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Found 79 results

  1. So I was thinking of doing my extended essay in ESS and maybe do an experiment which somehow has to do with agriculture. What I have in mind is maybe getting an agricultural plant and making it grow while using different amounts of pesticides and maybe use three different pesticide and go from there. But I'm not quite sure, especially since this would be my teacher's first time helping a student out with an IA. However I really want to do an EE in ESS and more specific, do an experiment since I want to do something that is "hands on". I would appreciate if someone could advice me with this or maybe give me an idea of an experiment that I could do. Thank you!
  2. Hi there! I want to ask your opinion regarding my IA Chemistry. My RQ is "Does different type of salt, Nacl, MgCl2, CaCl2, KCl and C2H3NaO2 affects the freezing point of ice by determining the change in temperature using equal amount of salt?" . My 1st issue is : When I analyse the result, I can only produce bar graph since I am using TYPE of salt. My teacher is worried because she said bar graph is not good enough. But I dont understand why it is not good enough..but whatever it becomes a problem to me now. 2nd issue : My calculations is very little which is only to calculate change in temperature..Do you have any idea how I can elaborate on calculations like maybe I should look at enthalphy or something? My result would be the initial and final temperature of the ice. PLEASE HELP ME I REALLY AM LOST. GOD BLESS YOU GUYS!
  3. I'm doing an air pressure experiment for my IA (second attempt as my previous topic was a bit too complicated). I basically increase the air pressure in a football and drop it from a fixed height. I pump it once and then drop it 3 times from 2m, again and again until the ball is fully inflated. My teacher said that it wouldn't be easy figuring out how much air pressure I'm adding per go so it was better to first do the experiment and work it out later. I can't find any sites that discuss this, so how do I figure this out? Do I take the ball's max air pressure - 8 psi and divide that by the amount of pumps it took to inflate it all the way?
  4. Hei. I need desperate help with this Redox Titration lab calculations. I suck at chemistry, I go for extra help and read text book and only understand for one day, and then I'm confused the next. Anyways, we had to experimentally determine the % H2O2 by mass in a solution given: MnO4 + H2O2 + H -> Mn + O2 + H2O (charges are given). Procedure: Combine (in order) 25 drops of H2O2 solution, 20.0 mL of deionozed water, and 20.0mL of 1.00 M +/- 0.05 M H2SO4 in an Erlenmeyer flask. Titrate with 0.0400 +/- 0.0005 M KMnO4 until solution decolorizes to a persistent pink. Raw Data: Mass of Erlenmeyer flask: 115.711 g Drops of H2O2 solution: 25 Mass of Erlenmeyer flask and H2O2 (+/- 0.002) g: 117.003g Volume of water added (+/- 0.2) mL: 20.00 Molarity of H2SO4 added (+/- 0.05) M: 1.00 Volume of H2SO4 added (+/- 0.2)mL: 20.00 Initial volume of KMnO4 added (+/- 0.2)mL: 50.00 Final volume of KMnO4 added (+/- 0.2)mL: 23.69 Molarity of KmnO4 added (+/- 0.005) M: 0.0400 Processed data: Mass of H2O2 solution used (+/- 0.004)g: Relative Uncertainty (+/- %)g: Total Volume of KMnO4 used (+/- 0.04) mL: Relative Uncertainty (+/- %) mL: Do I have to use the half reactions to balance the equation? How do I calculate the % mass H2O2 if I'm only given 25 DROPS? Please, I need help. I was going to do (Molarity H2SO4)(VOLUME H2SO4) = (MOLS H2SO4), then use stoichiometry, but I wasn't sure. I'm I in the right path?
  5. Hello, I would like to ask what plant is suitable to be used to measure its growth in which it is highly responsive towards its water consumption. Eg: the more water we give the plant, the higher its growth rate. The plant that you state might not be available in my area but just list a few that you know. I tried hydrilla but its hard to manipulate the variables as this is an aquatic plant. The measurement of growth might varies between plants like some uses length of leaves, numbers of leaves, height of plant. So please specify if it is not a burden for you. Please name the plant and scientific name if you know, I appreciate your help. Thank you.
  6. Hi guys, I'm looking for a bit of guidance on my bio IA. I am doing the effects of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) on gout patients. In short ACV reacts with your body once swallowed creating a more basic pH and can stop/reverse uric acid crystalization. The problem comes in the actual experiment. I am in Tanzania, here we cannot get actual uric acid so I was wondering if anyone knows any good substitutes or if I can still conduct a different experiment from this idea. Thanks for your help. Sincerely, Ian Feldmann IB2 International School of Tanganyika
  7. Hello there, I just wanted to ask if my IA idea is ok and if I'm good to do the experiment. My teacher doesn't know the approval process and doesnt know what to approve and what to decline. My topic is: Measuring the Amount of Acid in Vinegar by Titration with an Indicator Solution. And any other information you think would be helpful is also appreciated Thank you in advance
  8. Hello! I know it is not the right place for this, but I really really need information about the specific heat capacity of sunflower oil at 25 c. I cannot find it anywhere so if anyone knows this information please help me!
  9. Recently my chemistry teacher pulled up a grade sheet and wrote down the grades of our labs that we did since DP1. My grades were usually a 2 or 3 from the beginning because she was strict. She even marked us for plagiarism once because we were expected to look for online sources to write a good introduction. Seriously, a lab of thousand over words every single time and she gives us a regular 3, she rarely thinks that it deserves a 5 so it can be overwhelmingly stressful. I always kept in mind with my chemistry teacher's comments and applied to my biology lab report I could easily get a 5 or sometimes a 7. Well she did say that if she's strict we can do better. I understand... I'm just worried if the IB takes my overall lab results from my class and this will just pull down my grades for my overall exam. I forgot how the lab results affect my overall results so it would be great if I got a note about this. :/
  10. Hi, I'm in DP1 and our EE was launched today. However, we got contradicting information; one of our science teacher has said that we don't have to do an experiment (work in the lab) when our Extended Essay is related to a science topic, just that we are allowed to. During the launch however, we were told by another teacher that when your Extended Essay is related to a science topic, you must do a lab-work. I was wondering if one of you has any concluding answer to this, since I assume that it should be pretty much the same for every IB-school, but I might be wrong, in which case my excuses since this topic won't be of any help for anyone in that case. Regards,
  11. everyone!!! please! help me to fill up the survey please!!!! It is about the solubility of pain relievers. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/WSFX83D
  12. can someone help me to fill up a quick survey for my biology ia please it is only 6 short questions<3 thxxxxxx https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/WSFX83D
  13. Hello I am currently studying Chemistry HL and i was planning on doing a rocket fuel experiment for my IA. the fuel that i plan to test is rocket candy, a potassium nitrate and sugar mixture, of course in small quantities. But my teacher says that it seems too dangerous. Is it? Would IB have a problem with it even if i take sufficient safety precautions. If you need my outline of IA, please do ask! THANKS
  14. I need help on narrowing down my topic to something specific and choosing an experiment. My topic so far is: How does repetitive smoking lead to substantial damage to the lower respiratory tract (trachea, bronchi, lungs)? I was thinking that maybe instead of jut damage, how does it lead to diseases other than cancer... And for the experiment I have no idea what do do but I really don't want to collect data because apparently its not as strong as experiments?
  15. Hi, Today my bio teacher asked the muslim students in the class if they are allowed to touch pigs blood and if they have any objections about dissecting a pig, but he didn't ask anyone else. I don't think I could dissect a pig and still feel good about my self. So my question is: Do we have to participate in the dissection? Does the syllabus say anything about this? I will probably participate if I have to, but I would really like not to.
  16. HEY x.x So I am stuck here (attached photo) I and don't understand the last two questions(3 and 4)? I am supposed to write the equation? If so, where to I go from there? Also, in my background/theory for my lab report, it states that it should be a ratio of 1 to 1.
  17. Hi! So, I've been working on my essay topic for a while and haven't really been able to come up with an actual experiment that would apply to it. So far, I know that my essay is in physics and I want it to relate to superconductivity. My initial idea was to analyze superconducting magnets in particle accelerators, using data and information from external sources rather than conducting my own experiment (as I obviously don't have access to a particle accelerator I can mess around with). However, there isn't as much data as I thought there would be, and I know that some sort of data you gather yourself is much better for the essay. I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas with respect to this? My essay is due in a few weeks, so I'm not panicking just yet, but I definitely need to get my topic down as soon as possible. Also, I was wondering if comparing two kinds of magnets (like superconducting v. electromagnetic) would be a possibility? Though I still don't have access to a superconductor, so maybe not Thanks!
  18. If my lab report is about the effect of the change of the area of the hole at the bottom of a can on the rate of water flow which is my dependent and which is my independent variables? And what would my Investigation question be?
  19. Do you guys think that "Spectral Analysis of a solar cell" is a good physics EE? I'll analyze the energy output of a solar cell as i input lights with different spectrum into the cell. Suggest a way to improve the experiment if you can? Tnxs
  20. Hi guys! So I'm a little screwed when it comes to my EE experiment in biology… I had to test 4 persons including myself but unfortunately our equipment was very disappointing so my teacher told me to find some results online until my actual experiment is complete… I have to deliver my first draft soon though so if somebody has results which could match the experiment in the attached file I would be forever happy! Thanks x How does work affect the circulatory system-4.docx
  21. Hello, So I posted this as a reply on an earlier topic and have gotten no reply, maybe because it's an old string? Hello again, I know it's been a while. I was hoping to do a theoretical ee which i hear is very challenging. I'm struggling with the hologram at the moment, either I can create a glass/reflective hologram like Holho triangular pyramid of glass with a software that converts regular videos into ones specially designed by four dimensions to form a holographic reflection in the pyramid of glass. Problem with that is that I lack an experimental aspect. Should I continue to do more research and attempt a transmission hologram with beam splitters, etc. because I don't think I would have time or even knowledge for that. Since my RQ is mostly based on what one can do with a holographic projection display system, I was hoping to be able to do the first hologram, find an experimental aspect and then extrapolate that using the idea of the second hologram to create an essay about the possible uses. Is this possible, how so? Would polarizers and analyzers and LCDs fit here as well? I think they will with the second hologram and it's beneficial because it ties it to the syllabus. I was also considering changing my topic to the Monte Carlo method/simulation. It sort of analyzes the what if scenarios and I was thinking of maybe creating one with C++. I'm not that great at C++ but I think I might be able to create a basic decent enough project with it. How could I tie that in with Physics and I doubt it's in the syllabus. Is there any way of maybe using that, changing it to be more experimental, and then analyzing what if scenarios involving physics topics like perhaps string theory or circuits or anything in the syllabus?
  22. Guys... i am in my senior year and my ib exams are next year. anyways for my extended essay i have chosen chemistry and I am doing basically Gas chromatogram analysis of concentrations of toluene in common household products this includes basically glues, paints, paint thinner, nail polish. I chose six samples and did the experiment. However the apparatus I used was automatic i.e. i didnt have to do much. I just had to make samples in vials, seal them and place them in the machine. the machine would then pick the vial, put it in the oven and heat it for 15 min. Then it would take out 1cm3 of the sample and inject it into the gas chromatogram and a graph would be shown on the computer comple with detection of compound and the concentration and even the area percentage. Now that i have the data for the 6 samples i am sort of confused. I do not know how to frame the essay and make it a worth whil einvestigation. the topic is basicaly the risk we have and dealing with solvent abuse. Do you guys have any suggestions on how to go about it and make it better? any further tests i need to do?
  23. I am writing my first Biology IA and I am not sure if my question is good enough or too elementary? How does change in temperature affect bean plants' rate of photosynthesis? Please help!
  24. I am writing my Extended Essay in Biology and my Research Question is 'To what extent has stem cell research developed since 1960?'. I know that for a science EE, you should always do an experiment to help your research. Problem is, I can't find any experiments to do with stem cells which is easy enough for me to do. Any ideas?
  25. How am I supposed to include a 5X5 experimental design (5 forms of independent variable with 5 repeats of the experiment) for this particular lab?? It seems fairly simple, so I'm not quite sure how I would obtain the 5 forms of independent variables... so far I only have two independent variables... Research question: How will different temperatures affect chemical reactoin of the enzyme catalayse in hydrogen peroxide? What I have so far: Independent variable= temp of potato; hydrogen peroxide. Dependent variable= reaction time in test tube through measuring time taken for paper to float to top of test tube. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated!
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