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Found 183 results

  1. My IA topic is on roller-coasters and i am afraid that its too physics based and there is not enough math to support it. I am confused about how to format it and basically what to do. My teacher never gave us a guideline...
  2. Hello people of IB survival. I am at that phase that most of you have been through were I need to find a topic for my math IA. I want to see what do you suggest for a good SL exploration I think I am more into algebra and calculus as general areas so I hope you could help me spark up some ideas! Thanks in advance! and those that would tell me that I need to find my own topic please don't bother share your opinion with me because it is not needed.
  3. I have this mammoth of a test tommorow on trig and even though i am good a math,im freaking out. Can someone please help?
  4. i want to major in hospitality but i am confused whether i should take math sl or math studies, (just some bg info, i am very bad at math, i usually get a 4 at the end of the semester). does math matter in hospitality? or do they focus more on the total ib score? do most hospitality schools have a requirement for minimum math sl? however, these are the choices i have submitted History HL Business & Management HL English HL Bahasa Indonesia SL Chemistry SL Math Studies SL thank you!
  5. Hello, I'm doing my practice math IA right now, but I'm stuck on the "interpret your data" section. My data was exponential, so now what do I do? What should i talk about? thanks!
  6. Hello everyone, I'm working on my Math SL IA, and I was interested in exploring the 17 different types of symmetry which can be found in everyday objects. I would take pictures myself and analyse the symmetries present within them However, I'm unsure as to whether this topic contains enough mathematics for Criterion E. Should I go ahead with it anyways? Thanks
  7. Hi! My topic for my math sl ia is due tomorrow and i still havent managed to narrow it down to a question. I am currently thinking about looking into currency fluctuation, or exchange rates or basically something with currency, could anyone help me?
  8. Hey guys, I just joined this site today because I wasn't sure if there was a specific form of organization for the Math SL IA like there is for History (plan of investigation, summary of evidence,etc) I know It's an investigation in any topic you want, and I know that it should be 6-12 pages, but how exactly do i structure the paper?
  9. So for my Math SL IA I decided I wanted to investigate what factors affected a nominated movie's chance of winning the Academy Awards Best Picture Award. The factors I picked to investigate are total box office earnings, genre, and release date. I am only using data from nominated movies from 2011 to 2014 so as not to overload myself with data. My problem is, although I have all my data, I don't know what to do with it. My teacher suggested trying to find a regression or make a probability equation. However all of my lists of data only have an x value, so I am unsure how to fit it into a regression. (I tried using '1' in the y value for a movie that won and a '0' for one that didn't, but that didn't work out very well). Also I haven't dealt with probability equations quite this complex. Does anyone have any advice? So far I have several pie and bar graphs showing my data, but nothing to interpret it.
  10. Making music with Sine Waves I know there's an example of this IA online, but i don't want to be inspired by that particular example. I want to do sine waves regarding the piano or flute, but i don't know how to look into that. I don't have any resources.
  11. Topic: Making Music with Sine Waves I'm havingg trouble starting it. I'm currently having writer's block and i don't have a plan to start it. I need help.
  12. zuzelle

    Oxford & math scores

    Hey guys, I'm doing May session 2016- my dream uni is Oxford, PPE, however I am not very strong at maths (I'm doing SL) and I've been wondering is it possible to get an offer with predicted 5? Do you know anyone who had a 5 predicted/ or happened to you? I am wondering, because I know that Oxford doesn't really consider applications for PPE with math studies, but well, if it doesn't give offers to people with 5s, I might switch to studies and do better and apply to other decent uni. Can anyone help me from their experience? Thanks a lot in advance
  13. For my IB Math SL class, we were required to complete our rough drafts in mid-November, and they were graded and returned to us this past week. My topic was about mathematically modelling the drops of roller coasters using cubic regression or sin curves (this modelling is actually model of the position, so the graph would look exactly like the picture of the drop). To make these, I needed to scale photographs of these drops and use a graph to find coordinates of points that the track of the roller coaster lay on. After doing so, I would either find the equation for the sin curve that would fit the data or use cubic regression. I did not really clearly explain how exactly I found these points, nor how these points were used to formulate the equations. I do not know if this was really a valid mathematical exploration and I received a poor score (due to lack of neatness and labeling, lack of clearness on use of tables, not exactly showing and properly showing/explaining the process in detail, and a "superficial reflection") not only the assessment but my overall grade in the class as well. My teacher commented to reach top marks, at least in personal engagement, we'd need to demonstrate knowledge of mathematics we have not yet covered in class (mostly everything in calculus). I really want to change my topic rather dramatically. My dilemma is not knowing is whether I should continue the exploration on what I've already done and somehow incorporate derivatives, integrals, or any other calculus based concept into the investigation, or if I should do something completely different (which could involve roller coasters, a ferris wheel, or any other amusement park ride) and still use calculus based concepts. I wouldn't like all of the work I've done to have gone to wasteWould you have any ideas on how I could incorporate calculus into an investigation on amusement parks? I'm having trouble coming up with one because I haven't taken calculus, and don't know many applications of it, but I'm willing to learn and apply some basic concepts with some guidance. Also, I am unsure on what exactly I'm trying to find and how I can make the investigation "useful". I want to perform an investigation with results with which one could use and draw reflections from. Thank you very much for your time!
  14. Hey guys, I am starting my Math IA and I want to do it about Swimming but I don't quite know which aspects of math I should explore within it... Help for any suggestions would be appreciated thank you Jill.
  15. I'm doing math sl and was wondering if I would be able to do the ap calculus ab exam. Is the maths sl and calculus ab portion the same? If not could I do ap statistics after preparing for math sl?
  16. (Updated Nov 28, 2014) Hi everyone. My name is Mitch Campbell, and I've been an IB Physics and Mathematics teacher (and examiner) since 2002. I've been working on a series of video tutorials designed to help you get through the Math SL syllabus. (I also have Physics SL/HL) in another thread. As a result, I have a few hundred videos I put up on youtube. Of the 6 topics from Math SL, I have 5 of them up! (I just put up the vectors videos today). Whenever I need to use a calculator, I use an emulator version of the TI 84, and I show you every step I use to calculate and solve. You can see the playlists I made here: Topic 1: Algebra (sequences and series, exponents, logarithms, binomial expansion) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6LH0ngwf3HsoathRzM31I7qiORkXbGPp Topic 2: Functions and equations (transformations, inverses, composite functions, quadratics) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL74619D42AA989BCA Topic 3: Circular Functions and Trigonometry (right angle and non-right angle triangles, exact values of sin, cos, tan, graphs of sin, cos, tangent, and even included how to be a DJ) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6LH0ngwf3Hty1ogHmPvvGnV0Jqb5HMKR Topic 4: Vectors (component form, unit vector form, adding vectors, scalar product, angle between two vectors, vector equation of a line) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6LH0ngwf3HtbjnAD-w1G3Tj9cA20ihp9 Topic 6: Calculus (derivatives, integrals) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL948121D1E0F7D6D4 I hope this helps you out! Cheers, Mitch
  17. yjcho


    I'm doing my math ia on prime number theorem, yet I am not very sure as to how I can develop my ideas and how I can make my ia that commensurate the mathematical level of ib math sl! help me pleaase!
  18. I'm doing math sl and was wondering if I would be able to take the ap calculus ab exam to earn credits for universities. Is the math sl and ap calculus ab portion the same? If not then what's the difference?
  19. 15 downloads

    I hope this helps out those who need an idea for a math investigation! Note from mod: Please remember that plagiarism is taken very seriously by the IBO. Not putting in effort on a math investigation is not worth losing your diploma over.
  20. Hey guys, I made a post earlier and I did not get any replies. I am really desperate this time. Does anyone know or know somebody who will be able to give me some help on benford's law for my IA. I need to be able to understand the depth of it to write my IA and any help is appreciated. PLEASE ANYONE WHO KNOWS ABOUT IT, REPLY PLEASSSSEEEE Usually it is a topic taught in univeristy classes and commonly in economics! THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR HELPING ME OUT (if anyone does....PLEASEEEE..)
  21. DocWonder

    Can I do it?

    I've been talking with someone about universities and such, and we discussed the fact that I need a 5/6 to get into the faculty of science. Currently in my math class, I'm "struggling". Hint the " " because I can do fine on assignments such as homework, but when it comes to tests I do poorly (in my eyes). I believe that the real problem lies in my studying habits. I've been trying to push myself to review class work, do practice questions and so one, but I never seem to be able to do so. If you guys (with experience or good grades) have any advices or tips for me it would be great help. Thank you.
  22. Hello, I really need some suggestions for my IA Math topic. So far, I am interested in doing something related to my dad's company, which is about environmental management. There are all kinds of data-base available for me to use (e.g. amount of carbon dioxide released in the air, air monitoring, testing the chemical substances in wastewater from the factories). I am thinking about doing something statistical-related. But I am not sure which variables I should be doing or comparing to. Is there any suggestion that I can apply these kinds of data to my IA? Please help, thank you!
  23. I'm entering my third month of the IB as an 11th Grader at an International School, I currently take English Language and Literature HL, Economics HL, Spanish B HL, and Portuguese B HL as well as Biology SL, TOK, and Math SL. I currently have all grades above 90% with an exception of 74% in Math. My school has a retake policy where students are allowed to retake tests with harder questions and in the case of math we are allowed to do rigorous Test Corrections which can give you up to half the points you missed back. Even with these policies I have been unable to strive in Math finding everything we learn very difficult and hard to keep up with. In the past my grades have not been amazing because I had the tendency to not study for my first two years of high school, as this was my first year of IB I understood how important this was and began studying tirelessly which is why I have the grades I have so far. I do not expect to get into anything like a Harvard University or and Ivy league but more of a University of Miami, NYU, Boston College, or even University of Michigan. I have since the beginning of the year looking at the positives and negatives of moving down from Math Standard Level to Math Studies. I have been given various opinions; some saying it was better to get into college with a mid 70's, possibly low 80's grade in Sl than a very high 90 in studies while others saying the opposite. Im not sure exactly what I want to study in college but my three largest interests are Pre-Law, Political Science, and Business. I would like to ask what is better for me to get into a better college, a very high Math Studies grade boosting my GPA or a lower Math SL grade showing that I tried to do well. My biggest concern is that I have never been good at Mathematics and if i'm already haring difficulties with the current things what will I do when it gets harder (because i've been told it gets much harder).
  24. ANy ideas on IB math explorations? Preferably simple and I especially like sequences and series. What did you guys do?
  25. Hello, again. I wanna ask I took the CIE IGCSE exam this May/June 2014. The thing is, I took Mathematics Core (where you can only get C, eventhough you get the highest in the world). I'm the best in Core Maths student (Well, actually I can get an A* in Extended Maths) and I'm really nervous. Can I survive in Mathematics SL and get high grades? And, is calculus the first chapter in Maths SL? Thank youuu
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