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Found 21 results

  1. jude_kook

    VA May 2016 Session

    Is anyone else confused about their arts results?
  2. Since 24 hours have passed now I just wanted to know how everyone did. I personally found the selections of questions hard. I chose question 5 in the end and I think it turned out alright.
  3. Malino

    HISTORY HL/SL Paper 2

    SO 24h have gone.. How did you find it? Personally I think it was ok, I did question 3 on war power and sea power in ww1 and question 13 on the reasons for and the extent of support for hitler up to jan 1933.
  4. Nema_Amen

    Maths HL Paper 3

    Hye guys since It has been 24 hours already. How was maths paper 3 for you guys ? Which option did you choose, I took sets and relation and it was pretty good
  5. Kristina Rollová

    Psychology HL paper 2 & 3

    Hi everyone how did you feel about paper 2 and paper 3 for psychology HL? I think that there were great questions for paper 2, but paper 3 was a bit weird It wasn't difficult just weirdly formated questions. But overall psychology was really good this year I think.
  6. claudiah

    Psychology SL

    Hi everyone! How did you find paper 1 of the exam? I thought it was pretty easy. Not sure I'm ready for paper 2 though
  7. AnastasiaVr

    Psychology HL Paper 1

    Hey guys! How did you find the exam? I am TZ1 and i thought it was pretty easy. I picked the long essay about factors that affect conformity.
  8. How long did you start revising for IB? And how long do you revise daily? I started revising for this exam 4 months ago, and I revise around 8 hours each day, (8am - 12pm, 1pm to 6pm, but i take breaks in between)
  9. Kristina Rollová

    Maths SL paper 2 (May 2016)

    Hey guys, how did you feel about the Maths SL paper 2? I think that both papers went really well but lets discuss some of the questions.
  10. AnastasiaVr

    Math Studies Paper 1

    Hey guys! How did you all find paper 1? I was in TZ1 and i thought the paper was just brilliant! I only had trouble with exercise 9 who asked something about the amount of money that he would have got without the commission.
  11. theswizzlerbruh

    English A Literature Paper 1

    Hello World! So more than 24 hours have passed since all of the IB english paper 1's have taken place. How did all of you do, and how were the papers in each of the Time Zones? I am in TZ2 and chose the poem !
  12. How did everyone find them? I thought paper 3 was fairly easy except for the fractal diagram which I messed up. And the questions on the option we did in my school were the usual so there wasn't anything unexpected.
  13. kristinemjs

    After the exams

    How are you all doing? I cannot believe that we are reaching the end of the IB program... Us having the exams now anyway. So what are your plans for when the exams are over?!? Celebrate and party? Sleep for days? Read a book to make the transition to normal life smoother?
  14. AnastasiaVr

    Economics SL Paper 2

    Hey guys! How did you find it? What questions did you do? I did 1 and 4 and i think they were pretty easy!
  15. Yanushka Latinovich

    Who takes Russia A lit in Shanghai

    Hey guys! Emergency help anyone knows or is the person that takes Russian A lit and who lived in China??? Please please
  16. ibstudent081099

    Maths HL exam hints

    Hey guys, as you know exams are in less than two weeks and, probably as all of you, I am stressed for maths (I need to get a 7 to meet my university requirements). I think creating a post to share suggestions and useful revision tips would be useful. My main suggestions are the following. 1)Do past papers 2)If you manage to put your hands on the questionbank, do past questions divided in topics. I feel that this technique allows you to understand the typical exercises better than doing past papers. If the questionbank is not available, just scroll through the papers and do all the exercises of the same topic together 3)The section which I find more challenging in paper 1 and paper 2 is section B. While doing the exercises on section A, if I encounter a difficulty, I simply go on and leave it for later. If you guys have any other suggestions comment below so that we can all help each other out. Good luck on your revision
  17. Ignacio

    P1 question Nov 2010 help

    Hi there!, Could someone tell me why, the answer to this question is B? I don't understand why the uncertainty of B is higher than A. Thanks!!
  18. mclovin3500


    Guys, I feel terrible before the exams- all previous year I was preparing to the important boxing championship, so I didn't studied anything in Biology, and our Economics teacher is just terrible- on our mock exams no one had more than 4! But the biggest problem is Biology, I don't remember and actually understand anything. I wonder if anyone has some useful links for preparation to Biology?
  19. Ignacio

    Physics 2016 specimen papers

    Hi! Does anyone know where I could find specimen papers for the new physics guide for may 2016? Thanks!!
  20. hello all, i started working on my TOK essay, since my teacher wants a first draft in 10 days (october 15). now i wrote an introduction, but i want some one to proof read it and tell me what needs improvement in it, since my TOK teacher refused to do that and hes not that good or that reliable anyways (hes new) im doing the first prescribed topic. “In gaining knowledge, each area of knowledge uses a network of ways of knowing.†Discuss this statement with reference to two areas of knowledge.“In gaining knowledge, each area of knowledge uses a network of ways of knowing.†Discuss this statement with reference to two areas of knowledge. my areas of knowledge are art and history, and my ways of knowing are emotion and sense perception if any one can help, please direct message me on here. thanks
  21. Antonia Julia

    Bio HL Heart sketch

    Hi people We are learning the heart structure and soon we have an exam and then our end-of-year exam. Can someone provide me with a heart sketch that is good according to the new syllabus for HL? Thanks in advance

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