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Found 25 results

  1. Silvia

    Help with 1984

    Well, my Eng b teacher has decided to do 1984 , its all good, but in the entire year she only made us do the chapter reviews and in class we just chat about the book and its implications. Pretty easy stuff, she doesn't even make us do any essays on the book, such as the themes etc. It isn't much of a challenge at all, so i was wondering if anyone could give me some good questions on 1984 that I could write an essay on for a bit of practice for my finals next month.
  2. Federico Gomez R

    Extended essay on Orwell's literature

    So I have been thinking on doing my EE on Orwell's literature, more specifically a comparison of the representation and pillars of authoritarian regimes in his work (1984 and Animal Farm). I have not yet made a research question, so Id like to know if, first of all its a good idea to do my EE on this and what RQ should I use.
  3. a.goorden

    Written Task part 2, 1984 HELP

    Hello everyone, I'm busy writing my written task part 2, using the book 1984. I chose to work with question 2, which is: If the text had been written in a different time or place or language or for a different audience, how and why might it differ? I chose to write an essay on how George Orwell's '1984' would be different if it would have been written before the Industrial Revolution. Do any of you have some good ideas for me? I would love to hear them. Thank you all in advance!
  4. Hello, I need some help to help develop my Research Question. I am doing my EE on English A with the themes that integrate between George Orwell's 1984 and Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451. I do have a RQ but my supervisor and I both feel that it could be better focused towards my point. Due to both novels being a dystopian future with the monetizing of information of the people. They are both published shortly after World War II. However they both have different views as there is the socialist and communist views in both novels and the experiences of World War II affecting the literature. However this information is something i would rather leave for support to my EE instead of focusing on it. Current RQ; In what ways do the themes of George Orwell's 1984 and Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 overlap. Any advice, criticism or greeting is welcome.
  5. Ece Tuncyurek

    Written Assignment on 1984

    Hey guys, I am stuck on researching on how Goldstein feels throughout the book for Hate week, The Book, 2 Minute Hate? Please help me with this, I need to use this subject on my WA on Language B English, or if you have ideas how can I change or improve my topic. Thank you
  6. I'm currently writing my Extended Essay and have already met with my adviser about my topic, but I'm not completely confident in my research question. I'm conflicted on whether it's too broad or if there wouldn't be enough to write on it. My research question is "How does George Orwell use the theme of psychological manipulation to further his warning of totalitarian governments in the novel 1984?" I'm in no way asking for anyone to rewrite this question for me or help me excessively, I just need some confirmation if/how I should make the research question better. Thanks in advance!
  7. Anshika singh

    English EE : Research Questiom

    My EE subject is English Language and literature. My research question is : Comparing the Orwellian tools of ideological and psychological manipulation in 1984 with the Margaret Atwoods religious tool inThe Hadndmaids's Tale to dehumanize humans. I fell like the question is Ill-phrased and im worried if this question is too broad. I'm in desperate need of second opininon . My supervisor is not replying to my Emails and i want to start my EE in summer break so please help me. Any kind of help and suggestion willbe appreciated . Thank you!
  8. So, in grade 10, we were assigned the novel by George Orwell, 1984. If you haven't read it, you should, its very well written amazing. I'm not going to sum up the book because I don't want to spoil, but for those who ahve read it, do you think that Orwell's assumptions or theories of this world is accurate and valid? In my opinion, I feel that his theories are all true. It all makes sense. Again, I don't want to spoil, I hate spoiling. You can if you want, whatever. Just want to know if I'm the only one.
  9. Hi everyone! I have an FOA based on part 2 of the Lang Lit course (Language and Mass Communication) coming up, and I was wondering if it would be appropriate to base it off George Orwell's 1984? Rather than analysing the text for thematic content and symbolism and whatnot, I'd instead discuss how language is used by the government in 1984 to influence the populace, touching on things like Newspeak, doublethink, as well as the Ingsoc party slogans, and then pointing out and analysing examples of things like this in the real word, showing the wider significance of Orwell's language constructions/predictions/whatever you could call them, and I'd also discuss one of Noam Chomsky's theories (the name escapes me right now), and how that applies. Thank you!
  10. Thrashmaster

    Dystopian Literature

    Hi IBSurvival! Does anyone else on here enjoy reading dystopian literature? You know, like Yevgeny Zamyatin's We, Ayn Rand's Anthem, or George Orwell's 1984? That's just to name three I've read (the first in class this year, the latter two for my EE that I'm writing). I really enjoy dystopian literature and I was just wondering if anyone else on here does. It really gives insight into what is wrong with the world, and what will happen if that doesn't change.
  11. Hello everyone. My subject area is English B and I'm writing my EE on Orwell's '1984'. I need your advice on my research question; my first option is 'How effective is the use of dystopian features in G.Orwell's 1984?' And the second is: 'To what extent is the employment of technologies effective in creating a believable dystopia in George Orwell's "1984"?' I'm wondering which one is better and whether they're narrow enough. Also, if there are people who wrote their EE on "1984", please share your experience. Thank you beforehand.
  12. Hello, I am Vinzent and am of the class 2016. My extended essay is due in September (the first draft that is) and I really need some advice. I have flitted around a number of topics from "How does Orwell use language to show the Party's control of the emotions of the populace?" to "Is Julia but a foil to outline Winston's character flaws?" However, the problem is after I grab a bunch of a quotes that I know will work, I realise I don't know how to start. I usually plan an introduction as a quote as a "grabber", then a short summary of the storyline, then introduce my 3 body paragraph topics before moving on to my thesis. The part I am having trouble is the short summary of the storyline. Do you think that it is needed, or if you have read the novel, what do you think I should focus on, the storyline as in how Winston experiences it, or just a summary of the themes and ideas? Many thanks in advance. Cheers (:
  13. Im doing my IOP on 1984, the rewriting of history, more specifically focusing on Winstons Job, Down the memory hole and Big Brothers image. Like what inspired them and how they are portrayed through the novel. Here is a section of my IOP, the beginning. I was just wondering am i on the right track? Like is this kinda what we are suppose to do? Analyse the text in an oral form while making it interesting right? Btw im pretending to be Orwell and putting on an english accent to meet criteria B In my younger years, I fought in the Spanish Civil War. There, I was introduced to English Socialism and had subsequently turned left-wing. Even though those bloody anarchists, syndicalists and communists had won the war, I was too fast and they did not succeed in killing me. Ever since then, I have waged war in a literary form against the evils of a totalitarian regime. This has been a core theme of almost all my books, most evidently in 1984, where I used Winston as the protagonist to portray the common man, neither hero nor villain. Especially, an attempt through the experiences of Winston to warn people of the dangers and consequences that will be bestowed upon them in an autocratic government. As a BBC news reporter during World War II, I was all too familiar with with how BBC put out false hate propaganda and censured many event from the public eye such as German saturation bombing, anything they might hinder the patriotism of the people. I heavily portrayed my role in BBC towards Winston's job in the Ministry of Truth, which is to continuous rewrite and falsify past documents. Its evident in my book that this worries him as he attempts to investigate some form of truth to evidence his strong doubts about the party’s authenticity. For instance the absurd piece of ‘history’ Winston encounters through his job, about capitalists. How they could freely have sexual relations with their factory workers, in the book called Droit du seigneur. By making these ridiculous statements which you guys, the readers will know is complete false, I’m introducing the ridiculousness of the party thus causing the bewilderment of the reader as to how the people of Oceania can believe such lies and also how people like Winston can rewrite these documents whilst still maintaining complete devotion to the party. In turn, supporting my main theme of the dangers of totalitarians and that they can make you believe anything. In fact to reenforce my point the I used an oxymoron for the department in which the protagonist works in, the Ministry of Truth. Yet it is anything but truth, thus drawing the readers attention to the absurdity of the Oceanian Society.
  14. Hey guys, I'm starting to plan on my Written Task 1 for English (that is, creative piece) and am considering taking 1984. Our teacher sort-of advised us to do a diary entry on some character, preferably other than Winston. Now, while I really like the idea in terms of character analysis and relating the piece to the book, I'm not sure how much sense it would make for anyone of them to write it, regarding the entire system as depicted. Any thoughts on this? Comments would be very helpful. Thanks.
  15. I'm comparing the language in both novels and how it is used to control society, Newspeak in 1984 and the banning of literature and use of greetings in The Handmaid's Tale. What can I do for my IOP? I'm doing a powerpoint. Analyze quotes? Give me some ideas!!!!!!
  16. Hello! we`ve studied 1894 by Orwell and The Wave by Morton Rhue, now I need to write written assignment, but I don`t know what to write, could someone help me please with that?
  17. Hi, First post here so, yay! Anyways, I was wondering what kind of sources should I use for a English EE. I mean the only logical one I can think of is the book itself. If I was doing it in History I get that you'd need some sort of histrical evidence to back up my arguments. However, analyzing literature is a matter of interpretation through analysis, so what kind of things should I cite to back me up aside from actual citactions from the book. Oh and BTW if anyone's interested, my question is: What role do the various female characters play in George Orwell’s 1984 and why does he choose to include them? Thanks!
  18. hey, so I'm doing my EE on the control of information by institutions in 1984 and the Handmaid's Tale, and I am nearly done. However, I was reading the EE Guide, and it said that the focus of the essay should not be a discussion of social issues, rather a discussion of the literary treatment of these issues ( metaphors and such?). My essay is totally a discussion of the social issues, and my school just started IB, so my EE advisor has never done this before. Will I get marked off? Should I change my question?
  19. Halfway through the summer after the first year of the IBDP, I recently decided on the topic of my EE. I am planning to do an analysis of the novels 1984 and Animal Farm, and studying how Orwell uses satire to portray his concerns with society. The research question is: "How does Orwell use satire in 1984 and Animal Farm to portray his concerns about society?" -Is this RQ too general? -How would you recommend I narrow it down? -Also, are there any magazine articles or books that analyse 1984, like a literary critique? After searching around on the internet i cant seem to find anything except random articles about the 50th anniversary of 1984
  20. Hey, guys! I'm just starting my English lang. lit. essay, which will basically be a comparison between how the dystopian style/genre is used in "1984" by George Orwell, and "Brave new world" by Aldous Huxley. Language, characterisation, setting, themes etc. will be compared. Still, I'm not sure whether any of these research questions are concise/focused enough or too narrow? 1) What literary techniques do Huxley and Orwell use to depict their dystopian societies? 2) In what ways do "BNW" and "1984" differ in how they portray a dystopian society? 3) How are literary devices utilised in -II- in order to adhere to the dystopian genre? All help is appreciated!
  21. HeltZickertDer

    Unsure of my topic - HELP

    So I'm writing my EE in English B (I'm danish), and I chose to read 1984 and then analyse an aspect of the book, and after reading it while writing notes, I came up with two topics I could work with: The historical parallels of 1984 (comparing it to the past and the present), or Ingsoc and Newspeak (analysing the concept of the political ideas in the book)My problem here is that I am unsure which one to choose. The first one has a lot of information to write about (thats good!), but I don't know how to start. The latter one is really interesting, but I'm not sure if a research-question can be constructed from it. What do you think?
  22. MalakBasel

    Help with SL IOP

    I think I'll be talking about 1984 since it was my favorite out of the books we've read. However, I need help with my topic. "Comparison between Julia and Winston's character" "Relation between Orwell's 1984 and modern days" I can't come up with other possible ideas, so should I choose one of these or find a new one?
  23. LikeA'13OSS

    IOP topics

    I'm doing my IOP soon, the three books i can choose from are Hamlet, 1984 and Frankenstein. But i think I am going to choose one of these two: How is external appearance proven to be more important than actions and intention? in Frankenstein What aspects of thought crime, doublethink and newspeak and their methods of control are present in modern day? I just need help in choosing one of these two or if you have any better suggestions dont hesitate to share Thanks
  24. I think I'll be talking about 1984 since it was my favorite out of the books we've read. However, I need help with my topic. "Comparison between Julia and Winston's character" "Relation between Orwell's 1984 and modern days" I can't come up with other possible ideas, so should I choose one of these or find a new one?
  25. I changed my essay twice, from physics to english. My research question is related to how 1984 links with modern society in terms of individualism, violence etc. Do you think i will need extra books to research? should i write my essay using the quote - explanation format? is it a research able topic with a clear argument?

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