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Found 26 results

  1. Hello Interwebs, Im retaking, does anybody know what they tested on last year for paper 1 of route 2 history. Usually they have the option to test three prescribed subjects:, Peacekeeping – International Relations 1918–36 • The Arab-Israeli Conflict 1945–79 • Communism in Crisis 1976–89. Any past examinee takers please respond. I think they wont repeat what they tested last year thus eliminating one less thing to study. Thanks.
  2. Hey, I was just wondering if anyone from the November session remembered if there was a Tsar Alexander II/III question in the Imperial Russia, revolutions, emergence of Soviet State 1853-1924 section. Thank you!
  3. Hello, i have a test this tuesday and i want more math sl practice. Does anyone have the math sl may 2015 papers and markschemes. we can trade? i have economics 2015 papers and markschemes as well as chemistry HL
  4. Hello to the handful (a really small handful) of people who take anthro! So how did you guys find the papers? I take HL and I was surprised by how much more 'simplified' the questions for paper 2 and 3 were as compared to the questions from the previous years. Overall I think the papers went quite well for me, although I couldn't finish paper 1 on time
  5. So my two options for the Personal Project are: 1. Roles of Women: impact and underestimation (do females have the ability to make a change on national level?) and 2. A social protest (How we should look < How we choose to look) with a focus on media influence and teenage insecurity. I like both the ideas however I have NO idea how to make an actual product out of either of them I was thinking of making a video out of the first option but that sounds so boring and for the second option I have absolutely no idea what kind of product I would make out of it :/ Anyways thanks in advance guys!!!
  6. So my two options for the Personal Project are: 1. Roles of Women: impact and underestimation (do females have the ability to make a change on national level?) and 2. A social protest (How we should look < How we choose to look) with a focus on media influence and teenage insecurity. I like both the ideas however I have NO idea how to make an actual product out of either of them I was thinking of making a video out of the first option but that sounds so boring and for the second option I have absolutely no idea what kind of product I would make out of it :/ Anyways thanks in advance guys!!!
  7. what do you think about math paper 1 2015 the last question ?
  8. Hey guys, Does anyone have access to the xtremepapers website? It seems kind of odd, that it happens to be inaccessible during the exam period...
  9. I just knew that I got a full 7 on English A paper 2 but i have zero recollection of what i worte. I really want to know so i figured knowing the questions might lead me to my thesis... so does anyone remember their prose fiction questions?
  10. To all the students in the 2014-2016 batch for the IB. We had a Predicted Grade examination 3 weeks ago and it went quite okay, except for few subjects like Math and Physics. I wanted to know how did the students in dubai and abroad felt of the examination and how was the portions for the exams? This is the May 2015 predicted Grades examinations........
  11. Hi everyone, it's now been 24 hours so here we go. Paper 1 I had TZ2 and did questions 1 and 3. Question 3 was a gift in my opinion, whereas question 1 was difficult Paper 2 was a gift from above. Did question 2 about the Rupee and question 4 about Peru. Paper 3 at first thought it was really hard. Definitely was now comparing it to past years.. But then once into it, it got much better! Did questions 2 & 3. ALL DONE NOW, good luck in rest of your exams.
  12. So how was it. Personally I found Paper 1 quite hard. By the way which questions did you answer in section b and what time zone are you?
  13. Hey guys! I figured it might be time to start a thread for this in anticipation of the 15th of October - deadline. I straight up copied Erudite's format from last year, because it was pretty great. Fingers crossed! Will send/Sent Application on: 12th of October (scariest thing I've ever done) Course: Geography (mostly BA) Unis: Oxford - Conditional offer: 40 points with 766 at HL LSE - Rejected Durham - Edinburgh - Manchester - Conditional offer, 35 point + at least 5 in English A SL Terrible excited and scared to death! So, what about you?
  14. So with the IB tests closing in starting to prepare for subjects like ITGS include the case study and I have few questions concerning it: 1- Are we allowed to have the case study with us in the exam? 2- What I'm I supposed to look for and analyse in the case study besides what is stated in the papers 3- What is the style of the questions, is the same as the other papers? 4- I have seen that the 2012 and 2013 case studies had their own threads, can't we have one for this year? I'm I or anyone else allowed to start such a thread to discuss the case study of this year?
  15. Hi 24 hours passed so we can talk about it. What did you choose prose or poetry? And most importantly, how well did it go? And by the way is it compulsory to answer the guiding questions (I did the prose -tz2- and I analyzed more the language, then th relationship betwen the two). Will I heavily be penalized- i mean what grades can I get?)
  16. How did you guys perform in Psychology Paper 1? I thought the ERQ choices were really easy. I chose the one on brain imagining technologies. Did anyone attempt that question as well and what studies did you guys use?
  17. HI everyone, I am a November 2014 session candidate and I got my results today in school. The results were far below what I expected.... I didn't do as well as I expected for Economics SL and Biology HL. I was expecting a 7 for each of the subjects but I got 5s. It was really disappointing because I have never gotten a 5 for Biology, and my Economics score was improving much this year. Furthermore, I only got a bonus point 1 and my other subjects are not fantastic either so in overall, I got a 33. I can, perhaps, get into the colleges I want (slim chance though) but the thing is that my parents wants me to get a scholarship in university because the colleges I am applying to are too expensive for them to afford for 4 years. With 33 points, getting a scholarship is FAT hope. They told me that I may have to skip university and get married instead (sounds unreal but this is true) or go to technical colleges (I can barerly get employed after graduating from there...) I told them about the option of retaking the IB tests and they agreed. AND I am willing to work very hard for 12 months to get better scores in the retake tests. If I retake the IB subject tests, I would like to take Mathematics HL, Biology HL and Economics SL. So the questions are : 1. Can I take them in November 2015? Meaning 12 months retake. 2. Must I redo all the IAs and experiments (Bio)? Or is it just retaking the written papers? 3. Do I need a supervisor for IAs if I need to take them? 4. Must I attend the school lessons? (From the IBO website it says we don't have to but double checking...) 5. What is the deadlines for registering the IB subject retest if I want to take them in November 2015? Please help me answer these questions carefully and sincerely because I am feeling very desperate at the moment..!
  18. Hello guys! I'm new here to IBS and honestly, I made this account mainly for making this thread but I'll make sure to stick by later. I'm going to start IB next year in January and I already chose my subjects. I have a question. Is it possible for me to take physics at HL level with basically no prior knowledge of physics? (I did it 2 years ago but heh I forgot everything) I really want to work in the astrophysics field, which obviously requires physics. But universities requirements are really harsh (whyyyy) and demand Physics or Maths as HL. My school recommends people who haven't done the subject over the last two years to take it as SL but I honestly think it's a waste if I want to work with physics later. I could take Physics separately and do the A levels but I find it to be too much work. I just realised I wasted two years doing Chemistry for my IGCSE's when I could have taken Physics instead. Is it too late to catch up? Help me oh great people of IBS I still have a plan B but I want to know what you guys think first
  19. Does anyone know where Category III EE examples can be found? I'm studying Obama's use of rhetoric in his speeches in the context of the American Dream. I would really appreciate your help, and also to kick-start this discussion given that few students usually choose Category III.
  20. Hello, So I posted this as a reply on an earlier topic and have gotten no reply, maybe because it's an old string? Hello again, I know it's been a while. I was hoping to do a theoretical ee which i hear is very challenging. I'm struggling with the hologram at the moment, either I can create a glass/reflective hologram like Holho triangular pyramid of glass with a software that converts regular videos into ones specially designed by four dimensions to form a holographic reflection in the pyramid of glass. Problem with that is that I lack an experimental aspect. Should I continue to do more research and attempt a transmission hologram with beam splitters, etc. because I don't think I would have time or even knowledge for that. Since my RQ is mostly based on what one can do with a holographic projection display system, I was hoping to be able to do the first hologram, find an experimental aspect and then extrapolate that using the idea of the second hologram to create an essay about the possible uses. Is this possible, how so? Would polarizers and analyzers and LCDs fit here as well? I think they will with the second hologram and it's beneficial because it ties it to the syllabus. I was also considering changing my topic to the Monte Carlo method/simulation. It sort of analyzes the what if scenarios and I was thinking of maybe creating one with C++. I'm not that great at C++ but I think I might be able to create a basic decent enough project with it. How could I tie that in with Physics and I doubt it's in the syllabus. Is there any way of maybe using that, changing it to be more experimental, and then analyzing what if scenarios involving physics topics like perhaps string theory or circuits or anything in the syllabus?
  21. I just recently purchased the Biology (Study Guide) by Andrew Allott, However I did not realise that the book was designed around the 2007 syllabus of Biology. Can i still use this book even though i'm giving the 2015 exam ? Has the syllabus changed all that much ? Another question I have is regarding the attachment. Is this the correct syllabus for Biology HL ? IB_Biology_Syllabus_2_2.pdf
  22. I really want to know tips on how to get a 7 in biology. will buying revision guides and reading them over and over again help? will making notes help? will doing all possible past papers help? i still somehow get myself to screw up the MCQs in the exams and i don't know how to get better at them, because i never have a problem with the DRQs or the Essay based questions but MCQs. Help Appreciated.
  23. Does anyone know where I can find the latest criteria for an extended essay in philosophy?
  24. What's the difference between the syllabus for chemistry for 2009 and 2015? Is there any new textbook for IB chemistry first exam 2015? Does anyone has the syllabus? Please Upload. Thanks a lot.
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