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Found 2,532 results

  1. Hi, I need help with my Physics IA topic. I was deciding on conducting my investigation on Hooke's law and springs. I was thinking of investigating the effect of the length of the spring on the spring constant. Another idea I had was investigating that if a spring with a spring constant of k was cut into four equal springs, would the spring constant of each spring be 4k. I was told by my Physics teacher that this would make a good IA if I was able to explain it correctly, however, I am still unsure. Would this be a good physics IA topic, is there anyway I could expand on the experiment, or should I look for a better investigation? Anything would help Thank You in Advance!!!
  2. HI! So, I'm trying to modify my bio IA rn, but I'm running into some problems. Initially, I was wanting to use Mimosa pudica plants to test the effect of salt concentration on turgor pressure, but apparently my plants may not grow out in time. Does anyone have any ideas about how I can do this experiment with something else? Thaaanks!
  3. a) Using diagrams, explain how a change in one of the determinants of demand might increase the price of rice and how a change in one of the determinants of supply might decrease the price of rice. This is the part a) question my tutor gave me and I don't get it. Please help xx.
  4. I didn't do in-text citation for my math, biology and geography IA. Am I gonna fail IB?
  5. stressedaf

    Business IA Topic

    I am currently in Business Management SL but will be taking HL next year and for my IA topic, I am choosing my dad's smoke shop. Is this an appropriate topic? I feel like it isn't and I'm gonna fail when it comes to the IB scores. Please help, thank you so much!!!
  6. hannahjal

    IB Math SL IA help needed!!

    Hi, so for my IA topic I chose to explore if there's a correlation between race/country and adoption. I've run into a problem though because I'm focusing on 5 different countries and then the number of adoptions from each of those countries over 19 years so I have 5 seperate scatter plots. If I try to find the correlation based off each scatter plot, it would be between the number of adoptions and years for just that one country, instead of all the countries and adoption rate as a whole. How can I fix that? Do I look at it a different way or am I just focusing on it the wrong way? Please help!!
  7. Naura

    Math IA - Correlation

    I really need some help rn. I'm thinking of doing a math exploration in the topic of Correlation between GDP Per Capita and Gini Coefficient in Countries. Basically, Gini coefficient is a measure of income equality in a country. The higher the coefficient is, the higher the income inequality. However, the mathematics skills & analyses I will use & do will probably only be from the topics of descriptive statistics and linear modelling. And so far, the IA samples I've seen with similar topics in correlation are only from math studies, so I'm getting concerned. is this topic too simple?
  8. theasanzen

    Summer between DP1 and DP2

    Hi! This forum is to talk about the summer between DP1 and DP2! For example what to do/study, first drafts on IAs, CAS and EE talk! Tips and tricks and reassuring comments are very welcome!
  9. mica1234404

    Temperature and Enzymes

    Hey everyone, For my bio ia, im doing temperature's effect on enzyme activity. As expected, i got a quadratic relation where it reaches the optimum point. I'm a little confused as to how i can explain correlation though. Some sources say correlation coefficient is only linear but i got a coefficient on excel for the polynomial trend line... Also, for positive or negative correlation, would concave down be negative and concave up is positive? Please let me know ASAP. Thank you!
  10. I need help in finding a good microeconomics article to analyse for my Eco IA ! It should be latest, maximum Aug 18
  11. mica1234404


    Hey everyone, For my bio ia, my lab worked but not really because the trend wasn't really what i wanted... I know that i should explain why it didnt in limitations and conclusion but will i get marks off for it not working like for experimental design?? If yes, should i make up numbers to make it seem as if it works? Thanks in advance!!
  12. I submitted my Bio IA in the first week of December and accidentally reopened it today, only to realize that I'd typed my name in it. I know that IAs aren't supposed to have names on them... what do I do?? Will I be penalized??
  13. Manitile

    Maths SL IA Matrix Algebra

    Hi, I came up with a topic “What type of function will produce the most accurate model of population growth in country X?” I made scatter plot using data about country’s population in given year. Now I want to use quadratic function to see how would it fit as a model and I’m wondering whether there is other way to find (a, b, c, and d for the equation y = ax3 + bx2 + cx + d) than applying matrix algebra (X = A-1 B) since matrix algebra is not a part of SL curriculum and I’m worried that using it may lower my mark.
  14. Can i do a history IA on art history? It feels like everyone is doing history from the pov of wars and international relations and politics, but i'm really interested in art history (not propaganda, just art). Can I do it? What could i focus on for example?
  15. Hello! I've decided to concentrate on the antimafia movement's history in Italy for my history HL IA, especially on the grassroots levels and general population's opinion, and how they influenced larger movements on a national level such as Libera. I really don't know how to turn this into a question for an analytical study. Can you help me? Also, do you think the topic is too broad? Thank you
  16. stealthyfighter

    chem IA research question

    Hey guys, I'm having second thoughts about my research question for my chem IA. I'm doing different catalysts (5) for decomposition of hydrogen peroxide. Does the underlined, red text sound too lengthy and awkward? I was wondering if I should group this into a range like " classes of compounds" but I'm not sure and just confused what to classify these names into. Oh, and for reference, my compounds are maganese oxide, iron oxide, lead oxide, potassium iodide and catalase. Any suggestions to help would be appreciated. Any constructive criticism would be awesome RQ: How does the presence of a transition metal, post-transitional-metal, alkali or organic compound as a heterogeneous catalyst, affect the rate of reaction of hydrogen peroxide decomposition, as measured in pressure (Kpa) of oxygen gas, released over time in seconds?
  17. Hello everyone, Right now I'm really starting to seek out topics for my IA. However the ones that I have found interesting so far ended up being beyond my knowledge to accomplish. For example my first idea was : - To establish at which points and in which environment graphene paints would absorb more CO2 then released while they cured and my other topic was : - To investigate pH trends of heavy metal bioleaching with different concentrations of sulphur Could someone give me a push into the right direction in how I could procure the necessary data or what type of procedure I should use? Thank you in advance!
  18. Court

    Design Technology IA Prototype

    For my IA I am building an automatic pet food dispenser. However, the problem is that the materials are unattainable for be because they're so expensive (Im talking almost $1,000, which I don't have). The prototype is a mandatory aspect of the IA. So, can I make my prototype out of different materials than I listed the actual product would be made out of? I planned for the product to be a combination of plastic and stainless steele, but for the prototype I wanted to make it out of wood. Is there a problem with that because from my understanding prototypes are functioning models, but they don't have to be made of the actual material, unless I'm wrong. Please help!
  19. Hey! I have just finished my draft of the Mathematics SL Exploration. I showed it to my teacher and he said that I have to put double space and separate my calculations from the text. I told that if I do that I will exceed 12 pages. Though, he contends that it is okay. Is it really so? In Maths guide there is nothing on double space and all that stuff that we have in EE. Plus it is explicitly written that exploration must fit into the range of 6-12 pages. So I am confused whether I have to do what the guide is saying or what my teacher claims to be true. Help, please!
  20. This is a worksheet containing guiding questions in order to help students earn top grades for their math studies IA.
  21. rams

    Chem IA help pleaseee

    I think I have an idea of what I want to do but I reckon it is too simple, can I please have some advice- I am thinking of changing the concentration of a ligand (not too sure which one) and measure the absorption, or maybe do this with one or two other ligands. Then I will sketch a graph and use the Beer-Lambert law to determine the value of eb. Please let me know if it is bad or not, I am kind of struggling.
  22. shwareb

    Maths Exploration

    Well hi guys, so I'm in the final year of my IB diploma programme and I'l like REALLY struggling with this Maths Exploration. It's a long post but I beg you to read it. I'm quite demoralized by this exploration. Yeah so I initially started to think about ideas back in July, and already then I knew I wanted to do something calculus orientated. Some people suggested that I could do "mixing problems" and set up a differential equation to describe the rate of change in a contaminant, or even a lake because a real world example is what I should really go for. I should use calculus to explore real life problems. So I actually found a document of a person who had set up their own model describing how the rate of contaminant changed over time using Calculus and then he applied this to some lakes in real life which I thought was cool. So I showed my teacher this document and she said I couldn't do that as I would take somebody else's model and it wouldn't be my authentic work. So I had to switch idea. Now for the past months together with my struggle in the IB I've gotten many ideas, but I've always been centered around calculus. The teacher sat down with me and told me what I was interested in and we dug deap until we decided to do something with airplanes. Airplanes are a huge fascination of mine. I love the engineering, the structure, it's greatness. I even love airports. The strange thing is that I'm super afraid of flying airplanes (partly because I've watched all Mayday episodes). So initially I thought lets create a model to optimize a flight profile for the least amount of fuel consumed. I then thought I would look at which airplanes to take for different trips. At which altitude you should fly, what speed you should have, when should you start descent etc... to optimize flight profile for least amount of fuel consumed. This turned out to be really hard as there were many variables involved and I had to give up that idea after to 15+ hours research if not more... Then I went on by thinking well lets look at airplane descent and try to model the descent of an airplane. I would then look at different airplanes at different airports. Which speed should the airplane have initially when should it start to descent etc... I found a model on the internet which did model this but after 8 hours with it I gave up, I thought it was a bit too hard to comprehend. I thought I could use the model and then compare with real data and probably see that they were not the same and then discuss this. In theory it was a great idea but once again I couldn't pull through. So then I took a step back and thought what made me interested in planes, and then I thought about the dimensions, and structure etc... The wing loading and flexibility of airplanes are super important to me when I choose a trip by airplane. Since an increase in wing loading and flexibility decreases any turbulence felt by me in the fuselage and that is a dealbreaker for me. I also always sit by the wing as it's statistically the safest place to sit at (but also the noisiest). In the airplane the three structures which are the most important to me and the ones I worry about the most, are the wings, the engines, and the rudder/stabilizer. I'm especially scared that the rudder/stabilizer will malfunction or get stuck, as it will often have fatal consequences. Now I said this to my teacher and she was like: "You should compare the dimensions of different aircrafts, perhaps those big ones with small ones, and surely you can get some calculus there" That was what she said, now after spending about 25 hours trying to find out what to do I'm getting really demoralized and at the same time the school is giving me a rough time (understandably so but really I have been trying a lot) I have collected dimensions of four different aircrafts, two long-haul and two short-haul. At least I've tried to find as much data as I can. I especially got a lot for the Airbus A380 but now I'm like what am I supposed to do with the data, which essentially is only dimension data. Where can I use my calculus, and then what.... After spending more than 60 hours on this I'm getting really demoralized and sad really, and I can feel the pressure increasing. What should I do guys really feeling hopeless at the moment. The school is really getting sick of me too. In this "Maths Exploration" the maths definitely does not have to be complicated as you guys now, and this is a very good example of a maths exploration which scored a perfect 20/20 I really need your help guys I just need my topic and then the writing stage will go much faster Cheers guys! P.S. my maths knowledge is equivalent to that of a Maths HL student.
  23. Hello! I am first year IB student, and today was the first consultation about Exploration with my maths teacher. Our homework for the break was to search some topics that we are interested in from maths point of view. Mostly I am interested in fashion. Everything I have found on the internet seems too basic. And there are more aspects of fashion in maths, for exaple at selling, fabric price and sizing ... I guess doing all of them would be incoherent, not specific and still, too basic. Is there any idea that could work for a fashion topic? That is not too basic? Did I miss anything? Other thing I am interested in is graphs of exchange rates, but i think that would be too difficult, and it is something that people do as their job, so maybe it's not the best but is there anything I could do with it? I like statistics and I like keeping everything in order, for example I collect and note all my expenses and money I get/earn so then I can check what I spent the most on, when did I spend the most etc. I hope you can help an thanks
  24. Joisshi

    Math IA Help!

    Hello! I want to make an IA on the carbon dioxide emission in my and one neighbor country. I will make the best corresponding functions for them and then I will connect my results with the population in those states. So I will find the correlation between emission and number of people, conclude and predict the future outcome. Is this ok? Could you suggest something?
  25. Hey so I am dealing with some major confusion right now. My teacher is trying to say that if our math ia topic isn't "advanced" enough then we will get poor marks on the math section. Is that the way it is supposed to be? I wanted to do my exploration over the golden ratio and Marquardt beauty analysis and she said that I would do poorly because the math is too easy. I guess I'm just trying to understand. Help!!

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