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Found 403 results

  1. Which title do you think is the Best??? or wich one did you chose???
  2. Hey guys! In terms of revising for the English Comparative Essay, how crucial is it for us to also consider the use of props, sound + lighting, space, etc when we're analysing the play? So far in my notes, I've considered mostly themes, characterisation, motifs and the context and I'm not sure if it is necessary to also include the elements of a staged production as well. Thanks!
  3. Hello Guys, I need help. I'm doing my EE in economics. I have decided to do something related to textile industry, as my father works there. It will also be easy to get primary data. However I don't know which parts of economics should I explore. Can someone give me few ideas? Thank You.
  4. I'm thinking about doing the IB Extended Essay on the History of Science, what do you think ??? Specific issues that might be a good idea? Thank you in advance.
  5. 2017 IB'ers, Was I the only one that stood 5 minutes looking at the new TOK prescribed titles and felt as empty as a waffles chips pack? Seriously, am I the only one that, comparing with the previous year's titles, thinks these ones are even more vague and intricate? Teachers usually say: look at them all, chop off 3 right away, consider 2 and keep one as the back up plan. Honestly, I did not look at any that would inspire me to write 1.600 words. 5 and 6 are, lets say, the ones that I would see myself doing, though all of the others belong to the "right away chop off" category, which is kinda bad... Has the same happened with you? Which do you find the hardest one(s)? Or is any of you feeling inspired with these themes? If so, could you briefly discuss the key topics that you think are important to consider for each one?
  6. I'm planning to do my EE in Biology on the topic "Various factors affecting the pain tolerance and pain threshold" This experiment would involve candidates immersing their hand in ice-cold water, while I measure how long can they keep it in the container till their hand goes numb and they can't keep it in there anymore. A little like the ice-bucket challenge, really. However, my supervisor says that such experiments are usually discouraged and graded low marks by the IBO. So, is that true? Have any of you done an experiment of a similar kind which might have gotten you a good score?
  7. I'm thinking about doing the IB Extended Essay (EE) on the History of Science, what do you think ??? Specific issues that might be a good idea? Thank you in advance.
  8. I'm thinking about doing the IB Extended Essay on the History of Science, what do you think ??? Specific issues that might be a good idea? Thank you in advance.
  9. Hey! Does anyone know when the Prescribed essay titles for 2017 come out? Or if they have, what they are? Thanks Any help is appreciated
  10. The ToK essay question I chose says to "explore this question with reference to two areas of knowledge.” Would I lose points if I used 3 areas or would it be okay?
  11. So I've been trying to come up with a topic for my ToK essay, but haven't gotten any great ideas. Are there any topics in particular that are filled with ToK aspects that I could write about? Any suggestions on interesting topics? I'm open to all and any suggestions. Thanks!
  12. I have to start my IA this week, and I cannot decide on what aspect of business I should base it on? Should I focus on work force motivation? Production? or finance? please help, I'm really confused and my teacher didn't give us much support before the break.
  13. goingtoib

    IB subjects

    Hey! I'm might entering the IB curriculum starting this week, so I would appreciate some response regarding my IB subjects; English Lang & Lit HL Economics HL Physics HL Math SL Biology SL Swedish Lang & Lit SL After thorough consideration, I personally figured out that this may be a reasonably challenging combination with a balance of essay writing and problem solving. However, I am concerned about me being prepared for the subjects academically. 1. English is not my first language, however throughout the years I've always attained a good grade in as it's been one of my stronger subjects. Being nearly fluent in writing and oral communication, is it possible to get a good grade in it even though I'm not a native? 2. Is Physics HL mathematically too hard if I take Math SL? From what I understand, physics is more about learning new concepts and applying them to problems using math as "support". Am I wrong/ is it solely based on math at a higher level? 3. Is Bio SL an easy/hard subject? I've decided on Bio SL though elimination of the remaining subjects I don't enjoy. I also believe that it'll maintain the rigour of my combination (as it's respected by colleges), but in a "less challenging" manner. I've also had quite some experience with the subject, hence why I believe parts of it will be more of a repetition. 4. Is it too hard to juggle two language A courses? Swedish is my first language and I've always been pretty good at in school so taking it isn't really a question for me- (But if you guys have had this subject, please share some insight on it's difficulty, content etc). Also, I'm assuming that the two Lang & Lit subjects go in line with each other since they're the same in terms of structure. Won't that make it easier, considering that I can do similar work in both subjects, only in different languages? To sum it up, I would be very thankful if you can answer as many above mentioned questions as possible + give me some general tips and insight on the subjects I'm taking (like how you find the subject etc). Thanks!!
  14. I am currently working on my chem. EE related to the synthesis of aspirin (or acetylsalicylic acid). I am unsure of how complex Chem EE's should be because I feel that the way I will carry out my topic may be too direct. I am finding it difficult to formulate a research question as I don't exactly have a direct plan of what I would do with the acetylsalicylic acid yielded. So how complex should the EE be?? Something completely out of the syllabus? What tips do you guys have for Chem. EEs and how do I score top marks? Thanks in advance!!
  15. I'm starting to write my extended essay and I want to do it on a book but I have no idea how to go about it. I know I want to do it on an in depth study of a theme in a literary work. The examples online are lacking at best and none fit what I want to do, does that mean I am offtrack/wrong? I want to do it on Peter and Wendy or Alice in Wonderland, explore the underlying messages of childhood innocence, wonder, naivety or imagination through an analysis of techniques and metaphors. Any help/ideas?
  16. Good morning/afternoon/evening (who knows, right?) I have decided to do my Extended Essay on Film. I do not have it at my school, though it is one of my main interests. My question is on the topic. I have thought about two options, please guys help me out in here: comparison between The Lord of the Flies and The Apocalypse Now (my RQ would be: To what extent does each film reflect the downfall of the oneiric/idyllic and the appearance of the anarchy?). In this first option, I would like to explore the islands and the idyllic as a theme, that is, the idea of perfection in Cinema. If you guys have some other idea than Apocalypse Now please tell me. In addition, I though about comparing Sam Raimi's Spider Man (the older films) and Mark Webb's The Amazing Spider Man (the more recent spider man movies). It would be a cool and original thing to do, also there has been lots of debate on Mark Webb's films as they are considered to be worse and puny, comparing to Raimi's. I don't have a topic for this, since it is simply an idea, but if you think this would be good for an EE... I am kinda frightened with this as I have the feeling the examiners won't really like this... Please guys, I am really in trouble, just let me know of what you think and if you had Film as an EE what was your topic. Cheers, Richard
  17. I chose a topic and I have to have a rough draft up for this within one month. My topic is the psychology of authority brutality and I am going to compare the Stanford Prison Experiment and police brutality in America. I think that this topic is very interesting and a unique topic, as does my supervisor, but I need a little help with starting it off.
  18. Hello! So I am a little nervous with the IB results coming up. One of my concerns is whether or not my TOK is plagiarized in the way that I didn't cite general knowledge claims. Examples include: -"it explained how DNA contains our identity encrypted in detail with variations of complex chemicals" It referring to a book, being told as a personal experience -"art appreciation in ancient Rome was very distinct to that of Native Americans as different qualities defined the value of artistic material" -"it is not only morally accepted, but also part of everyday life to subordinate women from men in other places like Saudi Arabia" (I know this sounds very wrong but I wrote this essay last minute) -"I have also realized that even though ethical knowledge in Western Europe and in Eastern Asia were developed almost independently, both cultures have reached the same conclusion that murder and theft are ethically wrong" None of these claims are cited as my teacher said that general knowledge claims are fine to not be cited, however, my teacher is not really an IB teacher and he also did not explain well what he meant by general knowledge claims (pretty broad to just mention eh?) My question is, since most of you guys went to real IB schools (not like mine lol) what do you know about this? am I ok? And if the IB says its plagiarized what happens? I did not use any sources to write the essay, no websites to help me with these claims because they only need common sense and general knowledge, all of it was my own knowledge and according to TurnItIn the entire essay had a similarity of 1%. The entire essay is in my own words, not even quotes!
  19. Hi all. I have been told to come up with a subject and a rough research question for my EE. I spent the whole day reading and having classes about the EE, and I have decided that I am going to be writing it on Biology. I already know that this subject is quite hard to get a good grade on, however it is the only topic in which I am passionate about enough to write my EE. (I am not willing to change subject or topic). So far I have a few rough ideas on what I want to do: Specific diets and their impact upon heart problems Something on hormones Why certain vitamins are needed by the human body How weight, exercise, smoking and stress contribute to heart diseases. Energy needed by the body I have a lot of interest in these subjects, however I have found it hard to come up with research experiments that are needed for me to be able to write a good EE. Do you have any ideas? I know that I cannot really experiment much on the human body, so this is why I have found it hard to come up with ideas. People have suggested the idea of exercising and eating different amounts of calories etc and seeing the effect on blood and heart rate etc. over a period of weeks, however I feel this might not be original enough for an EE? Any advice on this?
  20. Version 1.0.0


    This is my EE in Polish A Literature. The topic is Wpływ pamięci o życiowych doświadczeniach na konstrukcję psychiki bohaterek „Cudzoziemki” Marii Kuncewiczowej i „Persepolis” Marjane Satrapi. It got 32/36 and an A grade. Enjoy!
  21. Polish A Literature Extended Essay View File This is my EE in Polish A Literature. The topic is Wpływ pamięci o życiowych doświadczeniach na konstrukcję psychiki bohaterek „Cudzoziemki” Marii Kuncewiczowej i „Persepolis” Marjane Satrapi. It got 32/36 and an A grade. Enjoy! Submitter Sceptyczka Submitted 05/14/2016 Category Language A1
  22. I'll jump right in to the absolute mess of my situation - I changed from World Studies to English at a reasonably late date (but not the latest!) and have since found a muse for my essay writing. The beautifully gothic Edgar Allan Poe - I've chosen 'The Pit and the Pendulum', 'The Black Cat', 'The Tell-Tale Heart', and 'The Fall of the House of Usher' as my four short stories to study. Of course, I have an English supervisor, but there is one problem - she's suggested I jump right in and write, without a question. Okay, so I know I need to write about the gothic horror element within his writing. But that's too broad, surely? I've thought about the theme of inflicted and innate madness, and their different portrayals within the stories, but I am unsure. Has anyone else done Edgar Allan Poe in the past, and if so, what topic did you decide on? I simply need inspiration. My first draft is due in two weeks. Thank you! mala-prop-ism
  23. Hello all, my research question is "To what extent does the depreciation in RMB in 2015 improve the exports of Chinese electrical components?" My supervisor just met me and said that my hypothesis is making no sense as i hypothesized that the extent would be 'great' (I know it is ridiculous but i have no idea how can i hypothesize it) Also in this essay, i only stated the theory of the law of demand. I feel like the economic knowledge is too poor. However, i have no idea what other theories i can add. Maybe elasticity? I am reallly confused and the due date is coming! My supervisor just told me these problems omg...
  24. So I have an essay due May 10th. (Originally May 4th, extensions are IB kids' best friends lol) The topic is as mentioned above. I wanna focus on 4 points (2 strengths and 2 weaknesses) For strengths, I have deductive and inductive logic provides evidence-based knowledge. For weaknesses, I have the rigidity of deductive to be used in ethical knowledge claims and the problematic nature of inductive logic as it encourages fast generalizations. I need help Thanks fellas
  25. I didn't receive my diploma because I failed my extended essay. I am retaking math hl and my extended essay. Will I receive my diploma, if I fail my essay again BUT get one extra point in mathematics, therefore bringing my total points from 27 to 28 ? I read a document somewhere that getting more than 27 points means you dont have to pass your extended essay to receive your diploma. Thank you so much in advance for your time, everyone
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