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Found 51 results

  1. Hi, so my friend was doing her IA on a company called Godrej Interio. But she just now found out that she was collecting data from their franchisor, not from the company itself. The 2nd draft is submission in another 2-3 days. Can anyone suggest on how to tackle this even if she could extend the deadline by 3-4 days? That would be really helpful
  2. Hey all, kinda new here, will start taking the full diploma next year, planning on going into engineering, wondering which of the three courses(B&M or Eco or Enviormental Systems and Societies) would be the most beneficial to take at SL. Thanks all!
  3. I'm on my second year and I still haven't chosen any topic or title, can someone help me out please?
  4. Hi, I've been having a lot of difficulty in Business HL because although I know all of the theory very well I am not good with the application, and always lose marks on case study questions (especially the 20 mark ones). I also struggle to accurately self-assess my answers based on the criteria. For this reason, I am considering switching to Economics HL because it seems more straightforward, but if I can find a way to get better at this skill then I probably won't switch. Is there any way for me to get significantly better at case study business questions other than textbook questions (which are not that helpful) and past paper questions (which I would rather save for DP2)?
  5. I'm writing my first IA draft and I realise that I am very wordy, or maybe I'm putting too many details in but I've only done my introduction and social factors for my STEEPLE and I am now up to 1034 words..? I'm thinking of just doing a PEST analysis instead, but I still want to do my SWOT analysis. So my questions are: 1. Do words count if they are in a table? 2. Do I need to define what a PEST/SWOT analysis is before getting to the details like we're supposed to in exams? 3. Is it bad to be citing information and statistics from a lot of other places other than the supporting documents that you're including in the appendix? Is it bad to be having so many supporting stats in the first place? It feels like most of my 'commentary' is mostly describing what the market environment is like, accounting for why it's like how it is, with a tiny bit of "so what" at the end. Again, just based on my social factors. I kind of want to paste that para here to ask but that'll prob bite me back later...could I pm somebody? 4. "Will the implementation of localisation strategies be enough to allow Airbnb to circumvent the threats that the Chinese market poses?" Does this sound like a rhetorical question? My friend says it sounds like a rhetorical question T.T How would I make my RQ sound less like a rhetorical question? 5. Could I just exceed the word limit for the 1st draft cuz I get super attached to my words (this is semi-rhetorical hah =l ) Thank you! (pandas are soo cute <3)
  6. Soon, I will have to produce my IA for business. I have chosen to study a foreign company, and because of that, I will have to give send them an e-mail to interview them. Their company has a relatively large following, so having a one-on-one interview to the Director is not really an option. I will have to give them (ideally) one email to ask them questions. I don't want to ask them useless questions that only waste their and my time (e.g. stuff that I can find easily in the internet, something too personal/unanswerable, etc.). So, what do you guys think are the most important questions to ask? What are other questions that may prove important, too? I can't tell you the specifics, but essentially, I am investigating the cause of why the directors (as well as other key members) of a company left and made their own company after being bought by a larger company. e.g. culture clash, etc. It'll be really helpful if you could post a couple of suggestions and/or guidelines!
  7. Would emailing chief admin. be primary data because primary data is first hand data right ???
  8. Can anyone please help me with this For my Extended Essay, I plan to do research on the business/economic aspect of football. As football is becoming more of a business in the modern day, and many decisions are business motivated it is what i plan to research. However, the issue is that along with checking in with my supervisor we realized that the Business Management EE is more an analysis of an organization making a decision or activities of the firm and that business tools would need to be used. Also, we could not find how we would apply this topic to the Economics IB syllabus. Examples of what I would wish to study are analyzing China’s recent activity in the football market and their 50 point development plan for football in China or the expansion of the world cup to 48 teams. There is nothing specific under this topic I wish to do my EE in and any thing that I can find suitable to do my EE related to this topic will be great.
  9. Hey there I need to confirm what Group 3 subject I'm choosing ASAP. Currently, I'm doing: English Lang & Lit HL Spanish Lit HL Mathematics HL Computer Science HL Physics SL I plan on studying engineering. When it comes to my Group 3 subject, I'm stuck between B&M, which seems useful in promoting entrepreneurship in the future, but Pre-IB classes have proved to be extremely boring to me, and ITGS, which seems interesting, fun and a solid, easy subject, to make my already pretty hard IB a little more survivable. So, which of them is harder? Can Business prove itself actually helpful for young entrepreneurs? What other option would you recommend? My school also offers: ESS Economics Geography History Philosophy Thanks!
  10. Hi guys, I'm so lost and stressed about the Paper 1 case study. We don't understand almost anything and I feel I've been the B&M teacher this year. Please, if you understand something about that confusing chart from the last part, I would thank a lot any help!
  11. How can company X deal with poor customer service offered by its staff to maintain its position as the market leader in banks? How can staff at company X be motivated in order to improve customer service? Would non monetary motivation methods reduce poor customer service offered by the staff to improve company X customer service? Please please could someone give me feedback to which question is the best one
  12. So i just started IBDP a month back and I'm mostly going to pursue psychology in the future. My current subjects are: English A Lit HL Psychology HL Chemistry HL Biology SL Math SL Spanish ab But I'm not really enjoying biology and I'm considering switching to b&m SL from bio SL. Is it easier? And will it sabotage my plans to pursue psychology?
  13. Can anyone PLEASE give me some good tips for how to study(revise) Business and management? I really regret that I chose to do B&M but semester 1 has already passed and there's no way I can change my subject at this stage. So I know that though B&M is not my type, I really have to get into it and try really hard to get at least 5 or 6 at the end (To raise my overall grade as high as I can). The problem is that the textbook is so huge and I have no idea where to start and how I should revise since I couldn't actually concentrate during class time. Whenever I open the book trying to revise, my brain just goes totally blank by the amount of text and facts laid in front of me. B&M is so much stress for me right now. My overall grade for semester 1 has gone so much down because of this subject. Also I have spent almost entire 3 weeks holiday with this B&M textbook trying to catch up, but now I feel like I haven't gained anything like I still have the same knowledge as I did before the holidays started (I have only 4 days left till school now). This is REALLY driving me crazy. I really need to get back on track before it gets too late. I'm really desperate. I really long for some good tips and advice. I'm also thinking of buying revision book so please recommend me some good revision books. It would be great to find out some useful websites to revise as well. So please feel free to give me some tips such as how you guys revised B&M or how you guys received good results for B&M. Just ANYTHING useful about B&M would be appreciated. Will be waiting for some good answers!! THANK YOU!! (I take SL) -I found out that B&M revision notes uploaded by other users, are only open to VIP members of this website , which I think is very unfair since I thought this 'IB SURVIVAL' website was for all the students who need help with their study regardless of how much they have been using this website.
  14. Hi, right now i'm in Pre-IB and I have to choose the subjects i'm going to have in DP1 and DP2. I'm pretty nervous because I don't know what i should choose... Im sure im not the first person to have this problem, but i need some help from previous IB students. Before you ask, I don't know what I want to work with in the future, but I know i'm interested in the "social direction", meaning i'm interested in the social sciences etc. Some things that i'm not good at: speaking/presenting in front of a lot of people and chemistry/physics. So this is basically what I was planning on taking (yes i'm thinking of 7 subjects): # 1. Swe A langlit SL/HL 2. Eng B HL 3. Economics SL/HL 4. Environmental systems and societies SL 5. Math SL 6. Business & Management HL (7. Global Politics SL or Spanish SL) - Could someone please tell me something about the difference in Economics HL and SL? Because i'm not really gifted in economics, but I still think its pretty fun and relatively easy. - What are your experiences with the subjects i mentioned above? Are they worth taking etc. - Is it really that hard having 7 subjects, when 4 are SL and 3 are HL? Thanks! UPDATE: So i chose : 1. Swe A langlit SL 2. Eng B HL 3. Economics HL 4. Environmental systems and societies SL 5. Math SL 6. B&M HL I'm really happy with my choices and I can't wait to start taking the courses Thanks for the help!
  15. Does anyone have some advice for writing a business and management extended essay? I wrote my rough draft but my supervisor doesn't think it has enough business and management aspect to it and he doesn't quite know what would make it fit into business and management more. Any help would be much apprecaited.
  16. guys im doing my ee and I have come up with a research quetion. Can u guys check if it is decent or its too narrow or broad. So here it is: How has Coca Cola advertising in 2015 beats other drink brand in Australia? my english is not good so I don't know how to come up with a better way to express the question. But I will talk about the "Share a coke" campaign of Coca Cola in Australia earlier this year. Is that a decent research question, should I change the country from Australia to somewhere else to look for the statistic easier ?
  17. guys im doing my ee and I have come up with a research quetion. Can u guys check if it is decent or its too narrow or broad. So here it is: How has Coca Cola advertising in 2015 beats other drink brand in Australia? my english is not good so I don't know how to come up with a better way to express the question. But I will talk about the "Share a coke" campaign of Coca Cola in Australia earlier this year. Is that a decent research question, should I change the country from Australia to somewhere else to look for the statistic easier ?
  18. Hi guys! First post on forum I just started Diploma Programme and took following subjects: Bosnian HL (obligatory) English HL (obligatory) Math SL (obligatory) Economics HL History HL Biology (took physics but realized too much math for me so switched) There is stupid school policy that B&M cant be combined with Econ, and there is no B&M HL. Now I am thinking about switching to B&M (SL) from Econ HL as, I realized it is all cool to know this "political" stuff, but I want to now more about organizing firm. Also, my timetable would be way better if I make this change. I am afraid if I make this change, how it is going to affect my university application (lets say I want to study agricultural economics or agribusiness, depending on what course and scholarship I find)? Where is easier to get 7? Is B&M HL 7 same as Econ HL 6 or 7? How universities watch on these subjects etc.? I hope you will help guys (and girls )!
  19. I'm extremely stressed, apparently there's a rubric change for batch of May 2016? http://blogs.osc-ib.com/2015/04/ib-teacher-blogs/dp_busman/extended-essays-preparing-for-change/ An abstract isn't required anymore, and apparently there will only be 4-5 criteria now? SOMEONE PLEASE CLARIFY THIS FOR ME!
  20. Hey guys ! What can kind of analytical tool i can use for marketing and human resource management ? for secondary research.. for also please mention some examples
  21. Hello, I've made a switch of topics this summer after my first year in IB. Initially my EE was about business and social media (which is what i worked on for the first year of IB) but I got marks I'm embarrassed to say. So, this summer I made a switch and now i have two weeks left before class begins. Seems like a suitable amount of time for me though I could use some of your help. Thanks in Advance! My topic is Consistency over Conformity in Business and right now I'm not sure whether It falls under B&M or Psychology in IB. Im no Psych student in IB and have no formal education on it, but i love the subject. I'm HL Business instead. heres the RQ I came up with: To what extent does consistency have a greater influence on the productivity of a workforce than conformity? I want to look into how consistency is more beneficial in the workplace over conformity and so I've been researching some more famous theories on I-O Psychology (industrial psychology) like Maslow's, X-Y, Hertzberg, and so on. so, Do you guys think that i can do this EE under B&M in the syllabus because it also says there that if you have no formal education on Psych, chances are you'll get pretty low. Also, should find a book on I-O Psychology to be more knowledgable on the topic or am I good with online journals, articles, forums, etc...? Does the topic sound reasonable to you, or is it too broad? I can upload the crap EE I made last year if you want to see how bad It was. Honestly I slacked so much on it and put little effort and its more of an EE that was made just so that i had something to give to the teachers
  22. I'm in Business SL and I'm doing my EE on it. I chose the topic 'how will the decision to adopt lean management and shared services affect the HR of a company (I don't think I should disclose the name)'. These decisions will be adopted by the company in the future. Is it better to choose a newly made decision or a future decision for the EE?
  23. Any thoughts on LadyA? Any important or interesting points that anybody came across? It would be great to share ideas and prepare together! I think its really important to know the costs and benefits of each of the three options in the end as I have a feeling they are bound to ask something regarding that. We can create a SWOT analysis for each of the options. The main strengths would be her previous experience and existing brand loyalty. Weaknesses: Tough competition from other younger or more experienced singers. Any more ideas?
  24. Here is a really effective SWOT analysis sheet. SWOT_Analysis.pdf
  25. Hi everyone.. I'm going to start my DP next academic year and I need your opinions: I have to choose between Psychology and Economics or ITGS and Business and Management (B&M) or ITGS and Psychology or Psychology and B&M... Which set of subjects would you recommend? The other subjects that I've chosen are: Bahasa A Literature English B Chemistry Math SL Thanks! NB: I'm not really good in memorising and I have some knowledge in IGCSE: Business Studies and ICT. I'm going to take Business or Chemical Engineering for my bachelor's degree.
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