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Found 191 results

  1. How do I make a thesis statement out of my research question? I know the thesis statement is a basically all my points that I will make in my essay, but how does it look compared to a research question? I guess, I want to ask, can someone post their research question and their thesis together? Thanks!
  2. Hello While I'm writing my EE on Visual Arts I'm not fully sure if I'm doing everything right. So my research question is: How significant is the influence of Tamara Łempicka's art on modern art? First of all I don't like the repetition of the word 'art'. I was brainstorming on some synonyms but just couldn't think about anything different. Second of all, is it enough? I mean is it really a research if I'm searching for various inspirations which were taken from this artist in order to create something new? I would be really thenkful for some feedback because it continuosly is on my mind.
  3. Hi guys, this is my first post and I would really appreciate if you guys could help me out with this problem. Here goes, so as you can tell by the title I'm doing my extended essay in business and management and I need help focusing my research question, my current question goes something like this : 'To what extent and how can red bull maintain its position in the market and combat the growing threat of competition?' , alternatively I've framed another question : 'To what extent can Red Bulls effective marketing strategies be attributed to its success in the market ?' , this one I made as a contingency, however the I don't understand the tools or theories I should use to analyze these questions. Thanks in advance, all suggestions are welcomed.
  4. Hello, I need some help narrowing down this topic I chose for my Art EE. "Mannerism: How the deformation of the human body worked to emphasize the beauty standards of that era" Obviously I'm going to change it into a question but I'm just not sure if this topic above seems good for me to write about. I recently change my EE subject from English to Art so I'm running out of time and I have to do everything before the due date of my first draft. I've been having trouble formulating research questions based on readings I've done because I keep thinking it has to be super original what I come up with. I'm mostly focusing on the Renaissance, Mannerism, and Japanese influence on Dutch Art because i have primary sources of each art movement or topic and that would make my essay writing easier. Other thoughts about topics i could write about include art therapy but idk if writing about art therapy would be more for a psychology EE rather than art. Please share any thoughts or concerns thankyou
  5. I chose a social enterprise as my organisation, the business issue is the low efficiency in production due to the time consumed training disabled workers and the 1:1 ratio of disabled workers to normal workers causing iBakery hard to compete with other businesses. Is "To what extent could iBakery improve its productivity by introducing non-monetary motivation methods?" a good and relevant research question? How can i improve on the question? Thank you
  6. hey i need a research question i already have one but i need some help with it, what can i improve on it? we have a business and we just started its a cosmetics centre my question is How could company x increase their annual profit as a new business in a competitive market? i wanna go in that direction as i see it as an opportunity since they just started to write about it, what do i need to do to refine the question? or is it good already thanks a lot!
  7. My current EE (Film Studies) question is "To what extent are Walt Disney Picture's female protagonists influenced by Studio Ghibli's female protagonists?" I feel like it comes off as too broad (and biased since I'm assuming that there is an influence on one by the other) since there are hundreds of ways one can influence another. However, if I said it like "How have Walt Disney Picture's female protagonists grown due to the influence of Studio Ghibli's female protagonists?" then that also comes off as an assumption since there is no evidence. Please help me with the wording! Thank you!
  8. Hello, everyone! I read all of those necessary threads before posting this but I'm still confused about the issue I have regarding the research question of the extended essay. In spring, I started doing my EE on psychology with a research question which was indeed a question. But today I became inconvenient with it and noticed that I'm comparing two psychological phenomena and therefore I could use something starting with "A Comparative Evaluation..." or something like that. It is much better in my opinion because those phenomena are very similar to each other, yet asking whether the causes of the first phenomenon can explain the others is odd to me. So, my question is: can the research question be like that new one since it is not a statement or a prompt or do I have to force it into a question form? I sent an email to my supervisor but I'm eager to start writing my EE as I have almost completed the information research part so I'm asking this here too. I found from the internet an EE example where two psychological therapies are compared and contrasted which has a similar RQ as I have now, but it dates back to 2007 so there may have been changes in rules regarding the RQ. I also have noticed that in my school there has been English A L&L and other language subject EEs which have RQs like "Theme X in Author's Novel Y" or "Theme X in Author 1's novel Y and Author 2's novel Z".
  9. My EE subject is English Language and literature. My research question is : Comparing the Orwellian tools of ideological and psychological manipulation in 1984 with the Margaret Atwoods religious tool inThe Hadndmaids's Tale to dehumanize humans. I fell like the question is Ill-phrased and im worried if this question is too broad. I'm in desperate need of second opininon . My supervisor is not replying to my Emails and i want to start my EE in summer break so please help me. Any kind of help and suggestion willbe appreciated . Thank you!
  10. I'm a biology HL student and my IA is on the effect of temperature on lactase activity. I finished my experiment successfully and I have started writing the actual IA, but I am concerned about the research question. My research question is the following: How does exposing lactase to different temperatures affect its activity as a catalyst of lactose breakdown in regular whole milk, measured by change in glucose concentration? I feel like it is very long, but my teacher disagrees and wants me to add more information in it, like the temperature range, the exact kind of milk (fat % included), and the device I used to measure glucose concentration (I used a blood glucose Glucometer). What should I do? I know people will say to trust my teacher, but nobody at my school trusts him and he's not the best Biology teacher. Please help.
  11. Hello! next year is my last year so it is the year for me to finish my EE. I need a little help with the research question. So my topic is about the making of biodiesel from waste cooking oil and before the actual process of turning waste cooking oil into biodiesel, the free fatty acids in cooking oil needs to be esterified first to lower the cooking oil's acid value. I decided to title my EE "the kinetics of FFA esterification in waste vegetable oil". there are several things that can be independent variables such as methanol:oil ratio, temperature and the concentration of the catalyst, which is sulfuric acid. however, i'm wondering if all those parameters are worth examining? As in if they are EE-worthy? I need your opinion on this and if you think they are not EE worthy, do you have a suggestion of another way to approach this topicv
  12. Hello everyone! I will write my EE on History. My topic is the South Africa´s unification in the Nelson Mandela´s government. I want to focus on Rugby at that time. I would like to know if you can read some of my research questions that I have. * To what extent was Rugby responsible for South Africa´s unification? * To what extent Nelson Mandela used Rugby in order to unify South Africa? Those are the research questions that I have formulated. I am not sure if they are right. Please give me feedback, if there is something wrong, tell me. I would like to begin my EE in the best way possible. Thank you
  13. I would like to ask for help in coming up for a topic for my IA, all I know for certain is that I would like to do something with cardioids but I am not sure how I could form a question for it.
  14. Hi! I have been working on my RQ for my psychology EE for a while now and my supervisor seems to like it but I want feedback from people who have actually done one and has some experience (as this is my teacher's first year of EE supervising...) So if you have done it, or if you just have some feedback on it, please tell me so I don't sit there in the middle of summer regretting my RQ and being too deep into it to change it To what extent is Lucid Dreaming a suitable therapy to sleep disorders? Thanks!
  15. Hello, thanks for clicking here. I finally decided on a research question of my history EE, but I'm not sure if it is correctly stated and overally ok. The two possibilities are: To what extent was the Gandhian non-violent resistance a success/ an effective strategy in restoring peace in India? Thanks for any feedback!
  16. I have decided my extended essay topic to be on the link between rock music and globalization, and I have been focusing mainly on the bands Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath as they are the beginning of rock. However, I seem to be struggling on how to construct a good research question for this topic. In my essay, I am just basically mentioning the history of those two bands and how much they affected the world and what were those effects, and as well as how they will be linked to globalization. Any suggestions are welcome, thanks.
  17. I'm afraid that WWI is a topic that has been overdone and whoever reads my essay won't think it's original. Plus it kind of ties into what we're learning in class, so that takes away some originality as well. Should I tweak it? Thanks!
  18. ive started to develop my research question and im basing the subject on ITGS. i have already chosen my topic, "Computer tech is a pain in the neck." basically, what ill be talking about is the impacts on the human body, due to computer tech. eg: neck pain, text thumb, etc. now im thinking my question should go like this, "what are some of the impacts that computer technology can have on our health, how is it affecting us, and how can we stop this problem." i know, it sounds pretty rubbish, so please feel free on giving me tips on editing the question.
  19. Really struggling on getting a refined research question on patterns of plastic recycling and how to improve the situation... Please HELPPPP!!!!! Many Thanks!!!!
  20. Hello! I'm supposed to hand in my idea for EE in a couple of weeks and I'm fairly sure of what topic I want to write about, I just can't seem to think of a research question to go with it. I have a good amount of time left to come up with something but I could really use your help. I want my EE to be about lucid dreaming, but I've been thinking and trying to come up with a research question all summer and still haven't got a good one. My second choice would be if anxiety disorder is innate or if it's learnt through childhood. What do you guys think? What would be my best shot on recieving the best marks on my EE?
  21. I have to choose an extended essay research question and I'm stucked! I want to do Stephen King or edgar Allan Poe (or both as in a comparisson) but I'm not sure what exactly to do! Help with ideas, suggestions, anything you think could be rich to compare between them or anything! Thanks
  22. To what extent should the Indonesian government intervene in the tobacco market to benefit the economy? Is that too broad? If yes, how to make it more specific? I can't specify only to one state as the data won't be available. Any ideas?
  23. Hi guys! In my school we have to submit two choices for our extended essay and I've decided to submit biology as my second topic. I've been struggling with coming up with a topic for a while so I'll lay all my cards out on the table; I strongly dislike ecology and plant systems and I love topics like genetics and evolution. However, it's become apparently clear to me that these topics are extremely hard to do experiments on, at least in a school lab (much to my chagrin). So I've been researching for ages on things to do and the best I've been able to come up with is investigating the effect of caffeine/nicotine on plant growth/photosynthetic rate. I'm not sure if it's more suitable for an extended essay or IA? Either way, I could really use some advice on what I can do with my topic and research question because I've been stuck in the same position for decades now Thank you so much for any advice anyone may have!!!
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