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Found 231 results

  1. Guest

    Exam Results

    Not sure if this has been asked before, but does anyone know how they layout our results? Do they show us the whole exam or just give us a final score? Also, does anyone have a picture of how it will look that they could share with me? Thanks
  2. HELLO Does anyone have a copy of the may 2013 Chemistry Hl exam with the mark scheme ? (both TZ1 and TZ2) Please I really need it ! Thank you
  3. 30 downloads

    The rules for candidates sitting IB exams. Can be useful if your teachers don't send this to you prior to exams and you have some unanswered questions.
  4. Chemistry HL Paper 2 - opinions? I personally found it extremely difficult and confusing although I had a good grip on the HL material! Every single HL student at my school had trouble so I was wondering how others did on the exam?
  5. I'm really scared that my paper 2 essay for Spanish SL won't get graded because I forgot to do the weird numbering thing on the side of the answer booklet to signify which question I answered. If you read my essay it was obvious which question I chose and I did write the number of the question on my cover sheet. My coordinator said it SHOULD be fine as many students probably forget also. I've read around that all papers, including the cover sheet, will be scanned with your answers. So does this mean I should be fine? I mean this is my diploma on the line.
  6. Could anyone give me some help with reviewing things for my music exam?
  7. So guys how did you find it??
  8. My teacher said that 44% on the exam is passing (4), so now I'm wondering what the relative percentage that corresponds with a 5,6, and 7.
  9. Hello, So as the 2014 students are aware, it's exam season and i've finally got my first few days break. I have four days before chemistry. I study chemistry at HL and I have to say it is my absolute weakest subject. I've done loads of past papers and the highest i've ever got is a 4. Ideally, I would love to get a 5, but right now it seems impossible and when revising, i have no idea where to start. I was wondering if anyone had any helpful tips, tools, handy websites, or things that are essential to know for the exams. I'd be very grateful of any help! Thank you!
  10. ok seriously what was up with Paper 2 of the exam? it was so ****ing hard i chose questions 7 and 8, and btw, what is the equilibrium constant in question 1?
  11. Hello everyone! This may seem a little strange, but i was in a hurry when i was solving my math SL paper two exam, and next to every question I used the calculator in i wrote "using GDP" instead of GDC (graphic display calculator) I am aware that this is somewhat weird/funny, but im really worried that the examiners will knock points off my exam for it. What do you guys think? best of luck to all of youuu
  12. Okay, I'm a little panicked right now. We took the history paper 2 exam today, and I forgot that we're only supposed to answer questions from the topics selected by our schools. So instead of answering a question from topic 3, as I was supposed to, I answered one from topic 2. Does IB have enough of a sense of humor that it will give me partial credit even though I answered for the wrong topic? Or am I basically screwed now? Moderator Notice: DO NOT discuss the contents of this exam until 18:00 GMT on 15/5/2014 (Thursday), general comments relating to the technical exam error only please.
  13. I find it really hard to study for geography HL so if you have any tips, share it! also how do you memorise case studies?? help
  14. hellooow so math studies exam is so close and there is an awesome man called Richard Parina that makes revision videos on youtube, they are really helpful ... go to youtube type : "IB Math Studies Topic (number of topic) Revision" and his video will always be the first one. they will help a lot for final revision. And also don't forget to study normal distribution since its new to the syllabus! good luck
  15. I forgot to put the number on the cover sheet, will it have a detrimental effect? The exam was English paper 2, and I used one booklet, just forgot to write it...
  16. Hey everyone, I've been pretty unlucky, I was studying with a friend last week and he accidentally took some past papers which I've had examples of. Does anyone have any idea where I could find some past paper 2's for ess? I have been looking but can only find one that is a little bit recent, from 2010! Thanks for the help! Hope everyone felt good about paper 1
  17. HL Physics Paper 1 & 2 /TZ0/ Was I the only one that found Paper 2 to be really hard? I found that both section A and options from section B were much different to past papers between 09-13. The types of questions were generally different as well as the way they were asked. If anyone else also felt this way please share. If possible discuss some of the questions you found hard, and some you found easy.
  18. I noticed in my sample IB Philosophy Paper 1 and 2 that there is not a word limit. This is worrying. I don't know how much I'm supposed to write. In some questions it says "approximately 800 words" and in some questions it doesn't say anything. It just says, answer two questions or answer only one question. But these questions are complex. They are worth like 20-30 points and there is quite a lot of time to develop a response. Yet, I do not know how much I'm supposed to write! The exams are in a few weeks. Please help me! Thank you
  19. For this coming Chemistry SL exam in May, does anyone know where I can find the syllabus with all the topics the 3 papers will cover? PLEASE SOS URGENT
  20. Hello everyone Not sure if this is the right forum to post this in, but I really need some advice about my marks so far. This is my first term in IB and my marks are: English A - 6 Chem - 5 Bio - 5/6 (not sure yet) Maths SL - 5 History - 7 German B - 7 I'm really disappointed with my grades so far and I would like advice on how these early grades might pan out in the end. My anticipated HL subjects are English A, German B and History (duh). Do you think I have a chance on getting a 43/45 at least? Thanks!
  21. Hey Guys, Does anyone here know any good websites/online resources for revising for ESS. My MOCKS are coming and I'm looking for a quick way to study for ESS. Any tips and suggestions for revision would also be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  22. Hey guys just wondering do we have to evaluate the studies for all 22 mark questions?? Or just discuss/evaluate command terms and not for lets say "to what extent"? Thanks!
  23. If any of you are interested in more bonding practice questions, whether it be for your next quiz, or test, exam or final, I found this website, and it has a lot of documents with hundreds of questions. I am sharing because I think many of you might find this useful. There's chem 20, 30, 35 more for hl, but obviously will do for sl, and some university level questions in there. Enjoy, and good luck! Link: http://highschoolchemresources.blogspot.ca/
  24. Hello, I was just wondering how you should tackle the exam questions as my B&M teachers tell us to write in full sentences and have a ''discussion'' while in the mark schemes of past papers show that many of the answers are in bullet form and have almost no discussion or explanations, just simple answers to the questions. Any advice would be appreciated.
  25. Hello! My school runs Maths HL Further classes every Sunday for four hours, and they're optional for all Maths HL students. I think maybe 5-6 students in my Maths HL class have signed up for Maths Further as well. I have attended all the classes for Maths HL Further since I started the IB because I've always found it to be interesting. But that's just it, I never took the class super seriously because it was fun for me. But now that we're in Winter Break of IB2, my IB Coordinator seriously asked me if I wanted to sit the Maths HL Further exam anyway since I had attended all the classes and have studied most of the material. If I manage to get at least a 5, I could potentially jump straight into Sophomore-, or maybe even, Junior-year Maths classes at a US university. So my questions is: Should I do this? I'm already prepping for 8 IB subjects, but Theatre and Dance HL don't have final exams like other 'academic' subjects. There are some written (essay) components and some performance components, but overall, I'll be done with Theatre and Dance HL prior to starting my IB exams. So in May, I'd technically have 6 subjects's worth of exams, like everyone else, except if I take Maths Further, it will become 7 subjects. Do you think that's wise or even necessary? All opinions are welcome. Thank you for reading!
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