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Found 11 results

  1. Well, is it possible? I get good okayish grades in every other subject, but I'm bound to get a 1 in math studies. I've worked hard in math but I'm just not a math kind of guy, and I've heard a sufficient grade average makes up for a 1 in math, but I've seen people on here claim a single 1 keeps you from getting the diploma. Can I get a final verdict?
  2. Does anyone know the ib avg. or the requirements to get accepted into the PEARL Programme at Keio University in Tokyo? I've contacted the admissions office but they only replied saying that they don't have any "cut-off" scores, and I was wondering if anyone knew a friend or student who got accepted to Keio PEARL.
  3. Just incase anybody wanted to know the average grades/scores that students internationally receive in IB, I've found a PDF with statistics from IBO - this is the most recent PDF I could find and the statistics have been taken from the May 2016 session. I've listed the page numbers of some information depending on what you may want to check - Page 9: Extended Essay statistics Page 10: TOK statistics Page 16: Statistics on number of points awarded to candidates Page 17 to Page 22: All subject grade distributions (including mean grade + % of candidates receiving grades) PDF Download: dp-statistical-bulletin-may-2016-en.pdf Link: http://www.ibo.org/contentassets/bc850970f4e54b87828f83c7976a4db6/dp-statistical-bulletin-may-2016-en.pdf
  4. I don't know if I'm doing this right, I recently found this website but I do have a couple of questions and it would be great if you could answer them. Also a little background info, I'm kinda an average student and tend to procrastinate a lot, but I'm willing to put a lot of effort into this. I usally get by with B's in all my classes with minimal effort/work. I read a lot about ib students not having time to do anything? Is that true? Is there time for netflix at all? I like to read a lot too, so will i have time to free read? I'm going to start next year in august the program and I'm nervus it won't work out, is it easy to drop out of? How is social life? Does it restrict you? Anything will help and thankyou!
  5. Okay so it seems to me that everyone on this whole sites is only getting 7s. Am I the only one getting 4 and 5 and 6? What am I doing wrong?!
  6. Hi I am an average international student. I am currently in 12th grade, and I'm doing the full IB diploma. And these are my courses. HL Math HL Computer Science HL Economics SL Physics SL English SL Spanish Ab initio Activities Computer Honor Society for 2 years Coding club for 2 years Clay club for 2 years Economics club for 1 year Chess club for 1 year <Service Club> Recycling Club for 4 years and am currently a leader of the club. Blind School Club for 2 years. JV Basketball for 2 years - won Most Service Player Varsity Basketball for 2 years And I have also done a Columbia business school entrepreneurship program and won a first place, and another entrepreneurship program in S.Korea and won 3rd place out of 30 teams. I haven't gotten expected scores yet, but I am expecting a low grade because I messed up Math and English really badly. So I am thinking of 30 -35. And I am taking SAT 1 in October and I'm expecting about 2150 or 2200. I know HKUST requires a very high IB grades, but I really do want to study in HKUST and hope that the actual expected scores are little bit higher. So could you please tell me what are the chances for getting in to HKUST and also could you tell me which one, Computer Science or economics, is tougher to get in for HKUST? Thank you very much.
  7. Hi! After my IB, I want to apply for medicine in UPCM (Université Pierre et Marie Currie). The problem is that I don't know what the requirements are. (In terms of grades) Can somebody tell me, what the average points on the IB scale are. I just can't find it on the website!
  8. In a HL Biology lab report, when processing data, specifically calculating averages; must we include the anomalies when calculating the average?
  9. Hi, my name is Eden (as from my user name ) i'm currently in the 10th grade and going to IB the coming year. My classes I chose so far is English A LIt - HL Math - HL Chem - HL ITGS - HL Mandarin - SL Biology - SL A little background about me, I'm what you usually call an average student. "A" averages in classes that matter (example, Math, Sciences, etc.) and like trolling in classes that doesn't usually matter (aka. electives) ... public school . My academic classes this year would be English 10 Chem 11 Biology 11 Physics 11 Psychology 12 Mandarin 10 Social Studies 10 and a lot of electives. *Before IB starts, i'll finish Math 12 in summer school. My average on these classes would be around 90. Would my next year IB courses be too difficult compared to the fact that some of my current courses are only 1-2 years ahead? I am a very hardworking individual, basically meaning i'm willing (and currently doing) to study all day if it means i'll get my work done and done well. I am interested in pursuing a science, mainly chemistry or biology, major. I love to learn, so a lot of work wouldn't harm me too much "hopefully". Bottom line is, should I go with 4 HL's, challenge myself and learn more OR go with 3 HL's and possibly get a better mark? Thank You guys so much for reading and responding ! :D Btw, Im like really tired and sleepy atm so I apologize in advance for any mistakes I made. Thanks!!!
  10. Hey guys, I'm confused about the average mark that people get on labs. My friends and I last semester would always get around 8-9 marks out of 12. Is that good? If you want more details about where I lost the marks, I don't remember and the school keeps them under file.
  11. Hey guys! ok so not every IB student is willing or able to attend the top three UK uni's. Which universities would YOU suggest for anaverage IB student? (28- 32 points)
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