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Found 183 results

  1. I'm supposed to be starting my Math Exploration, but I need to establish my topic. I have a few in mind, but I kind of need help developing them. 1) To see the correlation between countries' GDP and their Literacy rates to see if there is a relationship between education and success, but I don't know if finding the correlation between two variables and the linear regression line is "enough math" for a math exploration. 2) Also along the lines of correlation is to see if there is a correlation between gender and music/record sales. 3) Looking at past obesity percentages in different countries, graphing them, finding an equation, and predicting obesity percentages in the next few years. 4) Amusement Park physics/ math (But I don't exactly know what I would do with this exploration) Any input would help! Thanks in advance!
  2. Hey, everyone! So I am an Indonesian student and I want to apply for Psychology major in UK for next year. I am now taking Math SL and wonder will it be a problem if I drop it to Math Studies? My teacher had suggested that if we want to take psychology in uni we better drop to studies because they study much more about statistics there than in SL, but, lots of my friends said that most universities in UK won't accept if you're taking math studies. I kinda struggle in doing Math SL and I've been considering to drop to studies, but because of what lots of my friends said, I am not dropping to studies.I know it depends on what universities I'm thinking of applying, and one of it is St. Andrews so I don't think they will accept Math Studies. But other universities that I'm thinking of applying are as follows: University of KentUniversity of LeedsNorthumbria UniversityUniversity of NorthamptonUniversity of Southamptonand many more I haven't made my mind up. So yeah, if you guys know whether it's okay for me to take Math Studies and apply to those universities let me know!! Thanks in advance!!
  3. MrHitNik

    Math IA Help

    Hey I am in my second year of IB and we just started our math IA's. Our teacher wants us to send him the IA proposal forms with the topics by the end of the week. Here's the problem: He gave us a few sites for researching topics but none of them seem appealing enough, as they are all depressing topics, like investigating the uses of scientific notation in our daily lives. If anyone of you guys could come up with some nice topics or help me in any way to find a topic, I'd owe you guys one. The topic can be of any kind of math, and I'd appreciate it if is interesting and not too hard to gather data and use technology, etc. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello, I'm in my second year of the IB, and we have to start defining our theme for the mathematical exploration. I don't know exactly what do we have to do, I know we have to relate it to numbers or stadistics. And as the teacher said we could choose a topic of our preference, I was thinking if there was a suitable Theme in the area of biology or architechture, perhaps chemistry. I have plenty of difficulties with complex algebra, so I REALLY need your help in the choosing of the topic and would be more than grateful if any of you help me with this issue Just in case you need to know, my subjects are the following: HL Biology HL German HL Spanish Lit SL European History SL English SL Maths
  5. For the Math SL exam coming up in a few days, how much about vectors do we need to know? For example, do we need to know how to use vectors to solve questions regarding velocity and speed etc? Or is it just the simple vector stuff?
  6. Hi I was going through some past papers in Math SL, but I couldn't find the markschemes to Math SL May 2013 TZ2. I had access to them a couple of weeks ago, however I can't find them now. Did anyone else find it? (I tried entering the code, but it doesn't work.) Any help is appreciated!
  7. Hello, I'm in IB precalculus, and I've been using the same graphing calculator for nearly two years now, the TI Nspire. However, I've really found many of its features very difficult to use, especially because my teacher only teaches with the TI-84. One specific feature I really would like access to is polysmlt, but I have absolutely no idea how to find/use it! Does anybody who has the Nspire have any insight to this subject? Help would be greatly appreciated!
  8. A few weeks ago we had our mock exams. To practise for the mocks I did the old math sl exam papers from 2011 and scored around a 65/90 (a score 5). However when we did the specimen paper I got 40/90 points (score 3). This kind of result seemed to be consistent through out the class. And we all wondered, " Where were all the logarithms? Where was the ordinary math?" Our teacher thought the same, that the specimen paper was really hard and only contained the things in the new syllabus. Such as differentiation using substitution and wierd trigonometric identities. So firstly I want to ask: Is my class the only one that saw these kinds of results? Secondly: Do you think that the IBO is only trying to scare us into practicing the new stuff using this specimen paper. So that we don't "cheat" by not doing the things that has changed in the syllabus?
  9. Hey guys, Alright ill be straight forward, I'm in Math SL right now, and I am getting an average 4. I don't want a 4, I want to at least get a 6. Also, dont give me the advice to go down to Math Studies, because I know I can do this, but I just feel like I dont have the right resources. Does anyone, have a guide, or maybe a whole overview (study guide) which might have some questions at the end or something. Just want to do this over break so I can be set for when I go back to school. Thanks so much everyone, I will +rep anyone who can give me this.
  10. turquoiseisblue

    IA IB 1

    Hi everyone, We're doing an IA in my IB 1 Math class as our summative as well as practice for the IA we'll be writing next year. I'm wondering which topic I could choose that would only require what I've learned from the syllabus so far. We haven't done calculus or anything. My teacher said that an easier one to do would be statistics, but how would I approach this stream of math without my IA being too simple? I was thinking of a topic along the lines of organ donation in my province but I have no idea how to turn it into a question. Coming up with a topic seems really tough and I'd really appreciate your help! Thank you
  11. Hi all, my math SL ia question is on the use of trigonometry and geometry to help find the optimal place to set the cue in a game of pool. My set topics would be trigonometry and geometry, and my teacher said it would be good to add in angle of deviation, but it would be tricky. Im really having trouble applying any theoretical knowledge as my math is really weak (failing), and the IA draft is due in a couple of days, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  12. The final draft of IA in our school is due this week, I have totally no idea how to write IA. Because I am just in IB year1, and I just changed my HL to SL, have no clue how to do a SL IA, neither do HL IA... I saw an interesting idea online, which is whether it will improve club's rank by sacking managers? I just have NO IDEA how to engage knowledge into IA? PLEASE HELP...
  13. Hi, We're really far behind on our syllabus in math, which means we need to do the exploration pretty much entirely by ourselves, and I'm lost so I thought I'd ask for help here first My topic is cryptography and my plan is to use matrices. I know this isn't in the SL syllabus anymore but my teacher said it was at the right level for the IA. Regardless, is it okay to only use matrices or should I bring in something else? (If so, suggestions would be greatly appreciated - I'm planning on using simple arithmetic to explain the history of cryptography in my introduction, but that would be very brief and simple) Also, I'm a bit lost as to what to do in the exploration itself. I know I can't make it all theory, but would be it enough to encrypt and decrypt several messages using matrices? I was thinking about starting with a really simple matrix and then increasing the difficulty, but I don't know if that's enough. Is it okay to just do some sort of "demonstration" of cryptography using matrices like this, or does it need to be more specific/something completely different? Thanks!
  14. Hello fellow IBers, so for my Math exploration I am modeling the population growth of the world. I've done some bits of it but now I'm completely lost. I'm not sure about what else to do. Any idea's about what I could possibly do and discuss in my exploration? Thank you.
  15. Hey there, fellow IB survivors! I need help for my math IA topic and suggestions for what to do with it. Well, getting right to it... My math exploration topic is about prime numbers and I'll be exploring them in depth to find how many prime numbers are there To start with, I will explore sets of 10 meaning 0-10, 10-20, 20-30, 40-50, 60-70, etc up until like 1000 or something and plot the chart. I'll then graph the data and create a function for this curve. With this curve, I'll see if there are any x-intercepts I'll then explore different sets of numbers, for example... from 0-50, 50-100, 100-150, 150-200. up until like 10,000 and then create a function for this curve aswell and predict if there is a set where I will have 0 prime numbers between a set like this. And lastly, one more set... 0-100, 100-200, 200-300, 300-400, till 100,000. Same procedure as before. This is what I have so far... And I have no idea what to do after. Maybe I can look at the distribution of the curve or something like that... I don't know if this exploration will work or not, but I need advice and suggestions on what I can do with it and if it possible. And then I can prove how the contradiction method says that there are infinite prime numbers from my investigation. Need suggestions, survivors!
  16. Hello beautiful people, I am trying to search for a topic for my Math IA as my teacher has decided to get us started looking for ideas, which I've found to perhaps be the hardest step (since my teacher is new, has not much knowledge about IA, much less the new syllabus, etc etc). I think I might do an exploration on something to do with games/casino/economics. The question is, although I will narrow down the idea to maybe a theory or system, there are still multiple SL topics within it, such as probability, statistics, exponential/logarithmic graphs/equations, since I will use a range of mathematical concepts to explain, highlight and prove the theory/system. Is it okay to do my exploration on two or more (multiple) SL topics in the syllabus, or do I have to look at only one (which may be very restrictive?) Thank you!
  17. Hello everyone! Looking at the criteria it tells me I need organisation, personal engagement etc. I was wondering what the purpose of the exploration is though. Is it to take a math theory and apply it directly to my own life in a self-conducted experiment, or to go through a mathematical concept step by step and relate it personally? Is there any specific structure that it must follow? Does it need citations? Thank you in advance!
  18. IBSP

    MATH SL IA help

    Hey Guys! So, I think I'm going to write my IA on lacsap's fractions but I have NO way to personally connect to it. I know the personal connection part is pretty important for the IA and I really want my IA to be on lacsap's fractions. I've changed my topic 3 times now and I don't want to change it anymore. Any ideas??
  19. Hi guys, So I am moving schools halfway through my IB and at my old school the IA was hardly discussed and definitely not as far along as my new school. I need to have a topic by the first day at my new school and do not know where to start. I recently had a major surgery and wanted to know if this could become a good IA idea? At the moment I have a few ideas including: Game Theory- how to win naughts and crosses- using probability and tree diagrams etcAnesthesiology- using math to find the perfect dosage needed or something? not to sure reallySurgery- math needed in determining perfect position for joints in the body? Tides- height variation, how fast height changes, working out an equation etc?I am honestly so lost, any help at all would be so so so good because I am getting very worried. Thanks!
  20. Hi, I've been looking on IBO trying to figure out what the requirements are for the Exploration, specifically the word count necessary. IBO says 6-12 pages. Does this include diagrams, math work, graphs, works cited page, headings and titles, the abstract, etc.?
  21. I was planning on doing my math exploration on modeling tides but now that I've started it I'm not sure where to go with it. So far I have come up with a sine equation and graph modeling the height of high and low tides in a day... Looking for suggestions on how to extend and explore this topic more!
  22. I really want to do some form of engineering or computer science and I know a lot of courses require math HL but I was just curious as to what your percentage mark/ score in pre-IB was and what math you decided to take. Also how hard did/do you find the course? Thank-you in advance!
  23. Need Math SL Past Papers 2011 and 2012. If anyone could help. Thank you.
  24. Hello. I've recently been thinking a lot about this, whether I should take HL Math or not. I am currently in Grade 10 Pre-IB at Port Moody Secondary School, Vancouver, Canada. My goal for post-secondary is to get into the Computer Science program at University of Toronto, and if I cannot achieve that, Computer Science at Simon Fraser University. On U of T's admission requirements page for IB Students, it states both SL and HL are accepted. However, I have heard a variety of opinions on this topic from many people. Some say that Math HL is needed for a CS Major, others say that taking HL for CS is a waste of time and if you can get through with SL, it would be the optimal decision. I've even heard from an individual that not even Math HL will teach you the amount of math needed for Computer Science, though based on some experience with coding, I don't believe this is true. So now I'm here, stuck between thinking about SL or HL Math. I've never had trouble at all with Math so far in my life, except for maybe contest questions. I've always gotten above 90 Percent in my math classes at school and I'm currently not having much trouble with IB Math 10 this semester. I think that if I take HL Math, I'll get a 5 at most. And I'll probably get a better grade in SL. The TL;DR here is basically I can't decide between Math HL or SL. The university I want to get into accepts both for what I want to do. I might get through with SL but HL will probably give me a better chance of getting in, but I won't do as well in HL as SL. Any help in helping me decide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. EDIT: Also, my school does NOT offer either Computer Science HL or SL.
  25. I am doing my Math IA on the topic "Mathematical methods in economics". Does anyone have any guiding material, ideas, thoughts that may help me? I know that you have other IB stuff to take care of, but every opinion or help I get would really mean a huge deal to me. Thank you in advance. Good luck with all of your assignments! P.S A little motivation “Recipe for Success: Study while others are sleeping; work while others are loafing; prepare while others are playing; and dream while others are wishing.”― William A. Ward
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