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Found 17 results

  1. I am in semester 2, year 1 of IB, what is a good daily study plan for someone aiming to get a 45/a good IB grade? Is it okay to focus on one subject per day or to divide them within each day? Can I know anyone's IB schedule?
  2. Hi! Results day is coming up quick, so I was wondering how everyone thinks they did? Some of my friends think they'll have to retake... Did anyone think some of the exams were too hard? I've heard a lot of complaints about physics and maths...
  3. Hi people! I am constantly getting a 12 on my Paper 2 practices, but am failing to reach that 7. I think the reason for this is my structure, and how it needs to be improved so I can write more coherently and tighter (if that makes sense). I was wondering how to structure my introduction and body paragraphs. For my introduction, I have been taught to primarily define the key concepts, give context, and then offer my thesis. The problem I have is that my definitions become to formulaic and choppy. I don't get a nice flow to it. I also don't know precisely what I need to define. If anyone have any pointers, I would to hear some on how I can tighten up my introduction. For my body paragraphs, I am very confused on how to organize my evidences and evaluations; and how many I should include. Should I state Evidence #1, and evaluate it? Then after that state Evidence #2, and evaluate it? And finally do the same for the third? The problem I have with this is to I fail to come up with a flow and being able to link all of these in a fluid format. This is my main problem; how to organize my evidences in my body paragraphs. Thank you for helping me or the time you took to read this. Kind Regards, a fellow IB Survivalist.
  4. Hi! Having completed Math SL and scored a 7 on the exams, would math HL be an okay transition in terms of difficulty/understanding concepts?
  5. I often thought it took me 5 hours to write an English essay, however one day, around half way through the second year of the IB I timed myself to see how much time I actually spent on writing (I made sure the stop the timer whenever I took small breaks, procrastinated and did anything other than work). What hit me was how unproductive I actually was: out of the 4 hours I had been sitting at my desk only 1 hour and 45 minutes were actually spent doing what I was meant to. The worst part was that it honestly felt as though I had worked 4 hours! This was a pivotal moment (one that came too late); I realized that I had created myself an illusion of how much I actually worked. You might think this issue doesn’t affect you but this wasn’t standard procrastination it was “stealth procrastinationâ€; one that struck from the shadows without leaving a trace behind. I suggest that you too time yourself and see productive you actually are. Once I had identified the issue I begun timing myself and recording my worked hours daily. I was no longer blind to the stealthy procrastination that occurred every time I worked, and was able to slowly improve my productivity. I also used this log of timed hours to identify patterns in my work habit. If I hadn’t worked for long it would serve me as a reminder and a nudge to start working and doing revision. I was also able to see how many hours I could work each day and set realistic goals. Mondays were for example a weak day, and I could only clock in around 2 hours of work (real work), whilst Thursdays were productive days and I would often see myself working over 4 hours. By having all this data I knew when and how to divided my work time effectively for homework and revision. I strongly suggest you try logging your worked time for a month or two (it will grow on you). The information you gather could change your work dynamic for the better. Productivity is an important part in any IB students work life. Optimizing workflow and reducing procrastination are key to accomplishing more in less time. If you enjoyed reading this, make sure to sign up for our mailing list! It contains awesome, free to read content that we publish weekly and we also do lots of give-aways! You can sign up here: http://www.ibsurvivors.com/subscribe/ All the best, and have an awesome 2016, Arthur
  6. Here's how you can maximize your predicted grades: Use past papers and past exam questions. The IB mark-schemes and therefore your teachers will give as much credit to style as to substance. So make sure you read and practice all past paper questions for your upcoming tests. The style in which answers are written is crucial to getting all the marks. Often, you may know what the question is asking for but only a concise and effective communication method that is often specific to the IB, will get you the full marks. You can get more marks by knowing the style in which questions are answered than knowing the actual answer. Therefore, get access to past papers and questionbanks. Think like a teacher. Thinking like a teacher means looking at the big picture. Before preparing for a test, ask yourself “If I were a teacher, how would I structure a testâ€. Use the considerable resources available on the Internet, such as past papers, questionbanks and syllabi to look at topics and questions that are likely to be on your test because either they are difficult or you have discussed them a lot in the past. The syllabus will be extremely important for you, because most teachers want to cover most of it. Make sure you have copies and highlight important parts before tests. Thinking like a teacher will force you to have a very comprehensive understanding of the topic, which will not only help you improve your marks on the next test but will also predict some of the test. Additionally, this general and comprehensive view of the topic will stick with you till the final exams Befriend your teacher. This may be the hardest and the most unpleasant one but it is definitely the most rewarding one. Befriending teachers means that they have a strong and favorable impression of you. Since the predicted grade is based on the teacher’s impression of a student, it can always benefit you. Being nice and polite in class is always a good idea, but you have to get yourself noticed. So read ahead, read beyond and read about interesting information pertaining to your subject. Find out what the teacher is interested in and create a mutual interest. That way, the teacher will see you as a student who is passionate about the subject. Passion will always take you a 7.
  7. http://www.ibsurvivors.com/new-blog/7hlmaths I would really recommend every current, and prospective, IB student to read this blog post. Are you going to make 2016 your year? What steps are you going to take to bettering yourself? Is this going to be your year? I know it is.
  8. Here's a friend of mine, a current first year Oxford student, explaining about the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle for succeeding in the IB. http://www.ibsurvivors.com/new-blog/lifestyle Hope you guys find it useful, Let us know if you ever have any questions
  9. Hope this is some good motivation for you guys http://www.ibsurvivors.com/new-blog/7biology
  10. Hey everybody, My friend and I have created a 10,000 word eBook compiled with advice, effective strategies, and actual IAs to tackle the IB. We had the luxury of working with a bunch of really smart students; we've essentially merged the different skillsets of many intelligent people into one whole eBook. Honestly, if I was just starting the IB I would have jumped at the prospect of buying this book. The best thing is that we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee, so if you're not happy, just email us and we'll return all your money. Check us out: http://www.ibsurvivors.com/ Before I forget, use the Promo Code: Christmas for a 50% discount! If anyone has any questions whatsoever about the IB (concerns, subject choices, advice, etc), please email us at [email protected] I also currently attend UC Berkeley, so if anyone has any questions about studying in University in the US, hit us up. We're here to help, and would love to hear from you guys All my best, Shikhar
  11. Hi all, first post! The title is pretty self explanatory - how do you study? I don't just mean for the exams, I mean in general, throughout the two years. How do you take notes and how to you stay on top of the content that you learned months ago? Any and all answers are appreciated Cheers
  12. Hello guys, Since it's the summer, I need to finally re-start my EE since I discovered that my previous topic was way to simple. So, I have to start right from the beginning :/. Anyways, I just wanted to request for anyone to recommend me a topic/concept/problem in mathematics that I can explore for my Math EE. Something that is not too simple but also not too complex. I have to get this done by September 24, 2014. My favourite math topics are calculus, algebra, and trigonometry. However, I'm not a fan of probability and statistics. Update: I was thinking of Laplace transforms, Euler's method, or Taylor series as a topic for the EE. Any ideas as to doing this? Please note that I am not asking for a research question but a topic that I can explore so that I can come up with a RQ. Thanks so much to everyone and have a wonderful summer!
  13. sarahh

    How to get a 45?

    Hey guys! I thought I might start a forum for people who have any general tips for the IB, studying, time management and aiming for that perfect score! Just post any thoughts you have on this matter
  14. So did you hear about the 41 Singaporean students achieving perfect 45s on their exams? The national average is around 38, while the global average is 30 ish (If I'm not mistaken) Anyone here one of those legendary students? If you're one of them, it's like talking to a celebrity I swear. Hats off!
  15. So I have browse along the forum for interesting topics and 90% of people say that they get 40-45 as predictions? How is that possible? Are they lying? Because I know that the mean is 32 generally worldwise... Just wanna hear some opinions... So that my moral gets higher Thanks
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