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  1. VIP Subscription allows you to download over 3000 files available here on IB Survival.

    There are two ways of becoming VIP:

    1. You can purchase a subscription here - which is a 1-year VIP membership.
    2. By contributing to the site! IBS feeds to live on the participation of our members in a student helping student atmosphere. In fact we wouldn't be alive without you! So you can participate on the forum or submit files which you think someone can benefit from. You will be recognized by the IBS team and upgraded smile.png

    VIP membership is non-transferable and is for your personal use only. Only one person is allowed to own and make use of each VIP username. We reserve the right to suspend any VIP membership and/or permanently ban the username if we suspect the username in question has been shared by more than one person.

    Please don't PM/email admins/mods begging to be VIP without having done either of the above. Even if you have done either of the above, we will VIP you at our own discretion as soon as we receive your payment or deem you worthy of VIP status. If you beg/nag admins/mods about becoming VIP, you will not get a reply.

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