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Found 88 results

  1. bguloglu

    HL IA Topics

    Hi, I was wondering if the IAs in HL Chem have to be chosen fom the AHL topics, or if they can also be from the Core topics. Does anyone have any knowledge about that?
  2. Hi, What is the most exact method to measure the acceleration of gravity? Keep in mind that I'm in IB1 so the method should be understandable and possible to carry out as a lab with the knowledge I have. Thanks, Daniel
  3. Anyone have any ideas for Chemistry IA labs?
  4. Aim: the aim of this experiment is to determine the difference of enthalpy changes of neutralization reactions of strong acids and weak acids. So my strong acids were hydrochloric and nitric and weak were citric and ethanoic. Most of them are within literature value range or under which is obviously attributed to heat loss. However my ethanoic ended up being a lot higher than the others. What kind of error is that? What would be a suitable improvement? What other errors can I mention beyond more insulation, trials and accounting for the specific heat capacities of my equipment (PS what's an improvement to this one?).
  5. I need to write an exploration lab for investigating rate of photosynthesis by either measuring production of oxygen by counting bubbles or by measuring increase in biomass of plant. I cannot find any guidance on the internet on exactly how to plan any of those methods. For example, If i will measure increase in biomass i don't know for how long should i keep the plants under the light source or which plant to use or under which type of light source to put it under etc. Please help!
  6. Hello I'm in the midst of constructing a design lab for my HL class however, I'm sort of unsure on how to go about writing it. The topic is factors affecting heart rate or factors affecting blood pressure. If I find a good factor for one of them, then I'd make my decision if I want to do heart rate or blood pressure. So far I have only considered factors affecting heart rate right now. I think I want to do a lab that addresses the factor of diet or exercise. However, what aspect would I specifically test? This is the part that gives me confusion. I sort of unsure on how to design a lab that refers to one of these and don't know what variables that I would say to test on, etc... I'm kind of panicking right now. :/ Any help is appreciated!!
  7. I have a question regarding uncertainties as I don't really know how to find them. I have a question referring to grams of a substance and also mmHg, as in for blood pressure. So I would have 'g' for one unit. I would also have 'mmHg' for another unit. But what would be the uncertainty value for this or is there even any...? Thanks for any help offered. Note: I am doing a practice lab and just stating my units in the beginning. So the uncertainties would be +/- (whatever it is). I currently have mine set to both +/- 1 but I don't know if it is correct.
  8. Hey I'm in my first year of HL Chem and I just cant seem to understand uncertainties. Could someone explain them to me please?? Thank you soooooooooo much!
  9. Hi, Today my bio teacher asked the muslim students in the class if they are allowed to touch pigs blood and if they have any objections about dissecting a pig, but he didn't ask anyone else. I don't think I could dissect a pig and still feel good about my self. So my question is: Do we have to participate in the dissection? Does the syllabus say anything about this? I will probably participate if I have to, but I would really like not to.
  10. Any tips/advice on how to write up the lab reports (IA's) for Chemistry? Like, anything I should/should not do? I'm in IB year 2 and I'm still struggling.. All help is highly appreciated!
  11. Hi guys, I'm having trouble coming up with ideas for my lab. I'm really not all that creative, so I've been stressing about this. My teacher had given me an idea, but when I tried it, it completely failed, and now I'm extremely discouraged. I really don't know what to do. The lab has to be related to ionic compounds or covalent compounds. It obviously can't be too simple as well. I had originally wanted to measure the colour of a compound after changing it's concentration, but that was too simple. My teacher gave me the idea to use chlorides from group 2 in the periodic table, measure their pH and then their conductivity, but the reason it didn't work was that the pHs were too close together (and the probe was being moody). I understand if you're not allowed to give me complete ideas, but anything will help at this point. Maybe something you write will spark an idea. Excuse me if I'm not using proper chemistry terminology, I don't do the program in English. Thank you for any guidance you can provide.
  12. I have chosen to do a different option than the rest of my class, as I do not at all care for Human Biochemistry, but on the other hand find Medicine and Drugs very interesting. I think I have everything mostly under control for my self study, but my teacher told me that I need to do an experiment within the topic. As we are not allowed to use the lab, it has to be a simulation. I don't have to do an IA on it, fortunately, but I am having some trouble finding simulations for the option at all. Therefore I was wondering if any of you had some links to some simulations that I could use. Thanks in advance.
  13. Version pdf


    In spanish a lab that explains why the size of the cells Mod note to viewers: Please remember NOT to "borrow" anything from this file. IB is very strict about plagiarism.
  14. Version PDF


    A guide how to write a proper lab report for IB Chemistry.
  15. So for our design lab, our teacher has been telling us to do something about "factors that affect photosynthesis" (if I'm not mistaken, we don't have a sheet or anything yet, she just gave us a really quick heads up.) So I was thinking of manipulating the wavelenghts of light using coloured plastic. I'll have a plant and a small beaker of water underneath a bell jar, or overturned beaker, with the plastic covering it. After a while I'll be measuring the the pH change of the water, to see if it's more acidic or basic by then, and tie it back to how much CO2 was used / O2 was released. I'm not sure how else to check the pH aside from with a pH probe? And I'm not really sure how to use that either. Does anyone have any advice on how to handle it, or suggestions on other methods?
  16. Hello my fellow IBers, I need help coming up with a topic for my redox design lab. I was thinking of using a voltaic cell, however ideas for electrolytic cells are also more than welcomed. By the way, I don't want to vary the concentration of the solutions because I heard that doesn't produce much change in voltage. Thanks in advance
  17. 20 downloads

    DCP (Data collection and processing) Lab. I got 4/6 on it. Aspect 1: 1/2 Aspect 2: 2/2 Aspect 3: 1/2
  18. Hey! So I'm writing a design lab in which I'm testing surface area and rate of reaction. What units would I write down for that? I know for the dependent variable it's seconds, what about the independent?
  19. So, I need to do a lab report for next week. My teacher advised me to do it based on a data based. We did a lab with a database long time ago and I do not remember how to work with it. Does anyone have any suggestions? I would also want to have my lab in the topics of Homeostasis, Option G Ecology. This lab is very important because we might send it to IBO. Thanks in advance!
  20. Version PDF


    The following is a draft/idea for a Biology IA. It has been created along with an IB examiner and focusses on the investigation if Carbon Dioxide is necessary for Photosynthesis.
  21. Hi everyone, I am doing a Chemistry EE on the oxidative stability of biodiesel, but it's seriously time consuming. In the next 9 weeks I will have do several titrations every after school. My supervisor/Chemistry teacher told me to do 5 repeats, but I rather do 3 given the limited amount of time. So will I get penalised by the real examiners if I only did 3 repeats instead of five? Thanks
  22. Hi guys. If one of you (some Biology expert) could have a look at my lab report assessed for DCAP and C&E, and wrote a feedback I would be soooo grateful : ) It's actually my first lab report, so I'm still learning ; ) Substrate concentration (rate) lab report.pdf
  23. So, I had to investigate one aspect of a fruit battery. I decided to check if there is a relationship between the voltage and distance between electrodes. As I later read - distance between electrodes does not influence the voltage of the battery. Can such a lab be well assesed? If there is no relatioship between two variables? My research question is 'is there a relationship between the voltage and distance of electrodes', hypothesis 'distance does not influence the voltage' and i proved in my lab that the voltage of a fruit battery (lemon) is constant. Can my best fit line be horizontal?
  24. How am I supposed to include a 5X5 experimental design (5 forms of independent variable with 5 repeats of the experiment) for this particular lab?? It seems fairly simple, so I'm not quite sure how I would obtain the 5 forms of independent variables... so far I only have two independent variables... Research question: How will different temperatures affect chemical reactoin of the enzyme catalayse in hydrogen peroxide? What I have so far: Independent variable= temp of potato; hydrogen peroxide. Dependent variable= reaction time in test tube through measuring time taken for paper to float to top of test tube. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated!
  25. Hello! I am wondering about the physics design labs that are a part of my physics score. It may sound a little vague but that's because it is. I have received no guidance on the subject and when asked to propose an idea today I was told it wasn't creative enough. I suppose these are my questions What even is a design lab?????How do I do one?How do I formulate a creative question/apparatus?What is the format for this lab?Is there a word limit (I have a nasty habit of going way over the word limit)?How much is it worth as a component of physics?Any other help would be appreciated.Thank you!
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