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Found 721 results

  1. For our Economics IA, my teacher has given the class the article that we're meant to write the commentary on. So we're all writing about the same article- I've only just started eco so this could be normal, but from what I've heard this isn't right and it just feels weird too. Any advice? Just looking for a third-party confirmation that this is/is not legit.
  2. For our Economics IA, my teacher has given the class the article that we're meant to write the commentary on. So we're all writing about the same article- I've only just started eco so this could be normal, but from what I've heard this isn't right and it just feels weird too. Any advice? Just looking for a third-party confirmation that this is/is not legit.
  3. Hi, Next year is my first year of IB. I've decided I will do Economics as it is a subject that really interests me. Unfortunately Economics in the current system I'm in is a major bum subject so in the past I've elected not to do it(I've looked at the textbook it's literally a whole year of supply and demand curves). I'm interested in covering a broader range that i believe IB provides (correct me if I'm wrong) I'm not worried about SL, however I'm exploring the possibility of doing it as a HL course. Does HL require prior knowledge? Do you think I can manage, not having done economics before (I have an understanding of the basic concepts, I just haven't been taught it in a class) Any feedback on your experience with IB Economics would be really helpful. Thank you
  4. What is a better subject to choose for the Extended Essay if I thinking of applying to law? Unfortunately, I don't have History HL. Economics HL English B HL Geography HL Russian A
  5. irvena21


    So I'm currently working on my EE on economics. My RQ is: 'to what extent does the price discrimination used by Singapore Airlines affect the demand for Singapore Airlines plane tickets?' The thing is, to answer the RQ, I need data regarding SIA's PED but I can't access it. So I have to tweak my RQ, so I can answer it using the data that is accessible. But I don't have any ideas what to change the RQ into.......somebody pls help... the data that I currently hv include: SIA's monthly & yearly revenue, load factor, available seats, passenger yield, sales in advance of carriage, passenger revenue by route region etc.
  6. Do you think that I can get to Law with these subjects? I don't have History HL, it sucks. I won't change Geo to History because it is too late, but do you think I need to change ESS to Biology SL? Geography HL Economics HL English B HL ESS SL Maths SL Russian A SL
  7. Hey is there a site or some kind of resource for real life examples for every chapter?
  8. So I'm in my second semester of my preparation year and I now have to decide what subjects I want. I want to study medicine so therefore I have decided to study both chem and bio HL, I still need to decide what group 3 subject I want and at what level. I can pick from history, phsycology and economics all at both SL and HL, which one would you recommend?
  9. Doing my EE in economics. Could I do competiton between Asian food importers? OR i could do competition of Indian restaurants.
  10. Hi guys! (Just to give you some background about me : I am very interested in economics but my school does not offer it in group 6. So I sacrificed it in order to take history at group 3 which is a recommended subject for a law degree.) I do not have in-depth knowledge in econs but I studied econs in IGCSE(which is why I developed an interest in econs). I would like to do an ee on econs but I was intimidated by this :"the more background a student has in the subject, the better the chance he or she has of writing a good extended essay. Choosing to write the extended essay in a subject that is not being studied as part of the Diploma Programme often leads to lower marks" quoted from Extended essay guide. Any advice or similar experience on this matter ? Thank you very very much .
  11. Hi, its my first time writing here, so i don't really know how this works. Its my first year of IB and in two weeks i have my mid terms. I really want to prepare for my exams and i tried to google some Paper 3 economics practice questions, however, i couldn't find any. I already did all the questions that cover the material we did in class until now (demand and supply, equilibrium, elasticity), but there were only three questions and i feel its not enough. I really struggle with paper 3, i feel like paper 1 its easier because you can explain your ideas more clearly. So my question for you is, where could i find some more practice? If you have some practice worksheets, please help me
  12. Hello, so my supervisor recommended this research question to me: To what extent can microfinancing in the Philippines help women and families escape the poverty trap? I personally think this is way to broad. Help?
  13. How would I go about structuring an EE in market competition? I have been struggling to come up with a topic, but have several ideas. If you think one is good or have another Idea i beg you to post it, and how I should go about to get my data. IDEAS I could do how the development of a region in my area has increased demand of educational services, leading to production of a school, however causing student numbers of another to drop drastically, due to lower fees, and easier to get to (its close to the new suburb) My local shops have 1 smoothie shop and i could do to what extent is this a monopoly OR i could do to what extent do food stalls in the Eatery OR clothes shops display characteristics of a market in perfect competition. We recently had a large shopping brand enter my city. I could do how this effects demand at the other stalls, and what potential does this shop have to become a monopoly and say how it effects other substitutes from entering the market. Thank you guys sooo much for posting stuff. You are the best!!!
  14. I am wondering if this would be a good subject combo: HL Economics HL Biology HL English (not sure yet if I want lang & lit or lit) SL Math SL Finnish SL Chemistry Unfortunately I have no idea where I want to study after the IB, or what I want to study. I am wondering if these seem like subject choices that wouldn't close too many doors for me. The thing that troubles me the most is if it is "useless" to take HL bio without taking HL chemistry with it. I don't enjoy chemistry that much, but then again I've always had horrible teachers which has drawn me away from the subject itself. Though in the IB I would have a new teacher. I really don't know if I should take chemistry at all or if it is important. Thank you for any replies in advance
  15. Where can i get an ib economics HL study guide
  16. I'm in Year 11 MYP right now and we have to make our subject selections for DP very soon. In order to get into the degree I want to do I'll need at least a 43/45, which I know is crazy hgih - but hey you gotta have dreams. I need advice on what subjects are the easiest to score 7s in, because I could swap around some stuff with sciences and humanities. See the list below: HL - Language A: Eng lang lit, Economics, Geography SL - Maths, Mandarin Ab initio, Biology ? I'm a diligent student, so would work hard, but I also want to have a life :')
  17. I'd appreciate some advice I'm mainly aiming for medicine, but there's a small chance I'd go for law I guess. I like geography more and am better at it, but I hear that it might be a soft subject and its percentages for 7 are not as high as econ. I'm absolutely horrible at graphs and I find the content of economics dull at times, but it's more well-respected by unis ( is that true?) and has one of the highest percentages for 7. I'm already gonna take Chem and Bio HL, so I really need a subject to balance my workload out lol 1. Which subject is easier to get a 7 in/ easier in general? 2. Which subject would be able to balance out my workload? 3. Which subject is more auspicious and more highly regarded by universities? 4. Which subject is better for medicine and which one is better for law? 5. Which subject will good essay writing skills compliment more? 6. Does Economics have a lot of complicated graphs? Which subject would you recommend overall? Thanks :))))
  18. 1. How would you rank geography, economics and history in terms of difficulty and workload (especially with chem hl and bio hl)? (1-easiest, 3-most difficult) 2. How would you rank these subjects in terms of being more highly regarded by universities? (1-most highly regarded, 3-least highly regarded) 3. Which subject is harder, History HL or English HL? If I do choose History, I'll need to push either to HL, and I'm quite worried about the workload of all HLs combined together. Thanks
  19. Hey guys I'm in year 10 right now and aiming for mainly medicine or possibly law school. I'll be taking Chemistry HL and Biology HL/SL; I hear that Chemistry HL is one of the hardest ib subjects and Biology requires a lot of memorizing. So considering the fact that people say History is one of the hardest subjects to get a 7 and takes a lot in general, would this combination be manageable for a good grade? I find History interesting, essay writing is one of my strengths and it helps law admission for a bit I guess? On the other hand, Economics is a much easier subject to secure a 7 in from what I hear, and is less demanding as I already have chem and bio. I'll probably have an easier time doing chem bio econ, and MIGHT manage to get better grades. I like the social part of Economics (history more so), but am really bad with graphs and diagrams (not good at maths either hehe), plus I have no intention in doing business or economics in uni. My school has started on econ yet so I don't know a lot about it but my subject choices are just round the corner :') So would doing History be worth the effort seeing how medical schools look more at your overall grade rather than what humanities subject you choose? And is it true that Economics will be able to boost my overall grade up compared to History? Do medical schools or law schools have a preference between those two subjects and which subject do you think I should choose for a better chance of admission into medical school? Or perhaps Geography would be a better choice for better grades? I find its content interesting too (not keen on map-reading tho) I'm open-minded about those three subjects and would really appreciate some suggestions. I'm asking a lot of questions sawry and thanks in advance :)))
  20. Hi all, I looked at previous years samples and saw that everyone of them had a hypothesis. Is it an IB requirement or is it optional? Kindly guide me Thanks in advance
  21. Hey IbSurvivalists, I am contemplating whether an EE in Ec would be good, as i am struggling to come up with a topic for chemsitry (which i was gonna do). Our drafts are due week nine this term (in Aus, so around end of nov) so i am running out of time to finish this dam essay!!! Any possible ideas would be much appreciated, or topics that would be unique and interesting to do. Cheers
  22. Hello everyone, I just have a quick question, I am doing a presentation in economics on indirect taxes. For that, I need to explain the necessary graphs and so on. My question is, how could I best describe producer surplus and still link it back to the indirect tax graph. Thanks for the help!
  23. Hi guys, Does IB accept research title (e.g. Impact of Brexit on Business Profit: Evidence in the XXX town) instead of research question (e.g. To what extent has Brexit affected the profits of the small business in XXX town). Thanks.
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