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    • yeah um they don't mention anywhere that you don't get your diploma if taking math studies. And you'd think schools would mention that if it were true.
    • Hi there,       I'm currently thinking about what type of experiment I want to do for my bio IA and I'm really stuck! I looked through a lot of past IA's and they look really complicated and so in-depth! I want to make sure that I have a fairly original and easy hands-on experiment, but the problem is that I can't find a good way to expand and analyze the topic. That's why I'm trying to think of a good question thoroughly so that I won't regret my choices before its too late!     As of now, I'm interested in enzyme activity, yeast fermentation, and maybe something to do with micro-organisms in pond water? I have no idea on what to explore on these topics but I'm just brainstorming as I type this. I am also interested in maybe investigating these mutated lemons that I recently grew in my backyard. There are currently 4 of them on my tree and they are giant! I have a slight hunch that its due to cross-breeding with the kumquat tree neighboring the lemon tree, but I feel like this topic will at least give me some personal engagement points! However, I don't really know how I should experiment with this subject and I feel like I won't have the right materials in order to do an in-depth investigation on genetics for a student experiment. The picture below is of the mutant lemons for your curiosity.     Any ideas on how to explore the topics listed is very much appreciated! If you don't mind, feel free to share your own experiment and your score so I can get a feel if IB also looks for complexity in an IA investigation question. Thank you guys!
    • So for my IA i decided to look at viscosity and the effect that temperature has on the viscosity of honey. The experiment doesn't require any chemicals and i'm really worried bc i want it to be a good report. For the procedure, i was just gonna heat up different samples of honey and drop a marble in them to see how much time it takes to reach the bottom. Is my topic too simple? My teacher said that it could be the simplest experiment ever but if u do the report and stuff right then u can score really high. How can i make it more complex? I'm in SL chem btw. Research Question: How does temperature affect the viscosity of honey?
    • Hi,  I'm doing an extended essay about a book. I did a lot of researches and I have like 15 sources (including  the definitions I searched). Is it "bad" that I researched so much ? Like, it's literature and I read somewhere that it shouldn't be too much sources and there should be more thinking and analysis from the person who is writing an EE in literature.  Thank you advance, I'm really nervous 
    • Cite it, if you get caught everything you have worked for is gone. Plagiarism is not taken easy, so just cite, no harm in doing that. Good luck with the EE!
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