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Found 231 results

  1. Hi guys, So I'll be taking my Math SL exam in a couple days and I would like to seek some clarification on the formatting of the Math SL exam. While doing mock exams, I noticed there is a fixed space (a small box) for Section A answers. Can anyone who previously took the Math SL exam or has knowledge on this topic clarify if the box given is the only space allowed for answers? On the cover sheet it says otherwise but I don't think that it is logical to fit answers for some questions that require multiple parts and work unless u divide the box into two columns which would be rather messy. Thanks to anyone who offer insight! Good luck to others writing exams as well! . Another small question I have is how do you show the final answer on the IB exam. Is there a specific way cause I usually just put a box around my final answer. Thanks again!
  2. Hi! I will be taking the HL Math exam soon and I am confused as to what apps are allowed on my calculator? I have the TI 84+ c silver edition. I have these apps that are preloaded on the calculator: App4MathPolynomial Root Finder/Simultaneous Equation SolverFinanceEasyData Thank you for your help!
  3. Ok so the question might sound quite confusing but I'll explain. I get somewhat worried when I am studying a concept in biology from textbook, and the wording of that concept from the textbook will not match up too well with the mark scheme for a particular question. It's never actually happened to me yet in an internal school exam because we have access to questionbank and I normally study using those markschemes, but I often see situations where if I didn't have the access to the mark schemes, and I learnt a concept entirely from a textbook, that I would end up getting maybe 6/8 for a particular question, even if what I wrote was word-for-word from the textbook. I get that IB biology is quite difficult since IB wants us to fully grasp the topics in the syllabus and fully understand them, instead of just memorizing words according to a syllabus statement, but I guess this has just something I have been thinking about for a while. My exams are in November 2015 (this year) and like every year, there will be questions that have never been asked before on the exam. For these questions, since there is no access to the mark scheme for them (obviously), I get worried that I will lose a lot of marks in them, because of the resource that I used to study it. So really what I'm asking is how do I deal with this? Is the difference between a textbook and the mark scheme not big enough to make a difference? Am I just being paranoid? Thanks
  4. I'm freaking out so badly. I just finished my bio paper 3 and right after the teacher told us the time was over, I realized I had done the whole thing in pencil. I don't even know why. I'm usually so prepared and making this mistake is just.. i don't know. I looked up using pencil in the exams and saw that the papers are scanned and sent to IB examiners so if they can read my pencil scans will it be ok? Will I get marks? I really need a good grade in this since my bio grades are already not so good. Please help :'((((
  5. I am in my second year of Spanish AB and am feeling completely overwhelmed by all the different verbs, tenses and possibilities of questions! I am wondering if anyone has some good study tips that helped them work on revising the verbs or on whether there were things they thought they could cut out/ don't need to learn. Really need help and fast as exams are coming up soon! (but in Australia so finals aren't until Nov) Also if you are from the Sydney Australia area and know of a good tutor, or even an online/skype one from any place? Thanks
  6. I was completely oblivious to the fact that my IB exams were yesterday and I attended class like normal. What happens to me now? Will I still graduate this year?
  7. Does anyone have a sample answer on Q4 for paper 1 history? This is the only question that i always seem to mess up on and it would mean a lot, thanks!
  8. 28 downloads

    How to cope with exam stress, especially now that it's just a few months away.
  9. Hello!! Im currently trying to revise for my predicted grade exams, and its really taking its toll on me My teacher refuses to give us ANY past paper questions, as she says that "there are too little of them and we need to choose what to put in the exam". I do understand what she means, but I really want to test myself with questions and do well! I can't find any online either. If any of you have any access/websites which have past paper questions that you could share, i love you!
  10. Hello everyone. So, I'm kinda embarassed by what I did but I do need help, even though it's not the end of the world. But before that a little backstory. I'm a 9th grade student, doing my IGCSEs. Even though I joined the school about a year ago, I quickly adjusted to the new environment and the education system. I'm the kind of guy that gets good grades, in the high 90s and even 100s. When I was new, it didn't bother anyone and no one really cared about it, until this year. This year I became more talkative and social, made more friends and enjoyed my school time. However, I was still getting those high results from my hard work and engagement, therefore making me a "nerd". Now, I know that I shouldn't care what other people think because I'm going to be the one that later is going to "win", but I think I started to crack a bit. And on my last exam, I cracked under pressure. What I did was something not a sane person would do. During my science exam (it was biology to be exact), I changed my answers to completley wrong. Not all of them, just some, because a) I didn't want to fail, and b) I just wanted to stop being made fun of. And I got what I wanted - instead of a high 90, I got a low 70. Now, I know it's not that bad , but the thing is, my teacher knows I know more and that I should get a higher result, because the day before the exam I was the only one in class that knew the answers from the past papers, and almost the exact questions came on the test. I checked my grade online, so I didn't meet my teacher yet, but I'm pretty sure he'll suspect something. He already asked me few times if I'm okay because I don't participate as often as used to, but I usually just said I was tired or something. I was happy to tell my classmates that I got a 70, but still was called a nerd, as the classes average was 55%… I want to tell my teacher what I did, because I'm afraid I am going to do this again, which I don't want to happen. I'm just concerned he is going to call my parents and make me talk to the head teacher, which is something I would like to avoid, as I'm a very awkward person.. I hope someone can help me, because I don't want to get pulled down by the others.. Ps. When it comes to grades, I never brag about them, or try to make myself better because of my results. It's usually them asking me, and later making fun of me. Note that I cannot lie because they usually want to see my exam/ have it for their correctins, so that's not really an option.. mac117
  11. Hello Everyone! I am in a big trouble!!!!! I have 4s in psychology and I don't know how I will manage to increase my grades in Mock EXAMS!!!!! Could please tell me where can i find psychology past papers 2010-2014 may exams? thanks in advance
  12. Hey! I have received back my Paper 1 with mark and comments! As for my teacher not being able to explain my "grammar" mistakes due to lack of time, I want someone who is native in English, has English A HL (receiving good marks), to go through my Paper 1 and tell me what the grammar mistakes are. I can only understand couple of my mistakes, and I seek to improve my grammar for my next assignment in English. The attached Paper 1 will be sent over PM. Have a nice weekend, folks!
  13. Hey everyone, I have kind of a trivial question, but I haven't been able to get a straight answer from the IBO page. Namely, do the grades in 2IB have an impact on the IB Diploma, or only those from 3IB? And how much % is it compared to the points from the exams?
  14. Hello everybody, I am a new student on the ib program and I have a brother who did his exams on may of the present year (2014), he told me that I should study the topics on that exam by myself so i can get a lot of information that could help me out and teachers get a good point of view about me, so maybe i thought you guys could tell me about the exam, and the questions that you guys had to answer so i can study and have a head start on the program. He also said that if i could find the markscheme, i should keep it so i can check my answers after answering the questions on the exam so i can improve my skills. Thanks for reading and hope i can get some help soon.
  15. Hi! So I'm taking Psychology HL and I'm in my first year. This december, I'll be given a mock paper 1 exam. To prepare for this, my teacher gave us a 8 mark question to write in class. Despite thinking I did quite well, my score wasn't really good. So as of now, I'm quite confused on how to write an essay correctly to get good marks. Is there anything specific I have to include or are there any tips to help me? Do I have to go indepth into the studies that I'm relating the question to? etc. THANKS!
  16. Guest


    Hey people!~ I'm a student who did extremely well in all my school years, except for grade seven, which is the year I haven't really focused on. Is it alright for my report card to have many 90s as well as 80s with the exception of 70s on Computer? Does anybody know the "standard" report card that students who want to get in should have? Also, should I have a large, extensive vocabulary for the test? If so, can you give me a few sample words that will be on the test? How many sections are there, and how much time do we get for each section? Sorry for hammering you all with questions...
  17. Hey everyone! What were all your thoughts on the three economics HL papers for 2014 November? I found paper 1 alright, except for 1a) which i realised I had answered wrong regarding price functions and incentives. Paper 2 was great, I did questions 2 and 3. Paper 3 was excellent, don't think I lost many marks at all, did questions 2 and 3 (didn't do the theory of the firm one).
  18. Hey guys, What did you think about paper 1 prose and poem? I personally thought they were both soooo good!!! For once I felt like I could have picked either. I did the prose personally, and not that many others at my school did the prose :/ I really like the prose and it would have taken me much longer to decode the poem and what to say, so I just went with the prose. For paper 2, in the Novel and Short story section, I did Q7, It was the only one about authors using flashbacks or foreshadowing to broaden the time span covered by the narrative. There are some other things I wish I said in the prose, but overall, I think it went well. How did you guys find the papers? Another question, How do you feel about the HL people getting the same questions as we do for paper 2? Personally I don't really think it matters but I do wish we got 2 hours as well.
  19. Hi guys, if anyone could help me out to part iii if this problem, I would really appreciate it! Milk in a cup is heated to boiling point by passing steam through it. Whilst cooling subsequently, some milk evaporates. The cup contains.3 kg of milk at an initial temperature of 18 C. ii) Estimate the minimum mass of steam at 100 C that is required to heat the milk to 80 C (I did this and got .84 kg) iii) State two reasons, other than evaporation, why the answer to b ii is likely to be different from the actual mass of condensed steam.
  20. Hi everyone, I am currently 2% away from getting a 6 in Biology SL. What are the chances I will be able to get a 6 if I request a remark? Is it worth it? Thanks
  21. just wondering who grades the exams. Are papers sent out to different countries or do they stay in the country i am in? Professors or teachers or random trained people?? asking because my chem teacher is stupid and doesn't accept that their are other ways methods to do things and will not acknowledge my past education. It would be nice to know if i really do need to change my habits completely (was only planning on changing methods in class and doing things differently for actual exam) or if i can find a way to get this teacher fired because she sucks.
  22. I just want to know does remarking English B HL papers will have a bigger chance to changes your grades up? I'm just 3 marks off to the next boundary....so should I do a remark?
  23. Can anyone explain internal assessments?? When do you do it? How? What exactly is it? etc. I'm a bit confused!
  24. I really want to know tips on how to get a 7 in biology. will buying revision guides and reading them over and over again help? will making notes help? will doing all possible past papers help? i still somehow get myself to screw up the MCQs in the exams and i don't know how to get better at them, because i never have a problem with the DRQs or the Essay based questions but MCQs. Help Appreciated.
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