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Found 58 results

  1. I have the Oxford study guide for the new bio syllabus, how useful is it? (can I simply study off of that?)
  2. If so, could any of you kind people link to the new syllabus? Thank you in advance!
  3. Does anyone have the past IB paper 1 and 2 for Spanish AB. I need November 2014, time zone 0 Thanks
  4. Hey does anyone have that paper?
  5. I've recently found out that there is a new curriculum for IB Visual Arts, with first examinations taking place in 2016, so this only effects people starting the course this year. The new syllabus can be found here and blog posts explaining the new curriculum can be found here and here. Even though I only started the course in August I was really familiar with old syllabus: the A/B options and the IWB/studio work as the assessed components. So I'm a little caught off guard with this change! What are your thoughts? Do you think this change is for the better or the worse? Any advice on how I should change my approach to the course in order to receive a good score?
  6. Papers 1&2: I'm just interested how many question were there? What were the major topics? What were the topics of the most difficult ones?
  7. Version pdf


    Se refiere al informe que hace IBO de la asignatura 2014
  8. Hello Everyone! I am in a big trouble!!!!! I have 4s in psychology and I don't know how I will manage to increase my grades in Mock EXAMS!!!!! Could please tell me where can i find psychology past papers 2010-2014 may exams? thanks in advance
  9. HI everyone, I am a November 2014 session candidate and I got my results today in school. The results were far below what I expected.... I didn't do as well as I expected for Economics SL and Biology HL. I was expecting a 7 for each of the subjects but I got 5s. It was really disappointing because I have never gotten a 5 for Biology, and my Economics score was improving much this year. Furthermore, I only got a bonus point 1 and my other subjects are not fantastic either so in overall, I got a 33. I can, perhaps, get into the colleges I want (slim chance though) but the thing is that my parents wants me to get a scholarship in university because the colleges I am applying to are too expensive for them to afford for 4 years. With 33 points, getting a scholarship is FAT hope. They told me that I may have to skip university and get married instead (sounds unreal but this is true) or go to technical colleges (I can barerly get employed after graduating from there...) I told them about the option of retaking the IB tests and they agreed. AND I am willing to work very hard for 12 months to get better scores in the retake tests. If I retake the IB subject tests, I would like to take Mathematics HL, Biology HL and Economics SL. So the questions are : 1. Can I take them in November 2015? Meaning 12 months retake. 2. Must I redo all the IAs and experiments (Bio)? Or is it just retaking the written papers? 3. Do I need a supervisor for IAs if I need to take them? 4. Must I attend the school lessons? (From the IBO website it says we don't have to but double checking...) 5. What is the deadlines for registering the IB subject retest if I want to take them in November 2015? Please help me answer these questions carefully and sincerely because I am feeling very desperate at the moment..!
  10. Hey everyone, so today is the day, and I'm guessing most of you haven't really been sleeping a lot to say the least. Our school IB coordinator said he will give us our IB score (which would be converted to an ATAR based on South Australia conversions) this morning between 8am and 10:30am ACST. What I am trying to find out is, I know we can login to the IBO website on the 6th (today being the 4th) of January, but when can we view the individual subject grades we have achieved, including EE and TOK grades, and even how we went on the internal assessments like orals, written assignments, etc.? Thank you, and good luck to everyone!
  11. Hey all, I am an IB Junior this year (In the US), so this is my first year in DP. This is also the first year that my school is offering IB Music SL. It's pretty sweet, but because my school administration is the worst administration on the planet, we can only actually meet once a week during lunch. :| Because of that we're not allowed to choose what we wanna do for our IA. I really wanted to do composition, but there's not gonna be enough teaching hours so we have to do solo performance. Bottom line, anyone have any tips for how to do good in IB Music, especially since we're not gonna be able to actually go to the class except for once a week? Any good music theory books that will help me prep for exams? I play the violin by the way.
  12. Which are the recommended textbooks for the two extra topics in Further Mathematics HL, Linear Algebra and Geometry? Moreover, are the normal HL textbooks good enough for the other topics in Further Mathematics HL? Thank you for your help!
  13. So what's everyone's thoughts on paper 1 and 2 for maths SL? (It's been 24 hours since I did the exam so pretty sure timezones are all good). I found paper 1 easier than paper 2, there was definitely a bit of logic required for some questions, particularly paper 2 question 9 and 10 to manipulate the different parts. I definitely found these papers more difficult than may 2014 and last year november, what did everyone else think?
  14. Hello everybody, I am a new student on the ib program and I have a brother who did his exams on may of the present year (2014), he told me that I should study the topics on that exam by myself so i can get a lot of information that could help me out and teachers get a good point of view about me, so maybe i thought you guys could tell me about the exam, and the questions that you guys had to answer so i can study and have a head start on the program. He also said that if i could find the markscheme, i should keep it so i can check my answers after answering the questions on the exam so i can improve my skills. Thanks for reading and hope i can get some help soon.
  15. It has definitely been more than 24 hours since I did the Chem SL paper 1 and 2.... Personally, I initially didn't think paper 1 was that bad although there were a couple of questions I was doubtful about. Now I know I can't get higher than 25/30 Paper 2 on the other hand seemed easier than other past papers...still made a few errors but overall went much better than I had anticipated! Did Question 8 in Section B. Paper 3, I did options A and B (Modern Analytical and Biochem) and it seemed crazily easy.... How did the exams go for you guys?
  16. Hey everyone! What were all your thoughts on the three economics HL papers for 2014 November? I found paper 1 alright, except for 1a) which i realised I had answered wrong regarding price functions and incentives. Paper 2 was great, I did questions 2 and 3. Paper 3 was excellent, don't think I lost many marks at all, did questions 2 and 3 (didn't do the theory of the firm one).
  17. Hey guys, What did you think about paper 1 prose and poem? I personally thought they were both soooo good!!! For once I felt like I could have picked either. I did the prose personally, and not that many others at my school did the prose :/ I really like the prose and it would have taken me much longer to decode the poem and what to say, so I just went with the prose. For paper 2, in the Novel and Short story section, I did Q7, It was the only one about authors using flashbacks or foreshadowing to broaden the time span covered by the narrative. There are some other things I wish I said in the prose, but overall, I think it went well. How did you guys find the papers? Another question, How do you feel about the HL people getting the same questions as we do for paper 2? Personally I don't really think it matters but I do wish we got 2 hours as well.
  18. Hey guys! I thought I'd start this since peeps will have started finalising their apps and unis for the UK. I thought maybe everyone can write about their choice of subject and which unis they're applying to and maybe their predicted score (only if you want to)? I figure we can all like support each other through the LOOOOOOONG wait that is coming up for us. I'll start: Will send/Sent Application on: 30th September 2013 Course: Law (M100) Unis (in order of preference): University of Oxford (Merton College) London School of Economics Durham University (St. Chad's college) King's College London University of Warwick Current status (20th January): Oxford - Conditional Offer LSE - Conditional Offer (successfully complete the IB Diploma) Durham - Rejected King's College London - Conditional Offer (achieve 35 points in the IB with at least a 766 in HL subjects) Warwick - Conditional Offer (achieve 36 points in the IB with at least a 5 in English HL) Predicted scores: 43/45 (with a 7777 at HL) + 14/14 for extra certificates in Theatre and Dance HL. + 5 in AP Calculus (achieved in IB1) Additional Tests: LNAT (National Admissions Test for Law) for Oxford, King's and Durham - completed. Scores not released yet. I've always wanted to study law and my dream is to become a lawyer someday. So this seemed like a natural choice. What about you guys?
  19. Does anyone know where Category III EE examples can be found? I'm studying Obama's use of rhetoric in his speeches in the context of the American Dream. I would really appreciate your help, and also to kick-start this discussion given that few students usually choose Category III.
  20. Hi all, Bath, UK will be the host of one of the IBWSC from 27th July to 4th August this year. Just wondering who here will be going for the conference, it would be so interesting to get to know you in advance, should we meet up sometime during the trip. Looking forward to see all of you there!
  21. Hello people, I'm looking for good textbooks for Chemistry and Biology and I do not know which publisher makes the best textbooks for the IB curriculum in terms of understanding, relevance to the syllabus, and presentation. Both Oxford and Pearson are publishing new editions of their textbooks for the new 2014 syllabus. Oxford is making a '2014 edition' and Pearson's is a 'Pearson Baccalaureate 2nd Edition', so it is most likely that a lot of people have not seen the new publications yet and they are not yet in use. However, let's judge based on their post-2009 / 2011 books. If any of you guys have or previously owned any of these books, what do you think of them? and if you have completed the IB, has it helped you achieve well in the course, and get a score of like, say, 7? Thank you in advance.
  22. So I just finished my MYP, and I will be starting IBDP in the coming September. Right now the subjects I will be doing are: Group 1: English SLGroup 1: Chinese SLGroup 3: Math SLGroup 4: Biology HLGroup 5: Economy HLGroup 6: Visual Arts HLI want to study psychology in university, but I also want to pursue an art degree in the future, and I would really appreciate your opinion regarding the following questions: 1. What are the general difficulty rates of these subjects? 2. Is it necessary to take two Group1 subjects considering I would like to study a social science related subject in the future? (If I change Chinese from group1 to group2, I would do Group2 Mandarin HL, which means I can change one of my HL subject into SL, preferably visual arts) 3. Will biology and economy combined require a lot of memorising? I actually don't mind memorising and understanding the concepts, but I still want to know so that I know how can I prepare myself this summer I would really appreciate if I can get some insight or opinion, and I apologise ahead if some parts of this post are confusing :-)
  23. So I got my grades this sunday and I was expecting to fail (get really low) in math SL, but I thought I did very well in all my other subject, so that it would save me from failing to get a diploma. Unfortunately was i very wrong, and i only scored 23.... i was very close to get higher marks in most of my subject (3 to 5 points away), but my question now is if i should risk my economics exams and ask for an remark ( i was 1 point away from a 5) and so save my diploma?! I took economics HL and my total score was 51 (one point from getting a 5 as total grade) my coordinater send me all my components but told me it was my choice to make Paper 1- grade 6= my marks 35 (boundaries 34-39) moderated mark:35 scaled mark:21 Paper 2- grade 4= my marks 16 (boundaries 14-18) moderated mark:16 scaled mark:12 Paper 3- grade 2= my marks 15 (bundaries 8-15) moderated mark:15 scaled mark:6 IA- grade 5=my marks 27 raw marks: 28 moderated mark:27 scaled mark:12.000015 overall i'm a little shocked as i thought i did good in my economics exams.. but what can i do... The question is now if i should go for a remark? The money isnt the issue, im more scared that if they lower me an entire grade (to 3) i will have to do eco retakes too...(total points in HL subjects has to be at least 12) but if they raise me i dont have to do math retakes... and so get my diploma(??!) My coordinator said that the scale marks can drastically change once grade... i still dont understand how they are set though? I know the decision lies entirely by me, but i would love some help and thoughts!! and BIG Congratulations to those of you who made it you guys deserve it!!!!
  24. I am wondering how everyone felt about their exams, what are your reactions? I am mainly worried about French B as I generally struggle with the subject. History HL went more smoothly for me than I expected, hopefully that is a good sign, but I am still worried about it. How did you guys feel about History paper 3? What about psychology and english hl as well? Thanks for your replies, in advance
  25. The paper was comparatively easy
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