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Found 24 results

  1. Im doing a physics Extended Essay and was wondering if i have to cite the definitions I use. For example, if i use tsokos physics book definition to explain the 1st law of motion or what elasticity is, do i have to cite the book? Thank you
  2. Hello guys, Simple question, but maybe not as simple answer - Can my Chemistry IA be 13 pages long of the 13th page includes only the citations? I understand that the maximum page number is 12, and I tried to reduce the IA as much as I could, but I am stuck at 13. Thanks a lot 🙂
  3. Hey everyone, I submitted my EE, but then realized that I forgot one in-text citation. I have the citation in my works cited though. Can I change it somehow? If not, will I not receive my IB diploma for that? Thanks in advance.
  4. I'm currently writing my Extended Essay and have a few questions about citations and footnotes. Note: my school uses MLA 7. When I use a source for the first time in an essay, must I write down the whole citation? If I then use it again later on, should I use an abbreviated version of the citation? If I have several sentences from the same source, should I put the footnote at the end of the last sentence or multiple footnotes after every sentence? Should I place my footnotes before or after a comma or full stop? Can I put more than one footnote in a sentence? Additionally, if I have multiple footnotes in a sentence, should I put them before or after punctuation? How should I reference websites in footnotes and abbreviated footnotes? If I use information that I find in a book, but it comes from a different book that the author has cited, should I write in the footnote “[A diff source] , as quoted in [my source/the book]”? In summary: what are the rules when creating footnotes and citations?
  5. For my History Extended Essay, I use a few websites that have old constitutions of the People's Republic of China. But I have no idea how to cite them! For example: http://en.pkulaw.cn/display.aspx?cgid=52993&lib=law https://sourcebooks.fordham.edu/mod/1949-ccp-program.asp Is there a proper way on how to cite them? Or should I simply cite them as websites?
  6. I'm having trouble with citing a source. How would you format the citation correctly in MLA7? https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP79R00890A000900010002-5.pdf The source is a briefing: Created on the 11th of September 1957 by the NSC (National Security Council?? Is this correct?) Approved for release by the CIA in 2001 (so I guess published online in that year as well) Found on an online database (Central Intelligence Agency's Freedom of Information Act Electronic Reading Room) Accessed on the 1st of May, 2018. Basically, the source was created in 1957, but was only declassified in 2001 (published to the public) and then published online. So when was it published?? Additionally, I researched online and apparently briefings like these were created each day for the President of the U.S. and could only be accessed by the most high-up officials. Is this true? Am I correct in guessing that the source I mentioned here is one of such briefings to the American President?
  7. hello!!! does anyone know if the bibliography page of the chemistry ia counts for the page number (which is maximum 12)?
  8. I am a senior attempting to finish their EE in Chemistry. More specifically, radioactive chemistry and atomic structure. I am investigating how an elements radiation will be blocked using two different materials. Since my EE is in chemistry and is an experiment of my own design, how much citing is actually necessary? Do I need as much as a history essay, do I need no citations? I have searched google, but an EE in Chem with graders comments has not been found. If anyone could help, it would be appreciated.
  9. I am including an appendix of a map of the area I am discussing in my historical investigation. Additionally, I am considering putting in a table of data here. The problem is that I'm not quite sure how to cite these properly. My plan was to put them after the bibliography and then in the paper, when I have in-text citations in footnotes, I put next to them, "(See Appendix A/B)". Is this the proper way? Or should I put the footnote directly next to the appendices even though the appendix comes after the bibliography? Thank you!
  10. Hi, Throughout my Chem EE (APA citation), I'm using different pieces of information from the same page in the same website. So I have the same in-text citation whenever I use the website's info (which is fine, I think, because there are a lot of other citations in between), but in the bibliography, I have the same citation repeated four times. Is that fine or should I use an abbreviation? What should I do about it? This is the bibliography citation btw: ACID_BASE INDICATORS. (2017). Ch.ic.ac.uk. Retrieved 19 June 2017, from http://www.ch.ic.ac.uk/vchemlib/course/indi/indicator.html
  11. So I am currently starting the history extended essay and I am wondering what type of format that I should use?? I was thinking of using APA, but I was wondering what others are using for their history extended essays?
  12. We're handing in our French B SL written assignments soon and I just have a few questions about the guidelines. First of all, I'm wondering about the format for parenthetical citations. My teacher told us to use (Author's last name, "Article title") and I assume he knows what he's talking about, but I just wanted to check because this doesn't follow any of the citation styles. Do we need a bibliography in a specific style at the end? I'm also concerned about one of my sources because I read somewhere that there is a word limit (I think it was 400 words) for the sources, but my teacher never mentioned this. Am I allowed to cite a longer article with headings and only use a specific section that isn't very long? Do you think that the IB actually checks the sources of the written assignments they are sent, and will I be marked down for this? I really want to keep this article because it supports an important part of my argument and it's the only French source I could find with this information.
  13. PinstripeQ

    HI Citations

    Around how many footnote citations are recommended for the Historical Investigation?
  14. Hey guys, so i have a really ****ty EE supervisor who is supposed to help us with all the technical things but she's really no help at all, all she does is get angry all the time so can anyone here explain to me how im supposed to cite pictures, specifically posters that dont have a set author but came from an archive. And by this i mean the citation in the caption of the picture. Also do all in text citation have to have quotation marks or is that just when your specifically quoting. If anyone can help me out i would really appreciate it because our advisor really hasnt explained anything all that well. Thanks a bunch anyone!!!
  15. As I've been writing my extended essay I've been placing my citations as "comments" so I can do them all at once when I'm done. Seeing as I'm almost done, I would like clarification on one thing: can I use footnotes for citations AND for definitions/additional comments? Or is it more pratical to rely on in-text citations and use the footnotes only for definitions/comments? (Unless there is a better way of doing this. In which case, please let me know) THANK YOU IN ADVANCE
  16. So, I have this brilliant tidbit of information about my grandmother and her life during the Blitz (which is my extended essay topic) and it really fits in with my argument. So, I was wondering if I would be able to include this into my essay and if so how? The problem is she died when I was 8 so I cannot conduct an interview with her like I was going to do with another great grandparent. But I was wondering if it was allowed to maybe have an interview with my grandmother about her and include and cite that in my essay? I'm really unsure about how to go about this but I would really love to include this information in my essay to give it a more personal touch. Thanks guys for reading!
  17. Hi guys, I am an IB graduate and university student- I currently assist in formatting postgraduate and some undergraduate documents. So mainly honours year dissertations, a few masters students thesis, and multiple assignments. I generally charge by the hour and this is all quite simple, the send me the document I format, they pay, I send the new pretty document to them. However recently I was asked by a few IB students to help them but they are reluctant to hand over their draft EE to me to format. Now to be clear, I do not proofread, I just format (make it look professional, make it flow, make it look pretty). I have told them I could just do it for them in an hour or so, and they have nothing to worry about. However the are still quite shy. So instead they asked if they could be taught how to format their EE and bring in their friends, and then they can go off and do it themselves with occasional assistance from me. I am happy to do this, and know how I would deliver such a tutorial to a class of postgraduates so I can adjust this to meet my new audience. Is there anything you wish you knew about formatting your EE? OR if any university students are out there, from your experience with assessment formatting at university is there anything that would have saved you time or your sanity in your IB days? Cheers guys Sorry if I rambled on
  18. I am doing a World Studies EE, for which I did a lot of background research. In my works cited, should I include the books and websites I used for background information as well, or not?
  19. Hello, community. I'm in a bit of a bind again. I'm doing my Extended Essay on Psychology, and as such, I have to deal with citing a lot of studies. I've finished writing the Essay, but while filling out the references and the citations, I learnt that the MLA system requires in-text citations, and they require the exact page number that the quote or paraphrasing originates from. Now, because access to a lot of my sources is not possible (they aren't in public domain, in a library, and the journals themselves are very expensive to subscribe to) I have ended up relying on a bunch of secondary sources (namely textbooks availabel in y school). My problem is as follows: I have many citations which are taken from a book, but reference a particular study. Now, while I can cite the study, I don't actually have access to it, so the page containing the actual information of the study isn't there. How would I go about citing the information, then? For example, the textbook of Social Psychology says that Toi and Batson 1982 made the inference so-and-so. I have taken this information and used it in my essay. How would I go about citing this? Also, anothe consquence of my lack of resources is that a bunch of quotes come from the Abstracts of various arlticles. Is there anything specific that must be done to mention this, or do I just state the page source as the first page of the article (as abstracts are generally on the first pages, right after the title)? On a side note, the essay is primarily dependant on secondary sources, so I don't know if I will be severely penalized or something if I go ahead with secondary source citation.
  20. Greetings, I am in a new IB school and am part of the first batch. Because of this, our co-ordinator knows very little about how to use citations and it is really up to us to figure it out. I am having a couple of major issues. These are listed below: 1. What is IB's preference with regards to In-text citations vs. footnotes? Our instructor has asked us to use the MLA format and we are divided as to whether we should use in-text citations or footnotes. Can footnotes effectively replace in-text citations or are in-text citations still required? I am aware of the format for each so that is not a problem. I just need to know which one I should rather use. 2. The page number seems to be very important in the MLA system. Will there be an issue if I cite a certain source for a quote or paraphrase but fail to mention the page number? What if I am citing from a book which I don't really possess but know has the quote I want. Can I just cite the book and not bother with the page number or is the page number so essential that I rather just don't use the quote? 3. Also, an unrelated question: When is the final May 2014 deadline for the EE? Our shool has given us an internal deadline but what is IB's final deadline? Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  21. Hi, First post here so, yay! Anyways, I was wondering what kind of sources should I use for a English EE. I mean the only logical one I can think of is the book itself. If I was doing it in History I get that you'd need some sort of histrical evidence to back up my arguments. However, analyzing literature is a matter of interpretation through analysis, so what kind of things should I cite to back me up aside from actual citactions from the book. Oh and BTW if anyone's interested, my question is: What role do the various female characters play in George Orwell’s 1984 and why does he choose to include them? Thanks!
  22. Hi, I've just started my History IA and I'm not sure what format do to the citations and footnotes in? I read somewhere that you need to use the Chicago Manual style but a lot of people use the Harvard bibliography style! Also, what format do you write the bibliography in? If there's a specific way, do let me know. Thanks!
  23. Hey guys, Can someone give me pointers as to recommend how to do my citations throughout my EE? Should I do in-text? footnotes? If so how do I do it? My research question is: Education in Africa: How can the Kenyan government’s focus on the quality of education be the base of improvements in Mozambique for the benefit of the Mozambican youth? Thanks in advance!
  24. So, time has come to submit our extended essays. I did mine in English and I used the MLA referencing system which requires the use of in-text citations (the citations are placed in brackets within the essay and not in a footnote). Now my IB coordinator is telling me that my word count is over the limit and I need to cut down the words. But I think she hasn't taken into account that I used in-text citations. When you measure the word count of my essay it is 4049 words but the extra 49 words are the citations which are part of the text of the essay. As I know, citations are not included in the word count but now I am worried. Should I reduce the word count (meaning I might have to remove some important staff) or should I leave it as it is? Another thing that is worrying me is this: when the IBO receives my essay and it is checked for the word count would they consider the fact that I used in-text citations or would they quickly judge from my word count that I have gone over the word limit (like my IB coordinator did). Since if that is the case, then I think I'll have to reduce the word count since I wouldn't want to be penalized for being over the word limit (Although I still insist that I have not exceeded the word limit). Thanks in advance
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