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Found 403 results

  1. I am having some trouble with my study guide for SCLOA (sociocultural levels of analysis). Im also having troubles figuring out how to evaluate theories as a whole.... There are also some specific topics that im having trouble with if anyone could help with notes, studies, or where to find information (LOA or CC?), it would be greatly appreciated - Study to prove that peoples schemas are resistant to change - roles of situational and dispositional factors (studies) - formation of stereotypes and effect on behavior - compliance techniques - conformity any help would be greatly appreciated,
  2. Hi there, Was wondering if someone could review my Literary Essay of roughly 1000 words -- it would really help as I'm doing poorly in English HL and the critique and advice would really help me out. Cheers.
  3. Hey guys, I was just wondering if it's acceptable to refer to yourself whilst writing a historical investigation essay. For example, if I wanted to state my opinion or conclusion on something, would I refer to myself or cut it out completely?
  4. Hey Everyone! I just have a simple question (hopefully)... What are the grade boundaries for TOK for the new syllabus? Both for the presentation and for the essay? Also, I got a 7 out of 10 in my first attempt at the TOK presentation (had it on a Friday and my prelims from Monday to Thursday so it held no priority therefore I invested no time ). I was wondering, should I do a second attempt (our school allows a "practice" but if you do well then they don't make you do it again)? I am aiming to get my 3 points for TOK and EE because I want a good score by the end of this, BUT I am not sure if I can completely put my faith in getting an A for my EE... So basically what I am asking is for the grade boundaries, and if anyone thinks I can still get an A in TOK having only gotten 7 in my presentation, or do you think I should resit and invest more time in the presentation? Thank you
  5. Hey there, I was wondering if anyone was keen to help me review some of the work that I have done for my WIT and EE maybe? I'm not sure, am I allowed to do that? Just send some work to you, you tell me if I'm totally going on the completely wrong track or if I'm going pretty okay? Also, is there a risk that if I do this, it will show up when they check my work with turnitin? Or will anyone plagiarise my work...? Thank you
  6. Hello everybody I haven't decided on a thesis or anything for my essay, but I was wondering if I am allowed to compare the society of today to a few aspects of the book I am planning on doing: Brave New World? So, something like, how does _______ parallel to modern society? .....but better haha All the essays I have read as examples only focus on the aspect and its significance within the book, but I feel like Brave New World discusses themes that are immensely relevant to today.... am I allowed to explore this in my essay? Thank you very much
  7. Hey all! I am in the process of choosing my EE topic. I have chosen Psychology as my desired subject area but I do not know if my topic idea is appropriate as it falls more under parapsychology. I would like to write my EE on ghosts and how they are simply perceived by humans in this way based on past experiences, personality, etc. of that person. In other words, ghosts are not real, they are simply formations of past experiences and personality in our minds and that is why they are perceived in this way. Any help regarding my topic would be greatly appreciated, but I am really just wondering if this is an appropriate topic and if there is enough research to support my claim. Thanks! P.S. I also had an idea for my Psychology EE about birth order and it's effects on personality and intelligence. Would this be a better topic? Please respond! Thank you!
  8. Hi, “In gaining knowledge, each area of knowledge uses a network of ways of knowing.†Discuss this statement with reference to two areas of knowledge. What do you guys think about title 1? By reading the question I understand that it's asking you to explain the idea of how the WOK's link together to help you understand the knowledge in the AOK. I am finding it difficult to find arguments that oppose this idea and disagree on it.. do you have any idea, perspectives, opinions, whatever.... any help is appreciated!!
  9. lm9


    I have chosen to write my TOK essay related to the following question: â–ª To what extent do the concepts that we use shape the conclusions that we reach? Could you give me some examples of real life situations? Thanks
  10. HEY GUYS! I just chose my TOK essay topic which is '"The knower's perspective is essential in the pursuit of knowledge." To what extent do you agree with this statement?'. As I outlined my essey, I've decided to write about factors such as cognition, experiance, culture and quest for knowledge itself. Do you have any other ideas what should be mentioned in such essay? Maybe some helpful exmaples? btw. I totally do agree with this statemnt, yet my chaotic mind doesn't let me support it in approperiately logical way Peace yo!
  11. Hello IB Survivors! I'm thinking about picking this RQ for my Extended Essay : "To what extend do events in J.R.R Tolkien universe resemble those described in the Holy Bible?" I would like to compare events described in Silmarillion and LOTR with events described in the Bible. For example creation of world ( Arda), Eru IIiuvatar and the hierarchy of Maiar and Valar, end of the world as Morgoth return (Dagor Dagorath), big flood of Numenor etc. What do you think about this idea? Looking for feedback Take Care
  12. Hello IB Survivors! I'm wondering is it possible to compare 2 books: one english written, and other non english. I'm thinking of comparing LOTR and Polish Witcher universums: language, world, races etc. If it is possible, what you think of that idea? My current topic is "How does the lust for power plays a role in the One Ring impact on protagonists and antagonists behavior?" But I think that this topic idea is more creative Take Care
  13. Hi. I am currently working on my TOK essay. I chose the first title, "In gaining knowledge, each area of knowledge uses a network of ways of knowing.†Discuss this statement with reference to two areas of knowledge." I am not sure about the phrase "gaining knowledge". Does it mean personal knowledge or universal knowledge? Can I talk about both?
  14. Hi! I needed some advice on my EE topic.... Is "Honor Killings in India" narrow enough? -----> { I want to focus and research more on the role society plays against familial relationships } Is Human Rights the BEST topic to go into if I want to research Honor Killings? *aside* I haven't actually taken the class, Human Rights, but the IB coordinator said that it's fine
  15. I started to write a research question, and needed some advice on how to amp it up a bit --> To what extent are societal values more important than relationships? BACKGROUND; I am doing my EE on the topic of Human Rights, about Honor Killings in India. I wanted to focus more on the subject of how society and its expectations (within a conservative area ---> for example a village in India) impacts a person more then their familial ties.
  16. hello all, i started working on my TOK essay, since my teacher wants a first draft in 10 days (october 15). now i wrote an introduction, but i want some one to proof read it and tell me what needs improvement in it, since my TOK teacher refused to do that and hes not that good or that reliable anyways (hes new) im doing the first prescribed topic. “In gaining knowledge, each area of knowledge uses a network of ways of knowing.†Discuss this statement with reference to two areas of knowledge.“In gaining knowledge, each area of knowledge uses a network of ways of knowing.†Discuss this statement with reference to two areas of knowledge. my areas of knowledge are art and history, and my ways of knowing are emotion and sense perception if any one can help, please direct message me on here. thanks
  17. I've chosen an EE in Philosophy, and I need a little bit of guidance from people who've written a Philosophy EE or otherwise know about how they work. I've read over the IB subject guide and the 2012 report and I've skimmed over some of the excellent essays (I'll read them more in depth as I progress in my own essay). So far I have my mentor, research question, and an outline which I can link if anybody's interested. My RQ is this: "To what extent are moral and ethical values internally or externally determined, according to John Stuart Mill’s (Hedonistic) Utilitarianism, Immanuel Kant’s Categorical Imperative, and Ayn Rand’s Objectivism? My outline looks roughly like this: Introduction RQ Background Thesis Argument Presentation of each of the above systems (including criticism) and their relevance to the RQ Analysis Strict analysis and interpretation of how exactly each system answers the RQ Analytical compare and contrast Conclusion Answers the RQ Issues, unresolved questions, new areas of exploration And of course I'll be using mostly primary sources and a few secondary sources I know it seems vague and insubstantial at some parts- that's one of the things I'm working on So my questions are these: Is my RQ focused enough? Should I narrow the topic itself, or limit myself to two or just one of the three systems (Utilitarianism, Categorical Imperative, Objectivism)?One of the issues that the 2012 report really belabors is that some essays were descriptive, not analytical. How can I make sure that my essay is analysis-focused and it just doesn't describe and compare the systems? Please feel free to answer these questions and also comment on your general thoughts on this, any fundamental or future problems, etc. Thanks for your help!
  18. Hey Guys , I can't find anything about this and i need to write an essay about this 3"Essay: "Evaluate strengths and limitations of the resources available in single and multi – user systems?" Thanks guys
  19. I am currently working on history homework, and struggling to find primary sources. How do you find primary sources? Websites? Books? Are there any good websites that provide good primary sources? Research question of my essay is, Evaluate the quote. "Failure to effectively respond to Italy's aggression in Ethiopia signified the death of the League of Nations."
  20. Hello. I'm planning on doing my Extended Essay on psychology. I was wondering if this was a good topic to do research on? Thanks! How do genetics and environmental factors contribute to the development of introversion?
  21. Hey, so another thing I don't know... I'm doing my extended essay on Brave New World (english), but so far I don't have a question or literally anything, but I have the holidays coming up and I have no idea where to start? Like, I'm planning to actually read the book and then analyse it, but then what? Also, what should I include in my essay, what points do I need to make and what do I need to write about (not topic/book wise, but like, Introduction, body paragraphs, conclusion... is there anything besides that and the abstract and bibliography??) and what should I stay away from doing? Also, I understand It has to be formal, but will a bit of humour impact on my grade, or can I be more lighthearted about it? And what techniques have you guys done in order to write a successful extended essay, and do you think I'll be able to finish it in three weeks? I do have longer but I really just pan to sit down and just do everything these holidays so I don't have to worry about anything later on in the course or next year... Thank you!
  22. Hello everyone! I am currently struggling between two disciplines and topics for my extended essay. 1) WORLD STUDIES: examining the effect of conflict between religion in a certain world issue (syria/palestine, I have yet to decide about that) 2) PSYCHOLOGY: how dreams affect our realities OR something that circles around sexual orientation (fluidity, identity) OR something about how pscyhopaths become psychopaths through nature/nurture I'm just very stuck and frustratingly indecisive, there is so much to research for both of them. What do you think would be the "better" one? Thank you so much.
  23. Hi. I am a Year 2 IB student, and I'm planning on doing my EE on Psychology. I have a topic, but I would like to hear some advice on it before I start planning. - I don't know where to start. How can I plan my essay? - Is my research question too vague? Research Question: “How does sleep deprivation affect one’s psychological health?" Thanks!
  24. Hi. I am a Year 2 IB student, and I'm planning on doing my EE on Psychology. I have a topic, but I would like to hear some advice on it before I start planning. - I don't know where to start. How can I plan my essay? - Is my research question too vague? Research Question: “How does sleep deprivation affect one’s psychological health?" Thanks!
  25. Hi guys, As is apparent from the topics title, our TOK essays are due in two days and I'm just wondering whether it is acceptable to use abbreviations like WOK, AOK in our essays? Would they be penalized? Thanks in advance.
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