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Found 179 results

  1. I'm planning to enroll in UK/Australia for BUSINESS MANAGEMENT&MARKETING course in the future at around 2014. I'm currently an IB student. I am an all-rounder but with an exception in Maths, even though I can manage it, but still it just get on my nerves. I took IGCSE in Maths Extended n got an A* (after having hundreds of exercises n efforts) but still I'm confused and not confident to take Math SL. Actually I want to take Math Studies because it would be easier on my part. However, I'm afraid that if I take Math Studies (and I am on search for good universities in UK and will be looking forward to apply in international undergraduate scholarship) the universities will look down upon me because they see the word 'Math Studies'. Somehow, I predicted that I can get a 7 in Math Studies. But with Math SL, it can varied from 5 to 7 (a 7 will mean a very rigorous effort but still 70% achievable). Therefore it really confused me, I want to get a very high score in IB and that is more easily achievable if I'm taking Math Studies. But I also need to get into UK universities for business management &marketing course (searching a cut-off/scholarship as well) and I'm afraid they will mark me down if they look at my Math Studies. I wonder whether they really know and care about math studies and math sl difference??? My current subject choices are: HL Business Economics English b SL Biology Bahasa Indonesia Literature Maths (Studies/Sl????? *currently on Sl but I'm kinda nervous with it) PLEASE HELP ME give your suggestions! Thanks a lot!
  2. Okay so here is the problem: (ax2+ b/x )8= 256x16+4096x13+...+kx+... a. Find a (which I found to be 2) b. Find b (which I found to be 4) c. Find k As you can already tell, I don't know how to find k AT ALL! Lol please help me, I have a test tomorrow. Thank you!
  3. So how was it? I found it to be easier than P1. I blanked out on that Section B question with the triangle intersecting with the circle. I knew how to solve it but kept getting weird angle values. 0_0 So I just at least wrote down the formula for method marks.
  4. hey, i just wanted to know what you guys thought of the exam for people in TZ1, i know we cannot discuss about paper 2, but i found paper 1 rather easy, there was some confusion about number 10, but i got t=5pi/6
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