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Found 8 results

  1. Hey! Sooo... I'm about to begin writing my extended essay, and though I've got some ideas I liked to write about, I'm somewhat stuck with the research question. Could someone help me design (or give ideas) for a research question to begin writing about?? Or maybe tell me some tips if you're writing / wrote on these subjects?? I'm trying to decide myself between writing about the Naval Technologies implemented during the XVIIth century because of the Pirates (defense mechanisms, bigger, fatter ships, etc.) or Spanish Linguistics, maybe jewish influence on the language. Thanks!! I'll appreciate all your help 😅 Lukas
  2. Hi.... My proposal form is due in a week and i am a little concerned about how broad my focus is. I am planning to base my business EE on a small confectionary shop in Singapore and talk about its expansion in a particular area in singapore. In simpler words, you know how some questions have like the bit about should the firm expand within the country like more branches/outlets, i was planning to do it similarly but i examine a particular place like.... To what extent will the expansion of ................. to the commercial areas of Singapore help to ......................? My concern is that if i do this question, am i being too narrow focused by mentioning, " to the commercial areas of Singapore"? If it is a good question for EE, do you think it would be better if i give an example of one or two of the main commercial areas in Singapore namely Changi Business Park and Central Business District? In this case, my question would be like : To what extent will the expansion of ................. to the commercial areas of Singapore, such as Changi Business Park or Central Business District, help to ......................? IS this making my topic very narrow and not good enough for an EE (that i am looking to get an A in) Thank you very much for any replies made!
  3. Hai there, So I've chosen to do my extended essay on psychology and I've practically got a million questions whilst doing so. Firstly, I need to know if my research question is too broad or too narrowed down: To what extent are biological and sociocultural factors involved in the formation of identities of adolescents? I've already started working on it and have found sufficient resources with the information needed but I am so worried that I'll lose marks for the question being quite vague as there are a vast number of topics that can be covered under that. Another question: is it appropriate to have one paragraph in first person point of view? I think that adding my opinion when reasoning for this choice of topic would make the essay more personal, more like my essay but I'm not sure if adding a paragraph of first person POV would still make it academic (?) please reply asap, I need to finish the essay soon. Thank you -kesy
  4. My question was initially "In what ways do the contemporary artists Ai Weiwei and Banksy use art to convey their political ideas and opinions?" My plan of attack was going to be: -Study the history of political art and its current role in society -Study major works of the two artists -Analyse the technique and preparation behind the works, and other aspects -Analyse the consequences of these works i.e. their effect on society, their effectiveness in conveying their message I've poured in hours of research, and I'm pretty sure I'm not researching in the right places, but I also find I'm not getting anywhere with my research. My ideas are kinda constipated in my head right now. My friend who finished IB last year told me that my ideas sound very narrative and literal, and I need to do more analysis, or maybe find an issue that can allow me to do more analysis. We brainstormed some ideas and came up with issues like: - SENSATIONALISM; do people like the artworks or the artist? - OWNERSHIP; who really owns the art when it's done in a public/private place of someone else? - WHAT COUNTS AS ART; can you call Banksy and Ai Weiwei's art "art"? I feel like I'll have to start all over again which is a huge amount of stress because we've been working on the EE for months now. Can you guys please help me and give me some direction? Direction is all I need to go on a roll but without it I am completely and hopelessly lost :/ thank you in advance!
  5. Alright, second forum topic on my EE. Turns out the ones I asked about in the first topic were unsuitable, for some reason. After discussing it with my supervisor, I have narrowed down my EE topic to "Evolutionary Explanation of Aggression". Now, the problem is, I have found it annoyingly tough to find out if this is broad enough. Whenever I find a good topic, there is either too much info, or too less info. And to top it off, I am part of only the second Psychology batch that my school has had, and my supervisor's last one did not do too well. I need advice whether this is concise enough... My only way to change this would be to specifiy the type of aggression, such as violence (if need be, even more specific, like individual violence or group violence). I need to choose QUICK, as my school messed up the planning completely and I am buried under internals work to do by 15th, when we have an IB inspection. Someone, please respond quick... Arctus
  6. Hey guys I am currently finalizing my Extended Essay in Economics, and my RQ is "To what extent did the deteriorating tourism in Egypt affect its economic growth following the 25th of January Revolution" The problem is that many people told me that my RQ is way too broad which is freaking me out. But I didn't face any problems while working on it and I felt comfortable with my research and I think i did pretty well so far.. I've also read a couple of EE's from "50 excellent EE's" and one of them was "How did the tax reform in Slovakia affect its growth and development?" and I guess this one is broad too? It's one of the 50 excellent EE's so I'm guessing he did pretty well. What do you think guys?
  7. Hi, I am doing my EE on History > Tiananmen Square Incident 1989 > To what extent was the Chinese Government’s censorship towards the Tiananmen Square Incident of 1989 responsible for the resulting change in America’s foreign policies towards China? I'm wondering if the topic is too broad or narrow, any advice/comments would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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