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Found 125 results

  1. Hey everyone I hope someone can help me and explain to me how i am supposed to evaluate the cultural significance of an artwork, i am working on my Comparative Study in Visual arts right now and i am so confused So if someone could help me and tell me if there are any specific guidelines for that or tell me how they've done it i'd be so thankful! So thanks in advance
  2. I am going into my first year of IB. I had planned to take exercise science and art, but my school just let me know that this is not available. I must choose either bio and art, or psychology and exercise science. (We are on A day B day schedule so I must choose one of theses pairings) Which of these pairs has a higher course load? And which is harder content in general? Also, if there are any opinions not based on these questions I most definitely want to know that too! I am interested in all of these classes pretty equally, and just making sure I choose a pairing that will not be completely overwhelming. Thank you!!
  3. Hi guys for my cas project I’m making a small book with a bunch of creative writing pieces and photography so if any of you have anything you’d like be willing to share/send pls send it to this email: [email protected] it can be anything from poetry to a story you write for class... or a photography project or just pictures you enjoyed taking... it can really be anything! Thanks :)
  4. Hey everyone. I've justed started my first year in IB and I switched from chemistry to art sl. I only have a teacher for half of my lessons everyweek, and since i've just started I'm very confused. I have no idea where to start or what I should be doing. I'm also seriously confused about what I put in my process portfolio, like do I just explore random topics, or do i start a project and explore within that project. I'm already 5 weekds behind, so I need help pretty badly hahaha Thank youuu
  5. Hey, I need help with my Math IA. I am interested in Math and art topic to write about. More into the body proportions and how an artist uses it but I don't know what mathematics is behind it. What mathematics do I use to get a higher score?
  6. New person here. So far most of my exhibition pieces are sculptural and I need to do stuff in at least 2 art making forms. To get around this I made a work involving using braille letters to form an image. If I only used raised dots on blank paper would it be considered 2d or 3d? It's essentially text art and is supposed to be hung on a wall, but it doesn't seem to fall under anything on the 2d section of the table (graphics, maybe?) Wanna hear your input.
  7. Can i do a history IA on art history? It feels like everyone is doing history from the pov of wars and international relations and politics, but i'm really interested in art history (not propaganda, just art). Can I do it? What could i focus on for example?
  8. Planning on going to art school but I have no idea what the sufficient grade for this school is?? Like they don't have a required score out of 45. I mean it does mention IB but just states qualifications equivalent to A Levels (e.g. IB)? Does this mean I just need to pass IB? Like a 24 (12 total in HL, no lv2 and no lv 1in SL) will do? This hasn't been the first art school with vague requirements. Could someone elaborate? Thank you so much
  9. I have always been interested in fine arts and in my sophomore year I took AP art at my high school, but during junior year I decided to not go on to IB art but instead take a year off. Art itself is a very big time commitment and one of my biggest issues is that I have trouble working on my pieces in class because I am very self conscious of my work and I don't want others to judge it before it is finished, unfortunately what this means for me is that I choose to work on it only at home which limits about half the time I should be working on my pieces. I really enjoy art but I worry that I am not good enough. In my AP art class we had to choose an area of concentration and create a series of about 12 pieces that fit into that concentration theme, I found this really challenging because I am good at following directions that the teacher is teaching but I struggle coming up with my own ideas, having that much freedom. My parents both want me to do what I love and find a career in art, and I am hoping to take art classes in college but I am not sure if I should take the IB art class my senior year. I fear that taking not only one, but two years off of art might make me forget or lose ability, which I don't think would be a good setup for college. Do you think I should take IB art my senior year?
  10. So, I am planning on doing my EE in Art and I was thinking of doing the topic "How are American and Japanese art influenced by one another and how are they different?", or something along those lines. Is this too vague? Should I specify a specific area of art? Can I even use this topic? Any feedback and suggestions would be awesome. Also, my 2,000 words checkpoint is next week and I haven't started yet, so please help ASAP!
  11. For my Art EE, I was thinking of using the question "How are American and Japanese art influenced by one another and how are they different?". Is this topic too vague? Should I specify a specific area of art? Is the topic even usable at all? Any feedback and suggestions on this topic would be great. My 2,000 word checkpoint is next week and I haven't even started so I need help ASAP!! Thanks!
  12. So I'm still really confused about what exactly we have to do during TOK presentations and how we have to structure it, but one idea that I had was to explore different painting as my real life situation, or that one thing that happened where the two boys put a pair of glasses on the ground of an art gallery and everyone thought it was a piece of art. On e of the ideas I had to do for my KQ was: “To what extent do sense perception and emotion influence the value of art?" If this question good enough to explore to get a high grade? I have some stuff I could take about with it, but it doesn't sound as fancy as some of the ones I've been seeing online as really good. Any help is appreciated!! :)))
  13. Hey all I'm thrilled to say that my teacher predicted me a 94/106 for HL visual arts. I have no idea what score this could be (and obviously it's a predicted so it could actually be far lower) Do you all have any idea what the score break-down is for HL art? It sounds like a high number but it could be a 3 for all I know. Thanks a lot!
  14. Hi! I'm new to the website but I'm currently an IB1 doing Visual Arts HL. So far everything's going great but I'm wondering if there is a criteria guide that defines final artworks that one creates? I usually get 7s or 6s on my pieces, but I recently got lower this time and I don't know why. I wouldn't expect there to be such a guide, as art essentially has no limits, but I just want to know if there are certain points that we have to achieve for a good/suitable artwork, unless its all really up to the teacher's opinion with no explanation. Thank you in advance for any help at all! Appreciate it.
  15. Im having a hard time deciding on my theme for arts. I was thinking witchcraft but I cannot think of many pieces I could make related to it except from tarot cards. Anyone got any ideas for pieces or ideas for other themes?
  16. So I started my DP in September and now it's December. My HLs are physics chemistry math and English and SLs are business and french. i was going to planning to go into a engineering direction but now I'm definite to go towards architecture but I realised that I need a portfolio of at least 12 pieces. its been 3 months into the programme and the art students have already done 2 pieces and 2 essays and I'm not too sure I'll be able to catch up. Is it too late to try and change??? SOS 😩😩
  17. hi! i am writing an EE under the visual arts guidelines, with JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and it's author, hirohiko araki, as my main focus. i need help coming up with good research questions. i love araki and his work and i would really love to write about it, particularly his most well known series, jojo's bizarre adventure, but i am having a bit of an issue on where to start. i am currently a junior, so i have a lot of time, but i would like to start considering these things right now. i would much prefer if you helped me while having at least a general knowledge of what jjba is or who araki is, but its fine if you don't! i appreciate any help given to me. sorry if i am doing something wrong or posting in the wrong thread or something! this is my first time doing something like this in a forum, aha. thank you for taking the time to read this and please have a nice day!
  18. I am currently wirting my extended essay and am currently about half way through but realized that my question is too broad and not specific enough. the question is: To what extent did the Mexican muralist movement of the 1920s go on to influence the Social Realism movement of the 1930s? I don't know if I should focus more on the mexican muralist movement instead to be more specific, but don't know how to phrase a question for this topic. Could someone help me?????????????? Thank yhou!!! All help is appreciated!!
  19. Hello, I just recently started IB2, and am already stuck at art, my theme is architecture, I have a few pieces that have small meanings behind them but cant think of anymore pieces to make, so I wanted to ask if we had to have a meaning in every piece, or can I just draw the Florence Cathedral? Sorry for bad engrish.
  20. I write art EE in pop art. To be specific, the topic is To what extent has western artist Andy Warhol influenced eastern artist Ai Weiwei's work. I have wrote about 700 words, but I find it very confusing. The research I did for preparation work cannot help me at all. I haven't write anything since those 700 words. Any advice on art EE?
  21. How is this as a TOK knowledge question: "Is it ethical to criminalise expression of creativity?", to which my answer is: “Although it may be ethical and even necessary to criminalise art under certain circumstances, on the whole, it should be deemed unethical". I was wondering if it is necessary to reference the AOKs or WOKs in the question itself, or if I need to change the phrasing of my question. Other than that, I do think I have a very "TOKesque" question
  22. Hello, I was wondering how does the IB check for plagiarism in the Visual Arts course (for the visual content, like photos and images). I take Visual Arts HL Photography, and I am just worried that some of my content might show up online because I tend to publish stuff on Tumblr and such. My friends reblog my content and it's a heavy chain of reblog-repost action. Do you think I'll fail my diploma? It has been getting to me lately. If caught, they do contact you first, correct? I mean, you must be given a chance to explain yourself after all. Someone help out a sister! I can't even focus on my exams...haha
  23. Hello, I was wondering how does the IB check for plagiarism in the Visual Arts course (for the visual content, like photos and images). I take Visual Arts HL Photography, and I am just worried that some of my content might show up online because I tend to publish stuff on Tumblr and such. My friends reblog my content and it's a heavy chain of reblog-repost action. Do you think I'll fail my diploma? It has been getting to me lately. If caught, they do contact you first, correct? I mean, you must be given a chance to explain yourself after all. Someone help out a sister! I can't even focus on my exams...haha
  24. Hi, so I take Visual Arts HL (now Y13), and am preparing my artworks for exhibition 2017. Would I be in any sort of trouble if I published photographs, sketches, etc. onto the internet? For example, could Turn-it-in find it and penalise me (based on the same photographs, writing, etc.) even if the work was completely mine anyway? I understand that the IB is extremely strict when it comes to plagiarism, so I have refrained from doing so so far... but I had this idea a while ago because I think writing it out informally at first, maybe even presenting it online to an audience and getting feedback on techniques/processes etc. would be good for my final write-up/projects. Can anyone help me out here? >_<
  25. Hey guys, registration is coming up and I've sunk into a dilemma. I'm currently a sophomore in the local gifted program, and am taking IB Bio SL, IB Precalc SL, IB Physics SL 1, IB Spanish 4, IB/AP Lang, and IB/APUSH. I'm definitely going to HL in Bio, English, and History, but don't know what to do about splitting my SL's. I have been struggling in Physics, and although I scraped an A first semester and MIGHT make it this semester, I don't think I'll do very well in SL 2 (HL is far, far beyond me). I am also having some trouble filling in my continuous art credit (that many colleges like seeing) and my CTE credit will be taken care of with my internship in senior year. I am seriously considering dropping IB Physics SL 2 and replacing it with IB Art SL. I am debating, however, over the merit these two classes bring to colleges and how important they are in the long run. I'm pretty certain that I have a higher chance at getting an A in art (which I like) than in physics (which i am famous for struggling in), but Physics could be more "important" to my future. What should I do? I'm a STEM kind of person and am not looking to go into the humanities, doing my EE in Biology and everything. My complete course schedule for next year, as reference: (omitting PE and TOK) IB Bio HL, IB Calculus HL 1, IB Physics SL2 OR IB Art SL, IB Spanish 5 (SL test), IB/AP Lit, IB/AP USGOV. Note: I will be taking AP Physics 1, AP Lang, and APUSH at the end of this year. Thank you all! -Lia
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