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Found 58 results

  1. Hey guys, I need a Biology IA due tomorrow! I've been thinking of them for over a month now and I still don't have anything, and it's getting super difficult. What did you do? Were there any topics that you liked but your teacher did not approve ( I can try to get ideas from it). Even discussing topics and things in biology is going to help here THANK YOU SO MUCH
  2. I need topic for my history IA so I was looking for something connected with CIA and I thought about this one To what extend CIA's involvement in Cuba in 1961-1962 contributed to development of the cold war ? But I'm not sure if it's good because The Bay of Pigs Invasion (so big failure of CIA ) convinced Fidel Castro to cooperate more with Soviets Union and maybe partially it contributed to the Cuban Missile Crisis but is it enough for internal ? Or did I missed something and it's more connected ? Do you have any ideas how to moderate this topic or find something else connected to CIA and Cold War ? Can you help me, please ? Thanks in advance
  3. Hey, so I finished writing my IA on proving Fermat's Little Theorem, however I am really confused about what could possibly be a limitation in the writing process? I was just proving a theory with mathematics out of the syllabus that I learned on my on. Help??
  4. Hi people! I'm currently setting up my Bio SL IA, I wanted to work with red wiggler worms and see how food affects the population growth. I had already an idea of what I was going to do, but I was planning it would take around 1 -2 months. My teacher says that she is not sure if my experimental work can surpass 10 hrs, as the guide says that's the time we have to work on it. So probably, I'll have to change it. What do you guys know about that? Could it happen? Or can I stay? Thanks!!
  5. Hello all, i finished doing my psychology sl IA yesterday on the stroop effect, and i realized that it is 1550 words not 1500. how do i make it 50 words less, im not knowing how? and what exactly is not included in the word count, i know that the abstract, cover page, references, appendices are not included is that just it? private message me if you can help cut the words down
  6. So basically we have just finished the topic of leisure and Tourism, and we are starting to work on or IAs. We will be visiting the Isle of Wight in order to conduct some fieldwork. we are due to pick a topic for our IA by the end of this week. My mind is currently blank and your suggestions would honestly mean the world!!
  7. Hi! My microeconomics IA is due to this monday and I was wondering if anyone would be willing to give me some feedback? I am a bit worried about my analysis and my evaluation because my teacher did not like it before when he saw it. I have however change it but it would be nice if anyone could look it over. It would make my day! Thank you on before hand!
  8. I'm writing a lab report about the "Energy of combustion of alcohols". In the lab we used combusted different alcohols in spirit burners but the alcohols we used are diluted to some percentage (e.g 91% isopropane). I remember my teach telling us to record these percentages but I'm not sure what for Should I simply state that it's a diluted value or am I supposed to calculate something with the percent?
  9. Hey, can you please answer my survey about sleeping habits and academic performance, It will take 5 minutes! Thank you in advance, lots of loveeee! https://docs.google.com/a/isn-nice.com/forms/d/1MRN7FR5KuxLFo3eT7dwk-8s5FTa1QY-_BTZJvMprQ3k/viewform?c=0&w=1&usp=mail_form_link
  10. Hey please fill out my maths survey people! https://docs.google.com/a/isn-nice.com/forms/d/1HW-nrRItbCghnHBvtXk2-oTfG-w7BtmEH-zUiB30alY/edit
  11. Hello, I am taking my IB this Nov 2014. I take Chemistry and Biology HLs. And my school is submitting the IAs this week. BUT the IA scores are not very good. I have a few 5s and most are 4s and some 3s. There was a rumour that if you don't do well in the IA section, you will lose your 7. Is it true?
  12. Hello, I'm in my second year of the IB, and we have to start defining our theme for the mathematical exploration. I don't know exactly what do we have to do, I know we have to relate it to numbers or stadistics. And as the teacher said we could choose a topic of our preference, I was thinking if there was a suitable Theme in the area of biology or architechture, perhaps chemistry. I have plenty of difficulties with complex algebra, so I REALLY need your help in the choosing of the topic and would be more than grateful if any of you help me with this issue Just in case you need to know, my subjects are the following: HL Biology HL German HL Spanish Lit SL European History SL English SL Maths
  13. Guys I need help with making my research question goal: the goal of the lab is to investigate how plants respond to an external stimulus. Guys help me......it's my first IA
  14. Hey guys! Just a general question, can a person get 7 as the final grade if the person gets 10 points out of 20 in the Maths Exploration IA? Let's assume that one gets 7 in the final exam.
  15. Hello, I am currently in IB 2 and I take business and management SL and my IA topic is analysis of a company opening up another company(result of a merger) in another country and how it would impact the country(the economy, government, citizens, competitors etc). So basically starting up a new company in a new market. And.. I have a small doubt about the IA As the syllabus says I can only write my IA on problems that are related to what I have learned in IB but says nothing about the solutions.. So..can I not use the decision making tools that are not in my syllabus? for example Porters Five forces or the five C's.. And if I can't use the tools that are out of the syllabus then can I get few suggestion? Any response would be helpful and highly appreciated! Thank you.
  16. Hey guys, so i have a few questions i was hoping someone could answer please: 1. Our teacher told us that definitions aren't required in the internal assessment for the new syllabus (May 2015), is this true? All the websites i researched said they are.. 2.Is the cover page included in the word count for the internal assessment? Thanks:]
  17. Due to the massive workload that's suddenly hit me like a brick after the summer hoiday, I've been putting my Hitory IA off. Now it's got to be done soon and I'm struggling to find topics. Here's some ideas I've had: "To what extent does D-Day represent a turning point in WW2?" "To what extent was the Korean War a part of the Cold War?" Are those good questions?
  18. Hey! I was looking for tips for the IOC (internal oral commentary) because we are going to do ours in a few weeks ( ) and I realized there are no threads with advice for it! I was wondering if someone could give me some tips on how to structure the IOC, and how much time I should aim to spend talking about the stylistic and literary devices in the 40-line passage itself.
  19. Hey all, Im in a situation where I need to get started and turn in a planning and preferably first draft within 2 weeks. Luckely Im completelly free and have all the time to focus on the IA. I have 2 companies that Im interested in that have said that they dont mind me doing my project on their businesses and will be supportive with information and data I could need. The company I want to focus on is a company that are opening a factory in South america that will recycle tires into 3 basic products. And their problem is that they dont know if they should sell the 3 raw materials or for example refine them. Now I put it very basic I dont know if this is enought but what Im wondering is. Would it be an okey question '' How should (company name) sell their products to maximize net profit'' ? IF the question is viable(will probably be rewritten a few times ofcourse) then could anyone give any advice of what I should consider having in the IA. Business and Management used to be my favorite project, but after a year away from it I just dont know where to start, but still remember most parts and I know how to do all the calculations and so on. I graduated a year ago but without my BM exam becouse of my business shutting down while I was working on the IA( and ofcourse I started late so was no time to find new business) Therefore making it even slower for me to get started as I have no idea how to start, but as soon as I do Ill just work day and night on this for the coming days and then finish it hopefully within a month. ps. Id love to ask my teacher for advice and thoughts but its a different teacher now that I have to hand the papers to and as Im already late. TL:DR Last moment working on IA, looking for possible advice on title/tips on what to have in the project.
  20. Let's talk about the World Religions internal assessment! Yay! I've received my assessment to start over the summer and as I am feeling sick with nothing to do I might as well start it. I have no idea where to start though,; not even the religion I'd like to study in. So I started this because I didn't see another topic like this; however if there is one please had me in the right direction as I'd like help with my IA. What was your WR IA topic? Or are you in the same place I am? How did you come about picking something to investigate? I'd love to hear all about it -Katie
  21. dgmanchia

    IA: Circles

    I started this topic because I think someone could give me an answer faster than if I post in the other Circles topic I did find the OP' values when OP is held as a constant and r values are modified, also I found the pattern using excel, BUT my teacher told i had to find the pattern by finding a sequence in those three values. I just know about geometric and aritmetic sequences, but the values i found doesn't follow the rules of a geometric nor aritmetic sequence Thanks for your help!
  22. Hi, I am just about to start with IBDP yr-2 in a few days and our history teacher has already asked us to submit Section A,B and C. Far off from completing them, i am still having problems with my topic. I have chosen a rough area or interest - WW2, particularly, Operation Barbarossa. The reason i want to explore this topic is that i am pretty intrigued as to why Hitler just abandoned the Western Front and just suddenly attacked Soviet Russia when Russia had already entered the was on their side! He repeated the fatal mistake Germany made in WW1 and it was the turning point of the war. A potential topic was - "To what extent was Operation Barbarossa necessary?" but as soon as i chose the topic and looked for material i ran into problems. There is a great dearth of sources on WHY Hitler suddenly attacked the Soviet Union. There are of coursed loads of books on the Operation itself and its consequences but none really that explore Hitler's reasoning and the validity of his reasoning. I need help in the form of: 1. A second opinion as to if the topic i have chosen is a good one or i should change it to explore another aspect of Operation Barbarossa such as the reasons for its failure or its consequences? 2. If the topic is in fact good, a view as to if i will find enough sources and if so, where and in what form can i find them? 3. Any other comments on my topic in general. Thank You
  23. Hi! I am studying Business and Management HL and I'm actually writing my Research proposal for my IA. The maximum number of words is 500 and I have seen examples that counting the words of all the parts and the action plan of the proposal have more than 500 words. Does the action plan count for the word count in the research proposal? Thank you very much!
  24. Hey guys I'm having a tough time developing my IA. I have my question and it is... In what different ways can The Active Network use Human Resource Management to improve their cash flow? I've found some great supporting documents but I'm having a tough time getting past this question and getting into some good analysis. Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! http://seekingalpha.com/article/1173301-active-network-additional-signs-point-to-structural-insolvency http://seekingalpha.com/article/965321-the-active-network-accounting-problems-masking-functional-insolvency
  25. hello, I am doing an ia on the rate of happiness of IB students compared to pre IB students. the following survey will help me in the process http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/DGKKQFF Please be open and honest in your responding. thank you for your help
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