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Found 2,498 results

  1. I am currently in the process of doing my ESS IA and require this survey to be filled as part of my investigation. So, could you guys help me out with it? https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc2CSMeYJBg8Yp0xo1QUpnlPm8Wmx5GG8oN-QKC8BypK3KcAw/viewform Thanks.
  2. so im really pushing it with my maths ia (the deadline is in less then a week) because i had a different teacher last year that said my idea was fine but i got a new one for ib2 and he just wrecked it completely so i struggled with coming up with a new idea for 2 months basically now i'm doing tidal height predictions by finding a sine curve that fits the data for 1 or 2 days and for a further exploration at the end maybe look at the whole month and relate it to the lunar cycle? the thing is i was basically given the idea by my 2nd maths teacher and i have little personal engagement in this topic so im not quite sure how to approach the introduction i find the topic interesting because its relation to the lunar cycle but thats not the main part of my ia and it rly isnt that deep of an interest? like i dont swim in the ocean or anything bc our beaches kinda suck lol any ideas?? i have the math mostly down but im worried abt the rest of it as well as the presentation in general? should i put my massive table of data in an appendix or leave it taking up like a whole page ugh
  3. Hi Everyone! I am doing my history IA and I am stuck on the limitations of this particular book. What are some general limitations of books I could mention in the OPVL? Or if any of you know this book or author specifically: A History of Russia by Riasanovsky. My IA is on Stolypin's agrarian reforms. Thank you.
  4. Hey guys, basically my math IA first draft is due tomorrow and I don't have a research question yet, my IA topic is on the math of figure skating and I am having trouble finding or creating a research question that shows the correlation between math and figure skating, my topic might have some physics but that's not the point, if anyone can help me find a research question for my topic I would be grateful. Thank you in advance. - Sara.
  5. Hi everyone! This is a survey for my Math Internal Assignment (for the IB diploma). I am analyzing how humans perceive beauty, specifically if people consider a face more attractive if it is closer to the Golden Ratio. It is a quick, anonymous survey which will take only a few minutes and it would be a great help to me! It took me a long time to edit all of these photos so I would be really grateful if you participated in it, thank you! Link: https://www.surveylegend.com/s/122r
  6. Hi everyone! This is a survey for my Math Internal Assignment (for the IB diploma). I am analyzing how humans perceive beauty, specifically if people consider a face more attractive if it is closer to the Golden Ratio. It is quick, anonymous survey which will take only a few minutes and it would be a great help to me! It took me a long time to edit all of these photos so I would be really grateful if you participated in it, thank you! Link: r/https://www.surveylegend.com/s/122r
  7. I'd asked my Bio teacher if I could do my IA on the effect of music on plant growth and at the time she'd said yes, but after I submitted my information sheet she said that it was an idea with a shaky foundation and that I need to turn in a new idea ASAP. Please help!!! I was thinking something along the lines of photosynthesis..... I don't know, I'm just really confused right now. Is there anything I can do that's relatively simple but not like, utter trash?
  8. Hey guys, I have a Math IA due on Sunday December 15, which is about 9 days from now. I want to do my topic on the golden ratio because firstly, I'm genuinely interested in it, and secondly, it's extremely risky to change topics at such a late stage. I know some of you will scold me for procrastinating on it but believe me I've legitimately been working on it. However, I'm having trouble finding an original idea based on the golden ratio. I did an introduction where I introduced it and such but I'm having trouble with how to proceed. I know it's supposed to be an exploration on a real-life thing because I looked at past IAs; even my teacher said that my topic is good but I have to find a way to make it unique since it's pretty redundant. Once I knew that, I tried looking online for IAs based on the golden ratio but to no avail. So now I'm appealing to anybody for ideas because I want to involve quite a bit of maths based on the syllabus AND I'm trying to make mine stand out. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi everyone! I need help with my math IA topic. I am choosing between Bayes' Theorem use in real life OR measuring the distance from a star to the Sun (it is just different units, but you have to use simple SOHCAHTOA after). I doubt that it is going to score high because I am in HL and there is not much stuff for Criteria E. Are there any other topics you can recommend?
  10. so im an sl student and im working on my macro ia. i wanted to know if this is a good article? http://www.xinhuanet.com/english/2018-10/07/c_137516843.htm pls let me know if its good and any points you may have.
  11. We had another IA and it’s due Friday but because I’m a certificate student I wasn’t told to do it. So I didn’t and I appreciated that I didn’t have to because of my ADHD. I’m in math studies and I am the only student who isn’t Full Diploma IB in the class and we’re preparing for the IA. If it’s only supposed to help me get the diploma then why would I even bother? I’m not gonna get the diploma anyways (I didn’t even find out I couldn’t until a few months into IB junior year) so I’d just be doing an IA for no reward. I don’t see the value in it unless it will specifically aid me as a Certificate Student. What am I supposed to do?
  12. Hi, I'm planning to do my IA on investigating the effect of different concentrations of cyanuric acid on the chlorine concentration in swimming pools. Any idea how to find out the concentration of chlorine in the water? I've heard of the use of titration before, anyone know how the titration works? Help is much appreciated. Thank you
  13. Hello everyone, I need Math HL IA ideas, which are not overused! thanks in advance!
  14. Hello guys, as a topic in Math IA, I chose to explore mathematics behind voting systems. According to my research from various papers, its closely related to probability/statistics, but nothing else. If I won't have Calculus and stuff like logarithm in my IA, does it mean it is a weak IA? If anyone has Math sources on voting, please help me out. Thank you in advance
  15. Anyone have any ideas for an IB History IA? I think I want to focus on Racism in the US/ Racial inequality.. etc. I have one research question formulated so far but i’m not sure if it’s good, and I need three to turn in to my IB History Teacher : -To what extent did slavery cause a disparity in generational wealth between the races between 1980 and 2000?
  16. Hey guys, idk if I have a good IA research. I currently have "What is the effect of plant growth in antibacterial products on peas and sunflower"? Is this a good ia question. Any suggestion is helpful
  17. Hello, I would like to know how many times is my IB Psychology teacher allowed to give me feedback? Is the maximum number of written and oral feedback different? Can my Psychology teacher give feedback on all my IA drafts regardless of the number of drafts? I tried to find the information via google but failed to do so. Any link to some reliable source where it answers my question would be really appreciated though I would gladly accept any answers regardless of whether it's backed up with some source or not ☺️
  18. I was thinking of doing an Ia on the Phillips Curve, in economics I was first going to use linear modelling to prove that a there is a correlation between Unemployment and inflation then use standard deviation to compare 2 countries and show that one is more developed than the other. Is this a good idea or a bit rubbish? if this is bad i'm going to do the horribly overdone Month Hall problem.
  19. Guys, could you please help me get responses for my ESS IA https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc2CSMeYJBg8Yp0xo1QUpnlPm8Wmx5GG8oN-QKC8BypK3KcAw/viewform
  20. alexx


    Hey folks! I wanted a consultation on my Math IA topic. I wanted to do it on the Maths of Dance, but I am unsure about the Maths Topics I could look at within the topic of Dance/ Choreography. Thanks a lot in advance!
  21. My IB friends... I need help... I'm stumped on my idea for the Internal Assessment. I want to do something with Atwood's Machine and my teacher liked the idea but I have no idea on what to do... Can someone spare me a bone... My original idea was to measure experimentally if using a minor, medium and large difference between the masses, the result might be different (according to something I read... i think)... But I have no idea...
  22. Could you guys please fill out this survey. I require it for my ESS IA https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc2CSMeYJBg8Yp0xo1QUpnlPm8Wmx5GG8oN-QKC8BypK3KcAw/viewform
  23. I was considering doing my IA about tea (because I'm obsessed with it heh). One idea that I have is measuring the effect of water temperature on the caffeine content of black tea. Considering I'd have to measure the caffeine content at different temperature intervals, and also take multiple trials, is this far too complex? And is extracting caffeine itself a complex procedure for an SL Chem IA? merci merci merci for any help Also, any other suggestions would be highly appreciated.
  24. Soo, I did my IA based on Newton's law of cooling (for differential equations) and, although in the beginning my teacher said it was ok, now he told me that it is too simple and that I should somehow expand on it. Does anyone have an idea on how I could make it a bit more complex? Or perhaps something that I could add to make it more diverse?
  25. My chosen topic is how Nazi propaganda and media contributed to the creation of a totalitarian state under Hitler, and my research question was “To what extent did Nazi control of the media and propaganda enable the creation of a totalitarian state under Hitler?” However, my teacher has told me that the scope is was too large and it is too broad, hence I need help trying to narrow this down. Any tips or help is appreciated Tysm

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