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Found 638 results

  1. A question that has seriously bothered me is the subjectivity of grading IB essays. The rubrics are at best very vague. I mean according to whose opinion is my essay's organization going to be judged as "well-structured" or "effective?" (mind you these terms refer to two different bands). Clearly, an examiner who's a bibliophile will props have a higher par for what an effective structure means. What do you think?
  2. Hi, does anyone have a tok essay planning document (tkppf)? I have to write mine with the three interactions and all and I'm a little bit lost, I could really need an orientation. Thank you.
  3. This is not my actual TOK essay, this is just a practice essay we are doing at school. right now we are studying human sciences in TOK and the teacher gave us this question: Knowledge gained in the human sciences cannot be considered useful I really need help with it because I am a little bit lost...
  4. I got my TOK presentation coming up and im stuck at the planning. So my question is that do I really need to include any WOKs in my presentation. I have used a couple of AOKs (and have explored a few more to show how conclusion fits to other RLSs). But I cannot seem to fit any WOKs in because my persepctives do not direct me to any. So can I just explore the different perspectives from different AOKs only. Or do I have to have WOKs also??
  5. Hi! i am doing my practice tok presentation in a week or two's time, and i have found an rls that i kinda know how i would answer it for my presentation. My rls is a ted talk abt why we should listen to vivaldi's four seasons (rly entertaining!) my kq might either be "under what circumstances does language play a role in the arts" or "how does imagination/emotion help us perceive the arts" <if someone can give their input/opinion on this that would be amazing :)> i have other ideas for a presentation (theres this article about how a tribe in africa uses music to communicate with their ancestors instead of entertainment, so i was thinking of using a KQ like "how can the arts give us knowledge about cultures/societies?") that i know is TOK worthy but i dont know how to answer -- should i use my current rls for my real one and just find another rls of similar AOK to work with now? -- please let me know what you think!
  6. So for the TOK presentation, is it ABSOLUTELY necessary to use BOTH areas of knowledge AND ways of knowing?
  7. Hi. I just have one simple question to ask. Are you allowed to read off your script in the TOK presentation, as long as you look up and engage the audience? I could not find a site anywhere saying that you are not allowed to read off from your script, but I just want to make sure. Thanks
  8. Hello! if my TOK presentation's RQ is to what extent can we understand love, and my AOK is religion, how can I better do it? For example, I want to take Buddhism and Christianity, can I just compare their views on love? Would it be enough? It's just I don't really get the concept of making the presentation when you need to answer your RQ by AOK. How can I answer my RQ just by comparing to religion views?
  9. So I have a KQ- To what extent is natural sciences objective? (objective as in free from personal bias or interpretation) My two perspectives would be a) that the aok knowledge is more objective and b) the knowledge is less objective. What is it in the knowledge framework or WOK that makes these two perspectives different? Is it the link to personal knowledge or scope/application? Or a WOK like emotion that influences the objectivity of the knowledge?
  10. I have to do my TOK presentation in 3 weeks and I'm really struggling to come up with a main KQ. I have my RLS and my AoK is ethics. I have a few KQs that I thought of but I don't think they're quite right. Help please? RLS: For 20 years, single mother Donella Knox cared for her severely autistic daughter, Ruby. For years, she fought to get the best health care for her that she could. Donella Knox felt endlessly helpless, and hopeless, about Ruby's deteriorating health and suffering. She travelled across New Zealand, and even to the United States, seeking expert help. In May 2016, Donella Knox murdered her autistic daughter, Ruby. In December 2017, Donella was sentenced to four years in jail for Ruby’s murder. Potential KQs: To what extent is emotion a reliable way of knowing in ethics? How do we use emotion and reason to justify what is ethically correct? To what extent does a person’s knowledge play a part in making moral judgement? -if the judge hadn’t known Donella’s backstory and been able to sympathise with her, would her have given her a harsher sentence? Context. To what extent is emotion and reason used to contextualise moral judgement? Is shared knowledge necessary for making moral judgements? To what extent is it right to consider emotion in the legal system? How do we accept or reject what is right and wrong in law based on ethics?
  11. Hi everyone, first of all thanks for even opening to post and hopefully you can help me out, I'd really appreciate it. So, anyways, for my EE topic I thought of doing it about judaism and also antisemitism in the second world war. Because I'm not only doing the IB but also the Abitur it has to be in the philosophical part. Is there any good question about judaism and WWII I could use in my EE? Thanks again for everyone who is willing to help, it's appreciated
  12. During my Global Politics class I began contemplating about why we have the "Minority Vote". Basically what I'm thinking is that : We worked so hard to remove segregation from Society, but yet we reinstall it in our political system? Was it ever removed from our political system? Why is the "Minority", generally the African-American population and doesn't the Asian, Hispanic, Native American, etc.? I think back to when my mom had all these stock exchange shows and news channels constantly being playing on our TV, around the time of the last Presidential Election (Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton, in case someone is reading this in the distant future, and if you are, hi), and the people on the show kept saying "The Minority Vote", as though the people they're talking about are foreigners who don't understand anything. I talked about the idea with some of the people in my Global Politics class, and got some interesting answers. Some said that its because they're in the Black Community with Black Culture, but just because they have a different culture doesn't mean they're not Americans. I proposed the idea to my Global Politics teacher for my HL Extension, but after discussing it, we both agreed that its too subjective and wouldn't fit within the 10 minute time limit. The concept of questioning this felt more like a ToK topic than a Global Politics one, so that's why I'm posting it here. This is more of a United States thing, but I'd love to hear the opinions of others on this.
  13. How many knowledge issues (Knowledge Question) is required for TOK essay? Also the number of claims? Thank you
  14. Hello, I really need help with formulating a TOK k.q.. I watched this video and was very interested in the idea of concussions experience and our perception of reality. Do you have any suggestions for the knowledge question?
  15. Hey everyone! Was just wondering if we could have a discussion here. Anyone has the knowledge questions or claims related to this PT?
  16. GUYS, I'M TAKING IB CERTIFICATE BUT I'M STILL TAKING TOK CUZ IMMA GOOD STUDENT.. OKAY I REGRETTED TAKING TOK RIGHT NOW.. GUYSSSS IF I DROP, WOULD IT AFFECT MY UNIVERSITY APPLICATION???? Do i need TOK?? Can I drop it cuz i'm replacing my TOK with EE.. As you know, those who taking IB Certificate don't need to do CAS, TOK and EE.. But i'm doing all of them.. And planning to drop TOK.. Should I? Halp :')
  17. Hello! I'll be doing my TOK OP soon and my teachers aren't very helpful.. so I was wondering if I could show you all my brainstorm here and if you guys could deduce if it is doable? To what extent is language a reliable way of knowing in the natural sciences? My RLS is: The Father of Genetics, Gregor Mendel, in 1865 presented his results in German, the language of the Austro-Hungarian Empire of which he was a citizen living in Brun now in the Czech Republic. Unfortunately, his work was not noticed by the rest of the world until it was rediscovered by American researchers in the early 1900s. Much to their credit, they attributed the discovery of Mendel's Laws to him. How much more would the Science of Genetics have progressed had Mendel's work been known by the rest of the world instead of just among the German speakers since 1865? I'm arguing whether language is a reliable WOK in the natural science and my stand is that it is not because of it's inherent flaw as a WOK (language is subjective, the ubiquity of languages makes it difficult for the AOK in natural science because natural science is an objective study and language is tethered to emotion, culture, etc.) There's also the issue of loss in translation. In my presentation, I'm planning to talk about how monolingualism is a solution to the issue of the unreliability of language in natural science (i.e. adopting a universal language in natural science, it's always been a thing. Today, it's English) and real life examples of this is the use of IUPAC. On top of this, the use of models, diagrams help to overcome the unreliability of language. The reason why people need to come up with ways to work around the flaw of language is because without language, scientists would not have access to earlier established and accepted theories which means they would all have to start from the very beginning, the very basic ideas in their science. My counter-argument is that in practice, this 'homogenous' attitude selected a very specific way of looking at the world (due to monolingualism), therefore one can make it easy to discount other types of information as nothing more than folklore. I'm arguing that knowledge that isn't produced via traditional academic research methods which commonly exists in other languages still have scientific value such as indigenous tribes in Indonesia who knew from oral histories how to recognize the signs of impeding earthquakes, enabling them to flee higher ground before the 2004 tsunami hit. Furthermore, the very act of eradicating different languages in the approach to natural science might actually be a disadvantage to the construction of knowledge in general as less scientists may be motivated to conduct these experiments if the audience is not wide enough in their native tongue. What do you guys think? How can I improve? Thank you!
  18. So I was away the day we did TOK presentations but i got a B on my TOK essay (i am receiving 32 points and have 150 CAS reflections). Will I receive an N / fail Ib or can i still pass? Does it matter if i do not complete my presentation or is it necessary for me to do it?
  19. My knowledge question that I come up is "To what extent is the urge for pattern justified by the study of arts and economics?". Do you think this is a constructive knowledge question? Please give me some feedback. Thank you so much for your attention!
  20. Hey guys, I was just curious about what you guys think about these assignments above. Which one do you have the most and why?
  21. We are currently doing the unit of Art for TOK, but our teacher always bring up some sensitive political topics for us to discuss. And the discussion would either become supper heated or just a dead silence. I had an intense discussion with my teacher in class, and it ended horribly. After several talks with my teacher and the coordinator at my school, they still refuse to get rid off all the sensitive topics due to we have to be well-rounded. I am considering leaving the class if similar topics come up again, because they were saying I'm being too emotional when I was discussing within the class. Do you think this is a good idea? How bad is it if no one in my class likes TOK?
  22. What question did you guys choose for your 2017 TOK Essay?
  23. Discussion for the May 2017 TOK prescribed titles: “It is only knowledge produced with difficulty that we truly value.” To what extent do you agree with this statement?
  24. If i fail my TOK essay what should i get in the presentation in order to pass the TOK? My teacher didn't offer help for my tok essay, and I fail my tok essay, I know that the tok essay is 66 percent in the TOK final grade, the TOK presentation is worth the 33 percentage, what should I get to get a C to pass it? and what's the final 1 percent in TOK? Thanks
  25. what's the tok essay structure mark ??? thanks
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