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Found 231 results

  1. The upcoming e-assessment seems very hard, math is my only issue. Please provide tips and suggestions on how to overcome it.
  2. Hey Guys! I wanted to know how everyone found the biology paper 1 and 2! I thought paper two was really bizarre! Also, looked through the Oxford textbook, no mention of a freaking goblet cell...
  3. i take: HL global politics HL film HL chinese language & literature SL english literature SL maths SL design technology i have both HL & SL papers for some of them. i am contemplating whether to keep SL papers when I do HL; & if I should keep my HL papers when I do SL... i know for some subjects the assessments are very similar or even same in HL & SL. sooo plz provide me your valuable opinions! thx
  4. Hello everyone, I wonder if it is acceptable to use an erasable pen on the exams? Thanks a lot.
  5. I've searched it, but nothing comes up. Is there an IB exam for Film?
  6. Hey, guys! I want to take IELTS exam by the end of this year. I need to know which one is better: IELTS Academic or IELTS General Training. As I know, IELTS General Training is if you know for sure that you will go to study to an English-speaking country, and I am not sure that I will do this. Even so, I did not get for what is IELTS Academic exactly. Can you, please, explain it to me and also tell me which IELTS do you think is better to take? Thank you!
  7. Hey, I'm new to this website and I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to study for my pre-ib exam? I'm also a little confused, because the school I hope to get into holds the Pre-IB exams in January instead of the apparently usual Nov. or May. Does anyone have any idea why? Thanks
  8. Hey guys!! So as it is July, my November exams are only a few months away. Currently, my worst subject is physics HL. I find it really difficult to grasp (and memorise) all the different concepts and I'm slightly stressed out at the moment as the only topics I'm kinda confident in are topics 2, 3 and 4. So my current plan is to go through the Oxford textbook and take summary notes of each topic. Then after taking the summary notes I plan on doing questions for that topic. I'm not sure how effective this method would be, and it would also be very time consuming. Also I heard that the May 2016 Physics paper was a horrific :') *crying* I'm just wondering if any other physics HL students have good tips on pretty much just learning everything and being able to fully understand every topic with depth. Thanks! Also if you guys have any tips for my other subjects feel free to chuck em in this thread
  9. Hey! I got my exam results today and I am pretty happy with it. I was able to accurately predict my own scores for the most part so there were no surprises. Plus, I was awarded my diploma. But, in both History of Americas HL and Biology HL i am 4 marks away from a 6. I got a 6 in English A HL. I want 6s in all my HL because the college that I am going to will only give me credit for the HL courses that I got a 6 or 7 in. So, I do not really care about my SLs. I wanted to know or get advice from anyone who has had experiecne with getting their exams remarked. Money is not an issue and I don't care if it gets remarked so much that I don't get my diploma (which i doubt will happen because I have 31 points and I doubt it will be marked down that much ... at least i hope not). So does anyone think it is worth it to get my History of Americas HL and biology HL exams remarked???
  10. If one gets 7's on the IA's and 5 on the External exams --> what will the final score be?
  11. How did you guys find the papers?? I'm in England and I think we got TZ2. Honestly, I thought paper 1 was ok, but paper 2 was in my opinion horrible. There were around 10 questions that I couldn't answer and had to guess. Plus, the phrasing really put me off. There was a question about the mechanism of the alcohol in the benzene (sn1 or sn2), but the phrasing was totally off like it was about something else.
  12. How did you all do? I was glad that paper 1 was on Gorbachev and East Germany because I studied that a lot over the school year. The last question is the only place of worry for me, because I always tend to lose marks for not citing enough sources lol
  13. Well now that its past 24 hours since math HL paper 2, we can finally discuss it! How was the paper? Did you find the last question in section B difficult?
  14. This will be a viral topic for you guys to discuss about because of the recent incidents on the exam papers of May 2016. First of all, before I would like to say anything, I have heard a lot of rumors of what happened in the Physics Exam, and I am really sorry to those who really suffered a traumatic experience especially in Physics Paper 2. However, recently, another petition has surfaced on the internet for Biology HL / SL Papers too, claiming that IB has departed from their regular exam patterns. These questions / concerns began to appear in my mind. Although, this could be a personal opinion that may not agree with your stance. Do you think petition will be used as a tool to argue with IB to lower the grade boundary? Should IB be challenging for the students in order to differentiate who are the top percentage of students that is confident and aced the exam? If petition is used in every single exam afterwards, what may happen? Will we actually start a trend for future students to start a petition whenever there is a difficult paper? Sources: https://www.change.org/p/ib-physics-examination-may-2016 https://www.change.org/p/international-bacc-ib-biology-sl-examination-2016
  15. hey, anyone who was unhappy with the may 2016 SL Physics paper 1 and 2, or found that the examination was unfair in content and level of difficulty, please take a moment to sign this petition:) (let's be honest, that was brutal guys.......) https://www.change.org/p/ib-physics-examination-may-2016/sponsors/new EDIT: also, pls share the link with our fellow IBs
  16. Since it has been 24 hours, how did you HL Lit students do?? I chose question 8 (i think) under the prose fiction section that talked about how characters often are trying to escape something or someone. I personally thought it was pretty easy, I easily wrote 5 and half pages. How did everyone else do?
  17. Hi, I'm trying to solve some exercises from my IB math book, but I'm not sure how I'm supposed to proceed with my answer so that I get the full mark. For example: "Show that y=2-7/(1+2x) has no horizontal tangents? What do they expect from me?
  18. it may sound as a stupid question, You know how we have to put the selected number for the cover sheet right? But I think for the blue cover sheet of English A paper 2 I put "1", although I wrote whole essay about question 2. I also put question 2 for essay paper (it's just cover sheet that I put it wrong) Do you think examiner will know I write my essay about question 2?
  19. Hello! I am a senior in IB and am taking my exams in a month. I feel very confidant in all of my IB classes except for Sports Exercise Health Science. Because it is a relatively new course, there are few resources available for studying. Does anyone have a study guide for this course or know where I could find one? Thank you!
  20. Hey, Does anyone know if it is obligatory to write the word count of your essays on Paper 2 in English B HL? I never used to do that when writing trial papers at school, and also the teacher told us that on HL we can exceed the word limit, is it true? For instance, can I write 550 words in Section A or 300-350 in Personal Response on Paper 2 and not get my points lowered?
  21. I'm taking the IB Biology SL exam next month and want to hear from others who have already taken it or are planning to. I'm not really sure how many days in advance I should be studying or from where... My school has a really low average for Biology tests, a 4.3, and I got a 19/24 score on my IA. I really want to get a 6 or so, so I know I have a lot of work to do on my own. Any tips?
  22. My teacher told us that the IB made this new rule that Business and Management higher level can't use a formulae in the exams. Is this true?? Because other schools in my city are going to use the formulae
  23. When I study from notes, textbooks, videos, etc. I feel like I really understand the topic. However, when I do past papers, I am unable to do well in them. It's like Iv'e been studying for something completely different. And I study from the correct syllabus and I go over the required knowledge and understandings. I don't know where I'm going wrong.
  24. Hey guys, as you know exams are in less than two weeks and, probably as all of you, I am stressed for maths (I need to get a 7 to meet my university requirements). I think creating a post to share suggestions and useful revision tips would be useful. My main suggestions are the following. 1)Do past papers 2)If you manage to put your hands on the questionbank, do past questions divided in topics. I feel that this technique allows you to understand the typical exercises better than doing past papers. If the questionbank is not available, just scroll through the papers and do all the exercises of the same topic together 3)The section which I find more challenging in paper 1 and paper 2 is section B. While doing the exercises on section A, if I encounter a difficulty, I simply go on and leave it for later. If you guys have any other suggestions comment below so that we can all help each other out. Good luck on your revision
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