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Found 45 results

  1. Hi everyone! I was thinking about doing an EE on resource allocation and the lack of accounting for human behaviour in the efficient market hypothesis, which is the underlying principle of the market system we use to allocate resources in the developed world. I was going to explore some out-of-syllabus implications-is this fine? Also, if my math is spare and I don't have a lot of it, will this represent an issue? I am linking all this to a global issue-limited resources/overpopulation.
  2. Hey guys, I have to hand in my EE proposal within a couple of weeks, and I'm considering writing in world studies. However, I haven't seen an example of this yet, and have no idea what it may look like. Has anybody written their EE in world studies? If so, what subjects did you choose, and what was your RQ? Thanks a lot!
  3. Hi all! Ok, so I am really struggling here. My outline for my Extended Essay (with my research question, topic, and supervisor) is due next week and I am really struggling with thinking of a good World Studies topic. I think World Studies is really interesting (far more than English and History) but I just can't seem to come up with a good enough topic. One of my ideas was maybe the effects of poverty on adolescents/children, particularly on how that effects their mindsets as they grow up (their ability to take care of themselves/form meaningful bonds with others) and also how poverty affects their education and therefore their ability to get jobs when hey are older. Since World Studies is interdisciplinary, I guess this topic would fit in with Phycology and Economics? My issue is that I am trying to find a World Studies topic that can fit in with Enviormental Social Systems, because I have that class now and therefore would know my supervisor (compared with asking the Anthropology teacher to be my supervisor who i don't know). I also thought about doing like a comparison between two countries on women education or something else related to women. All in all, I just need help thinking of a good World Studies topic. Thank you and sorry that this is so long!!
  4. Hey guys! As I was reviewing the WSEE criteria, the "Investigation" part sounded rather vague to me. Just to clarify, is primary data collection a necessity for the extended essay in World Studies, and if not a mandate, would it improve your points for that criteria? Thanks a bunch!!! Any and all suggestions would be much appreciated. xx P.S Any do's and dont's on the World Studies EE too?
  5. I am doing a World Studies EE, for which I did a lot of background research. In my works cited, should I include the books and websites I used for background information as well, or not?
  6. I initially thought that my essay fell under the category of human rights, but now I'm thinking it might be History or World Studies (Human Rights and History). I'm half way through my essay but now I'm stuck as I'm not sure whether or not to include relevant theories (human rights) since I can't tell if they even have anything to do with my topic. My RQ is "To what extent did the collapse of the Soviet Union influence sex trafficking in Eastern Europe?" Any ideas?
  7. Hi I'm new to this website and I'm going into my DP1 year! I was previously in the MYP program for 5 years so I would like to say that I know a lot about IB (but I probably don't). I just wanted some help on narrowing down my topic for the EE. I am going to do World Studies, I have chosen my global theme as Science, Technology, and Society, and I am probably going to write something about Global Health, coal mining, or Climate Change. I am just a little confused on the subject World Studies in the first place. I want to do something about epidemiology, or the environment, but I don't know how to incorporate multiple subjects and take an interdisciplinary approach. I was also thinking of doing something like society's effect on the environment so I could talk about technological advances and pollution, and also maybe something about climate change/global health/coal mining in politics, more specifically, presidential platforms. Would that combine biology and history, or is politics an actual subject? One thing I might add, is that the IB coordinator at my school only wants us to write EEs on classes we've taken before, which in my case would be, WH2, Algebra 2, Geometry, Spanish, Economics and Personal Finance, VA/US Comparative Government, English, Biology, and Chemistry. This is a big obstacle to work around. Thanks for all of your help in advance! -Matt
  8. Hey guys, So I started the IB Programme today, and I am really excited! Basically today we only met our teachers, CAS Co-ordinator and that kind of stuff, my actual classes are starting tomorrow. I have a question related to the Extended Essay that I hope you guys could help me with. I'm taking these subjects: -HL Math -HL Physics -HL Comp. Science -SL English A -SL French -SL Business and Management I'm starting to think about what subject I will do my EE in. The only subject that I'm passionate about is Math, but the general advice (as I've read in this forum from a wide variety of users, even some who did their EEs in Math) is that it's not a good idea to do a EE in Math, and that I should go for an easier subject. But the problem is that I don't really enjoy any of the subjects I have left, and as English is not my native language I don't feel comfortable enough to read English Literature and analyze it myself to get a good grade in an English EE. The only thing that's left would be Physics but my Physics teacher (who has taught IB for a lot of years) said today that it's really hard to get an A in a Physics EE, and that's the grade I'm aiming for. I've been thinking about this and the only two solutions that I came up with are: -1. Switch Business and Management for History, even though I think Business will be more useful for me in the future, History is interesting and I'd like to write my EE in that subject. -2. I've heard about something called 'World Studies EE', but I don 't really know what it is. My IB Co-ordinator told me I can do my EE in that. Please post any ideas you might have about my issue, solutions, or if you have previous experience with a World Studies EE. Thank you very much, any kind of help is appreciated
  9. Hey there! So I'm in a fix: I've chosen the relatively new World Studies to do my Extended Essay in, and I understand that it requires a topic of "contemporary global significance". Since I'm particularly interested in criminology, and anything related to it, I've decided on this question: "To what extent has development in scientific technology impacted the legal justice system in Pune, India". I will then link it to the global society, possibly comparing it to the impact of it in the United States, for example. The interdisciplinary subjects would be Biology and ITGS. Does this question provide sufficient scope? Or is it not worth pursuing? And would interviewing lawyers/judges in the state be a good source of primary information? Thank you!!
  10. Hello. I'm doing a research based world studies(chemistry and biology) EE and I have done some research on my subject, eutrophication in the Baltic sea, and my question is that is a research based world studies EE possible to get good marks and can I complete it with good/moderate marks even though I'll start my IB2 year within the next week. What kind of deadlines should I set myself? For example two weeks and 1000 words or? How long does it take approximately to research, plan and write the essay while doing school work(what experiences you had?)?
  11. Hi, I just want to ask if it is required that, if I were to do an EE in World Studies, would I have to do my essay on two or more disciplines that I study as a subject itself? I am considering doing something on the social effects of artificial intelligence as it is something that i'm interested in and I think it fits the aims of the World Studies EE (as I read in the EE Guide). Otherwise I am considering doing an EE on Chemistry (Still not sure what to do) or History (Iranian Revolution or Causes of Iran-Iraq War). I am in IB year 1 (5 months in) and need to submit my proposal in about 3 weeks. I study the following: English A Language and Literature SL Chinese B SL History SL (20th Century World History Route) Physics HL Chemistry HL Mathematics HL Thanks!
  12. I have three questions and I can't decide which one would be more appropriate for an EE. Each has its pros and cons but overall I am very interested in the topics of study in each. To what extent has Machismo and Marianismo contributed to the feminicide in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico? -- World Studies where disciplines would be history and ??? some other? How has female genital mutilation in Egypt/Somalia/Ethiopia contributed to the demeaning of women and HIV? - World Studies where disciplines would be biology and history. i have not decided which country to do it on, but as it is more common in Africa and the Middle East, it would be around that region. So, are they appropriate and narrow enough?
  13. I am thinking about doing my Extended Essay in World Studies. Have anyone here written it in EE? If yes please give me some tips on the research question, but more importantly the amount of disciplines used in essay. 1. Is there a minimal number of disciplines I have to use? how many is good enough? 2. What disciplines would you suggest? 3. would Literature (George Orwell) and Politics work well together? Really appreciate your help
  14. I want to write a world studies essay using biology and environmental sciences (possibly another subject if necessary, math maybe? With statistics? I don't know I'm very confused as to what is expected of me with a world studies EE) about the global food crisis and how it can be solved using genetically modified crops. I am not sure how in depth and focused my research question needs to be though. I can go as specific as corn in different areas such as Kenya and the United States, or take it on a how this impacts the environment route if that makes any sense. But I'd like help as to what I need to do to make it more or less concise, please. Thank you
  15. Hey guys, Can someone give me pointers as to recommend how to do my citations throughout my EE? Should I do in-text? footnotes? If so how do I do it? My research question is: Education in Africa: How can the Kenyan government’s focus on the quality of education be the base of improvements in Mozambique for the benefit of the Mozambican youth? Thanks in advance!
  16. Hi, I'm doing my extended essay on World Studies with the topic of Starbucks' Decaf coffee. I'm focusing on Chemistry, Biology and business and management. But I haven't been able to find any exemplar Extended Essays that I could follow in World Studies because it's quite a new topic. Would anyone be able to link me to an example? Thanks!
  17. My name is Cassidy and I would really appreciate any advice or guidance in the direction I would like to take my EE! I began the year wanting to write a world religions paper and five months later I irresponsibly decided to change it... But it's better to do something I'm interested in, and at least I didn't wait a really long time! I really enjoy theoretical physics, astrophysics, cosmology, and the oddities of the universe. I've been doing some research because I wanted an EE topic that would allow me to explore this, but I've come to a few obstacles. The first problem is how new a world studies paper is (at least from what I've seen). I haven't been able to find any examples and my EE teacher didn't even know it was a subject area I could write about. If anyone is as clueless as I was about the topic, it "provides students with an opportunity to undertake an in-depth, interdisciplinary study of an issue of contemporary global significance". So being interdisciplinary, I am required to use two or more subject areas to lead my essay. My first inquiry of sorts is to hopefully learn how successful these papers may be and what really needs to be done because the IBO guidelines can often be vague... Onto the specific topic. So far I have narrowed my idea down to exploring the quest for a unified theory in physics. You may ask why not write a physics paper? I have never had a physics class in my life... It is only an extracurricular hobby of mine that I have not explored at the academic level I need to. Gosh I don't even feel comfortable writing a Chemistry EE and I'm HLing that. I know it's best to find a subject area, then a topic, but I was guided by the topic and am unfortunately trying to fit it nicely somewhere, while also being aware of the parameters of the essay. So because world studies is the exploration of an issue of contemporary global significance, I led my interest in physics and cosmology to the quest of a unified theory. The SAM that I've chosen helped me define a nice path to take. I plan on exploring the ways the theory of relativity is being tested and has been tested (bringing in a history aspect, however I will do so more than I have alluded to) so it may unify with other theories such as quantum theory and string theory. On a global scale this does not seem like a completely difficult task as there are many researchers world-wide attempting to piece this puzzle together. However, another aspect of the world studies topic is to relate the subject locally (IBO says that essays with this often do better than those without) and I am not sure how I might go about doing that. I've thought about speaking with professors and asking about their opinions and what it would mean for their teaching and research if a unified theory was established, but I feel that may be too irrelevant or at least very little local information that is not exactly an issue. So to sum this all up: I would really love to hear any opinion about this particular subject areaAre there better ways I could implement history other than the historical significance of the scientific theories I plan to discuss (I'm slightly worried this won't appear as a physics and history essay as it should)What local issues could I look for in this research?Is this too broad of a topic and perhaps in what direction should I narrow it down?I apologize if this was an incredible amount to read, I'm completely new to this site and the forums and tried my best to follow the rules and not be inconvenient. Thank you so much for taking the time to read!
  18. Okay, so at my school, the world studies EE is getting a pilot group to test run it, and I was selected for it. I want to do something regarding Human Rights, and I am actively researching it. I was wondering if any of you guys knew any interesting human rights abuses/concerns going on in the world. I am having a hard time connecting to what I want to explore. So far, I have thought of poverty and the socioeconomic conditions and their effects, but then I realized that would rely too heavy on Economics which I am not in. Then, I thought of child laborers and exploring the history and maybe economics or psychology.
  19. Hey guys, So I've started developing my Extended Essay topic, but I'm not sure whether it counts as one subject or more. My IB Coordinator said that it could count to 4 possibly if I choose the World Studies subject. I still have around 2 months to develop and choose but I'd like to hear from you guys. Is it wise to pick the World Studies Extended Essay? As I'm not sure since there are some teachers that said it can be quite a challenge, but also look really good. Cheers!
  20. Hi! I'm a first-year IB student from Sweden, and the time has come for me to choose my EE subject. We got the information about the choice today, the 5th of October, and we are supposed to make our choice only 3 days from now. I therefore heard about World Studies for the first time about 2 hours ago, and am now quite intrigued. Has anyone written their Extended Essay on this subject? Or are you planning to? What will be your topic, and why did you choose the subject? Any information is of interest, really!
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