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Found 183 results

  1. I studied for my mocks in maths, and i was studying for a little over a month. i did all the questions in the book and almost all of them were correct. however when the mocks came, i started solving problems with ease and i left out 1 or 2 questions. i though that the minimum i would get was a 5. becuase if i studied for such a long time, every week i would put 10 hours just for maths for a little over a month. When i get my mocks back, I'm confused, angry and just miserable. i got a 2. My dad saw me studying maths for such a long time and he knew that i was going through the book easily, but i also was working hard. He was disappointed at what happened and eventually the rest of my family too. anyone who has ever gone through this know how to cope with the situation im in?
  2. Hey everyone! Please help a junior decide which math course to take senior year. I'm not a diploma candidate, but taking 2 HLs next year and 1-2 SLs. Currently taking IB Math SL I, thinking about SL II next year, but my current math teacher said that if not pursuing the diploma - take AP calc AB instead. Pros for AP: * in US, more likely to get college credit * don't have to do an IA (but I've never done this before, so I don't know how tough it is). Pros for IB: * I'm told that I won't go as far into calc concepts as I would with AP calc (I don't like math, so this is a plus!), but I'm not sure if it's worth the trade off of the work required for the IA * I'm probably going to be an arts/humanities major, so I'm not so sure advanced math concepts are all that important anyhow * the whole reason I enjoy IB vs. AP - holistic approach to learning Thoughts??
  3. Hi, I need some help with my IA. I have a database about monthly traffic volume per year. I want to model a function that satisfies with the trend for the last 17 years... I don't know if that is enough for my Math SL course requirements. As well I don't know exactly what to say in the analysis. Thanks. Let me know about any doubts!
  4. So recently I just received feedback from my teacher regarding my firts draft for my Math IA. I got 2/6 for criteria E because apparently my IA didn't commensurate with the level of the syllabus. I found this rather surprising since previous SIR Model Math IA's have score very well in this criteria and in overall. My teacher said I need to demonstrate my level of understanding and knowledge by using differential equations in more depth..which is HL. So who is in the wrong here? My math regarding the model is correct. Will the IB moderate my IA up? And how do I talk about differential equations in more depth? I did some calculations with the equations to get the rate of change of each individual components of the model and graphed them. But that's it. And now my teacher penalized me heavily because I didn't use the right level of math. Please help me!
  5. eelooo

    math sl ia help

    i want to do my math sl ia on Zeno's paradox Achillies and the turtle. I need help on how to actually approach this
  6. Hello, I have been really struggling to find an IA topic I am in math sl . My teacher tries to be helpful but he is an extremely busy man, I really want to do something on Sundials such as how sundials are made, I just don't know if this is a good IA topic I am very lost I know I want to do something with sundials but don't know exactly what. Maybe I could do something with the equation of time?
  7. I am a year 1 student and just covered 4 chapters in the book, but my teacher told us to do our IA already without telling us how to do it. So I just did my presentation before winter break about the Fibonacci Sequence and the teacher told me to change it since it's overdone. However, since we haven't covered much I was worried about my current level and what I can do for IA. Is there any Math IA topics to avoid other than the Golden Ratio? I was thinking of investigating the math in Islamic art because I am interested in photography and art. The other topic I'm contemplating is math in bridge building. Thank you!
  8. I'm trying to come up with topic for my SL Math IA. I am particularly interested in looking into concepts related to the 4th Dimension and non-Euclidian geometry but I'm having trouble coming up with ways to add calculations into my IA. In particular, I wanted to look at the use of non-Euclidian geometry in certain modern art pieces. Any help and guidance is greatly appreciated!
  9. I'm looking for real data on bacterial growth that I can use to create a model (i.e. population density or population count vs time). Are there any reliable databases, websites, books, or papers where I can find such a set of data? Thanks!
  10. Hello, in a few weeks, my math I.A. is due and for it to be completed I need candidates to fill out a google form. It will take no less than 5 minutes and your completion of the form is necessary for my I.A. If you guys have any feedback afterwards feel free to reply to this post. Below is the link to the google form: https://goo.gl/forms/3NZOOH24BS9emOcs1 Your help is greatly appreciated by a fellow IB student that is in a rush, thank you
  11. Hello, in a few weeks, my math I.A. is due and for it to be completed I need candidates to fill out a google form. It will take no less than 5 minutes and your completion of the form is necessary for my I.A. If you guys have any feedback afterwards feel free to reply to this post. Below is the link to the google form: https://goo.gl/forms/3NZOOH24BS9emOcs1 Your help is greatly appreciated by a fellow IB student that is in a rush, thank you
  12. I have my first rough draft of my math IA due in one month, and I am having trouble understanding if my topic is too simple, difficult, or vague for a Math IA, I would appreciate some advice. NOTE; I DO NOT TAKE PHYSICS, NOR WILL I BE TAKING IT. I realise many people say I should take on a topic that involves physics if I don't take it or completely understand the concepts I am using from Physics, but I have no choice. My math teacher told me I can't change my topic, so I'm stuck with it! My idea was to maximize the success of a volleyball serve using the concepts of projectile motion. I wanted to find the math behind the sport I've played since I was a child, and improve the actual serve. There is a direct correlation between the height of a serve and the distance it travels. The math I am planning to use is parabolas, differential calculus, and maybe showing the spread of distance data collected in an experiment. My math teacher told me it would be best to start with collecting data, as it would help to structure my IA better. My tutor mentioned I could use an online simulation to simulate results of a volleyball serve and the distance it would travel under the specifications given (which would not account for air resistance or other resistance factors). Or, I may have access to a machine we use during practices which launches volleyballs to mimic a serve, for passing repetition purposes. I could set the angle to release the volleyball at, which I would change (Independent variable), which would result in a change in distance (dependent). The speed would stay constant. I would measure the total distance the ball reaches based on the angle I release the ball at. My tutor said I could use a differential calculus equation to calculate the height at which my ball reached before its downfall. However, upon speaking with an IB physics teacher at my school, he believes that this would not work well in terms of relating back to projectile motion because projectile motion that we learn at school uses one-dimensional and two-dimensional scenarios. It does not take into account all resistances against the volleyball serve. My math teacher said this was fine, as long as I explain these limitations in my investigations, and suggested I could try another ball with a different mass/density to do the same experiment to show how the density of the volleyball affects the way it performs in my sport. Am I on the right track? I am confused and stumped as to what my next steps should be. All help and criticism are appreciated.
  13. themustaf

    Medicine in the UK

    Can I do medicine in the United Kingdom without doing Math SL in the ib?
  14. Hey, So last year our school was unable to provide us with a Math SL teacher considering only three students took it. We were registered on Pamoja, which turned into a giant mess. Long story short, we wasted a whole year. This year we were finally provided with a teacher and I personally sought out a tutor. Do you think it's possible to finish two years worth of Math SL content before the exams in May? Any tips or advice I should keep in mind? Our math teacher suggested not worrying about the content we should have learnt last year and shouldn't try to do multiple topics at the same time, even in our own time. Is that good advice? Thanks in advance!
  15. Guest

    Tips to Improve at Math

    I'm entering my 2nd year at the IB in Sweden and I would be very grateful for tips, methods, guides or any of the sort that helped you to improve at Math. Any tips also to maintain motivation is also important to me. Or to "get into" math, as I was proficient in the subject when I was younger. It's the subject where I'm lacking and need to improve, as I want to study Economics in the UK, and of what I've Heard, University level Economics uses a lot of math and many Courses even need a high score in Math HL. Thanks for suggestions!
  16. I need help with IB subject selections. I have just finished my second year of Pre-IB, and will be starting my first year of IB in the fall (Grade 11). However, I am worried about my subject selection for a couple of different reasons. HL: Biology, English Language & Literature, History SL: Math, French B, Chemistry Note that my school does not have many options for IB, and I will attach a picture of the courses available at my school. I am studying at St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary School in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. I am most concerned about my language B couse and math. Math: I am taking SL, but I am considering taking the Studies course. I received a 70 in Functions 11 this year, which I was very disappointed with. However, I want to study Biology in university, and most universities require Advanced Functions and/or Calculus & Vectors to be considered. My teacher said she could guarantee me a high 6 or low 7 with the studies course, however with SL she could promise maybe a high 4. Should I switch to Studies for the better grade, or stay is SL to keep my options open for Biology programs? Language B: I am taking French, however I am not very good at the subject. I received a high 70 in Grade 10 Pre-IB french, and I struggled at the subject a lot. My grammar is the worst, along with other basic subjects. Would it be wise to switch into Ab Initio Spanish? I also heard I would then have 5 IB exams in May 2019, which isn't something I would look forward to.
  17. Hi everyone, it's my first post here, so hello! I know there's probably a million posts about this, but I wanted some feedback regarding some ideas I had for my math IA. I was thinking of doing something like medical tests and probability, and then looking at Bayes' theorem, but I'm concerned that maybe this topic has been done before and I'd have trouble making it 'my own', or maybe the maths wasn't challenging enough for SL maths? My backup idea is probably doing something related to secret santa and investigating how to ensure anonymity and no one gets their own name, so looking at permutations and probability or something like that, though this idea isn't really fleshed out yet. Please let me know your thoughts, I'd be really grateful!
  18. I am pretty sure I bombed my Math SL exam in May. I asked my coordinator and was told that if I wanted to retake, I could do so in November. I think this is great because I'll be able to do better and study more. However I don't want to do this if I am required to re-do an IA. Does anyone know if I would have do re-do an IA to retake an exam? Also, does higher score count?
  19. Hello, I have to come up with an idea for my math IA topic proposal, and I'm having trouble coming up with something that I'm both interested, and has more extensive math in it. I genuinely really like math, and so I wan't to do something that's a little more complicated than a topic with a generic linear equation. My initial idea was to look for a correlation between the size (height / weight) of a volleyball player and the speed of their serve; however, again this only leads to a simple linear correlation, or no correlation at all, which is not the kind of idea that gets a 7. If anyone could help me come up with something, preferably including vectors or trigonometry, I would really appreciate it. (Doesn't have to be related to volleyball). Thank you so much in advance!.
  20. Hi there! I had a question on how I should prepare for my Math SL exam which is on May 5th. I was planning on completing all question banks for each unit, going over lessons and textbook questions. Do you think that is enough? I understand a lot of people do past papers however, if I complete all the questions in the questionbank, isn't that basically the same thing because those are past questions as well? Or is there a big difference between doing past papers and question banks? Please let me know! Thank you
  21. I am a Sl student interested in doing my extended essay in mathematics. I became very interested in contour integration. The thing is I am not sure if this topic will be too advance. I heard that if your topic is too advanced it goes against you. Any advice would be appreciated.
  22. Hey Guys I'm halfway through my IBDP, i will be writing my summative exams for Grade 11 in May. I'm currently in math HL, but i'm scoring quite bad. I am considering shifting to Math SL, but i will have to push another subject to HL. I considered Econ for HL, but too much is already done. My best route, now is to take English HL. Should i make the move? In what way will it affect my college application, if i'm going to take engineering? My current subjects are (Math, Physics, Chemistry: as HL); (Economics, Spanish Ab, English as SL). I am extremely confused, as i'm able to score pretty well in the actual IB papers, but well, it may be because of the high expectations of the school in math HL, that i'm not able to score in the school tests. And in English, I scored a 5 in test 4, but i did pretty well in the mock IOC (23/30), considering that mine was the highest marked. What do you guys suggest? Should i stay in math HL, or should i drop?
  23. karan2919

    Math IA HElP

    I am doing my math SL IA on Zeno's paradox. however, I needed a sample IA based on Zeno's paradox to get an idea of the essay as I am not sure that I should do it using convergent geometric series of infinite series or calculus. pls, help!
  24. I am currently a Junior in the IB program and am in need of a worked through version of the Pearson 2012 edition. I feel like the worked through books help me understand the content more and the thought process that it took to get the right answer. My math grade has fallen drastically over this semester as I do not have a way to understand the content other than talking with my teacher. Any replies would be great!
  25. I'm currently a junior in high school, and technically am in honors PreCal, and will take AP Calculus/IB Math SL next year, but we're coming up with topics for our IA already, and I'm lost at where to go. Some topics I have in mind: - Creating equations that model the spread of disease (I want to go into a career biology/medicine related) but I don't know what direction I would take with this kind of assignment... - Sine graphs and modeling pitch/chords - really wanted to do this as I'm a musician as well, but I looked at an online example of this type of topic that did poorly and I am concerned I will not be able to explain and incorporate good deal of math to get a very high score... - Something related to the Monty Hall problem also seems interesting, but it seems very statistics-based and while I am good at basic stat, I haven't covered many higher level stat-content in my classes. Any help/suggestions is greatly appreciated!! While I have managed to maintain high A's this year in math, I have no idea how to expand upon what I what I want to do with my IA. The IB life is just starting to catch up to me.
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