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Found 37 results

  1. Is it recommended to write my EE in biology if I'll apply for law later? Or should I better switch to history or sth? Do unis look at EE? Or does oxford especially pay attention to it? Thanks for any advice!
  2. Hi guys, so I'm roughly three months in the IBDP program and I have issues with my Physics teacher. She has never been trained for teaching IB before, though she claimed to have taught high school students in the past. My school is still new and inexperienced. We haven't gotten our Physics books to this date. My teacher said she can't start teaching without the book but even if we did I don't think she'd be able to teach properly. You see, she's only revised level 8 syllabus to us - scientific notation, orders of magnitude, vector & scalar quantities, estimation, cancellation of labels. The most BASIC things. I'm freaking out because supposedly our first topic should be mechanics and we've done nothing in these past three months. I got an A in my physics and biology IGCSE. I chose physics coz I feel like there's less to memorise -- I wanted to be able to spend more time on other subjects. Also, my dad's family business deals with electronics so I thought studying physics would not be a waste. But if this is the case I feel like I need to do extra tutoring out-of-school. It costs a lot of money and does not guarantee good results! The biology teacher, on the other hand, is an IB experienced examiner. He's really good. The bio students have covered quite a lot. On the side note, my phy teacher is extremely generous in markings (in other words, the tests she gives us are way too easy) so I think if I stick to phy I'll score well on my IAs. (solid 6s or 7s). So, I don't know. Is it possible to cover physics SL without extra help? I can try working hard on my own, try to do as many past papers as I can.. Or should I switch to bio SL where I am guaranteed an experienced teacher? Does bio SL take up much more studying time than phy SL? In all honesty I have no problem in memorisation -- in fact I'm quite good at it but I try to avoid it esp because I don't really need science (I'm planning to major in creative writing). Thank you!!
  3. Hi everyone. I'm starting the IB in the last week of August and I need to firm up my subject choices. I am personally inclined towards the biological sciences but I do not know for sure if I want to do medicine. I was told that to go into the fields of biotechnology etc, which involve lots of engineering, I should definitely take physics, chem and math HL. Since I want to keep my options open, I am considering doing this, (which means getting an irregular IB diploma with all the three sciences), but I have heard multiple times that it isn't doable because it is too hard. I am not afraid of hard work, but I am worried about the time constraints. If anyone has an opinion on this, or can think of an alternative, please let me know. If there is anyone who has done this and survived, please share your experience. All your help is appreciated. Thanks,
  4. Hey guys, I'm starting IBDP next term. The subjects I'm sure of taking are English A HL, Indonesian A1 SL, History SL. Here's the thing. I'm very conflicted about my future major, so I absolutely have no clue whether to take BNM/Econs, maths or physics in SL or HL level. I'm an okay student in all those subjects. I'm currently doing IGCSE and for mocks I scored: A*(90) in maths, B(75) in physics and B (70) in economics. B sounds very average but my econs and physics scores were probably third best in my class. Only 1 kid got 80 in physics. I don't think any got an A in econs. My teacher is pretty strict about markings. My dad majored in electrical engineering but he now works as an importer for electrical components. He wants me to major in business. I feel like I need a pretty solid foundation in physics so that I'd know something about his company once I work there, esp if I don't study engineering in uni. Which is why I'm not opposed to studying phsyics HL. Physics interests me though I'm not super good at it. I've also heard that in the UK they think BnM is a soft subject. They prefer applicants who studied econs and Maths HL. I kinda doubt I'll be studying there, but just in case. I know my situation is pretty much a mess which is why I'm asking for help. Is it better if I take BNM/Econ HL, Physics HL, Maths SL or BNM/Econ HL, Physics SL, Maths HL or BNM/Econ SL, Physics HL, Maths HL Thanks!!
  5. Hi, I'm new to this forum, and I really needed help in deciding in my final subjects for the programme. I'd like to study Law in University, preferably Corporate Law, and thus I wanted to know which subjects would be ideal for that. I love languages, and excel in them, thus that is no problem, but the other core subjects are making me confused. This is what I've been 'recommended' or put together so far. English A Literature HL French or Spanish Ab Initio SL Business & Management HL or Economics HL (this is a decision is bringing up a problem for me and i'm unsure of which to take as I really don't know which would benefit me more!) Psychology HL Environmental Systems and societies SL (Not a big fan of science at all!) Mathematics Studies (since I'm horrible at Math) If anyone could give me advice on what to take & which would be best it would mean a lot!
  6. So I have a problem I really enjoy learning biology and was one of the best in my class in 9 & 10. However, like all if us can relate, IB is not 9&10! Biology is getting tougher and its not that I cant cope with it except I have noticed that chemistry is being introduced into the syllabus and there's only one problem with that. I'm a commerce student! I dont know a thing about chemistry and I dont know whether bio HL is for me. My other option is to take foreign language HL ( Which i might die ) and CS sl or take CS HL and not take biology entirely Now I need you guys to discuss with me Should I take Biology HL having no background of chemistry or take Computer Science HL having no background of computer science =)) #lifeofanIBstudent Any input is welcome, honestly, I really enjoy this forum and the people in it seem to have great ideas!
  7. Hi everyone, I have quite a few things to discuss in this topic so please please please read the whole thing and help me out! Thank you! So here's a little background on me: I gave my IGCSEs this May and have switched to the IB for the Diploma Program. My subjects were: Math, Bengali, English, Economics, Accounting, Commerce, Physics and Further Pure Math. I got 5A*s and 3As (most notably a 98/100 in pure math). So overall I did quite well. My IB subjects are: Math, Econ and Physics at HL and English Lang. and Lit., Spanish ab initio and Chemistry at SL. It's been so far, so good. My question is that since I have an O' Level background, how well do I fare when doing the IB? Math HL is not that hard for me because I had pure math; and I love Econ and am naturally quite good at it (same goes for Physics). So with my O' Level prep, would these HLs not be too much for me to handle in the long run? I would love to think so. My second dilemma is considering taking a fourth HL. Either English or Chemistry. I want to go for a business or science (engineering) career path. For the latter, Chemistry HL would help me out quite a bit at university, so should I take that over English if at all? Also, would universities appreciate the fact that I took 4 HLs and (hopefully) did well in them? Lastly, I need to explain why I'm pushing myself. I'm a Bangladeshi citizen who wants to go to America or the UK for university. Because of my citizenship, admission into universities there makes it much harder for me. So what would be a good IB score for getting into a Top 40 (or maybe even ivy league) college? Thank you guys in advance! =D
  8. Guest

    IB Planning

    Hi there, Next year, I'm planning to take IB at my school, and I just wanted to sort some things out before I begin it so come exam time and/or beginning of next year, I'm not an utter mess when it comes to this. I want to study Medicine in a UK University, so they're kind of tilted according to the preference of the universities there (which are similar to my preferences anyway). Subjects The subjects I'm planning on taking are: Higher Level: History Chemistry Biology Standard Level: English Literature French B Math Do you think they'll be too difficult to manage? I'm more of a 'understand and learn' person rather than plain memorising, and I understand that's kind of a problem with Biology, but I think that I should be fine. I've seen a lot of resources for it, like BioNinja and Stephanie Castle's Youtube page, but I'm still not quite sure. That would be a problem for History, but historical facts just click with me - and I really love history, so that helps. I also love Chemistry, so I find it pretty easy to remember things in it and I'm in Further Science for NCEA and we're doing two chemistry topics that are also in IB (though not to the same extent). My only real concern is French because I'm not particularly good at it. I've been doing it for two years (this is my third year) and I'm not that great at speaking it. Is that going to be a problem? Extended Essay I'm also planning my topic for Extended Essay earlier because of the same reason - when I do get to the moment of what I do, I will freeze up and not be able to think of a thing. The topic I was planning on doing was 'What was the influence of World War I and II on the advancement of medical treatment?" Is that too broad? Would it better if I just concentrated on one World War or a few aspects of medical treatments? Also, does the source of the information impact your grade (i.e. Would you get marked less for using more websites than books?) Standard Level/Higher Level A quick question: is it normal for schools to do standard level in the first year and then higher level in the second depending on your grades? Just wondering. Sorry for the number of questions! Thanks in advance!
  9. Hi, I am considering to take HL physics, and SL Chemistry, for my science subjects. How is HL physics in terms of content, concepts, difficulty etc?
  10. Hello everyone I just started IB, so far it is going pretty well! However I'm a little worried about my subject choices. Right now I'm taking: Maths HL Physics HL Biology HL ITGS HL English Lang&Lit SL Spanish ab initio SL Am I taking the right choices to pursue a double major in computer science and materials science? I'm still not really sure about material science; the alternatives might be molecular biology or biotechnology. Moreover i might decide to minor in international relations (I'm totally insane LOL). Moreover how heavy is my workload going to be? Is it doable? Here my IGCSE grades: A* in Physics A* in ICT A* in French A in Biology (so disappointed... 2% from an A*!) A in Maths (I was not feeling well during this exam... I could have got an A*. Btw I got a 86%) A in Geography A in GP (Global Perspectives) B in English language (so proud about this one, my teacher wanted me to do core instead of extended!) B in English literature Do you think I can do it?
  11. Guest

    Bio HL or eco HL?

    Em...Hi I’m new to this forum and I’m a 10th grader. I’m doing 2 language A now. (English is not my native language.) I want to enter either business or medical field(sounds like a weird combination), and I really don’t know which one should I choose, bio HL or eco HL. (I chose chem HL as my science and B&M HL as my humanities.) I really don’t want to exhaust myself...since I will choose 2 language A(but both are SL) so I want it to be easier. Bio or eco? Thanks in advance! PS: Surely I’ll go to HK so B&M is not a problem, right?
  12. Hello everyone! Firstly, I'd like to apologize for the time I've chosen to ask this question. Secondly, good luck to all in the last year in their exams! And finally, I'm just finishing up pre-IB course and I have to hand in my subject choice in two weeks, I have already chosen subjects from all groups except Group 4 (Experimental sciences). I am terrible at physics (and I do mean TERRIBLE), and because I'm not planning to study anything related to this group I must choose 1 subject from the two that remain as options in my case - Biology or Chemistry (SL, of course). And I'd be really thankful if you could tell me from your experience which one is easier to handle? The rest of my choices are pretty tough already, so I just need to fill the requirement with the subject I can get through less painfully. Thanks in advance!
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