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Found 191 results

  1. Hi everyone! I'm a little bit worried about my ITGS extended essay research question. I'll be so glad if you help me to fix it if it's wrong. RQ: How did citizens' IT skills improve by the Internet censorship in Turkey? My supervisor said it is wrong grammatically but I couldn't figure it out. I'm waiting for your response. Thanks!
  2. Hi! I'm kinda new to this community. This is a question about my english EE. I'm thinking of doing an EE in defense of Nurse Ratched from 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest'. However, I'm not sure how to formulate my research question. My main theme will probably be 'Misogyny in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest'. Do you think a question like 'To what extent can RP McMurphy be considered a heroic character' is appropriate?
  3. I have been thinking about my extended Essay topic and every time I pitch an idea to my supervisor she just shuts me down and says that it is not possible due to IB rules, so I will post my ideas below and any comments and ideas are welcome, I hope to become an orthodontist and therefore want to do my EE on Chemistry. I do Chemistry and Biology HL I wanted to see how acids and bases would affect the tooth enamel, I couldn't do that because of the problem with getting teeth, so I suggested that we used chicken bones and egg shells, as they have a similar chemical structure and our teeth are simply bones, then she had a problem with the whole getting bacteria to produce acids because of the rules about contamination. I never suggested bacteria though so I don't know. My current train of thought is: To what extent do mouthwashes protect the tooth enamel from acids found in sugary drinks? Thank you
  4. Ok, so I have come up with a few research questions, all including topics I like. The problem is, I'm not sure whether they are too narrow or too broad. Could you please help me? Subject of my EE - Language Language and Literature A Topic of my Extended Essay: Investigation of The four horsemen of Apocalypse represented in The Book of Revelation and Good Omens (fantasy comedy about the coming of the End of Times) , or demons of hell preferably Lilith in relationship to Succubi and Incubi in folklore and modern fiction or What is the relationship of the the horsemen of death and Ichabod crane in the series sleepy hollow(sesaon 2 episode 10) in comparison to the relationship between Ichabod Crane and the headless horseman in the legend of sleepy hollow (by washington irving) I prefer the last one, because I feel like I can write most about it, and I think it is particularly interesting that in the series, the headless horseman was Ichabod's best friend before he became the rider of death. Do you think it is too naroow a topic? or too broad?
  5. I know this is so inappropriate of me to be doing my EE at this moment but really, there is no point in talking about that. Okay my research question is this. "An exploration into the importance of irony in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice." I know this book has been overdone but I haven't see anyone done something on irony so thought i would give it a shot. Please help me out, I need a 40+ score. pleaseeeeeeee
  6. My research for the Extended Essay was the following: RQ: To what extent are Sikhism and Christianity similar based on their founder’s actions, words and social circumstances? Now the question arises is that should I focus more on the social or the political circumstances? In the essay itself I speak more on the political circumstances of each religious founder. In specific, I talk about the Pharisees and the Brahmins of the time. Is this research question worth a two? Whenever I speak to the instructors they keep telling me that it is between a 1.5 and 2. This really confuses me.
  7. Hello, after many discussions and changes made to my ITGS Research question I came up with this "How are the surveillance measures taken by my school's IT administrators to ensure safe and responsible use of computers ineffective?" Is this question good? Can I improve on it any further, because my Supervisor says I can still improve on it but I really do not know how to. It would be great if you guys could help me and give me some advice over this Research Question
  8. My initial draft question is: To what extent was the Soviet Union more responsible for the Cold War in comparison to the United States? It is quite a broad question and I was wondering if anyone knows how to narrow down. Also if you had any recommended books/articles/source material around the topic would be really great too. Thank you so much!
  9. Hey guys, I want to do an economics ee related to how globalization affects a certain country's HDI or something similar but i do not know which country and if HDI is specific enough. An idea i have for the question could be :To what extent did the Sochi Winter Olympics affect Russia's HDI?(how can i improve this research question)? Or- to what extent did the bans on food imports from US and Europe on russia affect russia's economy? Any recent events happened in eastern europe or Russia which i can do the essay on? Please give me any topic ideas (macroeconomic) that i can use for my research question thank you!
  10. Howdy I'm Michael This friday is the deadline of EE topic selections, and one of my picks turned out to be invalid. Fortunately I've got my plan B - photography (and the chemistry behind it - photochemical reactions etc.) My question - how can I discover anything new in a method that has been unused for years? I've got lots and lots of bibliography on this subject but i don't know what new can I come up with - and I guess this is the most important part. Will I have to find a plan C? Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi! So, I've been working on my essay topic for a while and haven't really been able to come up with an actual experiment that would apply to it. So far, I know that my essay is in physics and I want it to relate to superconductivity. My initial idea was to analyze superconducting magnets in particle accelerators, using data and information from external sources rather than conducting my own experiment (as I obviously don't have access to a particle accelerator I can mess around with). However, there isn't as much data as I thought there would be, and I know that some sort of data you gather yourself is much better for the essay. I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas with respect to this? My essay is due in a few weeks, so I'm not panicking just yet, but I definitely need to get my topic down as soon as possible. Also, I was wondering if comparing two kinds of magnets (like superconducting v. electromagnetic) would be a possibility? Though I still don't have access to a superconductor, so maybe not Thanks!
  12. Hello you guys, I love this idea of an EE but I have looked left and right and still can not formulate a good enough research question that has not been studied yet. I am not looking for you guys to create the question for me, but can you please tell me where to look. I am interested in the environment, especially in ending global warming, and I wanted to look into Iceland, from a political view, and see what makes it the safest country or most environmental safe country in the world (according to the Global Peace Index). I have looked everywhere and it seems like everything I have looked up has already been researched and answered by someone. Most likely because I am probably thinking to broad. But I do not know how to narrow my thinking, so don't bother telling me to that. Please help..... My research question is due in 2 days Thank you so much John
  13. Hey! So I already started working on the introduction of my E.E, which is for French B Literature. I decided to share my Research Question so that I can have opinions that might nourish my development. I know Camus is a very known and common author and it is recommended to look for secondary sources for authors like him so if anybody has any secondary source suggestion I would appreciate it. I also wonder if the question is narrow enough for you guys because I'm not that sure. So this is what it is about: Sujet: L'absurde dans les romans d'Albert Camus Problématique: Comment le thème de l'absurde est-il-traité dans L'Étranger et La Peste d'Albert Camus? Which translates to... Topic: The absurd in Albert Camus' novels Research Question: How is the subject of the absurd treated in The Stranger and The Plague by Albert Camus? Thank you all for your help in advance!
  14. Not really sure how in depth i have to go with this but the question i chose to write my EE on is Environmental Systems and Societies. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if my research question was good enough for IB standards? or if i just need to trash it and start another. I am really interesting in GM crops and want to do something in that area of study. To what extent is the impact of genetically modified crops on the environment of North America?
  15. Hey there I want to do my psychology Extended Essay about the effects of being left-handed. they dont teach psychology in my school but im passionate about it (i am reading books about psychology and im learning a whole glossary of psychology terms ) i have got different possible research questions and i need advice. i arranged them in the way that they are gradually being narrowed down - what are the effects of being left-handed? -I would say that this is far too general - what are the effects of being left-handed on abilities? - narrowed down a bit, but if you can understand what i mean by 'abilities' -what are the effects of left-handedness on language? i like this one/ what are the effects of left-handedness on musical ability? (chosen a complex ability/aspect that comprises little abilities/aspects itself, if you know what i mean) -what are the effects of left-handedness on spatial ability? -concrete and concise, maybe too narrow and i wont be able to talk much about it, nor find a lot of studies about it. what do you reckon?? what is too narrow and what is not? Cheers!!
  16. Hello! I am beginning work on my Extended Essay in the Film/Television category, and would like some advice about my research question. I would like to look at how the TV series "Jeeves and Wooster" portrays its source material, P.G. Wodehouse's stories. I will likely limit this to one or two episodes, or one of the original stories. My tentative research question is as follows: To what extent does "Jeeves and Wooster" successfully convey the ideas of P.G. Wodehouse's stories, and how does it augment those ideas through its use of the film medium? A couple thoughts I already have about it: - Maybe change "ideas" to something more specific like "humour" or "social commentary"? - Once I'm certain of the episode/stories I would use, I'd specify them in the question? And some ideas I had for main topics to discuss: - Mise-en-scene (placement of characters for example, especially the intimidating elders relative to Bertie) - Performances by actors (especially Laurie's character's nervousness [compare to his narration in the book], Fry's relaxed performance, or Elizabeth Morton's performance as the scatterbrained Madeline in 3x04) - Musical choice (if possible I may try to contact the composer) - Camera (I mainly noticed the dulled, muted colours) - Possibly the various activities shown at the Drones club. - Episode 3x03 (the one with the Broadway musical) is especially interesting because there are a lot of purely visual elements that must have been handled at least somewhat differently in the book. Even if you have never seen the show or read the stories, please provide some advice about the question! Thank you for any opinions or advice offered!
  17. guys i need a research question for my business and management EE need help fast. thank you.
  18. Hey guys I've just started my extended essay and I'd really appreciate if you could give any inputs on my extended essay research question. My extended essay is in Business and Management. My topic is Business Failure and my question is : To what extent was business location the sole reason behind the closure/failure of XYZ ?. The business is basically a restaurant that just closed down recently so I met one of shareholders and he gave me all the financial and sales information in the name of academic spirit. I just want to know if the question is good enough and if any changes need to be made could you specify them?. Thanks a ton guys.
  19. Hi so I chose on this topic for my extended essay: What marketing strategies has lead “Chanel No 5†to remain Chanel’s most popular product since 1921? And I'm wondering if this would be a good question to use. Any advice for improvement or thoughts? Need help urgently! Thanks
  20. I know I am a bit behind on my History Extended Essay as my first draft is due in september and I haven't got a definite research question. I was initially considering to research about the Pearl Harbour Conspiracy involving the President but then a lot of people said that too many people have based their essay on WW2 and that I should try something unique. So I chose to research about the American Civil War and so far I have come up with 2 questions. What was the most important effect that the Emancipation Proclamation by Abraham Lincoln had in the Civil War? To what extent did the Dred Scott v. Sandford landmark decision result in the American Civil War? If you guys have any objections toward these question or any other corrections please let me know. Let me know which question is better and also if you have any ideas please feel free to share. Also do you guys have any tips on writing the main body of the essay from your own experience. Thanks
  21. Hey Guys, I am currently working on my Extended Essay due in 3rd of September and I am having trouble with my research question. The Subject is Economics and the Topic is Entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley but I can't seem to formulate an appropriate question that won't be too broad. At first I was thinking "How has Entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley altered the local, national and international economy" but then I didn't get the appropriate research material. Can anyone think of a good RQ for my topic? I anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it as I am getting closer to the deadline. Thank you very much in advance, Ilan
  22. Hey guys For my Business extended essay I want to do a failure analysis of a local business that shut down last year focusing specifically on the marketing mix and competition . I met with one of the managers and he gave me most of the financial data I needed (Monthly Sales data , Profit and Loss Statement ,customer feedback , demographic of location , costing sheet) Some of the tools I'll be using are Boston Matrix Porters Five Forces Marketing mix My research question is currently What element(s) of the marketing mix went wrong for XYZ LLC in the U.A.E? Would really appreciate any feed back on this. Tips on how to improve and suggestion to add/remove something. The question doesn't sound right to me and I really want a perfect research question Thanks a ton guys.
  23. Hello! I'm writing my extended essay in Physics on holograms and holographic projection. I'm stuck on how to write my research question, and I was wondering does anyone have any ideas? Any ideas on what specific regions I should focus on? What I have so far is: What is the physics behind holographic projections and how can they be applied to the modern world? I need expermental data, so how could I incorporate that into my EE? Thanks.
  24. Hey guys I'm heading into IB 2 this September and I have my Extended Essay first draft due. I'm writing my Extended Essay in Business and Management and I would really appreciate some help with framing a research question. My topic is 'Business failure'. Basically the Business that I'm researching is a restaurant that used to operate in my city but it closed down recently. The restaurant started well and had potential according to Business experts. So I really wanted to explore why this promising business failed. My research question currently is something like: What factors contributed to the failure of XYZ LLC?' I'm really not confident with this question and I want to know how can I improve it so any advice would be really appreciated. Thanks a ton guys
  25. Hi everyone, So I'm currently working on an Extended Essay in Italian B. At the moment I go to school in Italy near the border with Slovenia and I wanted to do an EE about minorities in Italy and the topic I decided on with my teacher was comparing the treatment of Slovene and French minorities in Italy. So the research question would be something like: "Is there a significant difference between the way the Italians treat the Slovene minority in Friuli-Venezia-Giulia and the way they treat the French minority in Val d'Aosta?" I would look at the number of Slovene and French schools, their representation in government, job opportunities in both areas etc and then look for reasons behind the way the minorities are treated (eg historical reasons etc) However, I'm not sure which category this topic would fall into as it is sociocultural but it is not based around a cultural artefact and it doesn't impact on the language. Unless a minority is a cultural artefact??? So do you think this is an appropriate group 2 EE or should I rethink it? Also, if this topic does not work, how could I manipulate the topic of minorities in Italy to fit into the IB criteria? Also, I find their definition of "cultural artefact" very vague? Anybody able to clarify at all? Thanks )))
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