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Found 729 results

  1. Hey guys, I finished my Y1 with IB and this summer I've been trying hard to finalize my topic for the EE. I know it's a little late not to have a topic so I reeaaallllyyy need your help on this I'm thinking of writing one on bitcoin but I don't know which IB economics concepts would apply. I'm specifically interested in the risks of bitcoin and how it will impact the economy in the future. I could look at the determinants of demand in the case of bitcoin, or talk about price levels, but I'm not sure whether those would work. I guess bitcoin is related to money supply, but how would I graph this? I'm just really confused and need some help. I posted this in the EE forum but I'm running out of time so I'm posting it again in the Economics forum. Hope you guys understand Any suggestions/advice?
  2. hi, I'm a student writing my ee on economics, specifically price discrimination. My question deals with the extent to which certain mobile services firms practice price discrimination. In the first step, I proved that all 3 conditions necessary for price discrimination to happen were there, but I'm stuck after that. What am I supposed to? Please please help me
  3. Hey everyone, I'm about to enter DPY2 in August and I've got my question [To what extent has Tesla been more successful in Germany compared to France?] and I've done a lot of research, conducting surveys, interviews with a senior communications director in Tesla France and more. However, the more I look into this subject, the more I'm worried I don't have much of a groundwork to compare these two markets as they're both very similar. I previously had "... more successful in France compared to Spain?" but there was barely any information in regards to Spain so I chose Germany. Let me make clear that there is information out there, but I don't think I have enough to formulate a strong comparison as France and Germany have very similar markets. So my questions are: Do you think I should keep going with my question? If not, can you please suggest some possible variations I might choose to make with my question to answer it as best possible? Does anyone have any ideas where I might post a survey I created to get some reliable data? (I posted on Tesla Motors Club, Tesla Reddit, and SpeakEV) What are economic concepts that I should investigate in my Essay? (My two main ones are 'determinants of demand' and 'government intervention') Please let me know if you want me to share something with you, I honestly appreciate all the help possible. Thank you so much!
  4. Hello, guys! I hope that you are all doing great after the results day. I am thinking about requesting remarks in the following subjects: Dutch A: Lit SL 6 ( 3 points away from a 7) Biology HL: 6 ( According to the component grades, I had 79.6% whereas the upper-grade boundary is 80%) Economics SL: 5 ( 61.6% whereas the upper-grade boundary is 63%) Chemistry HL: 5 (61% whereas 64% is a 6) Other questions: 1. For Lang A: Lit SL, is Written Assignment also remarked (I had 19/25)? 2. For Bio, should I just pass the 80% mark (e.g. with the additional 0.5%) in order to get a 7 or I need 81%? I would really appreciate your help. Thanks! P.S. I am still waiting for some of the component grades (Dutch and Chem)...
  5. Hi Can you please help me? I found this article online, but I dont understand something. http://www.bbc.com/news/business-39332826 How come that with a lower interest rate, the productiity falls? When interest rates are low, I would have thought that people will have more money to spend, therefore the aggregate demand increases and more people get employed. How come that the productivity of firms decreases then? Thank you for your answers
  6. Dear everyone on IB Survival, I have already chosen by subject choices for the IB but I'm reconsidering them before I start IBDP1 in August. These are my IB Subject Choices = Higher Level = Biology, Chemistry, History and Italian B Standard Level = Math and English Lang and Lit My dilemma is that I want to keep career options open because I am not sure what I will want to do in the future. Medicine is highly probable ( the reason for Biology and Chemistry Higher Level) and so is economics, which of course requires Math HL. If I had Biology, Chemistry and Math all to HL then would it be too much work to handle? I appreciate any help and experience from people who have had similar situations or classes.
  7. Hi, I simply want to study at a University which offers good economic Courses, in europé. An University that has low cost tuition or free. Please leave suggestions. Subjects HL-Economics, English, History SL-Swedish, Enviromental studies, Mathematics.
  8. Hey! I am currently working on my world studies extended essay concerning economics and geography. My RQ is “To what extent are retirement homes accessible to seniors in British Columbia, but more specifically, Langley, BC?” I'm currently trying to find economic and geographical theories and concepts that I can use. Currently, I have economies of scale and fiscal policy (is this even an "Economic theory"?) Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated Also, I am looking for an online service that edits papers like this? anyone have any prior experience or suggestions on a service to use? Thanks in advance!
  9. Help. I am currently trying to write an extended essay on game theory. The basic idea of it is applying a simple prisoner's dilemma game to strategy to a popular game show (both group strategy and individual strategy). The problem is that my extended essay is not really about math and more econ; however, i don't think I can include much of the in-class concepts into the paper (class didnt talk much about game theory), so what should I do. Also, is it way too shallow for me just to explain game theory (without any mathematics), explain game rules, and explain the two different applications (group and individual)?
  10. Hi everyone, Next year I am going to be taking Chemistry HL , Biology HL , Economics HL , Math Sl and Lang/Lit SL. Now I was wondering if anyone had good textbook ( textbook, study guide etc.) suggestions for these subjects that I will be taking? Since our school does not require to buy or use a specific book. Thank you:)
  11. I am planning for this to be a spread where people can post some links on the updates on the positive AND negative impacts of Trump's decision of pulling out of the Paris Climate Change Agreement. I believe that most of the information in this thread will eventually be really useful especially for economics, geography and ESS students so... You're welcome... We can also talk about the claims and counter-claims by Trump and whoever is against Trump... All-in-all I am going to keep on regulating this thread in case I find anything interesting. You guys can post whatever you guys think about it... right now... Thoughts... or maybe ideas on how to help us "stop" or "slow down" climate change.
  12. So I'm going to be starting in the IB next year and I have to either choose between History HL or Economics HL OR take one as HL and the other as SL, but then I'd have to have 7 subjects and I'm not sure if I'll manage. I also want to be a diplomat or go into politics or IR or law after IB. These are the subjects I've chosen so far: English A HL Norwegian A SL Math SL Biology Visual Arts HL plzz help
  13. Hi everyone, I will go into my junior year in the coming school simester. My current IB selection is Econ HL, Psych, HL, Bio HL, and the rest at SL. What would be the best Ib combination if i am looking to do a degree in economics/ commerce for university in Canada or Australia. Also should I have physics hl instead of Biology Hl? If I want to maybe keep my options open for computer science? Some help in choosing my subjects would be highly appreciated.
  14. I'm doing my EE in economics, and I need some help to develop survey questions. My EE is based on the market failure caused by a pharmaceutical firm in my locality. My supervisor isn't very helpful in guiding me, and i dont know what sort of a survey I should take. I was thinking of interviewing the firm, and then the local residents. How should i base by survey question?
  15. My Extended Essay title from Economics is What market structure best characterizes medicine supply industries in my area Baku? Is it too narrow or too broad? I could've chosen another city but this where I live so I can do some primary research.
  16. Hi everyone, For graphs, there are cases when they label quantity (in millions) on the X-Axis. For example, there is a tariff graph and a question asks me to calculate consumer expenditure. Would I still gain marks if I wrote the answer as "(Price value) per kg" even if the X-Axis label states quantity (in millions) kg?
  17. Hey guys something has been really bothering me lately. My school just sent my commentaries to the IB a while back. I found out that some definitions in one of my commentary weren't cited but were taken from 'Investopedia', however all my ideas and concepts were original. Will I get penalised for the uncited definitions?
  18. What are your predictions for paper 3 questions that could come up? Market structures (costs) maybe?
  19. Hey everyone, I really don't understand how to draw a structural unemployment graph, and my teacher is in the hospital. I am not able to find any info about it either. Please help
  20. I am unsure in the economics exam whether I need to draw the diagrams for all the questions on the graph apper provided by the examiners, or if I draw it ont he answer booklet alongside my response to the question. Any help would be appreciated, I'm stressing out over this
  21. Hello, my teacher introduced EE today and I am wondering what topic I should research on. I chose econ for my EE. I will be in Japan during this summer and am planning to collect data from there. I am thinking microeconomics since its easier to get data. Do you guys have any ideas what I could do? My teacher told me that he is sick of reading the topic of market structure, so I have to choose something else. Please help me...
  22. Hello, I have been following every single point of the syllabus for Macroeconomics and Development. However, I feel that I won't have enough time to cover Macroeconomics and International looking at the syllabus and in very efficient way. Therefore, I would like to ask if you guys know any source to study for these following the syllabus, any tips or study guide that may help me. Also, is there a way that I can learn the 1.5 Theory firm in faster way? Thank you so much, Danilo.
  23. My research question would be "How would the legalization of recreational marijuana in Georgia affect the gross domestic product of the state?". Would there be too much speculation involved in order for this to be an effective research question?
  24. Guest

    Need some advice.

    Hi. I'm having some serious doubts about my course selection for the IB. I'm currently in Grade 10 and in my last year of MYP and will be starting the IB program this fall. I've chosen: English Lit HL Biology HL Chemistry HL Psychology HL German ab Initio SL Math SL This course combination suggests that I am leaning towards the medicine track. Although, the thing is, I'm not sure if I want to be a doctor. My parents really want me to go down this path because of the stability it provides (financial) They are also in the medical field so they know the field and they know this path very well. I've talked with them a couple times about my doubts and it usually ends in a fight. In their mind, I can only become 1 of 3 things: a doctor, a lawyer, or an engineer. *Engineering is pretty much out of the question because I suck at mathematics and I've taken two 'engineering style' courses (Intro to Computer Science and Design Technology) and I had to drop DT because I was failing the class. I am not doing too well in Computer Science either. *I'm not sure about being a lawyer too. I think I have the right skills for this career. And no, not the cliche 'I like to argue' one. I have a real passion and natural aptitude for the humanities. I have always gotten good grades in subjects such as English and History and I enjoy learning about these subjects. Unfortunately, careers in the humanities (except for being a lawyer - and even some lawyers share their experiences about how they are struggling to find work) don't pay well and I am afraid of taking a risk and changing all my IB courses to fit this pathway and I am unemployed, full of regret, and hate my life. *I'm also afraid that if I stick with my courses, I won't do well in them and I'll ruin my university chances and can kiss all my dream schools goodbye. Honestly, what top university would accept a student who had 5's for their HL sciences? Or less than that? Right now, I'm not doing badly in science. My grades range from an 88-92 but I have to try really hard to get this grade or even higher than this. In chemistry, my grades weren't bad I actually enjoyed it. Biology is okay up until you move past cell structure and you start learning about plants and anatomy and I find that really boring because of all the details & memorization. So, I would really appreciate some input on what course of action I should take. Should I listen to my parents, keep my course combo, and become a doctor despite the fact that I'm not sure if I want to be one? Or should I change my course combination?
  25. I'm just wondering what subject to do for my EE. I have a nice Physics investigation topic that I can do several experiments and write about them, which my Physics teacher kind of support and agree with the topic. But I plan to study Economics at the university... so I am just wondering if I write my EE on Economics will that boost my application? But I feel that it will be rather difficult to do so since Economics theory exists in the world and it is rather difficult to write about Economics research because economists have done a bunch of them. Another alternative is writing about Math. Well, this will take much more time, but I think it is worth trying if writing about Math can boost my Economics uni application. Thanks!!
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