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Found 1,600 results

  1. hey guys! I am new here. I am starting writing my extended essay in English B but I am so confused. I want to write about Disney movies. I think of portraying the way how women stereotypes have been broken from "Cinderella" and "Snow White and seven dwarfs" to "Frozen" and "Brave". Do you think this is a good enough topic? any suggestions or advice?
  2. Violeta


    I need help in writing a good EE question, so far I have one but of course, I know it's not the best. What is the impact of parenting styles on a child’s behavior, based on the Chinese and American culture? Any opinions?? or help on how to improve it?? :)
  3. Le Chair

    EE topic help

    I told my teacher that I wanted to do my EE in English, using the work of Stephen King. I asked if it was better to talk about one book or to compare two different books, and he told me a comparison would be a more interesting choice. I was reading IT but still had to find the second book and the topic to compare. I wanted to take a completely different genre of book but that would be a lot harder and I don't have much time, so I might end up choosing another one of his books like The Shining or Pet Sematary. Regarless of what book I choose, I still don't know what topic to discuss in my EE. I was thinking about taking two characters or the way each book treats a certain theme, but I'm not sure. My question is: what are interesting topics/things to compare in horror/thriller books?
  4. Hi, I'm planning to write my EE based on my English B subject. I'm actually having quite a hard time forming a solid question, but I've thought of a couple of topics. - the book "No Longer Human" by Dazai Osamu. I could talk about how the author showcases the struggle of the main character, a social outcast, trying to fit in the society, before he decided to commit suicide. -"Animal Farm/1984" by George Orwell and how it reflects the modern society/government. Since I'm living in Thailand I'd mainly focus on the Thai politics. -How mental illness was portrayed by the show "13 reasons why," and what impact it may have on the viewers. These are the topics I've thought about so far. I really want to start my EE as soon as possible, but I'm still not confident about my research questions/topics. Please take some time to help me out. Thanks.
  5. Divya41319

    Game of Thrones EE

    Hello! I've decided to do an extended essay on the 1st book in the Song of Ice and Fire series called "A Game of Thrones". My working research question is "How does George R.R. Martin exploit the literary hero archetype to discard binary gender stereotypes in A Game of Thrones". I've found a lot of theses and other academic work related to this but I have yet to find a person that has done a Game of Thrones EE, no one in my school has done one before so none of the school's archives of EE's help. So, if you have done one in the past, please chime in with what your research question was and how well you did.
  6. ChristinaD20038

    Extended Essay in Physics ASAP

    HELP! I am doing my extended essay in physics and I am worried because I just got to know that I need two independent variables for my extended essay. Is that right? Or am I fine with only one independent variable? HELP PLEASE ASAP!
  7. Niji

    EE History

    Hi, I am currently in G10 and G11 is about to start in two months. I haven`t decided whether I`ll do EE in Japanese or History yet. I take both as HL. I actually wanted to do it in History because history is more interesting than Japanese to me. And my history teacher told me that the world average for History EE is C and I think it's pretty bad! Is it true that the average is C? And do you have any ideas about the topic for EE Japanese?
  8. Ok so, I'm writing my EE in English Literature A HL, but I'm really clueless as to what book to analyse. I was thinking to do something with Kurt Vonnegut's Cat's Cradle, because I think it's a good example of a classic that hasn't been completely picked apart and turned inside out by every English student ever (like shakespeare or Emily Brontë). However, I'm finding it really hard to know where to start. If any of you are familiar with Cat's Cradle or Kurt Vonnegut's work, please send me some ideas/things to keep in mind if you have any tips. Are there any other books/authors with in a similar style that you think would work better? I just need all the help that I can get.
  9. Hello people 💕💕 May i ask, can i used advertisement video as my 'text' in writting ee under language A category 3? How i should use the video through out writting the essay? How would i treat the videos during the submissions of ee in the future? Through links or should i send also all the videos to ib? Or am i needed to somehow screenshot some needed parts from the videos and include them throughout my discussion in the essay?? Can anyone help me cuz i really confused rn 😭
  10. NotAProcrastinator

    Writing My Extended Essay with Pamoja

    I am planning to take my Extended Essay online from Pamoja. I also take philosophy SL from Pamoja and am quite successful (my grade for the first term is 7). I mainly want to ask people who have taken an Extended Essay with Pamoja before about how it works. How was your supervisor? How was the programme as a whole? What are the challenges you faced and what benefits are there to taking the Pamoja extended essay course?
  11. I have decided to go partial in order to take the classes that I will need in order to attend university for engineering, as my school's IB program is very limited. Because I am partial, I will not receive a total score out of 45, ergo the essay grade will not count towards anything. The fact that my EE grade would not matter proves to be a double-edged sword; the benefit being that I can freely choose any topic and study it as I please, without the stress of a final grade; the drawback being the fact that all that hard work does not really go towards anything. So really, I would only be doing the EE for the experience. If I do the EE, I still need a subject. My current IB classes are HL English, history and bio; and SL French B, math, and chem. I have six listed because I don't know which ones I will drop, as that depends on the scheduling of the next school year. However, I am certain that I will be completing all the SLs, and at least the first of 3 semesters of each of the HLs. With that said, I would like to write an EE on a topic relating to engineering in some way. That leaves me with math and biology (chem is my least favourite science so that's off my list). I have heard that EEs in STEM don't usually do very well, however, again, since I am partial the grade won't count anyway. Then there's also the possibility of an interdisciplinary essay, if I did that I would choose a "sciencey" topic such as technology, energy security or the environment. So, my questions: Is the experience alone a good enough reason to go through with the EE? Is it worth it to do such an in-depth study "for fun" in math, bio or an interdisciplinary topic? (I'm also just starting math and bio, so I don't know what my IA topics will be) If there is anyone here who has completed the essay, what did you gain from the whole process, that you wouldn't gain from a regular essay? If there are any other partials out there, what did you choose to do?
  12. IBstudent8888

    Very early start to the EE

    I have decided that I will do an English ee, however, I am having difficulty choosing a topic. I have some ideas these being the use of satire in the novels (and I'm not sure which two of these because I haven't read most of them yet) to criticise our society and the government in animal farm/1984 and Gulliver's travel/ Fahrenheit 451. Currently, I'm reading Mrs Dalloway and I would consider writing my essay on it but I don't have a topic or a book to compare it to and the same goes for beloved. The third option I was considering Madame Bovary and the awakening but I haven't read them either. Any ideas or opinions? If you have any suggestions I will add it to my reading list but it is quite long right now.
  13. georgeorwalrus

    Forgot In-text citation

    Hey everyone, I submitted my EE, but then realized that I forgot one in-text citation. I have the citation in my works cited though. Can I change it somehow? If not, will I not receive my IB diploma for that? Thanks in advance.
  14. Hello everyone, So I am writing an EE in Economics, my topic is the effect of online loan delivering technology on the Banking industry. However, I'm not sure whether my research question is appropriate, that is why I am here hoping that someone can give me advice. So, recently in my country the technology of online loan delivering was introduced to the Banking system. People can sign up on the official website of the bank, ask for a loan without a pledge․ The program examines the client's loan history and based on their good history gives them a certain amount of money. The rest of the processes relating to the contract etc. are also happening online, therefore the client doesn't even have to visit the bank to get a loan. So, I am wondering how I can analyze this. I was thinking about looking at the quantity of employees in this specific field (it stayed constant), the increased output, the increased revenue. The negative effects can be the risk of errors caused by the algorithm or the fact that there is no human interaction between the client and the specialist who could identify that the person should not be trusted with a loan. Also, I can look at the change in the number of NPLs. My research question at the moment is "To what extent did the adoption of online loan provision technology increase the efficiency in delivering loans in Ameria bank in Armenia in the period 2015-2017?" Can you please help me refine my question and maybe give me ideas of what I can measure and how I can relate it to the theory of the firm in the best possible way? Thank you so much
  15. dj2002

    Language B EE - viva voce

    Hey there, So basically I've done a French B EE and my school wants to conduct the viva voces but they do not know what language I have to conduct my viva voce in as I am the first ever student to do a Language B EE. Would anybody happen to know if I have to do it in French (the language of my EE) or in English (the language my exams will be conducted in)? As you can see, I'm in a bit of a sticky situation and would REALLY appreciate some help. Thanks in advance!
  16. Hello! I am a grade 11 HL History student, and have the task of choosing a topic for both my IA and EE. I am very interested in ancient history, e.g. the Roman Empire, Alexander the Great or the Greek city states - I told my teacher that I would like to write either the HI or EE on one of these (most likely Rome), and she said that the one glaring problem with such topics is the lack of sources and the need to rely on secondary sources, since these events took place thousands of years ago. For those of you who have written either the Historical Investigation or Extended Essay on ancient history, what do you think of this? Is it any more difficult to find good sources than for an event that happened 70 years ago? Did you have enough sources? Thank you!
  17. Annetty

    Ideas for EE

    Hi, I'm looking for an EE topic right now, but I'm not sure where and how to start. Personally I want to do something related to artificial intelligence, but I'm not sure if that would be a good idea. I've heard people say it's easier to do an ee on World History, but I don't think I'll be able to do a good job with social since it's one of my weaker subjects. 😅 Also do you have to choose a topic that relates to an ib course you're taking for the ee? Thanks. Any comments or suggestions are welcome!
  18. Dear all. I am a grade 11th student and recently our school informed about EE. I am very interested in cosmetics so I hopefully want to study the science behind cosmetics at the university, and now I am looking for the topic of EE on something about cosmetic science. The most worry thing is that Whether I can get a good grade if I choose this topic, and my English skills because I am not a native English speaker and I am not confident enough to write this huge essay. Would somebody has any recommendations or EE tips, I really appreciate it. If somebody says science is difficult, I am going to change the subject to English B but I have no idea about the topic in English B. P.s I am also interested in how herbs are used in organic cosmetics.
  19. literaturegirl

    Problem with EE subject

    Soon it’s time for the to choose subject for EE. I would like to hear your advice. In the future my goal would be to study Business. However, I’m not doing EE on Economics as I think I have enough studying in it with all the IA’s. Psychology is one possible, like doing topic eg ”psychology in business / negotiation” but I’m not sure whether it will benefit me enough, as it’s mostly about theories and studies in Psychology. English would be the last option. I heard it would be easy to get good grade, am I right? I’m good at analyzing stuff, but the question is about what topic I would choose in English. Eventually, are US/UK universities interested in what my EE topic/subject was? Is there anyone who has done EE in psychology, is it mostly studies/theories based?
  20. When a filament bulb is first switched on, its metal filament is cold and so has a relatively low resistance. This leads to a large surge current until the filament heats sufficiently to glow white hot with a steady electrical current. This essay investigates the research question: “How does the final current affect the surge current time in a filament bulb?” The surge current time is the time interval between switching the bulb on and when the final steady current is first reached.
  21. Hi everyone, I am struggling to find sources for my EE, they are either too expensive or unreliable. Especially when I am trying to find sheet music for a song. For example, I am trying to find a full version of "I'm Forest...Forest Gump" sheet music by Alan Silvestir but all I could find is sheet music for piano only. If I want full versions of every instrument(just like when you do an analysis on a classical score), where can I find them. Free ones would be great! Thank you guys
  22. I have a few more days until I have to decide on my Extended essay topic. I am torn between choosing Business (HL) or English (SL), but I'm not sure if I can do my extended essay for an SL class. I most likely want to study Business or marketing in university; however, I just thought about a really interesting idea for an extended essay that only applies to my English Lang&Lit subject. I know it'll be better for me to pick Business as that is the direction I want to go towards to in the future, but I feel like I will be way more interested in writing my extended essay in English.
  23. Hi guys, my EE sort of 'proposal' due date where we seriously consult to the EE supervisors and all that are next week's Wednesday, and honestly I'm still so so confused and I need help or just some suggestions or anything, please. Here are the subjects I am taking: Economics HL, Mathematics HL, Physics HL, Chemistry SL, English A SL, MandarinAB. So, since the start, I've always intended on taking Economics EE because from all my other subjects, it seemed impossible for me. (I've been getting rock bottom scores for Math and the school have no more supervisors for Physics). So, I've been researching a lot for like a few months now, but until now I've got nothing. Initially, I wanted to do about impact of K-Pop in Korea's economy, which would certainly interest me, but the Econs EE supervisor said to do something related to your country, and I'm an Indonesian. I've also searched about topics like tourism, transport, food, etc, but it's really hard for me to relate it to the economics concept especially when it's like about a particular brand like for example McD, etc. And lots of people say that it's leaning more towards Business, and I don't take Business. My economics EE supervisor has been chasing me and all that about topics topics and topics for Econs since he knows that I want to take it, but yesterday he talked to me and said that it's really important for everyone to do an EE on a topic that will surely interest us and something that you are passionate about. He kept on also encouraging the whole class to take a Language EE, like Indonesian B and the subject allows you to talk about a wide range of things like analysing songs, brochures, ads and all that, etc. So, I was quite persuaded by that and I really want to do on something about K-Pop. So, I noticed I could write about K-Pop on these language EEs, but the problem is I don't take Indonesian B and I don't take English A HL (I take A SL), so it would surely be a challenge for me. Even though Indonesian is my first language, I don't know if I could write well, but I really feel like I wanna do this you know, or maybe do English A EE. Another problem is, I don't know how I could relate the topic of K-Pop to these language EEs, can anyone maybe share me your thoughts on my issue please? I really need help. Thank you!!...
  24. ohkay


    Hello, I'm half way through my first year in the DP and I'm still struggling to find an interesting topic for EE on English. I wanted to take a look at The Great Gatsby, The Yellow Wallpaper or The Lord of the Flies but my sister recommended me not to do so because these texts are studied throughout the years of IB and the markers would expect an exceptional outcome towards the essay; essentially making it a little difficult for me to ace. I'm currently reading about Burmese Days by George Orwell, it talks a lot about gender, race, culture, imperialism and etc. but I'm not too sure if I'll be sticking to this one. My only option now is to take a look at other novels that perhaps incorporate politics or feminism (I feel like they'll be easier to deal with???). So, I was hoping if you guys could give me some advice on the EE and some novels I could take a look at
  25. India

    Theatre EE Thesis- Help!

    So, I am doing my EE on theatre and I had a few thesis statements however my supervisor has told me that they're too broad and I need to be more specific. My original statement was : - "How does audience participation affect the Rocky Horror Picture Show" (or something along those lines), however, this proved to be extremely difficult to find any information on. My second question was then : - "How has immersive theatre changed the face of modern-day theatre", (again worded differently) however this was said to be way too broad and difficult to write about under the word limit. I was then advised to choose a specific theatre practitioner and think of a thesis that I could write about for this. I was researching and I think that I find Antonin Artaud very interesting with the theatre of cruelty, however, I feel as if every question I create is miles too broad once again. Does anyone have any opinions, or ideas on how to modify one of my statements (or create one) that would be suitable? Thank you. :)

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