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Found 94 results

  1. Hi everyone, I am wanting to begin writing my extended essay and get the majority of it done in the week before school goes back. I am going to be doing my extended essay under the subject of Visual Arts and l am having difficulty choosing a specific topic/question. I have two ideas that l am keen about and l actually believe that l could incorporate psychology into both areas of research. Do l need to include a second subject into my extended essay if it is applicable? The two topics/questions are: * To what extent is art therapy healing for the mind, the spirit and the body of an individual? And * The art of propaganda and how it is manipulated by political parties The first question l found off a website offering ideas for visual arts extended essays. The second one l came up with myself. I'm not sure which one to choose and so l was wondering if someone could offer me their opinion. Also, if anyone has any advice on the extended essay in general and how to approach it and all that, that would be much appreciated. Thanks xx
  2. Who grades the comparative study, process portfolio, and exhibition? Is it similar to IA's in other subjects, where your teacher gives you a grade and other examiners just moderates it? Or is it different?
  3. Just started with my comparative study. Question is how do you make "screens", and which size should it be A3? A4? or just a PPT slides?
  4. My topic is Visual Arts to begin with. My original question was "To what extent do the French artists James Tissot and Armand Guilaumin's styles embody the Impressionist movement of the early 1800's?" But my research is leaning in abundance toward Tissot's works and my question is seeming too broad to cover well enough in 4000 words.I'm thinking about something along the lines (of a constitutional democracy. Sorry I couldn't resist a Wreck it Ralph shout out there) of "To what extent was the French artist James Tissot part of the Impressionist movements in Europe?" Then, in the intro, I could discuss how he was, in fact, self-proclaimed to not be an Impressionist artist. Which of these do you believe is on the better track? I'm leaning more and more toward the latter myself.
  5. My topic is Visual Arts to begin with. My original question was "To what extent do the French artists James Tissot and Armand Guilaumin's styles embody the Impressionist movement of the early 1800's?" But my research is leaning in abundance toward Tissot's works and my question is seeming too broad to cover well enough in 4000 words.I'm thinking about something along the lines (of a constitutional democracy. Sorry I couldn't resist a Wreck it Ralph shout out there) of "To what extent was the French artist James Tissot part of the Impressionist movements in Europe?" Then, in the intro, I could discuss how he was, in fact, self-proclaimed to not be an Impressionist artist. Which of these do you believe is on the better track? I'm leaning more and more toward the latter myself.
  6. Hey guys, since I had to upload my comparative study in a rush and I did not reference my work in the comparative study, I was wondering how much Ib penalises you for not referencing the work. I know that they are quite harsh with the extended essay, but I mean the comparative study was just introduced this year, so perhaps they are not that harsh? :/
  7. Hello While I'm writing my EE on Visual Arts I'm not fully sure if I'm doing everything right. So my research question is: How significant is the influence of Tamara Łempicka's art on modern art? First of all I don't like the repetition of the word 'art'. I was brainstorming on some synonyms but just couldn't think about anything different. Second of all, is it enough? I mean is it really a research if I'm searching for various inspirations which were taken from this artist in order to create something new? I would be really thenkful for some feedback because it continuosly is on my mind.
  8. Hello, so my extended essay is on visual arts and I'm a bit confused on the research question i created because I'm not sure if I am arguing for something. Maybe my research question seems unexciting but if someone could help me tweak it or add something to it, that would really help me a lot. My research question is: How do Jenny Saville’s and Pontormo’s works alter the idea of beauty by deviating away from the conventional body image of their time? My supervisor seemed to like it but i also received comments saying otherwise such as: "All art movements began by deviating away from the conventional" "Maybe focus on Jenny Saville or Mannerism in specific" "Maybe talk about how Mannerism has been an influence for artists to paint nude distorted bodies, so had it not been for mannerism would we have artists that would still paint a romanticized picture of a human body" At this point im stressed and just need more guidance, I would really appreciate hearing your thoughts
  9. Hello, I need some help narrowing down this topic I chose for my Art EE. "Mannerism: How the deformation of the human body worked to emphasize the beauty standards of that era" Obviously I'm going to change it into a question but I'm just not sure if this topic above seems good for me to write about. I recently change my EE subject from English to Art so I'm running out of time and I have to do everything before the due date of my first draft. I've been having trouble formulating research questions based on readings I've done because I keep thinking it has to be super original what I come up with. I'm mostly focusing on the Renaissance, Mannerism, and Japanese influence on Dutch Art because i have primary sources of each art movement or topic and that would make my essay writing easier. Other thoughts about topics i could write about include art therapy but idk if writing about art therapy would be more for a psychology EE rather than art. Please share any thoughts or concerns thankyou
  10. Good morning/afternoon/evening (who knows, right?) I have decided to do my Extended Essay on Film. I do not have it at my school, though it is one of my main interests. My question is on the topic. I have thought about two options, please guys help me out in here: comparison between The Lord of the Flies and The Apocalypse Now (my RQ would be: To what extent does each film reflect the downfall of the oneiric/idyllic and the appearance of the anarchy?). In this first option, I would like to explore the islands and the idyllic as a theme, that is, the idea of perfection in Cinema. If you guys have some other idea than Apocalypse Now please tell me. In addition, I though about comparing Sam Raimi's Spider Man (the older films) and Mark Webb's The Amazing Spider Man (the more recent spider man movies). It would be a cool and original thing to do, also there has been lots of debate on Mark Webb's films as they are considered to be worse and puny, comparing to Raimi's. I don't have a topic for this, since it is simply an idea, but if you think this would be good for an EE... I am kinda frightened with this as I have the feeling the examiners won't really like this... Please guys, I am really in trouble, just let me know of what you think and if you had Film as an EE what was your topic. Cheers, Richard
  11. I am not sure what IB subject's to choose and would really appreciate some help. Since I'm Swedish I have to study Swedish as a subject. I'm not sure what I want to study in the future but I'm leaning towards Economics/Finance. Although, I am also interested in the environment and fashion heh. So this is the combination I am considering: English HL Swedish SL Math HL Economics HL Biology SL / Physics SL ESS SL 1: What science subject is easier; Biology / Physics SL? I am pretty good at memorisation but not analysing in biology. Are there many analyse questions with diagrams etc? I am good at writing lab reports. Physics sounds slightly more fun but it just seems so hard. What is easier to get a 7 in according to you? Any experiences? 2: As I am aiming for top universities, Math HL seems to be required for an Economics degree. I am pretty decent at math but it's not my favourite subject. Is Math HL very hard? Does it involve long problem solving questions or more difficult but straight-forward questions like solving equations? Also, if I decide to do Physics SL + Math HL = will it be too much of a workload? (Perhaps it's a good combo though since they're quite similar)? 3: What's Visual Arts actually really about? I can actually enjoy art but if it's very restricted and hard to get a 7 in it doesn't seem to be worth it? Please share some experiences. As mentioned above Im planning on doing ESS instead but it kinda seems a little useless? (or am I wrong) 4: Is English HL very hard? What does it involve? I'm still planning on taking it although I might go easier on other subjects as I don't want a way too heavy workload? So these were my questions (I know there's a lot) but I would really(!) appreciate some guidance since Im quite confused. Thank you!!
  12. Hello all, I need help choosing my HL subjects for next year. Right now, I have chosen HL Chemistry, Psychology, SL Math, English A, Chinese A. However, I am struggling on the last HL choice between VA, Physics and Biology. I personally do not like to do math calculations. I though about taking VA because I won several international visual arts competitions. However, my school teachers, on the other hand, say that Biology would be an advantage to those who would want to study Dentistry. Will taking HL Visual art instead of two HL sciences decrease my chances of getting into a science program (dentistry) at a prestigious uni like Hong Kong University? Thanks for your input.
  13. Do any of you happen to have the choices of applying to Central Saint Martins or University of the Creative Arts? Or even enrolled in one of them? I'm curious about the quality of portfolio that they like.
  14. Hi, I'm taking visual arts as group 6 subject. I used to love art and being creative, but lastly I don't enjoy it anymore. It's just too much work! Does it make sense to change to an other subject?, I mean term 3 (year 12) is almost over. I'm worried that if i change I have to catch up too much.... I already struggle with having 'good' grades. My other subjects are Biology and Spanish HL, English Language & Literature, Geography and Mathematical Studies SL. It would bee nice if anyone could help me in that choice:)
  15. Hi everyone, My school had someone last year who got a 7 in Visual Arts HL, and you know; good for them! I saw their work, and they submitted these amazing realistic works that I honestly was in awe in seeing for the first time. Yet, it was admitted by my Visual Arts teacher just this year that the technical skill she exhibited wasn't true to her ability, she traced over photographs of some people. Now, I know for some people drawing is something that is much harder than sculpture, photography etc... For me though, it is literally what I've spend a lifetime working towards, drawing and doing it realistically (love cartoons though!). I felt at little cheated by this, I've dedicated so much time in this skill; and then knowing that this component of VA isn't properly checked (because some moderators can't tell between tracing and skill and this and allowed in some schools, including mine) I just- I can't plagiarize in IB, I can't go into a Maths Exam with notes, so why is deception this allowed? I just can't get my head around this, I hope I didn't offend anyone with my post!! In regards to the practical work submitted for your exhibition in Visual Arts, what are the rules? I feel like IB will let a lot of things slide with the arts, opinions anyone on this?? Or maybe a justification that will put me at peace with the current situation, that would be much appreciated hahaha
  16. Hello! So yesterday as I was uploading my TOK essay I saw something in the art section called "comparative study", I had never heard of that before and wondered if it was one of the investigation projects we have done in our workbooks but after some research it turns out ... its not. I spoke to my teacher and she had never heard of this and another classmate of mine spoke to the IB coordinator and it seems that our art teacher has been teaching us the old syllabus the entire time, my exams are in May 2016, I believe we need to upload everything before April? Now, before I completely freak out because I have roughly 20 days to learn this, write this and upload it, I just wanted to hear how other people tackled this? Was it extremely time-consuming or is this something you can do well in a "short" amount of time? I am also a little confused about the screens, 10 - 15 screens ... are they talking about slides or something? I am just curious what experiences other students have had with the Comparative study and is it do-able in such a short time? (considering I am finishing up projects in other subjects as well) Thanks in advance
  17. Abhineeth_A

    VA HL?

    Hi, I'm about to start my IBDP and am having a bit of a problem with my subject choice... mainly related with VA. I want to do Computer animation in the future, so should I take VA HL or SL... It seems like a time consuming subject but I enjoy art...and I'm decent at it...is this enough to let me take HL? I'm so confused at this moment. Please reply with your opinions ASAP. Your help is greatly appreciated...
  18. Hello, I would like to ask how many pages have you already filled in your Journal (1st year of IB). I'm curious if are there any requirements about the amount of work which I should already cover. The same questions I have connected with Studio Works Do you practice Comparative Study in your Journal? Thanks for response
  19. I'm a senior in SL art.... I was just wondering if this theme would work. Theme: Words of Wisdom If it doesn't I'm thinking of using font and word art to form quotes as my main focus on my 4-8 art pieces. Any suggestion on a theme for that? Thanks!!!
  20. lavender

    Art Universities UK

    Hi, I'd like to ask for some recommendations connected with really good Art Universities in UK. Where are you applying? When is the deadline? Is there any website with all possible Art Courses in UK? Thanks for help
  21. Hi Guys! I'm new and I don't really know how the forums work but I've got an urgent question I need other IB students/teachers to answer... About my subject combination choice. I'll be brief and say that the reason I've reached this point is because of whole load of personal and external things and changes that have happened in my life with my family and outside that has caused me to change my decision and over all goals. I'm 17 so if I mess up at this rate it's going to be a bit bad. I've moved a lot and changed schools so slowly through my child-hood until now I've ended up slipping behind because of all of the different schools starting at different or later times (e.g. that's why I'm 17 starting IByear1 at this age) So I have to want to take Double Sciences. Current subjects chosen and levels: English A Language and Literature - HL Biology - HL Psychology - HL Mathematics - SL Mandarin Ab Initio - SL Visual Arts - SL ----- (bold = can't/won't change these.) If I take a double sciences I get rid of art, which I'm not upset about. However, I have to take Chemistry as it is the only other science offered at my school. I need to do that as HL, and I'm fine with that. However, this means I should drop one of my HL Subjects. I don't see the benefit in 4 HL's, and it's going to be unnecessary stress (I have to do part-time work so less stress the better please! ) please don't get me wrong though, if it's actually a better option to seriously do 4HL's then please tell me why you think so, I want to hear everyone's opinions. Which do you think in your opinion is the least necessary of my earlier choice of subjects? and why? Thank you so much for reading and if you answer, answering! I am aiming for Medical School. I'm not good enough for HL Maths, before you ask. I want to be a Psychiatrist, so Psychology is a little important, but not as important as Biology is. However my teacher's are suggesting I drop Biology down so I get the advantage in Psychology. Your opinion on this also? Thanks again!! Sorry if I've posted wrong, I'm new and in a rush! Please don't flame me ;_;
  22. Hi guys, I got my component results for the May 2015 exams today, I think I may get Visual Arts (SL Option A) remarked. I got a 6 but I'm very close to 7, please please help me out. Im naturally talented in art and I worked so hard especially in IB2, I thought I did very well. All of my teachers were stunned by my exhibition, I was confident I'd get 7 as I was keen to meet all the descriptors throughout my works and showed clear development and technical skill over the years. My IA is 19/20 so that's safe- but my studio got 14/20 which was extremely uncalled for because all of my submitted works were predicted 18-19's. I know its normal to be graded down as art is subjective; a lot of the students in our school dont get 7 in art, I just didnt expect it this heavily. However I did the math and it turns out I only need 1 more mark from studio in order to get a 7, which is very likely in my opinion since my teachers and I believed I truly did well. TLDR: I got 14/20 from VA studio work though I was predicted around 18/20. I need 1 mark for my grade to increase, Id need to lose 4 marks for it to decrease. The risk is quite low if you ask me, but I've never met anyone who remarked art, do you think this is a good idea? Do grades change at all? Thank you so much in advance
  23. Hello. I have quite a big problem with choosing proper subjects. I would like to study something connected with art and design. These are my first choices: English HL (only possible option) Polish SL (my native language) History SL (I'm not the best at it, I need to spend quite a lot of time to learn for this subject, that's why I'm not sure if it is the right subject for me - but the teacher is great/ other possibilities in my school that I'm thinking about from this group is geography SL) Physics SL (I'm also thinking about changing it with biology HL) Mathematics HL ( Maybe better SL? I'm not the master of mathematics but I like it, although I'm afraid that it will be too difficult for me) Visual Arts HL I know I have a lot of doubts about my subjects in Ib. That's why I'm asking for help. I'm afraid that with Maths HL history SL visual arts HL I won't be able to properly manage my time - what I mean by that is if it won't be too overwhelming So: English HL Polish SL History SL Physics SL Mathematics HL Visual Arts HL Or: English HL Polish SL Geography SL Biology HL Mathematics SL Visual Arts HL Thanks for any help
  24. Dear Fellow Readers, Currently i'm still in my first year of IB and was wondering to have some thoughts and opinions for my Visual Arts theme. Currently i'm stuck on the problem of weather to have a lot of mixed media pieces (paintings, Portraits, 3D, sculpture etc.) Here is the question that i am asking, i'm wondering weather i can have all my pieces of art be sculptures or should it be better to have a diversity of media. FYI currently I am planning to go and study Architecture for University thus the reason of having the majority of my pieces to be 3D. I just want your thoughts and opinions of what you think of ideas and if it is better for diversity. I would also like some ideas if you do that i can do for my theme of "DEVELOPMENT" "CHANGE" Thank you!
  25. I've recently found out that there is a new curriculum for IB Visual Arts, with first examinations taking place in 2016, so this only effects people starting the course this year. The new syllabus can be found here and blog posts explaining the new curriculum can be found here and here. Even though I only started the course in August I was really familiar with old syllabus: the A/B options and the IWB/studio work as the assessed components. So I'm a little caught off guard with this change! What are your thoughts? Do you think this change is for the better or the worse? Any advice on how I should change my approach to the course in order to receive a good score?
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