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Found 11 results

  1. The research question I have chosen for my Extended Essay is "Do common commercial pesticides stunt the germination and growth time of Phaseolus vulgaris (the common bean)?" I am planning on buying 5-10 bean seeds and testing different pesticides on each sample, and then measuring the rate of germination and the time it takes for the bean to grow stalks (having another sample with no pesticides as a control group, of course). Firstly, I want to know if this question is narrow enough. Secondly, is my experimental process too simple for an EE? I think if I talk about the importance of beans in many parts of Africa and the world, and then talk about the biological processes that result in the germination and growth of a bean seed, I should be able to come pretty close to the word limit. At the end, if the pesticides didn't have a significant effect on the plants, I could talk about why this might be the case, and whether it is better to use pesticides or not. The only issue is that I wasted all of my summer break and got ghosted by a potential advisor, and with the deadline for my first draft being in October for my school, I would like to make sure that this experiment can be done in 1-2 months' time. Have any of you guys done this sort of an experiment before, and, if so, could you tell me how exactly I need to grow the beans to ensure accurate data, and also how to process the data in an appealing way for my EE? I kinda feel disappointed in myself for coming up with such a middle-school-science-fair-kind of idea, so if you guys could suggest a way of elevating this to an IB level, I would be forever indebted to you.
  2. I’m going to study the IB next year and I’m thinking of taking Biomedical Engineering in uni. I love Biology, so I was thinking of choosing it as my Science Subject. However, I’ve been told that I have to choose Maths HL and Physics HL in order to be accepted in an university to study Engineering. Is it true? Can’t I take Maths HL and Biology HL, instead of Physics HL? PS I’m going to study the IB in an international school (because I applied to UWC, don’t know if you have ever heard about it) but I’m in the middle of high school right now, so I have already had 2 years of Physics (and Chemistry and Biology). Next year would be my last year of high school but in my country, even though our high school is 3 years, we only study sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Geology) in the first 2 years so have already been taught all the topics that are approached in regular schools (and I’ll have national exams around June). Therefore, I already have a considerable amount of knowledge in these subjects, but I really love Biology and it is the one I feel most comfortable about. Please can someone help in this matter? I can’t find any straight answer anyway. 🙏🏻
  3. So I've decided to do my IA on the effects of temperature on the transpiration rate of plants using potometer. I told my teacher about the topic and he approved of it. BUT the experiment and it's results are actually a part of the syllabus. Will there be any problems or issues with my IA later on?
  4. Hey everyone, I have been researching for a biology ee topic to work on but it's been almost a month and I have nothing doable in hand. My Biology teacher, (who is most likely going to be my advisor) has very little to no experience with extended essay and is advising me to choose another subject. I want to major in Bioengineering and Bio HL is my favorite subject, I also want this to help me with admissions and I aim at mentioning this work in my applications but EVERY SINGLE teacher of mine advises me to change my subject as a group 4 EE is apparently extremely difficult to get an A in. I have limited time before September, and there is not one teacher in my school willing to help me out with this, so I'm basically left alone. I search for good examples of EE ideas from which I can produce something of my own; I'm interested in working with plants or something that involves the brain but I like bio as a whole so any recommendation is appreciated. It also would be great if I could do something that doesn't involve a long and advanced experimental process. I really am lost and anxious that it really isn't a good idea to do Bio if it's that difficult, but I also want to graduate with a work that will improve me in my area of interest and I also want to challenge myself by doing Bio, but when you have 0 support it's difficult to do so. I'm desperate for any suggestions, help, ideas and topic recommendations, and thank you.
  5. We have begun choosing our IB HL subjects at my school, and so far i have chosen English HL and Art HL. I am torn between Economics HL and Biology HL, does anyone have any suggestions for the "easier" HL? I am only the smallest bit better at economics but I am more interested in Biology. Thanks!!
  6. Hi everyone, I wish you all good luck on your exams. I did my grade11 biology HL exam a week ago and I managed to get a 2. I studied a lot but I still couldn't get a passing grade. A lot of people from our grade have the same problem since the beginning of the year since we are all having problems with our teachers (They are new to the ib and have no idea what they are teaching). I Studied and made my own notes using http://bioknowledgy.weebly.com/ as I really found their presentations helpful and I did most pastpapers from 2008-2013. Because I am doing well on the other 5 subjects I was given the chance to do a resit in Aug. Can anyone give me any tips on how they study for biology and how they manage to get a good grade? I need to get a least a 5 on the resit!! I REALLY need your help! Thank you all so much
  7. For next year I'm taking: Biology HL English B HL Swedish A HL Psycology SL Economics SL Mathematical Studies SL Does anyone know what I could study after finishing IB with this?
  8. Im doing biology HL, however, we are very late in the progress. My teacher is not an ib teacher, yet, teaches us SL first then we will move on to the HL. Do I self study HL alongside the SL so that I can do well in the exams? If so, any recommended resources or study tips. Thank you IB family.
  9. Since it's getting close to examination, I've been looking for ways to reduce the time taken to answer particular questions. So I was wondering, is it ok to use bullet points when answering questions? I ask this particularly for long/short answer questions in the bio paper 1, 2, and 3. Also, can bullet points be used for psychology 8 point questions? Or do they for sure have to be essays?
  10. Hey guys I have a few questions regarding the biology internal assessments, since our teacher is new to the IB, he isn't sure of what's going on either... 1) To my understanding, we have to send in at least two labs, and we can kind of choose which criteria to be assessed on? Does this mean we only have to send that part of the lab report or do we still have to send the whole thing? (i.e. I choose to be evaluated on DCP for this lab, so do I send in the whole lab or just the DCP part?) 2) Is there a lot of difference between assessing bio hl vs. bio sl labs? I'm doing hl and I'm afraid my labs may seem to be too "simple." Just on another note, all IAs for the may 2014 exams are due by march 15.. does this include all the subjects in every group, tok, ee, and cas portfolios? Your help is really appreciated. Thank you so much!
  11. My school has a very limited/stupid selection of IB courses. Basically, we are forced to take AP US History for the first 3/4 of our junior year because the state requires it. Then we have to take History HL in the remaining period until we graduate. We take the full two-year plan for English HL, which we are also forced into. Foreign Language SL (required) and Group 6 SL (also required) are both squeezed into our senior year only. Since two of our HLs are chosen for us, we basically have to choose between Chem HL, Bio HL, or Maths HL, because those are the only other courses our school offers. They are also squeezed into our senior year only (although we have twice the amount of class time for science than we have have for math). So that was a long introduction to basically say that I need advice on which one to take. I'm in AP Cal AB and I'm making high As on all the tests pretty consistently without much effort. How much harder than AP Cal is the math required for Chem or Maths HL? I'm basically trying to gauge whether I have the necessary math skills for those classes or if I would be better off taking Bio HL
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