS, JOKS, and Perspectives to. Do I apply them to all three KQs or just my main one? Do I need to make any claims? What is the order I should use? Thank you!
  18. My partner and I are in the early process of developing an idea and the one that we agree is interesting is Utopia and why it is something we strive for and yet can never have due to human nature. However, the more we develop the topic, the harder it seems to be which is what I would like some guidance on. I feel that the subject can be too one-sided or too much a closed question; possibly I am asking the wrong questions. To start with a Real Life Example is also difficult as many of the best examples of failed Utopian attempts are not very well known and would not be discussion friendly for our audience. I don't want to have to do a ton of research also for this same reason. The initial idea that we had was to question why conflicting beliefs and values change our perspective of what utopia is and makes it unachievable. I am still new to this whole process so please be patient with me and please add any comments you have on the topic or suggestions on the process as a whole. Much appreciated and Thank You!
  19. My TOK presentation is tomorrow. My partner and I want to focus on the different perceptions of body art, such as tattoos, body piercings and hair being dyed. This is a controversial issue among different religions and cultures. Today, some people are rejected from getting a job once they show up in a job interview with arm tattoos. Others are simply asked to conceal them during work hours, but is this a suppression of self-expression? Our Knowledge Question would be: How does perception help shape our values of art? HOWEVER, according to our TOK teacher, this idea does not go under the AOK Art, since “art is permanent, tattoos are not….” So if this is not considered to go under Art, which AOK would this go under? We also want to focus on Ethics, and Perception and Reasom as a WOK. Heres a brief outline of what Im trying to explain: Cultural Perspectives on Tattoos Japan: tattoos associated with yakuza (japanese mafia), people with tattoos not allowed in public bath houses or asked to conceal them Hawaii: Originated in polynesia, hula dancers have alot of tattoos, socially accepted Religious Perspectives on Tattoos Christianity: First of all, making marks on the skin is mentioned in several verses. Lev. 19:28, "‘You shall not make any cuts in your body for the dead, nor make any tattoo marks on yourselves: I am the Lord." Hinduism: The marking of the forehead is encouraged as it enhances spiritual well-being and is one of the chakras on the body. Many Hindu women tattoo their faces with dots especially around the chin and eyes to ward off evil and enhance their beauty. The local regional tribes use tattoos to distinguish between certain clans and ethnic groups. Generation Perspectives on Tattoos Older generation: bad, criminal associated, underground society Younger generation: accepted, fashionable, self expression, human right
  20. Hey everyone So im working on my tok presentation and i came up with this kq, "to what extent should consequences be considered when determining what is right and wrong?" My teacher has approved it but now i am stuck in spring break not knowing how to correctly approach this. I am not sure how i can relate the ways of knowing to my kq, but then again, do i have to bring in the ways of knowing into this? if so, how do you think i should do this? thanks a lot
  21. I am an IB student in the final year. Near the end of the previous year, we did our TOK presentation. I worked very hard for it and did (I believe) extremely well, and all classmates who witnessed it agreed. My TOK teacher strongly dislikes fast talkers, and I am one. I also did the presentation individually, so I only had 10 minutes to fit in my information, all of which was important and necessary. I ended up getting an 8/10 where many people in my class got a 10 who felt they did not deserve one. I believe that my teacher had an unfair bias against me and marked me far lower than I deserved. I heard recently that it is possible to send assignments to IB moderators on request if one strongly believes that they were unfairly marked, and the moderators can mark the assessment piece and potentially increase/decrease a mark as a result of that. I have good reason to believe that this is true and possible. If this is so, who do I contact, where and how? I have a video of my TOK presentation. I appreciate your help and consideration of this question. Thank you very much.
  22. Hello everyone so in a few days i have to do a presentation about language as a way of knowing,for my TOK class and Im a little confused about how language is a way of knowing. For my presentation I have to find a RLS that inspires a knowledge question about lnaguage as a way of knowing. It'll be really helpful if you could explain somewhat what language is and some examples of RLS that I could potentially use. Thnak you
  23. Hey guys, I'm in a dilemma right now. My KQ is Should art be free of ownership? and my RLS is the 500,000 pirated copies of Kanye's new album and how he lost about 10 million dollars. Basically I kind of want to talk about the different perceptions between the artist vs the consumer in a way to include emotion and reasoning. Also, after the artist distributed the music who owns it? However, I find it challenging to connect the RLS with the KQ. I'm not sure if this is strong enough or if I should just change the RLS entirely or change my KQ. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!
  24. Hi everyone, I just got my letter of acceptance for the I.B program, which I will be attending next year for grade 9 (I'm going to be doing the french immersion program as well!!) I really want to start off on the right foot, so I was wondering if any of you had some tips you wished you had known going into the I.B program? I know it's a very difficult program to be in, but I really want to do well and succeed so I would really appreciate your help! Thanks!!! P.S, Thank you all so much for your advice and tips for I.B! I've been really freaking out lately about the program and you all helped so much. I will definitively be using all your tips to help me prepare for the program! Let the studying begin!!!
  25. Hey guys, so here's the situation. My teacher uploaded the TOK files yesterday, but I just realized that I wrote the school and candidate session number wrongly. Instead of writing 002595 as school number, I missed out one zero and wrote 02595. Also, instead of writing the full candidate session number, I only wrote the last four digits of my candidate number which is 0002. I'm really panicking, will they mark my paper? Other than this issue, everything's fine. My name, school name, etc. Even my TOK Essay itself has my correct candidate number. Thanks.
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