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Found 184 results

  1. I'm currently a junior in high school, and technically am in honors PreCal, and will take AP Calculus/IB Math SL next year, but we're coming up with topics for our IA already, and I'm lost at where to go. Some topics I have in mind: - Creating equations that model the spread of disease (I want to go into a career biology/medicine related) but I don't know what direction I would take with this kind of assignment... - Sine graphs and modeling pitch/chords - really wanted to do this as I'm a musician as well, but I looked at an online example of this type of topic that did poorly and I am concerned I will not be able to explain and incorporate good deal of math to get a very high score... - Something related to the Monty Hall problem also seems interesting, but it seems very statistics-based and while I am good at basic stat, I haven't covered many higher level stat-content in my classes. Any help/suggestions is greatly appreciated!! While I have managed to maintain high A's this year in math, I have no idea how to expand upon what I what I want to do with my IA. The IB life is just starting to catch up to me.
  2. 100kr

    Math IA Survey

    Hello! I am conducting a survey to collect data for my Math SL IA, and I would like it if you took some time to take it! The link is below: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSddox1gjDoGIE46DPZxVI4tHEf4DXgER2gz66roHHVtW_cDBA/viewform Thank you!
  3. Hey guys! I'm currently working on my math IA which is on the Enigma Machine and I'm really stressed out about it and I feel likeI'm going to fail. Do you know what happens if you fail an IA? Do you not get the diploma or does it just lower you grade as it's 20% of your mark?
  4. I've pretty much written my entire math exploration for SL math, but my only concern is that the math content itself is not difficult enough for a good score. However, I could not find any resources on what math is acceptable. The math in my IA is focused on infinite series and convergence/divergence, but I'm not sure if that is a high enough level in math or if it is commensurate with the course. Any thoughts? Thanks
  5. Hi! I'm doing my math IA on the correlation of sleep and coffee consumption and need to have all data my tomorrow - in desperate need of more! There are only two questions and it takes about 1 minute - please help! I'd be eternally grateful!! https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/DD7Q7NX
  6. I honestly have no clue on what to write my IA on and would like some ideas or suggestions on what I could do my IA on. Thanks
  7. i am interested in the Bussines and Management course in the UK I am currently doing my IB DP course and i look at some requirements. But i have some questions which someone can help me I am currently taking HL Bussines and management HL Economics HL Computer Science SL French SL English SL Math And my question is I’m doing SL math right now but i was considering Maths studies. And if i do math studies can i still apply UK universities because im feeling SL math is hard and i think if i do studies i will easily get a 6 or 7 making my IB points go higher and also i can focus on my HL subjects and get them at a higher level at around 6-7 What do you guys recommend Thanks A lot,
  8. YA99

    Math IA Question

    Hey guys, So Im a Math SL student and my IA is going to be about the Birthday Paradox. I already have the stuff in mind about what I am going to do but I want to add more, so please add any suggestions you guys have. What I have so far: Discussing the Birthday Paradox itself and the math that is behind it. To compare the theoretical way of finding two people with the same birthday to a real example which is done by a survey. See how many people it would take to find 3 people and 4 people with the same birthday. Thank you so much.
  9. Guest

    Math IA Topic - Art In Math

    Hello! A few of my IA topics have been rejected, so I've become more anxious about having a topic and approaching my teacher about it. However, on some website I found the idea of graphing an image/symbol onto a cartesian plane with functions, and this has greatly interested me as I deal with photoshop often. I was wondering if this was enough as an SL topic? For example, if I'd find functions to graph the IB logo, or several different logos. Thank you for your time!
  10. Hey guys!!!! I have been struggling to come up with a topic for my Math SL IA since the last couple of weeks. I finally have a few ideas. I would like to know whether these ideas are appropriate for standard level. I was thing of using Catalan numbers to find the number of ways a convex polygon of n+2 sides can be split into triangles by connecting vertices OR Using Catalan numbers to find the number of ways to connect the points on a circle with disjointed chords. Any help would be greatly appreciated !!! Thank you!
  11. Hey! I'm just about to start IB in two weeks. My career inclination is related towards economics and/or business management/administration (probably somewhere related to Investment banking or Finanace). I chose: *UPDATE* Math SL French SL English Language/Literature SL Economics HL Chemistry HL Geo HL Are these subjects ideal? Is this subject combination difficult? I know for econ some universities require HL maths but everybody tells me HL math is too hard. However, I'm good at maths and have been getting 7's throughout the years except for my igcse final where I got a 6 (89-A) but since Hl math is apparently the most difficult subject, I feel like I won't perform well in it (knowing me, I can probably get a 6-7 in HL math if I try hard but while doing this, I'll most likely fail the rest of my subjects because I'll be concentrating too much on math). I would have done Business Hl but my school doesn't provide it as they believe universities have zero/little consideration for that subject.
  12. ib_tesseract


    Hey, So I've decided to do my Math IA on Time Dilation for the SL Syllabus I was just looking for opinions, on whether its a good idea or not and if I could score very well on it. All suggestions and thoughts are appreciated. I've focused more on the easier explanation for time dilation by just looking at it in special relativity problems as opposed to general relativity (the latter is more confusing and requires more abstract Math). How do you guys think I could make it better? Thanks
  13. Hey, I'm just starting the Diploma Programme this year and taking SL Maths. I was wondering if anyone had any study techniques, or any tips in general, in order to do well in the Maths SL course. Secondly, I'd like to know if anyone has any good resources to find Maths SL past papers online. So yeah, any help would be GREATLY appreciated, as I don't know what to expect, to be honest.
  14. Hello! Recently, I have come up with calculating the volume and surface area of wine glasses for my Math IA (I am in Maths SL). I am just wondering whether if this idea is suitable for Maths SL and whether if it shows personal engagement. Since this idea would involved relatively more heavy calculus as I am at SL level, would it show personal engagement because I am attempting to learn something more challenging and outside the scope of the syllabus? In my opinion, it is not exactly unique or crazy creative compared to the sample IA's I see, for example graphing cosmetic contact lens patterns. Do you have any tips on how I could expand on the topic? I had in mind trying to find a surface area to volume ratio or a formula to relate/connect volume and surface area. Or I could explore how increases in height of the glass could change the surface area? But honestly I am not sure if it would be creative or interesting enough. I am not sure what the IB is looking for in terms of the IA.
  15. Hello! I'm an IB student taking the 2016 november session papers, and would like to know if anyone has access to the TZ2 May Math 2016 standard level paper? I would love to get some practice! Thank you
  16. So I'm in Math SL and my initial IA idea to investigate the cardiovascular health/cardiac parameters of continents was a bust so can someone please give me a good idea? Preferably related to cardiology and/or BMI but I'm honestly so desperate that I'm willing to try anything, just nothing that involves circular trigonometry! Thanks in advance!
  17. My teacher requires that we write a 6 page draft of a Math SL IA by next week. Though he said I could use a Math IA I previously wrote for the Math IA handed in next week, I want to write another one as a backup. The problem is that I have no idea what topic to do. What should I do?
  18. Is it possible to receive a 1 or 2 in math sl, i did pretty bad on both paper 1 and 2 but pretty good on IA
  19. Hey guys, I am starting the IB diploma program on August 2016... My IB subjects so far are - Physics HL Chemistry HL Economics HL English SL Spanish SL Math SL For universities, I plan to go to an engineering school. I plan to study chemical engineering. My school won't let me take HL Maths, so does it put me on a huge disadvantage to not take SL maths? I plan to apply to Singapore Universities such as NUS or NTU. Please tell me if its possible to apply with these classes.
  20. Im really wondering if that's possible because I did really well on my french IB HL Internal assesments + the writing tasks but when it came to paper 1 and paper 2 it was kind of effy. Also, same thing with MATH SL
  21. I'm trying to write a Math IA on Games and Game theory and specifically on Gambler's fallacy with examples using coin tossing. Is there any sources I can use to write this and what examples should I include in the exploration. Would you recommend my approach to this and if so how should I structure this IA?
  22. Hello. I need help deriving this equation using the quotient rule. I'm having difficulty reaching the correct answer because I've no idea what I'm doing wrong. Quotient Rule: (u'v - v'u) / (v2) Equation to derive: (2x-3) / (x2) What I did: u= 2x-3 v= x2 u'= 2 v'= 2x *sustituted into equation to get: -( 2x2 - 6x) / x4 The answer should be - (2x - 6) / x3 What am I doing wrong?
  23. Hi! I'm starting the IB program next year and going to take 4 HL's (Bio, Chem, English, Economics), but I'm not sure if I should change Economics for Math HL... I've always been in the advanced math class, though I never liked math, and was forced by my parents to be at this level. Lately I've realized my math is pretty bad, and I'm pretty slow to understand things, compared to all of my math classmates. It's not that I don't know how every equation works or how graphs work and all, in fact I'm pretty good at solving equations and doing these formulas. It's just that i don't understand math in general. We just got "deeper" into solving trig formulas, equations, and these radian stuff. I can't solve the questions without looking at the answer guides because i can't solve them on my own. I have this math test tomorrow and I'm worried I'm going to fail it because i can't come up with any formulas to solve these questions. The problem is that i'm bad at coming up with ways to solve these. It's so hard for me to think outside the box and figure out the best way to solve math problems. I talked to my parents about this and they just tell me I'm not practicing enough. Though they maybe are right, I don't know if working my ass off on HL math is worth it. Math just isn't for me, but maybe I'm not challenging myself enough. I want to become a nurse or a biology teacher later on, and I'm wondering if I even need to stress this much about math. Will taking SL math look bad for my college application? And really, what is the difference between math SL and HL?
  24. So I´m currently on a 2 week break from school so I wanted to take enough time to come up with a good topic for my IA. I want to do it about the recent terrorist attacks and some of the comments from the republican candidates (saying that muslims shouldn´t enter the country because they might be terrorists). I planned on doing something related to correlation or probability, but I´ve read that those topics are not strong enough for sl. Should I add something else? I haven´t seen calculus in my course but maybe I could use it in my exploration aswell... But i dont know. Should I look for another topic?
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