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Found 61 results

  1. Hi Guys, So I have already chosen my research question, "How does each character's physical form and characteristics affect their social status' in Commedia D'el Arte?" at this point, but I am still thinking about what other theater topics I could possibly do. Any ideas and tips? Thank you!
  2. Hello, everyone! I think that for the most part, the IB program is great and it's beneficial to have to take six subjects; one from each group. However, something that bothers me is that taking a subject from the arts is not required. It seems like the ultimate gesture, even by the IB, that the arts are worth less than other subjects. Maybe to an extent you can't study for them in the same way as other subjects, but I think they should be valued the same as other subjects. How can the IB call themselves fully rounded if an art isn't required? What do you guys think of this? Do you think it's right that an art isn't required? How do you think people would take it if an art was required to complete the IB program?
  3. Hello I am in the midst of writing my IPP, I decided to reflect on acting in a production. However I am uncertain how to go about doing the paper as I can't find any samples on people who decided to write about acting. Does anyone have advice or samples? Anything at all would be highly appreciated Thanks
  4. So I'm a junior just starting the EE process and we have proposals do next week, I came up with a few but I just wanted an idea from other IB students of which seems the most viable. -->An analysis of various adaptations of the play ‘West Side Story’ and how the variations reflect the society in which they are created. -->How do adaptations of ‘West Side Story’ differ, and how does that reflect on the society in which they are created? -->An analysis of the use of archetypal characters in modern television and how they represent different faculties of the personality. -->How do different television characters portray archetypes and how do those reflect on our society? -->An analysis of the racial tension portrayed in ‘West Side Story’ and how it relates back to society’s view on immigrants in the first half of the twentieth century -->How is racial tension portrayed in ‘West Side Story’ and how does that reflect society’s view of immigrants in the first half of the twentieth century?
  5. How hard is it getting 7 in theater? How should i study so that i can get good marks in theare?
  6. For my theatre RI, I plan on focusing on the 1925 French play "Crime in a Madhouse" by André de Lorde, specifically on the special effects. However, there seems to be a limited number of sources that I can get information from, and they aren't very detailed with their descriptions. In short, I'm having trouble doing an in-depth research, and so I was wondering if anyone has any ideas. Does anyone know any websites for research on Le Grand Guignol, or on special effects for horror during that era? Thanks, and any help or advice is much appreciated
  7. Hello, I have to present a project for my IPP in one of these days. I discussed with my professor the topic of my IPP and he recommended me to work with Anne Bogart's Viewpoints and so I decided to create a workshop about it. However, I have been having trouble finding information and exercises for my classmates in order to run with the workshop. Has anyone done a workshop for their IPP? How did it go? Any recommendations? Thanks!
  8. My Theatre SL class is doing our PPPs this month. As part of my supporting material I have costume designs for my characters. To add some authenticity I want to add fabric swatches to show what the costume would be made from. I was wondering if there is a specific way that IB wants us to attach fabric to the paper or if they would prefer us not to add actual textiles? I have asked my teacher but since this this is her first year teaching IB she is unsure about IB's specific preferences. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
  9. Hello guys! I am doing my IB theatre HL RI on beijing opera and I am focusing mainly on the makeup for one of the characters in the performance i picked. I was wondering if any of you had experience in that area because I am in need of good sources and interviews which I cannot find absolutely anywhwere (interviews) and how ya'll spreaded out the question please and thankyouuuu!! (:
  10. So my Theatre teacher is really of no help to the IB students at my school; and after she gave us the wrong instructions twice, I don't trust her judgment on the assessments. The trouble I'm having is I keep changing my paper to more of a literary than what is described by the instructions. I have chosen Top Girls, which is a historical drama and political satire. I have chosen my topic to be something on the lines of how I would plan the visual design of Top Girls in a way which would show the universal applications to the theme and make it an effective piece of satire. Does this seem like a reliable topic? EDIT: After reading more, I realized that I was still taking it in the wrong direction. Like I said, my teacher has no knowledge of the assessments. I was literally making a visual design for the play, but I read that that is incorrect. Other than that, how does my topic look?
  11. Hi! Im in my junior year (11th grade) of high school, so first year of IB, and I am planning on applying to NYU as my first choice! Do you think I would have a chance of getting in with the following classes and grades (as of right now-- they will improve by next year): - History HL (5) -- maybe, and I'm praying, it will improve to a 6 - English HL (7) -- might go down to a 6 during the year, but I can keep a 7 as an overall grade. - Spanish AB (6) -- very likely to go up to a 7 - Theatre HL (7) - Math SL (6) - Biology SL (7) My major is going to be undecided because I really don't know what I want to major in
  12. Hello, I am stating my research question for the RI in theatre arts right now, but I find it a little difficult to formulate a good question. I came up with this one: What are the instrumental and vocal techniques used in the songs in Bertold Brecht’s epic theatre play ‘Mother courage and her children’? is this a good research question?
  13. Hello! (My name is Elder Price. And I would like to share with you the most amazing book * *) So I just saw the musical The Book of Mormon in the West End and I have to say that when I got out of it... They messed with my mind. I mean I find it great that they point out issues such as in the song Salt Laka Siti and are still hilarious but I feel that some songs were a bit long and some parts too exaggerated. (for eg in the song Hasa Diga Iboai, in the end the song gets old even if it's a few seconds). I'm gonna write about it in the topic of satire. If you've seen/read/studied the show could you give me your feeling about it? What struck you the most (costume, script, acting, set...)? Who is your favourite character? (please precise where you saw it) and if you studied satire, do you think it's a good way of changing things? If you haven't seen it. You must Google it. Now. And book some tickets. (Also I didn't get the joke with starbucks in the Spooky Mormon Hell Dream.. Can anyone explain? Hey Guys would you like to change religion? I got a free book written by JESUS! Guys... I'm Jesus... I am Africa.. I am Africa!--We are Africa. We are Africa! You'll burn in HelllHellloooo! I bet there the warlords are friendly, they help you to cross the road... Wow so the bible is actually a trilogy? and the book of Mormon is return of the Jedi? I'm interested! Jesus just called me a d***. "All American Prophet" Sorry I got carried away. Thanks for sharing!
  14. My IB HL Theatre class does a show every Spring. We usually do lesser-known, experimental plays and this year I'm looking for plays to do. I'm looking into doing something more well-known and less difficult for an audience to follow. Suggestions?
  15. I'm new to this so I'm a bit confused but anyway.. I'm struggling with an extended essay title. I'm doing mine on Theatre and wanted to focus on Kathakali theatre.. possibly costume and make-up or hand gestures and facial expressions. I was thinking of linking Asian (Kathakali) costume and make-up to Western theatre. Does anyone have any ideas of a type of Western theatre I could use that has elaborate costume and make-up? Or any ideas of a question I could use which focuses on Kathakali but is detailed enough? Thank you!
  16. Hi guys so this is my first post I don't exactly know how to use this thing but I hope I'll get the answer I'm looking for. So first off, I'd like to know what the easiest group 6 subject would be. Last year I took art for my IGCSE's and I was really struggling with the amount of projects that I had and I was finding it difficult to spend so much time on art and in the end I just gave up and went with the flow, not giving a flying **** about my grade (I don't think I even got a mark). Well this year I'm in the same position as two years ago and I don't want to make the same huge mistake of taking a subject that I don't need and wasting more time on it than is actually beneficial for me. I'm planning on becoming an astrophysicist or doing something related to mechatronics or anything that involves maths and physics really, so for me the group 6 subjects are really useless and I don't want to do biology or psychology (although I'm attending psychology classes for now) because I really suck at memorizing terminology and huge ass chunks of text. Initially I had decided to do Film but apparently there was no more space so I had to do something else and my only options are; Visual Arts, Theatre (they're going to open up a classroom because we requested it), ChemHL/BioHL, Psychology, Business and finally Economics (I take this as a group 3 subject in HL though so boo). So my question is, out of all of these, which one would be the easiest to achieve a 7 in at SL. The universities I want dgaf about my other subjects, only maths, physics and my overall IB points, so I just want an easy 7 with minimum work. I know this sounds lazy but I'm taking 4 HLs two of which are physics and maths so I just want to take it easy for at least group 6. Thanks !
  17. Hey everybody I'm new here and I really need some help with my EE. My EE title is: "To what extent could the characters from Henrik Ibsen's plays, Nora Helmer and Hedda Gabler be categorized as archetypes according to Carl Jung's Theory of the Collective Unconscious?" I realize that it sounds more like a psych EE but it's really more on the characters themselves (if they embody ONLY one archetype or if it's possible that they can embody two) and I would appreciate it if someone can explain in great detail (if you have the time) the mother and trickster archetypes according to Carl Jung. I've read about them over and over but I just can't seem to fully understand them. Thank you! x
  18. My question for my EE is: How are nurses in the Vietnam War portrayed through the play, "A Piece of My Heart"? I have placed it under the "literature and performance category, but is that right? I have read the guidelines, but they confuse me. Please help! I am willing to help back! (: thanks
  19. I am currently doing my Research Investigation and I need some help in refining my research question. My topic is on the use of mask in Noh theatre and my current question is something along the lines of this: "How does the use of mask inform the development of a character in a traditional Noh performance of <insert play here>?" Should I be more specific and choose a character or two to focus on how mask is relevant to their characterisation? Is this topic achievable or am I getting off track from the aim of the RI?
  20. I am currently researching my theatre EE and am trying to decide on a research question. The problem I am finding is choosing an aspect of greek theatre to focus on in my research question. I currently have a few options of where to go, and I would simply like some feedback regarding which sounds more interesting or doable. 1. The first option is to look at the movement of the chorus in a specific play of greek theatre. I would use textual evidence and existing artifacts to determine the types and styles of movement of the chorus, including dance moves, etc. I would then probably apply this to a real-life performance of a chorus which I would assemble out of friends. Because a lot of the information about the movement of the greek chorus are theories, I could also apply different theories in practice and analyze their effectiveness. Not much information already exists on the topic, only a handful of books or articles, and none of them are definite, but there are an abundance of clay pots and physical artifacts which could inform my topic. 2. This is the topic that I am probably the most interested in. In researching the evolution of the chorus from ancient to contemporary theatre, I discovered a common thread between the greek chorus and the modern day narrator in terms of purpose and action during the play. A modern play which I think emulates the spirit of the chorus through a single narrator is Sondheim's Into the Woods. I could choose any greek tragedy, though I'm leaning towards Sophocles or Euripides as playwrights. In my EE, I would examine the common thread of a choral element and would then compare the two somehow. I could perform excerpts from the two in practice and compare/contrast the narrator and chorus's roles. I could also swap the narrator and the chorus in excerpts from the two pieces (i.e., I would use a single narrator in the greek tragedy and a full chorus in Into the Woods). 3. I could also simply evaluate/analyze how the ancient greek chorus has evolved in contemporary theatre. This would give me the opportunity to look at all of the topics above in less depth, but I fear this thesis may be too broad. I am also having trouble defining why these topics are worth investigating. I believe the IB won't look too kindly on the simple pursuit of academic knowledge, and "it's interesting" seems like a cop-out. Thoughts/questions/concerns, please? I would like some outside insight into which of these I might choose. Thanks in advance!
  21. Hi so my theatre PPP in due in a few days and my teacher has no idea how to go about it. I have read a few samples and my stimuli is DNA of human beings. It would be really nice if someone could tell me how exactly one has to go about a PPP. I'm freaking out at this moment cause I don't really know what to do. thanks
  22. I'm in theatre SL and I'm wondering if the PPP has to be a musical, or if music has to be included. If anyone knows for sure, please let me know!
  23. Okay my TPPP is this friday and im kindof freaking out at this pint because i have no idea how or what to talk about. In general i know you have to talk about the three world traditions and how it develpoed your understanding of theatre, but that still doesnt change the fact that i dont really get what to talk about. Do i talk about for ex. acting in declamatory style evolved earlier form greeks then to ..... (and so forth) I have no idea if someone can explain this to me that would be great!!
  24. Hello, does anyone know the external deadlines (the date teachers send off coursework) for the following pieces of work: Theatre: PPP - Practical Play Proposal IPP - Independent Project Portfolio and Maths Studies SL: Maths Project - Internal assessment I know that the ToK Essay's external deadline is 4th of March for my school, is this the same for all schools?
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